15 WWE Superstars Who Have Been Lost In The Shuffle

WWE has perhaps the biggest roster it has ever had right now with Raw, SmackDown, NXT, 205 Live, and also the UK wrestlers from the tournament earlier this year. There are also all of the women who have been brought to WWE for the on-going Mae Young Classic so it seems that right now there are many talents that are being overlooked in the company.

WWE seems to be completely focused on certain storylines and superstars and it seems that there are many superstars who are not being used as well as they could be in WWE right now. This is mostly because WWE has too many people who are taking up slots in the company these days.

There are a number of guys and girls who have a lot of potential in the company and could be used much better than they are, but it seems that WWE is unable to give these positions to people until they have a clear out of their roster and finally have the space for these guys to come into the mix.

The following is a list of 15 stars who have been lost in the shuffle since the draft in the summer of last year.


15 Darren Young

"Let's make Darren Young great again!" These were the words that Bob Backlund expressed last year as WWE hoped to push Young back into the position he had in the company when he was Tag Team Champion along with Titus O'Neil in The Prime Time Players.

It seems that even a WWE Hall of Famer couldn't help Darren to become a star in the company. Even though his former partner can be seen as the leader of The Titus Brand, it seems that Darren can't maintain the same amount of screen time. It could be time for WWE to cut their losses with Young. Either that or allow him to once again be repackaged and brought back as a completely different character.

14 Sin Cara


There was once a time in WWE when Rey Mysterio was seen as the biggest star in the company because of the merchandise sales of his iconic mask. Sin Cara was left to continue the legacy of the former World Champion when he left the company a few years ago, and it seems that he hasn't managed to fill his boots very well.

Cara was moved to the SmackDown Live Brand during the WWE Shake-up a few weeks after WrestleMania back in April but he doesn't seem to have made much of an impact on the show since he has hardly been used on a brand that has become well-known for the way they are able to use the entire roster. Sin Cara has had a lot of run ins backstage and has some heat in the company right now, so this could be the problem.

13 Tye Dillinger

Tye Dillinger was considered to be hugely popular when he was on the NXT roster, so much so that the company decided to include him at number 10 in this year's Royal Rumble match back in January. Dillinger still had unfinished business on NXT so he went back down to the developmental brand afterwards, only to be called up after WrestleMania in April.

Tye Dillinger looked like he could fit in well on the SmackDown roster, but sadly this wasn't the case. Dillinger was misused and continues to be misused by the creative team on the main roster, which is unfair to a star as talented as Dillinger, who only needs to be given something small and he can make it huge.

12 Mark Henry


The World's Strongest Man has been an ever-present fixture in WWE now for a number of years. Henry has wrestled some of the biggest stars in the company during his tenure but it seems that it may finally have come to the point where Mark Henry is seen as surplus to requirements in WWE.

Henry is now seen as one of the much older generation in WWE and he could now be working on projects outside of the ring instead. Henry's last real appearance for WWE was back at WrestleMania when he took part in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale, a match that Henry has yet to win. There may well not be any room for Mark Henry on the Raw roster at this point with all the recent NXT call-ups.

11 Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke came up to the main roster originally with Emma before her friend was injured and she was then left to align herself with Charlotte Flair instead. Ever since Dana and Charlotte decided to part ways, it seems that the former bodybuilder doesn't have a future on the Raw roster.

Dana has been seen a number of times, but she is only part of matches where there is an extra person needed and hasn't had a real storyline in a number of months now. With a number of women who are set to be added to the Raw roster in the coming months, Dana Brooke has to be worried about her place on the roster right now and whether or not WWE will have anything for her to do creatively moving forward.

10 Buddy Murphy


Buddy Murphy was once an NXT Tag Team Champion alongside Wesley Blake when the duo were being managed by current Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss. Wesley Blake was recently seen in the main event of NXT a few weeks ago, but it seems that Buddy Murphy has gone missing completely.

Murphy is engaged to Alexa Bliss, and it seems that he is still contracted to the company and was one of the men that was named amongst a number of other stars who are set to be repackaged and brought back into the fold in NXT. It is unknown what is happening with Buddy because of how long he has been off TV, but he had a lot of potential so it would be nice to see him on TV again soon.

9 Kalisto

Kalisto was moved over to Raw in the superstar shake-up a few months ago because it was decided that his feud with Dolph Ziggler had become stale. Kalisto was then made a target for Braun Strowman who destroyed the former United States Champion easily and he hasn't been seen since.

