15 WWE Superstars Who Are Actually The Same Age

There are so many superstars in WWE right now who have been wrestling on the Independent Circuit for most of their lives, just hoping for a chance to walk down that famous ramp. This means that there are a number of stars on the roster right now between the ages of 30 and 40. It appears that many of these stars started their careers when they were teenagers and have spent the past decade hoping that they will gain the attention of WWE and be invited to a tryout.

Interestingly, even though there are superstars at different levels in their careers and different times in their lives, there are so many who are working on WWE and are the same age. Some of these stars are married, have children and have been part of WWE for a number of years, while others are just starting out their career in NXT but the one thing all of the stars on this list have in common is that they are all the same age.

The following list looks at just 15 WWE superstars who are all 32 years old. This is the most common age on the WWE roster since there are interestingly more stars who have reached this age while working on the brand than any other.

15 Candice LeRae

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Candice LaRae entered the wrestling business when she was just 17 years old after being trained by Bill Anderson. Over the past 15 years the current NXT Superstar has been working her way up through the Independent Circuit and has made quite a name for herself as an intergender tag team wrestler and she and Joey Ryan have won a number of tag titles together. The former Champion has been on WWE's radar for a while and Diva-Dirt even named her as "one to watch" back in 2013.

Candice is married to fellow WWE superstar and former NXT Tag Team Champion Johnny Gargano and was brought into the company last year as part of the inaugural Mae Young Classic. The tournament definitely allowed her to stand out, even though she wasn't able to make it to the finals. 

After a break from the spotlight, LeRae recently returned to the ring and has been seen at the side of her husband on NXT, where the couple recently managed to defeat the team of Zelina Vega and Andrade Cien Almas. LeRae may be seen as a rookie on the WWE scene since she only recently stepped back into the ring on NXT, but she is in fact a veteran of the squared circle, which is definitely something worth shouting about considering she's only 32 years old.

14 Aleister Black

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Aleister Black is the current NXT Champion, but much like many of the other wrestlers on this list, he has only recently made the switch over to WWE after making a name for himself on the Independent Circuit under the ring name Tommy End.

Black has been wrestling ever since 2002 and has a wealth of knowledge behind him, even though he is seen as one of the newbies in the NXT setup. At 32, he is definitely a veteran.

Black signed for WWE back in 2016 and was undefeated for more than a year before he was finally pinned by Johnny Gargano when the duo was part of a fatal four-way match late last year. Black hasn't been pinned by any other star since then as he remains one of the most popular stars in the promotion. It appears that WWE is building Aleister up to be one of the future stars of the main roster, which could be why he has had such a fantastic few years in developmental. It was reported by Fightful that Black was expected to be called up to the main roster following this year's WrestleMania, but instead, the Champion has remained in NXT and is currently the top dog at Full Sail.

13 Mike Bennett

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Mike Bennett is currently wrestling for WWE on its Monday Night Raw brand after being transferred over to the flagship show as part of last month's Superstar Shakeup. Bennett is a star who has a lot of experience in the squared circle after spending a number of years plying his trade as part of promotions like Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling.

Bennett met his wife Maria Kanellis while he was working as part of these promotions and has since followed her back over to WWE and made his debut for the biggest wrestling promotion in the world back at Money in the Bank. Mike is now known as Mike Kanellis since he was unable to keep his own Independent ring name when he was signed to WWE, but his wife is still able to work for him as his valet and has been ringside for a number of his matches. Maria has most recently been taking time away from the ring since she's given birth to the couple's first child. The Wrestling Observer reported that the 32-year-old and his wife celebrated the arrival of their first child, a daughter called Fredrica Moon at the beginning of April.

12 Rusev

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Rusev had been wrestling for less than two years in the United States when he was signed by WWE back in 2010. Rusev originally emigrated from his home country of Bulgaria to the US when he decided that he wanted to become a professional wrestler back in 2008. The Bulgarian Brute then trained under former wrestlers Rikishi and Gangrel before he was signed by WWE back in September 2010 and assigned to FCW for two years before the company was rebranded into NXT.

Rusev was first known as Alexander Rusev and was accompanied to the ring by Lana since 2013. The duo became popular in NXT and it wasn't long before the main roster came knocking, and Rusev and Lana were revealed to be in a relationship of their own.

Rusev is now a former United States Champion and the two married on two different occasions back in 2016. Lana and Rusev have since become main cast members on E! Network show Total Divas, even though they have been split up on WWE TV since Lana has begun focusing on her in-ring career. E! News reported that she was training alongside Tyson Kidd. The 32-year-old star has since become part of a tag team with Aiden English on SmackDown Live instead.

11 Akira Tozawa

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Akira Tozawa will be best remembered by the WWE Universe for his run alongside Titus O'Neil and Apollo Crews in Titus Worldwide last year, a run that led him all the way to the Cruiserweight Championship on Monday Night Raw. Tozawa has returned to 205 Live in the months that have followed and the former Champion has become a staple in the Cruiserweight Division, even though these smaller stars are no longer used weekly on Raw. After some time away from the spotlight, USA Today revealed some incredible images of Tozawa's body transformation.

