15 WWE Stars Who Are Rumored To Be Nightmares To Work With

Truly remarkable to see how much the times have changed nowadays in the world of pro wrestling. Back in the 80s and 90s, the WWE was filled with some of the most reckless wrestlers of all-time who were labelled as extremely unsafe. For the most part, it truly wasn’t their fault and more so, the WWE’s for putting them in the ring. Today however, the landscape of the business has changed completely.

The WWE of today is all about safety. All the wrestlers performing on the main roster have years of experience. Nowadays, if you get signed to a deal with no prior experience, you’re looking at two to three years of training before cracking the main roster. Back in the day, it seemed like a couple of months was good enough to step foot in the ring.

This article will take a look at some of the most dangerous workers in the business. It will also feature a variety of stars that were also pretty unpleasant backstage. We'll take a look Superstars from the 90s till today.

Let us now begin to take a look at who made the list. Here are 15 WWE stars that are rumored to be nightmares to work with. Enjoy!


15 Brock Lesnar

Since his victory over The Undertaker at WrestleMania, along with his UFC involvement, Lesnar’s status with the WWE has soared to new heights. Because of his star power, the WWE has used Lesnar as an attraction making rare appearances on the program. To make matters worse, when he is there, he barely talks to anyone backstage and basically “clocks in, and clocks out” as Lesnar says himself.

Brock’s commitment has infuriated several WWE stars including one in particular who he recently worked with at this past WrestleMania. Dean Ambrose admitted on the Steve Austin Podcast that he was very disappointed with the way Brock handled the match refusing all of Dean’s ideas and basically not even talking about the bout. Ambrose went out there not knowing what to expect and was very disappointed with the interaction aspect between the two. According to Dean, Brock took the easy way out during the match which wasn’t very well received.

Others have also criticized Lesnar for his brutality in the ring. Most recently at WWE SummerSlam, WWE veteran Chris Jericho stepped up and called Brock out on his violent ways in the ring. The situation escalated rather quickly but thankfully, those on hand broke it up before it got ugly.

14 Bill Goldberg

Pretty funny to think that these two men make this article, yet, are paired together for a future bout at Survivor Series. Like Brock, Goldberg was never really willing to go out of his boundaries to put on a great match. His matches were typically no longer than ten minutes. In one case, a match went too long with Bill back in WCW and he was apparently plugged into an oxygen tank immediately. You’d figure as a former football player he’d have better cardio, no?

He also struggled in the ring with certain opponents who had technical prowess. In one instance, Goldberg got schooled by William Regal during his WCW days which ultimately led to Regal’s release. Goldberg looked like a deer in the headlights during the match and was clearly lost. His formula to success was simply, quick match, spear, jackhammer and the 1-2-3. If you planned on working with Goldberg as a way to stick out, chances were, that was going to be a complete fail. Just ask WWE Superstar Chris Jericho...

13 Ryback

Ryback certainly wasn’t an arrogant dude comparable to the likes of Goldberg and Lesnar, but he did possess an odd demeanor of constantly thinking he was better than he truly was. Ryback was a mid-carder at best, while he thought of himself as the face of the franchise (which was never going to happen when you take into account his body of work in the ring with opponents).

During his infamous “shoot pipe bomb” on the Colt Cabana Podcast, CM Punk admitted several interesting facts, and one of them pertained to his in-ring relationship with Ryback. Punk discussed how he often felt beaten down by the big man who was incredibly stiff in the ring. Punk made the claim that Ryback didn’t have a clue what he was doing and started to become a dangerous worker that was insanely reckless in the ring. Despite Punk’s comments, Ryback continued on and was eventually let go as he turned down a new contract because of his status in the company.

12 JBL

Back in the day, McMahon loved to push the buttons of certain young Superstars. In doing so, Vince would utilize the likes of JBL to test out the wrestler during a math. Bradshaw would be very stiff throughout the encounter, sending a message to the new star that he was now in the big leagues. Youngsters took notice of this and JBL turned into a nightmare of a guy to step foot in the ring with.

His problems persisted with others in the ring during his run as an active performer. In one instance, JBL and partner Ron Simmons, beat the living hell out of Public Enemy during the team’s last WWE match. Bradshaw did so purposely with the intent of sending the team a message prior to their release.

In another instance, Layfield got extremely violent with ECW star Blue Meanie, during a match between the two. The scene was brutal and saw JBL destroy the former wrestler in a brutal manner because of past beef. Thankfully, his in-ring days are over as the former WWE Champion is a full-time color commentator for SmackDown Live.

