15 WWE Stars Who Are Serial Cheaters

WWE Superstars are recognized by the WWE Universe from the moment they first step through that curtain, whether it's in NXT, Raw or SmackDown Live, but many of them forget some of the cons of being a globally known athlete. While many of these men and women have taken advantage of the fact that they can move onto pretty much any person they choose behind the scenes, what they didn't realize is that the public would eventually find out about their extracurricular activities.

Relationships in WWE are always hard. It's something that comes with the territory. There's a lot of stress from the job itself and sometimes it involves waking up in one country and going to bed in another. Many decide to make their relationships even more stressful by cheating on the one person they had as support for all those times on the road.

While there are a number of stars over the past few decades who have sought solace in the arms of someone who wasn't their spouse, there are only a select few who have actually gone on to do this more than once. Some of these stars believed that they were much bigger than the company at the time, so they were allowed to do whatever they wanted, and since WWE has no control over their superstars' personal lives, it seems that they were right. The following list looks at 15 superstars who earned the reputation for being serial cheaters backstage in WWE.


15 Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio left WWE back in 2016, but it seems that his personal life is the main reason why Del Rio is still making headlines all over the world. Del Rio was most recently in a relationship with former Divas Champion Paige until it was revealed that the couple had gone their separate ways earlier this year.

Del Rio was married when he returned to WWE back in October 2015 and struck up a relationship with current SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte. He then moved on to a relationship with Paige without telling Charlotte, before the former NXT Women's Champion proposed to Del Rio and he accepted, while still being married to his first wife Angie. She was then forced to file for divorce since the former World Champion was attempting to remarry while he was still married. The couple has since been involved in a custody battle over their two children.

14 Triple H

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Triple H is one of the most powerful men in WWE right now as the COO of WWE and the husband of Stephanie McMahon. Triple H hasn't always been on the arm of the WWE Chairman's daughter. When he was first aligned with McMahon in a storyline on WWE TV, he was in a relationship with former Women's Champion Chyna.

Working together led to an affair between Stephanie and Triple H, before Chyna found out and was released from WWE. It seems that over the past few years there have been a number of rumours about Triple H and other female wrestlers as well. Christy Hemme was the winner of the 2004 Raw Diva Search and was shockingly released from WWE in a strange fashion just over a year after her debut. Many reports suggested that this was because she was having an affair with Triple H and his wife found out, which obviously would have led to her release.

13 Batista

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Batista is one of very few WWE stars who has been able to successfully make the switch to acting after a lengthy career in the squared circle. The Animal had quite the run in WWE as a former World Champion, but it seems that his in-ring work isn't the main thing that the WWE Universe remember about Batista.

Batista was married for most of his WWE career until it was revealed that he had cheated on his wife Angie with WWE star Melina, who was dating John Morrison at the time. Batista's wife found out about this and the couple were later divorced, but it seems that this wasn't the first time Batista had cheated on his wife. There are a number stories about Batista with WWE fans in hotel rooms from earlier in his career as well, which could have helped his wife's decision to file for divorce in the end.

12 Vince McMahon

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Vince McMahon is the most powerful man in the world of wrestling, which is why he has been able to get away with cheating on his wife Linda McMahon for the past few decades. McMahon would force his creative team to write storylines that involved him working with the Divas because he thought it wouldn't count as cheating, and somehow he has been able to pull this off for a number of years.

It seems that many of these segments led to actual encounters with women over the past few years but because of the power that McMahon has behind the scenes in the company, he has managed to keep many of the details private. Times have changed in recent years in WWE, which could be why there haven't been as many stories about this recently, but during The Attitude Era, there were many stories about McMahon floating around involving the women of WWE.

11 Victoria

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Victoria is a former Women's Champion in WWE and was seen as one of the best in a bad bunch of women in the early 2000s when the women were still known as Divas. After Victoria left WWE, she went on to make a career for herself in TNA under the ring name Tara, where she is a former Knockouts Champion.

Victoria is another female wrestler who was married throughout her career, but she was able to keep her cheating a secret from her husband, until their divorce back in 2015. There were stories that Victoria was one of the women that was cheating with John Cena when she was married to Elizabeth Huberdeau back in 2009. There are a number of other reports about the former Women's Champion and her infidelities in her earlier career as well, so it seems that this was something that Victoria came known for throughout her career.

10 Chris Jericho

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Chris Jericho is widely considered to be one of the best wrestlers in WWE history because of how long he has been able to wrestle at the highest level. While Jericho has achieved so much throughout his career, it seems that he is another WWE star who is haunted by issues in his personal life.

Jericho has been married to his wife Jessica since 2000, but that hasn't stopped him being linked to a number of WWE Divas backstage. Images of Jericho and Kelly Kelly actually kissing were leaked online a few years ago, which led to a number of awkward questions for Jericho from his wife. This isn't the first time that Jericho had been linked to other women backstage, which is perhaps why he has been labelled as a serial cheater as well. Jericho is a fantastic wrestler, and it's sad that his personal life has reached the point where it has become more well-known than his in-ring career.

9 Ric Flair

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Ric Flair may be the only two-time WWE Hall of Famer in the history of WWE and currently holds the joint record with 16 World Championship reigns. Even though Flair has been at the top of his game for the past few decades, it seems that his private life has become just as noteworthy as his record-setting career.

Flair has been married and divorced four times over the past few decades and is currently engaged to his fifth soon-to-be wife. It seems that Flair's earlier career saw him play out his character on WWE TV in real life where he spent a lot of money in clubs and on women. Flair has been known to cheat on a number of his wives and that is one of the main reasons why some of his marriages failed. Flair himself has admitted to sleeping with thousands of women throughout his career, which is something he is apparently proud of.


