15 WWE Superstar Couples We Never Saw Coming

When it comes to the life of a WWE superstar, there's no shortage of shocking real-life WWE partners. Here are the most shocking examples from the WWE

It is a relatively unknown fact that WWE Superstars spend almost two-thirds of the year on the road. Though they only perform on TV a single night (two if there is a pay-per-view that Sunday), their schedules are filled with live shows, paid appearances, and other WWE programming. With this hectic lifestyle, it is unsurprising that many WWE Superstars turn to each other for comfort and affection on the road.

Though this has been happening since WWE's inception, the recent influx of internet forums and social media has let in the fanbase on many of these relationships.

Thereby, I thought it would be cool to countdown the 15 WWE Superstar Couples We Never Saw Coming. Many of these superstars are still currently in relationships, however, that is not the primary qualification for this list. Instead, every couple listed here is relatively unknown to the general public, outside of the WWE Universe.

This, of course, excludes those relationships like John Cena and Nikki Bella, and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon which are widely known.

15 Emma and Zack Ryder

Woo woo woo, you know it. I just imagine these two sitting in their apartment, talking about how the WWE manages to screw them over on a regular basis. I don't think there are two superstars out there (male and female) who better embody the disconnect between the wishes of the fans and the abstract plans of WWE management.

Despite the strong fan reaction that these two get on a regular basis, they are afforded little to no attention by WWE Creative, and it has been a long time since either was on the receiving end of a significant push.

Our first couple does not allow this to dampen their spirits, however, I follow Ryder on Twitter and the two spend a lot of time traveling the world and doing cool stuff together.

14 John Cena and Mickie James

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past three days you've heard that John Cena proposed to his current girlfriend, WWE Diva Nikki Bella, at WrestleMania. While many of you will know that John Cena was married once before (to a non-wrestler), you likely have not heard about the interesting relationships that he has had with WWE divas in the past. Probably the most interesting of these was the relationship he had with Mickie James.......while he was married to his wife.

John is portrayed (and really appears to be) a pretty good guy, so this seems super out of character for him. Whatever the reasons (comments have been made that suggest John's wife at the time was a truly evil person), it's got to be awkward with Mickie now being part of the same show as John and Nikki.

13 Nikki Bella and Dolph Ziggler

From one of John Cena's past relationships to one of Nikki Bella's more notable ones. It was revealed on an episode of Total Divas (and somehow the internet wrestling community had known about it for years) that Nikki Bella had previously been in a long-term relationship with fellow WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler.

Their relationship would end, however, due to a reluctance on Dolph's part to settle down, get married, and have kids. This was kind of ironic at the time, because Nikki's current boyfriend, John Cena, was also very reluctant to have these things.

As discussed above, Cena has come around on at least the marriage portion of this, something that Dolph seemed unable to do. This is the last time we'll talk about John and Nikki on this list, but it won't be the last time that we hear from Dolph.

12 Wesley Blake and Sara Lee


Those of you who are NXT fans will likely recognize Wesley Blake as one-half of the tag-team of Blake and Murphy. This tag-team has struggled mightily ever since the loss of their manager, Alexa Bliss, to the main roster. I saw some potential, therefore, when I learned that Blake had begun seriously dating former Tough Enough winner Sara Lee.

If Sara was brought on as Blake and Murphy's manager, it would provide some much-needed fan appeal to the team, as well as a way to introduce her to the NXT audience without the added pressure of a singles push. Their relationship would progress much too fast for this, however, as Sara Lee's pregnancy (and other factors) would cause her to get released from WWE.

11 Edge and Beth Phoenix

Of all the entries on our list, this is the one that seems the most stable. Unbeknownst to many, WWE Hall of Famers (both of them now) Edge and Beth Phoenix have been married for several years. If this is surprising to some, I would remind you that Beth's hometown of Buffalo is a mere two-hour drive from Edge's hometown of Toronto, Canada.

The two apparently met during Beth's relatively brief run with WWE and continued dating after she had left the company. Since Edge's untimely retirement, the two have spent a lot of time together, even appearing in the audience at NXT Takeover: Toronto. These two are proof that you really can find love in a WWE ring.

10 Seth Rollins and Zahra Schreiber

This was a fairly short-lived relationship, but for a time it sure was an exciting one. For those of you who don’t know the story, in the midst of his first WWE Title reign, Rollins' Twitter account tweeted a series of revealing photos of himself and former NXT Divas Zahra Schreiber. It was later revealed that it was Rollins wife sent out these photos. For some reason, she was pretty upset when she found the revealing pictures of Schreiber on Seth’s phone along with some scandalous messages (heavy sarcasm).

There is no greater wrath than a woman scorned. Zahra and Rollins would date for a short period of time after the affair before going their separate ways. Zahra would, of course, later get cut from NXT after an Instagram post of hers showed a Nazi replica on her apartment wall.

9 Alicia Fox and Wade Barrett

Admittedly, this couple was shown on a single episode of Total Divas, but that was limited exposure so I decided to include them here anyways. It's hard to believe, but both Alicia Fox and Wade Barrett (up until his recent release) had both been in the WWE for around ten years. During that time, they had gotten pretty close to each other and had even entered into a long-term multiyear relationship.

This relationship would abruptly end, with Fox revealing on the Total Divas episode that she still harbored strong feelings for Barrett. This had to be especially awkward with them working on the same show, and even occasionally being involved in storylines together. The two claim to still be friends, however, so I guess all is well that ends well.

