15 WWE Superstar Couple Pics We Weren't Meant To See

With WWE having been in the mainstream entertainment crosshairs for decades now it seems strange that it has taken this long for the romantic couples working for the wrestling titan to start grabbing media attention. It is common now not only for wrestling couples to be a hot topic of conversation but for WWE itself to incorporate them into their on-screen storylines. This has apparently become one of the most intriguing phenomena in the wrestling industry, perhaps because it adds a touch of realism to an otherwise campy product.

Most of this brand new attention to pro wrestling romances have come as a result of the social media age where we all have instant access to WWE Superstars and some of their most intimate moments via their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Also assisting the fad in no small degree is the E! reality series Total Divas which follows several of WWE’s female stars through their personal lives, often shining a spotlight on their romances with other Superstars. But what could be even more intriguing than the versions of these stars’ romantic lives we are shown by their own choice? The stuff they never wanted us to see, of course! Here are fifteen pictures of WWE couples we were never meant to lay eyes on.

15 Paige & Alberto Del Rio

Paige is a two-time Divas Champion and one of the best female wrestlers in the world. Alberto Del Rio is a former World Champion and one of the greatest wrestlers to come out of Mexico and break into the American mainstream wrestling scene. The well-known wrestling couple had already made waves in WWE, so when they began spending more time together during their downtime from the business they surely didn’t expect to become bigger stars when away from the live cameras than they did in front of them.

The wrestling world is completely obsessed with the dramatic story still unfolding between these two, and one of the earliest developments came when Paige was arrested after a WWE show under mysterious circumstances as yet still unknown to the wrestling community.

14 Alexa Bliss & Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho makes multiple entries on this list. Recently the above photo has been making rounds on the internet that show him apparently getting cozy with multiple time WWE Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. This would certainly mean another strike for Jericho, considering his aforementioned scandal with former Diva Kelly Kelly, but at least he has decades in the business behind him. Alexa Bliss has only been with the company for a few years and has developed a reputation for being somewhat of a troublemaker.

Alexa Bliss certainly has had her share of bad publicity, not entirely unrelated to her real-life rivalry with Sasha Banks, but if this is as it looks then it takes the cake. Officially, Alexa is involved with NXT talent Buddy Murphy, but unofficially it seems as though there may have been something brewing at one time between Bliss and the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time.

13 Sunny & Shawn Michaels

Before the era of social media and Total Divas and before there was even really a women’s division to speak of in WWE, there was one woman representing the female side of pro wrestling in the World Wrestling Federation and her name was Sunny. Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was a bona fide sex symbol in the ‘90s and rumors swirled for years that she and WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels were having a wild affair at the height of their careers.

One of wrestling’s worst kept secrets was fully exposed after Sunny retired. Even if she hadn’t written her own autobiography and spilled the beans about her relationship with Michaels, she’s had such a controversial social media presence that it surely would have all come out anyway.

12 Seth Rollins & Sasha Banks

Former Shield member Seth Rollins is no stranger to having parts of his personal life exposed to the general public. A couple of years ago his ex-girlfriend posted pictures online of Seth in the nude with his mistress, former NXT star Zahra Schreiber. The scandal apparently doesn’t end there, though, as newer photos have come to the attention of the WWE Universe of Seth getting more than a little cozy with fellow WWE Superstar Sasha Banks.

What makes this all the more awkward is the fact that Sasha Banks recently got married to another WWE employee, something she has reluctantly spoken about in interviews. It appears that the top fan favorite of WWE’s revolutionized women’s division might not be so squeaky clean if these photos are all that they seem.

11 Dolph Ziggler & Dana Brooke

A couple of years ago word was spreading around the internet that WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler was involved in a real-life relationship with Dana Brooke, who was then still working down in NXT. The two were not one of WWE’s better-known couples and didn’t make a whole lot of news. In truth, few cared at the time until it began to appear as if Dana Brooke might be using relationships with WWE employees, of which apparently she had several, to make her way to the top of the company’s women’s division.

Ziggler and Brooke apparently weren’t an item for very long and there wasn’t a lot of photographic evidence to back up the fact that the relationship even existed, but it apparently did and it seems now to be a somewhat scandalous part of Dana’s past, considering all the rumors.

10 Paige & Xavier Woods

While Paige’s aforementioned arrest was one of the first signs that her relationship with Alberto Del Rio would be full of drama, that was nothing compared to what would come later when private photos and videos would leak to the internet exposing past trysts Paige has had with former WWE Superstar Brad Maddox and current star Xavier Woods. Woods’ partners in The New Day, Big E and Kofi Kingston, as well as other stars, have even gone so far as to poke fun at the situation on WWE television.

The leak was a huge scandal that nearly got out of hand for WWE and could have resulted in serious repercussions for the two. Now, old photos of Woods and Paige hanging out together have come to attention, making this already awkward situation all the more awkward.

9 Bray Wyatt & JoJo Offerman

Anytime a man and the mistress who helped ruin his marriage are seen out in public before the man’s wife even knows there is an affair happening you can file it under the awkward category. Bray Wyatt has built a reputation over the last several years as WWE’s resident creepster, but when the “Eater of Worlds” arrived on the job alongside the “Wrecker of Homes” JoJo Offerman, a ring announcer for WWE, the cameras were there to catch it in all its glory.

