15 WWE Superstars Who Share The Same Finishing Move

In the current era of wrestling, it is hard to come up with something new and wholly original. Gone are the days where a DDT was deemed to be a devastating finishing move or a top rope suplex was rarely ever seen. Fans nowadays want to see numerous near falls in every match, they want to see stars put their bodies on the line every night, and much of the time there are only a certain amount of moves that can be deemed finishers.

Some of the best-known finishing moves will always be used on WWE TV and around the world because they are the ones that the fans recognize and they help superstars look good in front of the audience at any event.

Right now there are many superstars in WWE and in many other promotions around the world that use the same finishing move or signature move because it is thought that one person copied the other and now they have reached a stalemate. Some wrestlers are not happy that someone else is using a move that they invented, while others think it's flattering and that they're obviously doing something right. Some wrestlers see their finisher as something that defines their character while others see it as a move that finishes their matches, so it depends on the superstar in question.

The following list looks at 15 different wrestlers from all over the world who currently share the same finishing move, and most of them have been using this move for a while now.


15 Randy Orton And Diamond Dallas Page - RKO/Diamond Cutter

This is perhaps one of the best-known finishers in WWE at the moment ever since Randy Orton's RKO out of nowhere stunt went viral, with many WWE fans editing Orton into videos of stunts that aren't even related to wrestling but are still quite funny.

It is also quite well known that before Randy was hitting the RKO out of nowhere, the cutter itself was known by a different name since it was used by WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page. Dallas seems quite happy for Orton to use his old move and he seems to have well and truly brought it into his own, so much so that the move is now more recognizable as Randy's than it ever was as DDP's. I'm sure Dallas is just happy that not only is his move still being used on a regular basis, but also by one of the biggest stars that WWE has ever created.

14 The Miz And Ric Flair - Figure Four Leg Lock


Ric Flair became iconic for his Figure Four submission move, so much so that his daughter Charlotte has taken her own approach to her family's legacy and decided to take it one step further with her bridging Figure 8 submission finisher. She first unveiled this move while she was working down in NXT's Women's Division.

Before Flair was seen working with his daughter on-screen in WWE, he instead worked as a mentor for The Miz. The duo worked together so well and it seems that Flair taught Miz so much when it came to his in-ring work that he even allowed him to take his Figure Four finisher after they were done working together. Flair may have retired from wrestling for right now, but Miz still often uses the move to pay homage to the man who he worked with in WWE for a number of months, which definitely adds something to Miz's character.

13 Dolph Ziggler And Billy Gunn - The Famouser

Dolph Ziggler uses both The Famouser and The Zig Zag as his finishers in WWE right now, but it seems that he wasn't the first person to come up with The Famouser. Instead, that honour belongs to Billy Gunn.

When Billy came back as part of The New Age Outlaws a few years ago, he used The Famouser quite frequently so that the WWE Universe was aware that it was his move to begin with. The WWE Universe began rumours that Ziggler was related to Gunn in some way because they looked similar and used the same move, but it seems that isn't the case, instead Ziggler just looks up to the former member of DX and decided to add the move to his arsenal. Ziggler rarely manages to end the match with The Famouser anymore, which means it should probably be moved down to a signature move for him now.

12 Michelle McCool And AJ Styles - FaithBreaker/Styles Clash


When Michelle McCool debuted her Faithbreaker finishing move on SmackDown back in 2009, the WWE Universe instantly knew that McCool was using her own version of AJ Styles' Styles Clash since he was already an established star in TNA at that time.

Styles stated that he had no problem with her using the same move as him and Michelle continued to use the move on WWE TV for the next two years until she retired in 2011. Styles has since moved to WWE TV and now he uses the move on a regular basis and it seems that many fans think that he stole it from McCool since they are not aware of his lengthy wrestling background. Both stars manage to perform the move quite well, but AJ's will always be the one that is considered to be the better version by the WWE Universe since his is the original.