8 Enzo Amore and Liv Morgan

I often wonder what a girl like Liv Morgan sees in Enzo Amore, but then I remember that he's a certified G, and you can't teach that. Realistically I imagine it has something to do with their both being from New Jersey, but somehow Enzo was able to pick up the blonde bombshell Morgan while they were both at WWE's developmental brand, NXT.

They've been dating for a while now, with Enzo competing in his first WrestleMania the other night, and Liv getting consistently more opportunities in the Women's Division down at NXT. Once I found the picture shown above, I just knew that I had to include this crazy couple on the list.

7 Maria and CM Punk

Most of us are aware of the widely publicized relationship (and eventual marriage) between CM Punk and AJ Lee. It is relatively unknown, however, that prior to his relationship with AJ Lee, Punk was romantically tied to former WWE Diva Maria.

While the pairing of Punk and AJ seems to make some sense (they both have that kind of punk rocker vibe), the pairing of Punk and Maria is somewhat of an odd couple. Despite this, the two had a fairly long-term relationship during Punk's early days in WWE. Maria would then leave WWE for TNA, and Punk would eventually begin his life with AJ.

Since her departure from TNA, Maria has been rumored to return to WWE, so at least one of the members of this shocking couple may be making their way back to the Red and Blue Brands.

6 Brock Lesnar and Sable

I don't know about you guys, but I have a hard time imagining Brock Lesnar in a romantic setting. In a very real sense of the word, the guy just seems like a monster. Despite his seeming lack of human emotion, Brock has been married for a fairly long time to former WWE Diva, Sable. Those of you who remember the prissy Sable will likely be shocked to know that she lives with Brock (and their children) on a farm in the middle of nowhere in Minnesota.

I talked in the last entry about odd couples, and this pairing of Brock and Sable is certainly one that you wouldn't expect. Despite this, interviews with Sable have revealed that she is happy with herself as the wife of the "Beast Incarnate".

5 Triple H and Chyna

I stumbled upon this picture a few days ago and I just knew that I had to include this entry on the list. Back in the heyday of DX, it was widely known that prominent members Chyna and Triple H were in a real life relationship.

This has widely been forgotten over the years because Triple H would abruptly end his relationship with Chyna in order to pursue the boss's daughter, Stephanie McMahon. The relationship between Chyna and McMahon would grow so tumultuous, in fact, that Chyna would end up leaving WWE.

It was funny to me watching the Stone Cold Podcast with Triple H when he alluded to the fact that Chyna had not yet been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame because of her history in the "adult industry".

Triple H seemed to be making the case that morally Chyna wasn't right for the Hall, which is weird considering that for so many years she was morally good enough to be his girlfriend.

4 Dana Brooke and Dolph Ziggler

This is one of the few entries on this list that I didn’t know about before I started writing. We talked earlier about Dolph's long term relationship with Nikki Bella, but it now appears that he's turned his sights on the newer divas. Dana Brooke was a much-hyped talent in NXT but has since been lost in the shuffle of a stacked Raw Women's Division.

I would say that Dolph could give her some pointers on how to move up the company ladder, but he hasn't been so successful on doing that himself so what advice could he really offer? I also find it odd that these two superstars find themselves on different shows (a rarity for this list), but perhaps the upcoming "shakeup" will allow Dana to transfer to the Blue Brand, or for Dolph to make his way over to Raw.

3 Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy

If I knew that all it took to land a date with Alexa Bliss was be a mediocre tag-team wrestler, I would have started my training years ago. But in all seriousness, there appears to be a bit of a talent gap between the two wrestlers at #3 on our list.

While Buddy Murphy has languished as a tag-team (and now singles wrestler) in the WWE developmental brand NXT, Bliss has made her way to the main roster and become one of the few rising stars of the companies Women's Division.

Though her in-ring skills are on par with what other competitors are doing, it is her promo skills which have really set her apart and made her a fan favorite. Let's hope that this couple doesn't go the way of Wesley Blake and Sara Lee, and cause Bliss's in-ring career to end much too soon.

2 Carmella and Big Cass

If you were shocked about the fact that Enzo has enough game to date Liv Morgan, this next entry on our list will likely make a little bit more sense. Those WWE fans who do not watch NXT are probably unaware that the team of Enzo and Big Cass used to have a third member, the "Princess of Staten Island" Carmella.

When Enzo and Cass were called up to the main roster, Carmella stayed in NXT to hone her craft, and when she was finally called up for the draft it was as a singles competitor. Carmella has since allied herself with James Ellsworth, but if I was the Chinless Wonder I'd be very careful about how cozy I get with her. This is because she is in a real life relationship with the 7 ft tall Big Cass. How you doing?

1 The Undertaker and Michelle Mccool

I think part of the reasoning behind the success of the Undertaker character (besides the incredible wrestling skill of the man himself) was the way that WWE was able to portray him as an otherworldly actor. That is, Roman Reigns is a man who plays the wrestler of Roman Reigns, but the Undertaker was simply the Undertaker.

With his commitment to the in-ring character, it's easy to forget that this guy has had a full personal life outside the ring. A big part of this was his recent marriage to WWE alum Michelle McCool. A former Divas Champion, McCool is somewhat of a legendary figure herself, making her relationship with Taker one of the coolest entries on this list. With his recent retirement, it looks like these two are going to be seeing a lot more of each other.

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15 WWE Superstar Couples We Never Saw Coming