With the Cruiserweights flying all over Raw right now, it seems that Kalisto no longer has a place on the roster, which is unfair to him given the fact that he has been one of the biggest Lucha stars of the past few years. Kalisto deserves much better from WWE and could easily be added to the 205 Live roster if the company allowed it.


8 Mickie James


Mickie James is a former WWE Women's and Divas Champion. She was signed to return to WWE back in January and was made part of the huge feud between Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch on SmackDown Live, but this feud then came to an end and Mickie was forced to turn heel and then feud with Becky Lynch instead.

Mickie was then moved over to Raw, where she has been used sparsely and to the point where many believe that the Raw creative team have no idea what to do with their women. It seems that there are only four women on the Raw roster that the company are interested in right now, and if you're not one of them, like Mickie isn't, then you're left on the outside.

7 Peyton Royce And Billie Kay

The Iconic Duo were once the two main women in NXT's Women's Division, but since Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross have come into the title picture to take on Asuka, there hasn't been any place on NXT for these two women.

NXT has been dominated by qualifiers for the Mae Young Classic in recent weeks, which has left the two women with nothing to do but have backstage interviews or segments to keep them relevant. Once the Mae Young Classic is over the women will be able to climb their way back up again and make themselves relevant on the NXT roster. Asuka will have to be called up at some point, so Royce and Kay could be the ones left to take her place.

6 Kane


Having a WWE pay-per-view called Great Balls of Fire and not including Kane was perhaps one of the worst decisions that WWE has ever made. Kane is famous for always being surrounded by fire and an Inferno match would have allowed the title of the show to actually make sense to the WWE Universe.

Kane has expressed his desire to join the world of politics instead, and it seems that is where he has gone over the past few months. Kane and Undertaker seem to have left the company at the same time, but neither man has officially confirmed they have retired, which leaves the WWE Universe in limbo.

5 Summer Rae

Many of the WWE Universe are ready to file a missing person report when it comes to Summer Rae, since she hasn't been seen on WWE TV now for more than a year. Summer was last seen when it was confirmed that she had a back injury that would require surgery, but it was recently confirmed that she was fit to return to WWE TV.

Rae was a talented star when she was down in NXT, but like many other stars on this list, she seems to have been misused ever since she was brought up to the main roster. Summer could perhaps benefit from heading back down to NXT and getting some TV time, just so the WWE Universe could remember who she is.

4 Erick Rowan


Erick Rowan was once a part of The Wyatt Family, a family where Roman was perhaps seen as the weakest member, but he was still brought back into the company in Luke Harper's place last year when it was revealed that his former family member was injured.

Harper and Rowan have had their own fair share of issues over the past few months, but it seems that both stars have now dropped off WWE's radar. Since Bray Wyatt was moved over to Raw, WWE has no idea what to do with Rowan and instead, they seem to be happy to keep him off WWE TV for the time being. It will be interesting to see if Rowan is now repackaged and allowed to return to SmackDown Live as a completely different character instead.

3 Brian Kendrick

Brian Kendrick did finally surface this week on Raw when he was part of a tag team Cruiserweight match, but it seems that before he was brought back to TV, Kendrick has been misused on 205 Live.

Kendrick is a former Cruiserweight Champion and a veteran in WWE. A few months ago he was a main part of the Cruiserweight picture on Raw, but now it seems that the company have run out of things to do with Kendrick and the entire Cruiserweight Division. The company has revealed recently that 205 Live isn't getting the ratings that WWE had hoped for, which could lead to it being cancelled in the near future, which would also lead to a lot of releases.

2 Paige


Paige is a former Divas Champion in WWE. She was once one of the main females on the roster when she was joined by The Bella Twins and AJ Lee, but it seems that over the past year that Paige has been missing from WWE TV, and the Women's Division has moved on without her.

Everyone in wrestling is replaceable and it seems that this rings true when it comes to Paige and the Women's Division as a whole. The British superstar was said to have been ready to return to WWE in the coming months, but it seems that WWE has no plans for her moving forward, with rumours now suggesting that Paige could be set to be released from the company.

1 Luke Harper

Luke Harper was once known as Brodie Lee on the Independent Circuit and he was seen as a future star when he was signed by WWE. Harper was one of the stand out members of The Wyatt Family and is a former Intercontinental Champion. Much like Erick Rowan, Harper has had problems finding his place on Raw since Bray Wyatt was drafted to Raw.

Harper was seen a few weeks ago with a completely different accent as he looks to become a new character on SmackDown Live, but as of yet, this new character has not been seen so it is unknown if it would work for Harper when the Universe are used to seeing him as the creepy Wyatt Family member.

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