8 Sting

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Sting was once one of the biggest WCW legends who hadn't appeared on WWE TV before he made his debut in the company back in 2014. Sting became a legend in TNA before he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, but it seems that even a legend at Sting's level was forced to admit his past discretions to his wife.

Sting became a born-again Christian back in 1998, which forced him to confess to years of adultery and substance abuse to his then-wife, who went on to divorce him. It seems that much like Ric Flair, Sting enjoyed the attention he received in his early career, which could have been the reason why it became so out of hand and almost destroyed him. Sting has gone on to remarry and seems to be much happier now that he has managed to put that chapter of his life behind him.

7 Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins is one of the biggest stars on WWE TV right now as a former World Champion and current member of The Shield. Rollins' biggest speed bump in his career came back in 2015 when it was revealed that he had been having an affair with NXT star Zahra Schreiber, despite the fact that he was engaged to long-time girlfriend Leighla Shultz.

This isn't the only scandal that Rollins has been involved in throughout his career. Rollins started a relationship with Schreiber following this scandal, but it seems that there were a number of fans who came forward to state that Rollins had been inviting them to hotel rooms or sending inappropriate messages on Instagram. Rollins has since moved on from Zahra, who was released by WWE, to his new girlfriend called Sarah and is seemingly much happier now that he has learnt his lesson about abusing his social media privileges.

6 CM Punk

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CM Punk was the self-proclaimed "Best in the World" until he walked away from WWE back in 2014, but it seems that throughout his career, Punk didn't just climb the ranks in the wrestling business but he also made his way through the women's locker room.

Punk has been linked to a number of female wrestlers over the years, including Lita, Maria Kanellis, Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, and AJ Lee. Punk cheated on a number of the women he was in relationships with, and one story stated that Punk was able to actually date two women at once while he was on the Independent Circuit. Punk cheated on Lita back in 2013 when he and AJ Lee finally decided to get together, which caused a whole host of problems for Lita, because many superstars backstage knew about the affair and were forced to take sides and keep it quiet for Punk.

5 John Cena

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John Cena is the face of WWE and the man who has been the poster boy for the biggest wrestling company in the world over the past few years. Cena is one of the best-known wrestlers in the world at this point, but it seems that even he has a checkered past.

He is seemingly happy right now in a relationship with Nikki Bella, whom he will be marrying in the coming months, but Cena has been married before. His first marriage to Elizabeth Huberdeau didn't work out so well. Cena married his high school sweetheart back in 2009 but the couple were divorced in 2012 with speculation rife about the fact that Cena had cheated on her a number of times before filing for divorce because her improvements on their house had gotten out of hand. WWE helped Cena to fast-track his divorce so that Elizabeth couldn't use these allegations of adultery against him.

4 Randy Orton

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Randy Orton has been climbing the ranks in WWE at the same pace as John Cena over the past few years but it seems that Cena has always been the most successful. Orton has his own demons from his earlier career, though, which include the reason why his first wife Samantha filed for divorce from the former World Champion.

Orton has been linked to a number of women backstage in WWE over the past few years, including Kelly Kelly and ring announcer JoJo Offerman, who were said to have been fooling around with Orton while he was still married to Sam. While Orton has since moved on to marry WWE fan, Kim Marie Kessler, and the couple now have a daughter together, it seems that his past will always be the thing that defines him. Orton has calmed down since he married Kim and there haven't been any stories about his backstage exploits for a number of years.

3 Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly has to be one of the most notorious female wrestlers of all time when it comes to her backstage exploits. It seems that even though Kelly didn't accomplish a lot on-screen in her WWE career, her name has been brought up in a number of interviews because of the things she would get up to when the cameras were turned off.

Kelly was unable to remain loyal to any of her boyfriends while she was contracted to WWE, and didn't seem to care if the men she hooked up with were married either. The former Divas Champion was linked to the likes of CM Punk, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and John Cena during her time with the company before she seemingly managed to move on to a functional relationship with former Ice Hockey player Sheldon Souray. The couple recently announced their divorce, just a year after the couple were married in Mexico.

2 Kurt Angle

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The current Raw General Manager and 2017 Hall of Fame inductee isn't just remembered for his Olympic Gold medal win or his numerous reigns as World Champion. It seems that Kurt Angle has his own secrets from his early years in WWE as well.

Angle's first wife Karen admitted to having an affair with Jeff Jarrett and the couple then decided to make this a love triangle on TNA TV a number of years ago. While Karen was always forthcoming about the fact that she had cheated on Kurt, it seems it took Kurt a while to admit that he had cheated on his former wife a number of times while he was on the road with WWE. One of the women who was mentioned as part of this adultery was former Women's Champion Jacqueline, who was apparently always seen with Kurt when they were both part of the company.

1 Sunny

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When it comes to backstage scandals, there is only one woman in WWE that comes to mind as the most notorious. Sunny has become so well-known for her substance abuse and adultery over the past few years that the WWE Universe no longer remembers her as the woman who led a number of Tag Teams to Championship gold and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Sunny was in a relationship with Chris Candido while she was signed to WWE, but it seems that this didn't stop her from attempting to make a move on both Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, with the latter actually admitting to an affair with the former WWE Diva. Sunny's exploits have become public knowledge over the past few years since she has enjoyed revealing some of the most personal details about her encounters, which hasn't gone down very well with the WWE Universe, who have had to read personal details about the romantic lives of their favorite wrestlers.


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