15 WWE Storylines That Made No Sense

The following list looks at some of the most pointless storylines that actually managed to make it onto live TV and confused WWE fans everywhere.

It has become well-known now that wrestling is scripted. The risks are real, and so are many of the injuries that are caused because of the work in the ring, but every WWE star follows a storyline when they are on WWE TV.

SmackDown, Raw, and NXT all have their own separate creative teams that are solely responsible for coming up with ideas for certain superstars whenever they are on their respective brand.

Over the past few decades, WWE has delivered some of the most epic storylines that have kept the WWE Universe gripped, but for every positive, there is always a negative, and it seems that WWE has also managed to deliver some of the most pointless storylines that have ever been broadcasted on TV.

Wrestling is live every week of the year, and it also has to factor in the fact that they are often forced to script things around storylines as well. This means that sometimes there can be a number of issues that mean that some storylines can't be finished. This is understandable, but this following list is more about the storylines that were actually created without any backstage problems, and just didn't quite connect with the WWE Universe the way they should have.

The following list looks at some of the most pointless storylines that actually managed to make it onto live TV and some that should never have made it off the creative room floor because they completely failed to make any sense throughout.

15 Dean Ambrose And Triple H


Back in 2016, Dean Ambrose was scheduled to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32, but before this epic showdown, Ambrose went one-on-one with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H. Now, bear in mind the fact that Triple H had a match against Roman Reigns already scheduled for WrestleMania a month after Roadblock, so why would he accept such a match?

Triple H was the Champion; there was no need for him to step up and take on Ambrose or put his Championship on the line, since he was already scheduled to take on Reigns, and if he lost this match to Reigns' former stable mate, then it would ruin all the matches already scheduled for WrestleMania. Let's be honest. Roadblock didn't make a lot of sense anyway, and the fact that Ambrose lost just made him look weak before he went on to lose to Lesnar at WrestleMania.

14 Bray Wyatt Versus Brock Lesnar


The Wyatt Family cost Brock Lesnar the chance to win The Royal Rumble last year, and it was thought that this would lead to a feud between Brock and Bray. Instead, this didn't seem to happen, but it did manage to work out for the duo to have a match at Roadblock back in 2016.

Instead, at Roadblock, it was a two-on-one handicap match that ended up being mostly Luke Harper up against The Beast. Brock and Bray built up a nice rivalry stemming from The Royal Rumble, but it seems that this was completely scrapped, and instead, Brock was sent after Ambrose at WrestleMania. Bray was forgotten about, as he was used in a segment with The Rock and John Cena, and Erick Rowan became the holder of the worst WrestleMania record instead. Many of the WWE Universe were completely shocked that Bray didn't have a match of his own at the event.

13 The Great Khali Helps Jinder Mahal


Jinder Mahal is the WWE Champion over on SmackDown Live, and over the past few months, he has been battling former Champion Randy Orton, who won the title back at WrestleMania 33. It was decided that, so that The Singh Brothers couldn't interfere in the match at Battleground, Jinder would take on Orton inside The Punjabi Prison.

Obviously, The Singh Brothers did interfere, but Orton managed to overcome this and was about to win the match and his title back when The Great Khali made his presence known. He helped Jinder to win the match, but hasn't actually been seen since. It can't even be claimed that it was because The Punjabi Prison is his match, since he was unable to compete in the match more than a decade ago, so The Big Show stepped in his place. Was it really just a way to see how the WWE Universe reacted?

12 Brock Lesnar Versus Kofi Kingston


Brock Lesnar was the main headliner when WWE went over to Japan back in 2015, but shockingly, it was decided that The Beast would take on a much smaller Kofi Kingston at the event, which was creatively entitled The Beast In The East.

Brock wasn't the main event; this was instead taken by Finn Balor and Kevin Owens, but he did make an impact as he f5'd Kofi out of his shoes and easily managed to defeat The New Day member and the rest of his team, but what did Kofi do to deserve such treatment? There was no real build-up to this match before it took place and it seems that WWE just used it as a way to show just how dominant Brock was at that point in his career, just a year after he ended the streak and just two months after he lost his WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Seth Rollins.