11 Eva Marie

She isn’t mean spirited or anything like that, but in the ring, Eva is still extremely green and someone most WWE females would rather not work with.

She was rushed onto the scene in 2013 because of her look. It was clear right off the bat that she was way too inexperienced. Because of that, Eva indulged us with some of the very worst botches in recent memory. Shortly after, Eva made the respectable decision to leave the main roster and get some further assistance in the ring.

Eva worked with the current Cruiserweight Champion Brian Kendrick. Once she returned, progression was quite limited especially in an era that has a plethora of great in-ring performers. Her botch feast continued with NXT, doing some heavy editing during her matchups (you’re not fooling us, Hunter). It remains to be seen what the future holds for the California native, but one thing’s for sure, current WWE Superstars would probably rather not want to face her.

10 The Original Sin Cara

In late January of 2011, the WWE thought they signed the next Rey Mysterio with the inking of a mega Mexican star, Sin Cara. The WWE went as far as to hold a press conference in Mexico to introduce the new signing; at the time, it was regarded as a huge deal.

Mistico would go on to make his debut and was thrust into the upper echelon rather quickly, working tag matches with the likes of John Cena and aiding Superstars like Daniel Bryan.

His work rate however, slowly suffered and he became a liability in the ring botching nearly every night. He couldn’t even get his entrance right at one point which led to the use of a trampoline to help him flip into the ring, although he couldn’t even get that right. Things would only worsen with Mistico serving a Wellness Policy suspension. He was later let go by the company and blamed his poor in-ring skills on the WWE for apparently not allowing him to use his own style. Upon his release, the Sin Cara character was replaced by Hunico.

9 Mr. Kennedy

Joining the WWE developmental system in 2005, the company had high hopes that Mr. Kennedy would eventually blossom into a huge star. The company’s projections seemed to come into fruition early on, as the character thrived as the United States Champion. Crowds loved the guy and he could deliver a promo as good as anyone else during his rise to fame.

His in-ring work eventually hurt his cause. Rumblings backstage began to surface pertaining to Kennedy being a disaster in the ring and someone that was seen as unsafe. In one particular instance, you can see Orton during a match yelling at Anderson for botching a move that could have turned dangerous. Cena would also later complain about the performer which would pretty much bury his reputation with the company leading to a release later on.

Kennedy would later join TNA under his new alias of Mr. Anderson but was later released due to failing an on the spot drug test.


8 The Great Khali

Not sure this one needs much explanation, but not to anyone’s surprise, Khali was quite awful to work with during his days in the WWE. Putting aside his massive seven foot physical stature, his English was extremely short, which led to massive communication malfunctions during a matchup. Along with that, Khali was slow as hell and his work would suffer because of it. No matter who he was put in the ring with, the chances were pretty high that it was going to be filled with some brutal errors which made him a disaster of a performer to work with.

On one occasion, Big Show had enough. After another terrible outing, Show called out Khali behind the scenes. The two would ultimately get physical and luckily, a table was separating the two as things got ugly. Shortly after, wrestlers on hand somehow broke up the encounter. Khali was mercifully released shortly after his embarrassing run.

7 Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner was more of a nightmare to deal with outside of the ring than in it. During his prime, Steiner was quite the performer aiding WCW during the company’s run. Once he got to the WWE however, that all changed. Steiner all of a sudden became insanely slow and couldn’t keep up with the likes of Triple H, leading to some terrible encounters between the two. Things would only worsen for Scott in the mid-card as his botches continued. Who can forget him slipping off the apron trying to land a double axe handle.

To make matters even worse, Steiner was one of the worst wrestlers to deal with backstage. Scott was very aggressive and would even be caught fighting in several instances. One in particular occurred in WCW when DDP called out Scott for mistreating his wife. According to Page, Steiner almost ripped his eyes out for confronting him about the situation. So yes, he wasn’t too pleasant to work with. Thankfully, at the age of 54, Steiner is running his own restaurant and staying away from the ring.

6 The Kat

Only in the Attitude Era would such a performer make it into the business. Stacy Carter basically had no prior experience whatsoever and essentially made it into the company because of her real-life relationship with her ex-husband, WWE employee Jerry Lawler.

Saying her in-ring skills were limited is quite generous. Kat didn’t have a clue what she was doing, although she managed to succeed because of her personality and good looks, which as we know, was a thing back in the 90s. Her popularity would actually lead her to an improbable Women’s Championship victory deeming her as one of the worst in WWE history.