Akira Tozawa made his official wrestling debut back in 2005 as part of Dragon Gate, but after a stint in his native Japan, he made his way over to Dragon Gate USA in 2010 and was able to grab the attention of WWE while working for the promotion.

Tozawa was chosen as one of the participants in the Cruiserweight Classic back in 2016, a competition that was won by TJ Perkins but allowed a number of stars to be signed to a contract by WWE and 205 Live was then created as a Network show. Like many other stars on this list, Tozawa has been wrestling for more than a decade and at 32 years old could easily be considered a veteran of the wrestling business.

10 Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte Flair is the woman that many of the WWE Universe consider to be the female wrestler behind the Women's Revolution. Charlotte has broken down barriers and smashed glass ceilings for most of her life, but her performances on NXT helped the company to push a revolution and she was then able to compete in a number of matches, including and Ironwoman and the first ever Hell in a Cell for women.

Flair had very little prior wrestling experience when she signed for WWE back in 2012, but being the daughter of two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has obviously helped Charlotte get her foot in the door and become a person to watch.

Charlotte is a former four-time Women's Champion, NXT Women's Champion and SmackDown Women's Champion. She has proven that she may not be a veteran of the wrestling ring just yet but she is definitely one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time, something that Forbes had already declared back in 2016, before Charlotte was the woman to finally end Asuka's undefeated streak at WrestleMania last month. At just 32 years old, Charlotte has quite the future ahead of her in the wrestling business.

9 Jimmy Uso

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Jimmy Uso is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi and someone who revealed in a recent YouTube video that it was his uncle Umaga that first introduced him to the wrestling business after he allowed Jimmy and his brother Jey to join him on the road. Jimmy's WWE career has been a complete product of WWE's training since he was trained in FCW and has been part of the company now for almost a decade.

Jimmy is a former Tag Team Champion and a member of the famous Anoa'i family even though he isn't the only famous 32-year-old. Along with his brother Jey, they were considered to be one of the best tag teams in the world a few years ago. As well as being a consistent performer in the ring over the past few years, Jimmy has joined his real-life wife Naomi as part of the cast of Total Divas in recent years where the couple has been able to document the ups and downs of their relationship. Naomi has recently started working alongside her husband on WWE TV once again for the first time in two years after winning the Women's WrestleMania Battle Royal last month.

8 Tony Nese

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Tony Nese was most recently a part of The Greatest Royal Rumble match, which was the main event of WWE's trip to Saudi Arabia and the first ever pay-per-view to take place from the country. Nese has been underused by WWE as part of 205 Live in recent years, but he has a gimmick that revolves around the fact that he has washboard abs.

Nese made his wrestling debut more than 13 years ago as part of The New York Connection, but it wasn't until six years later in 2011 when he debuted for Impact Wrestling as part of the X Division that Nese was finally able to make a breakthrough.

It was after his time on the Independent Circuit in 2016 that WWE came knocking and named him as one of the men who would be competing in the first ever Cruiserweight Classic, a tournament that he was unable to win. Following his elimination Nese was signed to a WWE contract and sent over to 205 Live where he has developed a completely new persona. Incredibly, Nese was missed out of 2K18, something that he was forced to address through IGN. Nese is another 32-year-old veteran in WWE who hasn't been given the opportunities he deserves in recent years.

7 Big E

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Big E is currently part of The New Day, a stable that also consists of Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. The team made history back in 2016 when they became the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE history and it appears that they have been able to remain popular with the WWE Universe over the past four years, despite being given a tough gimmick by the company's creative team.

Big E had a background in powerlifting when he was signed to WWE back in 2009, but he has become a product of the company over the past decade as they have trained him to become a former NXT Champion. Big E was only the second man to hold the biggest Championship in developmental after he was able to defeat Seth Rollins and was later able to lift the Intercontinental Championship on the main roster. Big E is probably the only star on this list that makes it hard to believe he's only 32 because he has been able to accomplish so much in such a short time. Big E was able to use his former career in powerlifting as an inspiration for his main roster character, but he did reveal to CageSide Seats that he had the worst idea for a gimmick for himself, so it's probably best that this didn't happen.

6 Mustafa Ali

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Mustafa Ali stole the headlines as part of the kickoff show when he entered the ring with some of the best gear that the WWE Universe has ever seen. WWE made a huge deal about the fact that Ali could deliver an inverted 450 last year, but ever since The Cruiserweight Division has been taken off Monday Night Raw, Ali is one of the stars who has been heavily affected.