11 Shawn Michaels And Lance Storm - Superkick

Now, Shawn Michaels may be retired from wrestling at the moment, but that doesn't mean that he can't decide to return for one more match at any given time. Retired never really means retired in WWE and the same could really be said for Lance Storm. Both men have been seen in WWE over the past few decades and they are the two men who were seen to have delivered the best superkick finisher.

Now, Dolph Ziggler, The Young Bucks, The Usos, and Even Rikishi have had some incredible superkicks over the years, but they never used them as finishers, which means that only Lance and Shawn were real contenders here. Sweet Chin Music was one of the best moves for getting the WWE Universe hyped and it seems that much like Michaels the move only got better with time, so it is easy to see why anyone would choose to use it as a finisher, and it is surprising that there aren't any current WWE stars who actually use it as their finisher.

10 Bayley And The Velveteen Dream - Top Rope Elbow Drop


Bayley is well-known to have her Bayley to Belly suplex in her arsenal that she usually manages to win matches with, but Bayley was always a huge fan of Macho Man Randy Savage. Her attire proves this and sometimes she decides to pull out her own elbow drop in homage to him, but it seems that she isn't the only person who has an elbow drop at her disposal.

The Velveteen Dream has been making waves down in NXT with his Purple RainMaker and even though it is a little bit different to Bayley's, it is still an Elbow Drop from the top rope. The duo are on separate rosters right now and it is unlikely that is going to change anytime soon and even if it did, Bayley would never be up against Patrick Clarke in a match, so the duo should both be fine delivering their own variations for the foreseeable future.

9 The Rock And Booker T - Rock Bottom/Book End

The Rock is one of the most recognizable WWE stars in the world at the moment. Even though he is considered to be retired from the company, he still makes a return from time to time when WWE needs him to help boost ratings and he has a movie to promote. The Rock's finisher was known as The Rock Bottom and was seen as one of the most electrifying moves in sports entertainment, but it seems that he wasn't the only one using the move.

Current WWE commentator and former WWE Champion Booker T had his own finisher called The Book End, which was exactly the same move with a different name. Much like many stars in WWE right now, it seems that stars create their own finishers without knowing that someone else is currently using them, so they just continue using them and hope that no one actually notices.


8 Sasha Banks And Seth Rollins - FrogSplash


Sasha Banks has recently begun using the Frogsplash as a finisher to pay homage to her favourite superstar growing up, Eddie Guerrero. Seth Rollins does often use the move but it is more of a signature move for The Architect at this point now that he has stopped using the Pedigree and adopted his Kingslayer Knee.

Rollins often uses the Frogsplash to create some separation towards the end of his matches, and while Sasha does use it as a finisher and has managed to gain a number of victories from it, Rollins is still yet to pin a superstar after the Frogsplash. The Frogsplash has a long history in WWE and has been used by a number of different superstars over the past few years, with Eddie Guerrero being perhaps one of the most famous. But right now Sasha and Seth are the duo who are currently still using the move and keeping it in the eye of the WWE Universe.

7 Dean Ambrose And Drew Galloway - Dirty Deeds/Future Shock

Both Dean Ambrose and Drew Galloway were once part of two iconic three man groups in WWE, one perhaps much bigger than the other, but it seems that Ambrose and Galloway have more than just that in common. Dean Ambrose's Dirty Deeds finisher has become one of the biggest things about his character in WWE and the WWE Universe instantly recognizes it as his finisher even though he did once change the way it is performed a few years ago.

Drew Galloway does a Future Shock finisher that is exactly the same. Since Galloway has recently resigned with WWE and is currently fighting to be NXT Champion, at some point the duo are going to come face to face once again and the WWE Universe are going to see that in WWE, Ambrose isn't the only person with this finisher. Maybe one of the stars need to switch up their arsenal a little bit in the near future.

6 Cesaro And Natalya - Sharpshooter


Natalya adopted the Sharpshooter when she made her WWE debut. It is a move that her family, and most famously her uncle Bret Hart, made iconic, so it only seemed fair that Natalya should continue the tradition herself.