Along with her terrible ring work, Carter was rumored to be a liability behind the scenes. She wasn’t very well received and often treated her fellow employs rather poorly. This caused Vince to cut her from an on-screen angle with the Right To Censor stable. She was immediately released because of a negative attitude behind the scenes.

5 Sycho Sid

Sid was the perfect example of how timing is everything in the wrestling business. Needing a “big man” to step up, Sid worked in perfectly as the scary heel to rival some of the WWE’s top stars at the time, which included The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. His push into the upper-card led to two WWE Title runs, something you’d think was unthinkable judging by his in-ring work.

Sid wasn’t the worst, but the guy was quite reckless in the ring comparable to a new era guy like Ryback. He was pretty stiff and only had good matches against the talented performers like Shawn Michaels. In the ring, Sid was a botch waiting to happen; in one situation, he actually defecated in his pants during a match against The Undertaker.

Things would only get worse for Sid in WCW when he would snap his leg at the 2001 Sin PPV. This gruesome scene was one of the worst in pro wrestling history, as Sid overshot a flying big boot off the top rope. Despite his poor work rate in and out of the ring (with some horrid promos), Sid was one of the few Superstars to win both WWE and WCW World Heavyweight Championships.

4 Ahmed Johnson

Who can forget the days that the beast Ahmed Johnson was actually pushed as a big star at one point during the mid 90s. Johnson was built like a champion, but certainly didn’t wrestle or behave like one behind the scenes.

Starting with his in-ring abilities, Ahmed was mentioned as being way too stiff and extremely reckless with his opponents. This didn’t sit well with a lot of guys, especially in an era that had a massive amount of testosterone swirling backstage. Johnson didn’t help his case outside of the ring either, as he was constantly budding heads with fellow Superstars. One in particular happened to be with WWE and Hollywood megastar The Rock. The two actually exchanged blows behind the scenes after the men refused to take each other’s high spots. Thankfully, Farooq and Kama were on the scene and quickly broke things up.

His WWE run was finally halted in 1998 and he wouldn’t survive in the wrestling business much longer, being released by WCW shortly after due to an ongoing weight issue.

3 New Jack

For those of you that don’t know, New Jack is one of the more popular ECW stars of all-time with an immense body of work for the company. He got his first big gig with Smoky Mountain Wrestling and would later join ECW in 1995, staying on board till the very end in 2001.

In the ring, wrestlers feared working with the guy. He embraced the hardcore style and took it a little too far on several occasions. One incident in particular went way over board. Known as “The Mass Transit Incident” which took place in November of 1996, New Jack almost killed a 17 year old wrestler who basically had no experience. New Jack was charged with aggravated assault following the match, but the charges were eventually dropped.

This was only one of his terrible and reckless antics. He’s even thrown opponents off of 30 foot stages in the past. In terms of wrestlers that were nightmares to work with, New Jack was one of the absolute worst in the history of sports and entertainment.

2 Ultimate Warrior

He was one of the greatest personalities in pro wrestling history and his legacy will be celebrated for years to come. However, his in-ring skills and backstage attitude made him one of the very worst in the industry. Inside the squared circle, Warrior was one of the most unsafe and stiffest workers of all-time. This infuriated many and led to scuffles featuring Warrior and past wrestler like Rick Rude, who couldn’t stand the treatment any longer.

Along with his disastrous in-ring antics, Warrior was probably worse behind the scenes. He didn’t really listen to instructions and typically walked to the beat of his own drum. Things got really bad at one point when Warrior basically extorted Vince asking for more than half a million for his WrestleMania VII performance. This would ultimately lead to his release and he’d go on to experience similar problems with WCW. Thankfully, before his passing, Warrior was finally able to make peace with Vince McMahon and the WWE family.

1 Hulk Hogan

Whether it was in the WWE or WCW, Hogan was one of the biggest disasters to work with. Hulk took his political prowess and basically brought it to another level, often putting himself over opponents even though it just didn’t seem right. His time in the WWE has a variety of examples, like the role he played in WrestleMania IX, somehow walking out with the title, even though he was meant to put Bret Hart over that year. The situation carried on to WCW and saw Hulk constantly bury the rest of the roster. This caused a lack of stars to be born and killed WCW in the long run.

His troubles would even carry over in the mid 2000s when he feuded in a dream bout with Shawn Michaels. Hogan was set to win the SummerSlam clash but a deal was put in place for Shawn to win the rematch. Hogan declined and Shawn went out of his way to oversell every single Hogan move that match. Oh, the irony!


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