Ali made his debut in the business back in 2003 and ESPN reported that he was working during that time as a police officer to fund his passion. He has spent the past 15 years working his way up through the Independent Circuit to become the first ever wrestler in WWE from Pakistani descent. Ali was announced as a competitor in the Cruiserweight Classic back in 2016 after Brazilian wrestler Zumbi was not able to participate due to visa issues.  Even though he was eliminated by Lince Dorado in the first round, he was signed to the company and has since been performing on the 205 Live brand ever since. Ali was given his shot at the Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania but lost to Cedric Alexander. Unfortunately, it seems that the 32-year-old has been overlooked in recent months as part of the Cruiserweight roster.

5 Jey Uso

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Jey's brother Jimmy has already been mentioned, so his twin Jey obviously has to be the same age. The duo has been inseparable ever since their debut alongside their cousin Tamina on the main roster back in 2010. Much like his brother, Jey's route into the business was through family connections and actually didn't have any prior experience in the wrestling business before 2009.

Jey is also married, but his wife isn't a WWE superstar, so he tries to keep her and two kids away from the wrestling business as much as he can, even though they have been spotted as part of a number of scenes on Total Divas. Jimmy and Jey most recently lost their SmackDown Tag Team Championships to The Bludgeon Brothers at WrestleMania back in April, but the duo can live safe in the knowledge that at 32 years old they are already five-time Tag Team Champions and are part of the first team to win the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships. The duo made so much of an impact in 2017 throughout their headline feud with The New Day, that PWP announced that they were officially the best tag team in WWE back in December.

4 Dean Ambrose

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Dean Ambrose is currently on hiatus from WWE after he suffered a tricep injury back in December and was then given an expected recovery time of nine-months by WWE following surgery at the end of last year. The former Champion has hit a number of setbacks en route to his return in recent months but he is reported to be on schedule for a summer return. Ambrose was once part of The Shield, which was the most dominant stable in the history of WWE until they disbanded in 2014.

Since the split, Ambrose has become World Champion and a Mr. Money in the Bank, but he has only been part of the company for around five years.

Before he became Dean Ambrose, he was known as Jon Moxley on the Independent Circuit and was known for his death matches in CZW. This style obviously attracted WWE and they signed him to a contract and he was added to the FCW roster. Ambrose is only 32 years old and has already made records in WWE and been able to lift the biggest Championship in the business. It's obvious that The Lunatic Fringe has a bright future ahead of him when he's finally able to return to the ring.

3 Drew McIntyre

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Drew McIntyre may only be 32 years old, but he has been around the wrestling business for longer than any star on this list. The former NXT Champion made his in-ring debut back in 2001, which means that he is a 17-year veteran of the business and was only 15 years old when he first stepped into the ring.

McIntyre is of Scottish descent and gained WWE's attention throughout his run in ICW, which led to WWE signing him to a contract back in 2007 and sending him to FCW. McIntyre then wrestled for WWE from 2009 until 2014 on the main roster before it was reported by SBNation that McIntyre had been released from the company due to budget cuts and decided to return to his native country. McIntyre made waves in Impact Wrestling throughout his time away and basically forced WWE into resigning him back in 2017 because he had become one of the hottest stars on the Independent Circuit. McIntyre was recently promoted to Monday Night Raw as part of the Superstar Shakeup alongside Dolph Ziggler and the tag team is now known as "The Show." Hopefully, this run on the main roster will be much better than his last one.

2 Chad Gable

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Chad Gable's route into WWE has become a well-known story over the past few years, since WWE throwback to his Olympic Wrestling background whenever possible. Gable was part of the 2012 American Olympic Wrestling team but failed to medal. After his appearance at the Summer Olympics, Gable signed for WWE back in 2013 and began training to become a professional wrestler.

Less than two years later, Gable made his NXT debut as part of American Alpha alongside Jason Jordan. The two are former NXT and SmackDown Tag Team Champions, but following their main roster promotion, the duo was broken up so that Jordan could join his "father" Kurt Angle on Raw. Gable has since been moved over to Monday Night Raw as part of the Superstar Shakeup and it was thought that he would be able to join up with his former teammate, but CageSide Seats recently revealed that he would be going it alone on the flagship show with Jordan still out injured. Gable has only officially been wrestling for four years, but at just 32 years old, it's easy to see why the company feel that he has a bright future ahead of him on the main roster.

1 Roman Reigns

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There aren't many WWE fans left in the world who haven't heard of Roman Reigns. The Big Dog made his official WWE debut back in 2012 alongside Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose as The Shield, and he has been one of the biggest stars in the company ever since.

Reigns had no prior wrestling experience before he joined WWE after a brief stint as a college footballer. Reigns comes from the famous Anoa'i family, which has allowed him to be the subject of a number of huge pushes in recent years. The former World Champion has main evented WrestleMania for four consecutive years, something that only Hulk Hogan was only able to do before him, but he still hasn't been able to capture the Universal Championship after back to back losses to current Champion Brock Lesnar. Reigns has accomplished so much in the company in the six years he has been on the main roster and at 32 years, it is thought that he will be running this company for a long time yet. GiveMeSport is reporting that WWE has some big plans for both Reigns and Braun Strowman moving forward, which will definitely be a boost for Reigns, whose future currently looks unclear.

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