15 WWE Stars Who Hit Rock Bottom

What causes a celebrity to hit rock bottom? Is it that they just have bad luck? Or do they bring it all upon themselves? In life, some of us will be unlucky enough to hit rock bottom, but it is always our response to the situation that will determine whether we stay in the valley or continue our climb to the top of the mountain.

Most times, hitting rock bottom may be self-inflicted, especially for persons of the celebrity caliber, who had chances to change their life situation with the money they would have made from being famous in whatever industry.

This list is dedicated only to WWE wrestlers. WWE wrestlers provide prime-time entertainment for people all over the world. To this day, there are still debates as to whether or not the fights are real. Regardless of whether or not they are real, some WWE stars have hit rock bottom. By 'hit rock bottom', we mean they are broke, they fell from grace or they are hooked on abusive substances.

Read below to learn about 15 WWE stars who have hit rock bottom. Again, it is their decision whether or not they want to remain at rock bottom. But if we’re being honest, celebs barely ever recover from rock bottom. Lindsay Lohan is still at the bottom and then, of course, Chris Brown sort of recovered from his rock bottom period.


15 Virgil

So, Virgil is not someone you would actually consider a WWE star, but he was on the WWE. Was he any good? Maybe, because he had the Million Dollar Championship. He was a minion for Ted DiBiase and that’s just how the world remembers him. Maybe that’s why his competitions fail to attract any supporters. Sometimes, you have to know just when to give up. Imagine going to a convention and no one wants an autograph from you? Why does Virgil even show his face at public events? He was important twenty years ago. Now, he’s not so relevant and no one wants to keep “vigil” with him anymore. How old is he now any? And where is Ted DiBiase? Maybe if he was seated next to Virgil at the wrestling conventions, people may actually recognize him. #SorrynotSorry

14 Perry Saturn


Okay, so he is not exactly at rock bottom but he is also not at the top of his career. He was one of the biggest names in wrestling and not just in the WWE circuit. The last time he competed was in 2004 in Japan. He sustained injuries when he intervened in a rape incident. He did not handle the management of the pain well and soon became addicted to methamphetamines. As if addiction wasn’t bad enough, soon his dependence on the drug led to him becoming homeless. Luckily, his addiction did not lead to his demise. He was able to get help and now he is competing again in wrestling, just not with WWE but independently. He is not exactly rock bottom, but with some determination, he will probably find his way again soon.

13 Lex Lugar

The article cannot be one that is fully morbid, but it should have some stories that show how a person can turn their life around. Lex Lugar proved himself to be a true celebrity by turning his life around. He was so popular in the 1980s and 90s that he had enough cash in the bank to fund his lifestyle of substance abuse. He assaulted Miss Elizabeth and was convicted of a DUI. So, after Hulette was found dead and overdosed in his home and police found drugs in his home, it took 13 felonies for him to decide to turn his life around. After that all-time low and being charged and probably witnessing the death of a friend, Lugar turned his life around and now works with WWE to help other wrestlers.

12 Scott Hall


Scott Hall is another wrestler who was able to dig his way out of the rock bottom pit. In WWE, he was charismatic and a superstar. He left the WWE and for two years was a force to be reckoned with in the WCW. Hall struggled with a lot of personal issues and these issues destroyed his career. He was sent to rehab after he was discovered doing drugs. He was arrested several times and was hospitalized frequently. He generally has a self-destructive nature. He hasn’t used drugs since 2013, but there is no telling what could happen to him in the future. Hopefully, he does not make the news soon. But for now, the only thing we can do is pray and keep our fingers crossed.

11 Matt Hardy

He had so much potential, loads. He was handsome, smart and had a time creating his own rock bottom. He impressed. He was a wrestler to look at. Maybe fame got to his head, or he lacked attention. When you think of a superstar hitting rock bottom, you’d think of them getting depressed and taking drug or alcohol. Hardy was really creative with his demise, he faked his own suicide. He posted the note on the internet so people thought he had died or was about to kill himself. It was a hoax. A horrible one too that no one forgot or overlooked. WWE distanced themselves from him and they encouraged other wrestlers to do the same. Toxicity breathes toxicity so it was best to keep the crazy away from other wrestlers who were on the straight and narrow.

10 Tammy Lynn Sytch


Her run with the WWE was not that long. It lasted for a little more than a year, between 1996 and 1998. Her roles on WWE were: face manager and heel valet. You may not remember her because her tenure on WWE was so short. Her WWE name was Sunny but WWE could not keep her on because she became a drug abuser. That was just the tip of the iceberg and she has not learned. She even tried being on Extreme Championship Wrestling and WCW but her attempts were unsuccessful. Since her release from WWE, things have not gotten any better for her. In fact, they may actually be worse. She has had several encounters with the law for her drug and alcohol usage. Now, she is at her lowest because she's moved to the adult industry, yikes!