Bray has since been going through a very public separation with his wife, who has been very vocal on social media about her disdain for her now estranged husband and his mistress. One has to wonder how the otherwise genius Bray Wyatt managed to be so careless.

8 Stephanie McMahon & Triple H

There is not a wrestling fan alive who isn’t familiar with the power couple that is Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Obviously, these two will one day be running things full time, with Triple H looking to provide a promising future for the company as evidenced by his immaculate work with NXT. Once Triple H married Stephanie McMahon his position as one of the most powerful people in all of WWE was cemented, but there was some serious drama happening behind the scenes when the two got together.

Apparently, Triple H and Stephanie had been having an affair long before Triple H’s real-life girlfriend, the late Chyna, found out about it and everything blew up. It’s surprising it took so long for everything to come out, too, considering Triple H and Stephanie, who were an on-screen item as well, weren’t exactly doing a great job of hiding things off camera.

7 Batista & Melina

Throughout nearly the entirety of the 2000s, Batista was one of WWE’s biggest stars. He stood alongside John Cena as the future of the company, though he would eventually leave wrestling mostly behind him and embark upon what is becoming a pretty successful career in Hollywood. Batista was a force to be reckoned with and for a while had a career that nearly paralleled Cena’s, and his personal life didn’t look altogether different from Cena’s, either.

Like Cena, Batista was involved in his fair share of real-life romantic scandals, though it mostly revolved around one woman. That woman was former Women’s and Divas Champion Melina Perez, who was dating former WWE Superstar John Morrison at the time she had an affair with the multiple time world champion and former Evolution member.

6 Randy Orton & Kelly Kelly

As a future WWE Hall of Famer who has come from a family of wrestling legends, Randy Orton’s romantic life has been constantly in the spotlight throughout his WWE career. He has more world championship reigns than just about any WWE Superstar in history, but that might pale in comparison to how many women he has been linked to since his pro wrestling career got started around fifteen years ago. The point here is that a rumored relationship with a fellow WWE Superstar is not something that will shock anyone as it pertains to Orton himself, but his rumored ex-girlfriend being Kelly Kelly might shock some, on the other hand, considering her surprising reputation for sleeping with all kinds of WWE Superstars perhaps not!.

Either way, the WWE likely wanted this one to stay quiet.

5 Paige & Dean Ambrose

By now every wrestling fan is probably aware that Dean Ambrose is married to WWE’s lead female announcer and backstage interviewer Renee Young. It is a real-life relationship that is widely known but hasn’t been covered by the wrestling media a whole lot because both of these individuals are incredibly private. The two have been together for a few years now and though it is almost impossible to know when they started seeing one another, it’s a pretty safe bet to say that they were together when this photo of Ambrose and WWE Superstar Paige was taken.

There may not be much to it, but given Paige’s very public history of taking WWE’s male employees to bed with her, this one might indicate a potential fling between her and the “Lunatic Fringe.”

4 Chris Jericho & Kelly Kelly

Chris Jericho is one of the most iconic names in all of professional wrestling. He holds the record for most reigns as the WWE Intercontinental Champion and he has a slew of world championships on his resume as well as being a notoriously accomplished tag team champion. He’s a sure-fire future member of the WWE Hall of Fame, but his long and respected career has also occasionally been tarnished by a few real-life hiccups. One of those involves a heavily rumored affair between Jericho and former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly.

Kelly Kelly was known to have had some trysts with her fellow WWE Superstars during her several years with the company, but for Jericho, this is an even bigger deal considering he has been married for many years.

3 John Cena & Mickie James

Several years back, when Mickie James was still in the midst of the first few years of her WWE career, she was involved in a real life relationship with former WWE Superstar and Spirit Squad member Kenny Dykstra. The two had a breakup, though, that made waves throughout the internet wrestling community when it came to light that the former Women’s Champion had been having a secret affair with WWE’s golden boy John Cena.

When the biggest male star in the company met one of its biggest female stars, apparently the two just couldn’t keep their hands off one another and when Dykstra found out he blew his stack. The couple had a nasty breakup that wrestling fans are still talking about to this day, but Super Cena apparently came out unscathed.

2 Sunny & Bret Hart

If you’re a wrestling fan who has paid any attention at all since 1997 you know all about the infamous “Montreal Screwjob” at Survivor Series that year involving Vince McMahon and WWE Hall of Famers Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. It was the most widely known of many encounters between Michaels and Hart, two men who absolutely couldn’t stand each other back in the ‘90s. Among other things, rumor has it that the two were at one time fighting over Sunny, who was having an affair with Shawn Michaels at the time.

Apparently, Sunny also spent a night or two with Bret Hart, a rumor that went unconfirmed for years and still is somewhat up in the air, though it’s another one of those “worst kept secret” scenarios.

1 Maryse & Jack Swagger

The Miz and Maryse are one of WWE’s best-known real-life couples, largely because they have brought their marriage in front of the cameras to WWE’s storylines and to E!’s Total Divas reality series. The relationship between these two seems incredibly solid with there never having been word of any real troubles between them. They appear to be very happy and have been together almost since they met when they started working for WWE around the same time over a decade ago.

That is why the photos on the internet of Maryse and former WWE Superstar Jack Swagger partying together and looking very close have raised more than a few eyebrows. It remains unclear just when these photos were taken but they appear to be well after Maryse began her career as a WWE Diva.

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