11 Jon Stewart's Interference


Jon Stewart is not a wrestler by any stretch of the imagination, but he decided to pick a fight with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, so he was put in his place by the Champion a number of times.

At SummerSlam back in 2015, Rollins took on John Cena in a match where both the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and The United States Championships were on the line, and unsurprisingly, Jon Stewart got involved. The shocking part was the fact that he actually involved himself on behalf of Rollins and helped him to defeat Cena in perhaps one of the most bizarre twists of the night. The explanation was that Stewart didn't think Cena deserved to become a 16-time World Champion because he wasn't as good as Flair. Well, where were you at The Royal Rumble when he managed to defeat AJ Styles and break the record anyway? You did a really bad job of preventing this, Stewart.

10 The Story Of Stephanie McMahon And Triple H


It has been one of WWE's most lengthy storylines, but if you have managed to follow it over the years, you will know that Triple H actually kidnapped and drugged Stephanie McMahon before he then forced her to marry him back in 1999. Obviously, it was later explained that Stephanie was actually in on this and she did it to get under her father's skin and to help Triple H.

Somehow, this oddball couple has managed to remain together over the past few years, despite the way they actually came together, and the fact that Triple H has pedigreed his current wife more than a few times. It has been a definite roller-coaster of a relationship between the duo, currently known as The Authority, over the past two decades. Maybe this is why the WWE Universe finds it hard to trust either one of them after the crazy things they have done to each other over the years.

9 Hornswoggle Is Vince McMahon's Illegitimate Son


It seems that 2007 really wasn't a great year for WWE; not only did Vince McMahon try to fake his own death, but the Benoit tragedy put an end to this, and instead led to Vince pushing for a storyline that included him having a long lost son.

Many hints were dropped about who the son was, and it was revealed that he was working for WWE. Lawyers investigated the case, and it was later declared that Hornswoggle was the illegitimate son of the WWE Chairman. Triple H was the last star in the ring before it was revealed to be Hornswoggle, as it seemed as though WWE were going for an inc*st storyline instead. Somehow, it seems that Hornswoggle being a McMahon is much harder to understand than inc*st. At least Triple H could claim that his knowledge of his wrestling business came from his father. What was the point of the Hornswoggle reveal?

8 Lana/Summer/Rusev/Dolph Ziggler


Love triangles seem to be the foundations for many good storylines nowadays, but a few years ago, WWE decided to create a love square. Lana and Rusev were a real life couple, but Vince McMahon decided to step in once again in an attempt to split them up and put Lana in a storyline with Dolph Ziggler.

Summer Rae then became Lana 2.0 alongside Rusev, and it seems that Rusev had a problem with Ziggler because he was with Lana, and Lana had a problem with Summer because she decided to move in on the man that Lana had left. Are you managing to keep up? To make matters worse, Lana and Rusev became engaged in real life whilst this storyline was still part of the show, and this forced the company to scrap the storyline because the details were leaked to TMZ. It was a complete mess of a storyline and one that all four stars have had to try to push past and move on from.

7 Piggy James


Mickie James was left to carry the mantle for the WWE Women's Division when both Trish Stratus and Lita retired in late 2006. She managed to feud with Melina and keep the company above water for a number of years before an affair with John Cena forced her to be drafted over to SmackDown instead.

Mickie was reportedly told to lose weight by backstage officials or she would be fired, and because she didn't, Michelle McCool and Layla decided to begin the "Piggy James" storyline. Mickie wasn't even fat, and in a time when many female fans could have been watching the show struggling with eating disorders, this was quite insensitive from WWE. The baffling thing about this is that Mickie has actually come back to the company after what she was put through, which is absolutely shocking. However, it is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, and she is now a mother.

6 The Anonymous Raw General Manager


It was perhaps the most annoying laptop that has ever been used on TV, but the Annonymous Raw General Manager became a huge storyline in 2010, after there was a sense of fear from authority figures in the company when The Nexus got rid of Bret Hart.

