15 WWE Superstars You Didn't Realize Had Celebrity Doppelgängers

Some people want a famous face so bad there used to be a reality TV show based around the desire. There are definitely benefits to looking like a celebrity these days, considering how well they get treated in modern society. On a more superficial level, most celebrities have a reputation for being pretty good-looking, something that can reap benefits more universal than even fame could provide. Rewards such as these can be exponentially important the more social and camera-friendly one happens to be, and that goes double if those personality traits relate to their career.

While the pro wrestlers of World Wrestling Entertainment are famous in their own right, they nonetheless can also benefit from having a celebrity doppelgänger. Sports entertainers are on television week after week, and whether or not it’s particularly fair, the camera gravitates towards attractive and photogenic people regardless of their talent level. As luck would have it, the majority of wrestlers who look like celebrities are quite talented in their own right, and in all fairness, very few of them have made blatant references to their famous resemblance in any way.

Naturally, that’s where we come in. Although these wrestlers may not necessarily use it to their advantage, it can be fun for fans to recognize how similar their favorite wrestlers look to certain notable names. Not all of the celebrities are super famous, and yet, this only makes it easier to picture the wrestler doing whatever it is that brought them to public attention, or vice versa. For that sort of fun and more, keep reading to see 15 WWE superstars you didn’t realize had celebrity doppelgängers.

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15 Big E – Alfonso Ribeiro

Despite his impressive strength and size, Big E is perhaps viewed as the silliest member of The New Day. Sure, the whole group puts laughs over everything else, and they do a great job at it. Even so, Big E is definitely the goofiest, thanks to his ridiculous dancing and proclivity toward hilarious facial expressions. The same thing could be said about practically every breakout sitcom character in history, yet one of the first to come to mind in comparison to Big E, specifically, would have to be Alfonso Ribeiro, aka Will Smith’s goofy cousin Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Big E might have a considerable size advantage on Alfonso/Carlton, but the two have extremely similar faces, both of which were put through the comedic ringer in their most famous roles. Ribeiro is also quite notable for his ability to cut a rug, both through the infamous “Carlton dance” and later on season 19 of Dancing with the Stars, which he won. How WWE has yet to capitalize by having The New Day wind up in a room coincidentally playing “It’s Not Unusual” will remain a mystery until it finally happens.

14 Zack Ryder – Bradley Cooper

No, “Woo! Woo! You know it!” is not a quote from any of The Hangover movies, but it sure could've been. In reality, the phrase is a favorite of former WWE United States Champion Zack Ryder, especially when in character as the Long Island Iced-Z. Chances are, Ryder wishes he could have experienced Cooper’s sudden and brilliant success, and for a short while, it looked like he might have done just that through similar means. Cooper went from a minor TV star to a major movie star almost overnight with one key role, just like Ryder attempted to do with his YouTube series, Z! True Long Island Story. Unfortunately, things didn’t pan out quite the same for Ryder, who had to deal with Vince McMahon’s fickle whims overpowering a public that desperately wanted to see him. Through the turmoil, Ryder never lost his winning smile, though, keeping his more superficial Bradley Cooper-like qualities alive, at least for the time being.

13 Mark Henry – Rick Ross

To an outsider, rapping can be a rather scary profession for a person to pursue, and it should go without saying the same is true for professional wrestlers. There is indeed an inherent danger present in both careers, at least if one is reckless in attempting them, though the same could be said of many risky business ventures for plenty of different reasons. In any case, the point here isn’t that rappers and wrestlers have a lot in common, but rather, that hip-hop artist Rick Ross looks a whole lot like Mark Henry, in their body shapes and general disposition. Granted, were the two of them to get into any sort of strength-based contest, Henry would win in a heartbeat. Deceptively, however, he shares Ross’s overweight appearance, which also like Henry, the Teflon Don has managed to make more intimidating than a sign of weakness. Part of the process can be found in their consistently mean facial expressions, which bald heads and bushy beards can bolster in the right circumstances.

12 Dolph Ziggler – Kurt Russell

No matter how popular some people become in their given roles, they can still have trouble breaking through to the mainstream. Take for instance Dolph Ziggler, who has been an incredibly popular WWE superstar for nearly a full decade and yet still gets jerked around whenever it looks like fans are supporting him the most. Over in Hollywood, there are actors like Kurt Russell, who has at times been remarkably popular and influential in countless cult films without ever winning a major award for his efforts. All the while, both Ziggler and Russell have maintained their winning smiles, one of many signs this lack of respect doesn’t necessarily weigh too heavily on their shoulders. That said, smiles attached to photogenic faces many women find appealing surely help, though it might also have something to do with why the penholders in their industries don’t take them more seriously. Not that either particularly care, as it looks like neither will stop putting in great performances regardless of how much or little they get out of them.