9 Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle was not only a WWE superstar but he was an Olympian. Angle has a gold medal that he earned in Freestyle wrestling. He had a very impressive career until he flopped himself. He spiralled out of control and the spiral just never stopped. His downfall was rapid. He lied to fans and the WWE about why he was leaving. He claimed he had some health issues but not long after, he joined TNA. Maybe his reasons for leaving were really health related. He used drugs and he also had a few visits to rehab. WWE has a Wellness Policy and Angle’s lifestyle just didn’t fit into it. So, he left and well, no one likes a liar.


8 Jeff Hardy


Jeff went from zero to a hundred real quick. He went from being a substance abuser to being a drug trafficker. He was arrested and charged with the offense. His trafficking arrest came not long after WWE asked him to take time off to have his injuries heal. He was set for a comeback, but there were too many issues surrounding him and WWE probably did not want to be a part of him and his issues. What was most embarrassing about Jeff’s career was that he performed in a minute-long match when he was in no condition to do so. The match was pay per view and well, he lost of course. But he was unfortunately forgiven. Hard to give a man a get out of jail free card when money is involved.

7 Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan was a household name. Persons who were not even WWE fans knew of him. He retired but still made cameos on WWE. We loved Hogan (past tense) but now we just despise him because he made several racists statements. There is a lot we can forgive but racism is not something that is ever forgiven or forgotten. So, since his comments were leaked and the world realized that he was a racist, very few people or organizations continued business with him. So, yup he’s at rock bottom and is unlikely to see the light anytime soon. Redemption is possible, but even if we forget that he is racist, once he comes back into the spotlight, it is very likely that someone will post a video of his racist comments to remind us.

6 Sean O’Haire


Drugs not only become an addiction but it could prevent someone from reaching their true potential. Sean O’Haire was one of WWE’s most promising stars in the early 2000s. He was not in the spotlight for long because he was often inconsistent and had to be sent for training in other leagues. He was not satisfied with that league and wanted more for himself so he joined the MMA. That obviously didn’t work out because he refused rehab about six times. He was also a domestic abuser. In 2014, he committed suicide, thus never giving himself the opportunity to recover from being at rock bottom. It is so unfortunate that such a young, talented life was ended prematurely and before he could realize that he needed help.

5 Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts, also known as “The Snake”, was a WWE icon in his time. If you were old enough to watch WWE in the 1980s and 90s, you would have known him as a competitor to the Championship. The Snake often struggled with substance abuse and the abuse he received early in his life from his father was blamed on his later addiction. He started to get his life back together, but keeping it together was the hard part for him. After the WWE, he wrestled independently but it never worked out for him as he often showed up intoxicated. Soon his reputation unraveled but who cares right? Especially since he is now in the WWE Hall of Fame now. Nonetheless, it is still difficult to tolerate an inebriated person for too long.

4 Kamala


If you wanted to wrestle a giant, Kamala was that man. He stood at 6 feet, 7 inches and weighed more than 400 pounds. He was not someone the faint of heart would want to wrestle. He would have been an excellent player in the NFL. Anyways, despite making a name for himself, his slump to rock bottom came when he lost his left leg to diabetes. You can only lose a limb if you don’t take care of it right? So, now he is literally at his lowest. Imagine a once famed WWE star who wrestled for over a decade admits that he is depending on disability for his survival. What did he do with all his earnings? His negligence cost him his leg, but let us hope that he learned. If you know of any donation drop off locations, please don’t hesitate to share that information. He needs it.

3 Matt Osbourne

Matt would be remembered in WWE as Doink the Clown. Matt would literally dress in a clown’s costume for his matches. He was very flighty and would have several shorts stints. He was entertaining mostly. He died in 2013, but there were so many issues surrounding his death. His cause of death was attributed to drug overdose and heart disease. He was once caught smoking an illegal substance. Osbourne, apart from being a villainous clown, had many issues that he attempted to resolves by using drugs. After his death, his wife attempted (and failed) to sue WWE for all the hits he received in his head. She blamed it for his depression. Doesn’t WWE have a waiver form in the event of injury? Maybe Mrs. Osbourne’s lawyer failed to advise her on this matter.

2 The Dynamite Kid


If you have been a fan of WWE, you would have memories of The Dynamite Kid whose government name is Thomas Billington. He and Davey Boy Smith, his cousin, together in the ring were an unstoppable duo. You would think that he was a nice guy because he helped Bret Hart advance in his career, but this was not the case. He was, in fact, a huge douche. His wife woke up once with a gun to her head and just because he wanted to claim insurance money, he broke the kneecaps of his niece. He was not only a jerk, but he was a jerk who used steroids. In 2007, his leg became of no use and then in 2013, he suffered a stroke. His future looks grim because he will never be able to walk again. Did karma serve with tea?

1 Chyna

So, it’s bad to speak ill of the dead, but Chyna hit rock bottom in a way she never could recover again. She was a big star with a lot of attitude. It wasn’t just about her looks but she was an athlete. She could fight anyone, male, female or even referee. She had also competed for the WWE Intercontinental Championship once. As it goes with wrestling, she couldn’t take the politics, so she left of her own accord. Her life choices led to her demise. She stayed in an abusive relationship with a man who suffered from substance abuse. Her life never got better, before it ended in 2016 when she overdosed on prescription medication. The overdose was accidental though.


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