There was once a time when the WWE Universe was actually really excited to find out who was behind the laptop and why they had been making plans behind the emails for more than a year. When Santino Marella made the decision that the General Manager must have been under the ring, and revealed it to be Hornswoggle, there was a sense of disappointment. Many believed that it would have worked better if he remained anonymous. As much as it made sense, it also didn't make sense, which just created more problems for WWE.

5 Mae Young Gives Birth To A Hand


Mark Henry and Mae Young became part of a storyline when Mark Henry was known as Sexual Chocolate, and he went on to seduce the much older WWE Hall of Famer. Mae and Mark Henry were said to be dating and there was even a pregnancy storyline involved after a few months.

Mae was the victim of two attacks by The Dudley Boys, who power-bombed her in the ring and then off the stage in what was said to have been one of the most famous power-bombs in WWE history. Mae was storyline "pregnant" at the time, and this then led to her baby being delivered a while later, and being nothing more than a bloody rubber hand. Shockingly, the hand actually showed up as a real person a few years later, as well. This storyline divided reality and fiction and WWE really took it too far. Many viewers were said to have been disgusted whilst watching it.

4 Vince McMahon's Limo


Vince McMahon has been part of a number of controversial storylines over the past few decades, but the one that always stands out in the minds of WWE fans is when Vince decided to fake his own death by having his limo explode with him inside.

This was essentially WWE playing the WWE Universe and attempting to work in a death storyline, which could hopefully see Vince written off TV for a while. Sadly, this didn't happen, since merely weeks after the show was broadcast, the Benoit tragedy was brought to light and Vince was forced to return to TV. It was one of the most insane and ridiculous stunts that WWE has ever attempted to get away with to fool their fan base, and it seems to have failed. WWE has since just brushed it under the carpet in a feeble attempt to act as though it never happened.

3 Seth Rollins And Dean Ambrose Inside Hell In A Cell


The worst scenario for Dean Ambrose, when his feud with Seth Rollins finished inside Hell in a Cell, was to get into a feud with Bray Wyatt. Wyatt was being groomed to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31, which meant that Ambrose needed to make him look strong throughout their feud, after WWE made Rollins look strong throughout his feud with Ambrose.

The two former Shield members were the youngest superstars to ever main event a pay-per-view when they went one-on-one at Hell in a Cell, but for some reason, there was never a clear winner to the feud, which had taken over WWE for the past few months. Instead, Bray Wyatt popped up and attacked Ambrose, which allowed him to then start a different feud altogether. The feud was picked up over the WWE World Heavyweight Championship a few months later, but that begs the question as to why Bray had to interfere to begin with.

2 Shane McMahon Versus The Undertaker


What happened when WrestleMania was just weeks away, and John Cena would not be cleared in time to wrestle The Undertaker at the event? Vince McMahon decided to call in his estranged son, who then took on The Deadman inside Hell in a Cell.

The deal was that if Shane McMahon won, then he would be able to take control of Monday Night Raw. However, he lost the match, despite jumping off Hell in a Cell, and even though he lost, he was still able to take control of Raw the night after WrestleMania. So really, what was the point in the match, if Vince was just going to give Shane what he wanted? Shane is still currently part of WWE right now as the Commissioner of SmackDown Live, so it seems that the match didn't really mean anything at all, when you think about it. It was just Vince's way of trying to sell tickets at the last minute.

1 The Bella Twins Implode


There's a reason that this was voted the worst feud of 2014. Not only did it not make any sense, but the promos and the acting throughout were just embarrassing. Nikki Bella turned on her sister Brie at SummerSlam during her match with Stephanie McMahon, because of the abuse that she had endured ever since her sister quit the company.

Brie and Nikki later entered a personal feud, in which Jerry Springer was called in to help find common ground between the sisters, before Nikki told Brie, "I wish you died in the womb." Brie then lost a match to Nikki, and was forced to be her slave for 30 days. Nikki used her newfound power to boss her sister around and humiliate her before Brie, then she helped Nikki to win the Divas Championship and to continue retaining it for a number of months. Somehow, Brie turned heel without anyone noticing, or did she turn face? No one even knows anymore.

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15 WWE Storylines That Made No Sense