Cesaro was once teamed up with Natalya's husband Tyson Kidd, and Nattie worked as their manager for a number of months before Kidd was injured and Cesaro was forced to become a singles competitor once again. During their time together, Cesaro and Kidd adopted a finisher together that ended with the Sharpshooter, which has since become a move that Cesaro has been doing while being both a singles competitor and one-half of the Raw Tag Team Champion. Cesaro is on Raw and Natalya is on SmackDown so it seems that the duo has gone their separate ways, but their finisher still reminds the WWE Universe of the #FACT trio who were once Tag Team Champions.

5 Jack Swagger And Kurt Angle - The Ankle Lock

Jack Swagger was recently released from WWE after being able to prove his doubters wrong for a number of years, but following his first run up to the World Heavyweight Championship, it seems that WWE had no idea what to do with someone like Swagger.

Swagger made The Patriot Lock famous, but it was exactly the same as Kurt Angle's Ankle Lock finisher that he has adopted throughout his WWE career, and it seems that it worked well, since Angle wasn't part of the company while Swagger was. Angle may have recently returned, but it is highly unlikely that he will be wrestling again so it could be a long time now before the WWE Universe is able to see an Ankle lock again on WWE TV. It is likely that Swagger adapted the move based on his Olympic style wrestling background, much like Angle in his early days in WWE.

4 Braun Strowman And The Big Show - Chokeslam


Kane and The Undertaker have used this move in WWE on numerous occasions, but right now there are only two men in the company who use the move on a regular basis and that is The Big Show and Braun Strowman.

Strowman is known as "The Monster Among Men" and there's a reason for that. He's a huge man with a background as a strong man so it makes sense that he put a move like this in his arsenal. The Big Show has been using the move for a number of years, it seems that he adopted it at some point while working alongside Kane and has been using it ever since. The move works much better with bigger men because it takes a lot of strength to pick someone up by the throat. The Big Show and Braun are two of the biggest men in the company at the moment, so that would be why they would decided to adopt such a move.

3 Roman Reigns And Rhyno - Spear

Many wrestlers in WWE over the years have adopted The Spear as a finisher. Most famously Edge, Batista, Goldberg, Kaitlyn, and even The Big Show have used the move, but right now there are only two superstars who have it listed as their finishers in the company.

Roman Reigns has a fantastic spear, he has been using it as his finisher ever since his days in The Shield and was reported to have adopted it because it was like a football tackle that he was used to when he was playing in the NFL a few years ago. Rhyno has been delivering Gore to his opponents for a number of years as well, once again this wasn't anyone copying off anyone else, it just seems that when it comes to finishers, the spear has always been a hugely popular one with wrestlers in WWE and it seems that there has always been a time in the company where the spear has been used.

2 The Undertaker And Kane - Tombstone Piledriver


The Undertaker and Kane's WWE careers have been entangled for more than two decades, so it comes as no surprise that the men that the company have been trying to push as brothers for more than 20 years actually share the same finishing move.

The Undertaker named the move the Tombstone Piledriver and has been using it much longer than Kane, but as The Brothers of Destruction, both men took on both the Chokeslam and The Tombstone Piledriver as finishers and it seems that it has gone from there. The Undertaker is much more associated with the move, but since Kane was seen on TV much more than Undertaker at one point, this began to switch. Both men seem to be on hiatus from the company at the moment, but I think the WWE Universe will agree that since they are brothers, they are allowed to share moves from time to time.

1 Hideo Itami And CM Punk - GTS

Former WWE Champion CM Punk made the Go To Sleep move famous when he was part of the company a few years ago, but he actually took the move from Hideo Itami when he was known as Kenta working in Japan. When Itami was originally signed to WWE on its NXT brand, he wasn't able to perform his popular finishing move because it would have brought CM Punk chants with it and WWE was trying to calm down the situation surrounding their former star.

Itami has since been allowed to use the move and he has used it a number of times on his opponents in NXT. Even though Punk brought the move to the WWE Universe, it is quite well-known that Kenta invented the move and so the NXT Universe refrains from chanting about Punk when they see the move now, but they still pop when they see it.

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