11 Cesaro – Jason Statham

Hailing from Lucerne, Switzerland and speaking no less than five languages, Cesaro is already well on his way to becoming an international man of mystery. To some people, this might mean James Bond (or Austin Powers, for that matter). However, given Cesaro’s fierce bald head and understanding of how to use stubble in a menacing manner, more discerning fans realize he may be more suited for transporting than straight-up spy work. If nothing else, Cesaro looks a hell of a lot more like Jason Statham than any of the coiffed Englishmen portraying 007, and there are also definite similarities in both men’s gruff styles. There’s probably also something to be said for the fact none of Statham’s films have quite reached the popularity of the rest of the Bond franchise despite certain critics feeling his version of action films are, on the whole, more cerebral. In that same way, Cesaro has never quite broken through to the main event, even as many fans loudly argue his European style of wrestling is preferred over the usual WWE fare.

10 Rob Van Dam – Jean-Claude Van Damme

At least one of the wrestlers on this list is most definitely aware of his resemblance to a celebrity, and in fact, he may well have been named after him. Years before he was a WWE Champion or even the most popular wrestler in ECW, Rob Van Dam was Rob Szatkowski. Initially, the future RVD felt merely tweaking his real name by dropping the S would suffice for his ring name, but promoters knew better, and soon, he was renamed with his more popular moniker. The Van Dam name pretty blatantly comes from Jean-Claude Van Damme, star of such action films as Bloodsport, Kickboxer, and Double Impact. In addition to a strong physical resemblance in their faces, Van Dam and Van Damme also have backgrounds in martial arts, making their respective wrestling and stunt work share quite a lot in common. In a number of shoot interviews, RVD has claimed he attempted to get a picture with JCVD due to their resemblance, but unfortunately, there have always been snags preventing it from happening.

9 Roman Reigns – Robert Trujillo (Metallica)

Not everyone can live up to what’s expected of them, something both Roman Reigns and Robert Trujillo found out in very public fashion. Granted, things have turned out pretty well for Trujillo thus far, though it remains to be seen how Reigns will handle the public scrutiny aimed at him in the long term. Backing up a bit, Reigns is, of course, the extremely controversial three-time WWE Champion whom Vince McMahon seems to think should be the face of WWE. Fans, on the other hand, harshly disagree, to say the least. Robert Trujillo is the current bassist for Metallica, a role he has served since 2003. Prior to joining the heavy metal juggernaut, he had been a member of Suicidal Tendencies and Ozzy Osbourne’s touring band. Both as a member of Metallica and when he was working for Ozzy, Trujillo suffered comparisons to men who performed those roles before him, with many fans feeling he couldn’t live up. Reigns can certainly relate, and should the two share an angry, intense glare over the experience, it would be like looking in a mirror.

8 Daniel Bryan – Rasputin

More than merely a three-time WWE Champion turned General Manager of SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan is also the leader of the Yes Movement. Through his incredible charisma and second-to-none skills in the ring, Bryan defied the industry executives who cast him aside as a B+ performer and proved he was worthy of main-eventing WrestleMania. Of course, there’s more than one way to start a movement, the key element simply being capturing the attention of as many people as possible. Another man who was arguably even better at this than Bryan could ever be was Grigori Rasputin, who, we’ll point out, was also a hell of a lot more controversial in his methods. Over a hundred years after his death, there’s still a lot of confusion about Rasputin’s actual life, but the important part is that many historians feel he played a major role in causing the Russian Revolution. All that said, all we’re really interested in are Bryan and Rasputin’s comically uncanny physical similarities, aided heavily by their beards. However, it’s not just the beards, as both also have long, narrow noses and a knack for looking contemplative.

7 Sid Vicious – Michael Rooker

Even within the violent and dangerous WWE Universe, there are few men more intense than six-time World Champion, Sid Vicious. Laughing mad and constantly unhinged, Vicious dominated wherever he went and often became wildly popular for doing so, regardless of the fact he was usually supposed to be a bad guy. Many of these same qualities could be applied to character actor Michael Rooker, who always wears a pretty mean scowl while playing some of the meanest dudes in movies or on TV. Just like Vicious, however, Rooker has nonetheless won countless fans by being a major jerk, thanks to his fantastic performances. Most recently, Rooker earned this reputation by playing Merle Dixon on The Walking Dead, capping off a career of similarly sadistic roles starting with Henry: Portrait of a Killer. Both Vicious and Rooker are getting older now, which usually would take away some of their menace, but it doesn’t seem to be the case with these two as their almost identical faces haven't been too harshly ravaged by time.

6 Jack Swagger – Thomas F. Wilson

Considering he’s a former World Champion, not to mention ECW and US Champion, some might expect Jack Swagger to be better remembered by WWE history. The same could probably be said of Thomas F. Wilson, who played a major role in one of film’s greatest franchises, only to largely fade into obscurity from there. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if some Back to the Future fans didn’t even recognize Wilson’s name without the explanation he played Biff, Griff, and Mad Dog Tannen in the films. In a manner of speaking, both Swagger and the Tannen characters spoke to the worst aspects of Americana, showing that seemingly good-natured American boys can still be huge jerks with the wrong personalities. Maybe it wasn’t entirely their fault, though, since something about their large teeth and wide faces just screams “bully.” As fun as it is to picture Swagger as Biff, the real pleasure comes in imagining him in Wilson’s later role as Coach Fredricks on Freaks & Geeks. Take away some specifics about William McKinley High School, and that one might just become a reality before long.

5 The Wyatt Family – The Robertson Family

In all fairness, this comparison is more of a sweeping generalization than the others on this list. Regardless, the similarities between the Wyatt Family and the cast of Duck Dynasty are so blatant that fans were immediately mentioning them upon the New Face of Fear’s debut. In addition to long, scraggly beards seeming to run in the family, both the Wyatts and the Robertson family from A&E’s hit reality show could be called outdoorsy, to say the least. Instead of hunting and/or devouring souls, the Roberts settle on killing ducks and other such woodsy creatures, occasionally spewing hate speech of their own in doing so. More specifically, Bray Wyatt and Willie Robertson look more like one another than they do members of their real families, and for Wyatt, that includes Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Braun Strowman, his real brother, Bo Dallas, and their father, IRS. Harper isn’t that far from Jase Robertson, either. Given all this information, plus WWE’s penchant for crossover appeal with mainstream media, it wouldn’t be that surprising if Korie Robertson was Sister Abigail. In the very least, chances are, whoever they pick will look a lot like her.

4 Alicia Fox – Rihanna

It turns out not everyone wants a famous face after all, although the way Alicia Fox was informed of her resemblance to pop and R&B megastar Rihanna might have had something to do with why she didn’t appreciate it. During the beginning of Fox’s career, it almost felt like the Rihanna comparisons were intentional, considering her bright red hair obviously wasn’t natural, and she typically styled it whatever way the “Umbrella” singer was fashioning her own do at the time. That all came to an end when Fox got into a tiff with fellow WWE superstar Cameron on an episode of Total Divas, and the two hurled some pretty mean celebrity doppelgänger-based insults at one another. According to Fox, the former Funkadactyl looked like “a bootleg Nicki Minaj.” Firing back with stronger ammo, Cameron called Fox “a stank version of Rihanna.” Quite frankly, Cameron doesn’t look that much like Minaj, while Fox was intentionally aiming for the appearance she was insulted for, making the diss that much harsher. That said, “stank version” is a rather harsh way to put it as both Fox and Rihanna look fine to us.

3 Edge – Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters)

Certain entertainers are simply destined for the background, and this includes WWE superstars who spend their entire careers in tag teams. For a brief moment in time, it looked like Edge might be going down this path, as he suffered a number of false starts after the breakup of his highly influential tag team with Christian. Of course, that all changed in due time, and now, Edge has retired an 11-time World Champion. Perhaps this bodes well for his celebrity lookalike, Taylor Hawkins, who has been the drummer for Foo Fighters since the group released their third album. Before nabbing his current gig, Hawkins had a backseat in the success of Alanis Morissette, performing drums on her landmark album Jagged Little Pill. Things haven’t been so hot for Hawkins in his efforts to go solo, with his side projects Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders and The Birds of Satan both receiving little fanfare. Though their professional efforts have been a bit disparate, Edge and Hawkins nonetheless share a remarkable physical resemblance, or at least they did before Edge cut his hair. Maybe the key to Hawkins breaking out as a solo act could be as simple as a trip to the barber.

2 Damien Sandow – Jason Mantzoukas

Fame comes to everyone on varying levels and in different phases, a fact that has been a career-long struggle for Damien Sandow. The self-proclaimed Intellectual Savior of the Masses set a hefty goal for himself with that title, and quite frankly, Sandow didn’t quite achieve his goals while working for WWE. Nowadays, it would appear his attempt at bringing exemplary showmanship to Impact Wrestling has also been somewhat of a dud. In stark contrast to this, there's Jason Mantzoukas, who might be more familiar to the mainstream public as Ruxin’s literally insane brother-in-law, Rafi, on The League. Mantzoukas has also made appearances on Parks & Recreation and Brooklyn 99, always portraying an incredible energy for off-kilter characters the mainstream may not be ready for. Truth be told, it’s a little hard to notice how much Sandow and Mantzoukas have in common due to the latter’s frizzy hair, but in the rare times he's toned it down, the two are virtually identical.

1 Chris Jericho – Gordon Ramsay

It takes a very specific skill set to make vicious insults sound appealing. Don Rickles may have been the king of it, but two of his finest disciples have been six-time WWE Champion Chris Jericho and TV’s angriest celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay. Not only do both Jericho and Ramsay absolutely revel in their ability to make fury entertaining, they also do so while wearing identical “He’s Hip, He’s Cool, He’s 45” frosted-tip hairstyles, not to mention their incredible similar facial features in general. Beyond being a lovable curmudgeon, Ramsay is also one of the most successful and respected men in his profession, with an incredible 16 Michelin stars awarded to his various restaurants. Jericho is likewise a titan of his industry, respected world over as one of the greatest wrestlers in the game for nearly two decades now. Given Jericho’s penchant for reinventing himself every few years, one can only hope he becomes aware of these similarities and makes his next bombastic comeback wearing a chef jacket.

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