15 WWE Relationships That Got Ugly

The romance carousel in WWE will always keep on turning, with WWE creating some of the strangest of couples in recent years. While WWE has now enforced the rule that backstage personnel can't be linked romantically to any on-screen talents, it hasn't stopped many wrestlers from announcing that they are in relationships with fellow performers. At some point, these relationships always come to an end. This is where the problems then begin for WWE, because many of these stars don't decide to split amicably, but instead cause a huge scene when it comes to their break-up.

There have been as many WWE breakups over the past few years as there have been couples announced, but not all of these couples have been able to retain their professionalism and be able to still see their ex every day at work. It isn't just the break-up that is a problem, either. Sometimes the relationship reaches a point where it becomes quite ugly and the stars then realize that a split is their only option.

It's not as easy to see someone you're dating on a daily basis. Sometimes it does become too much for some people and this is where the problems begin. The following list looks at just 15 times where the relationships between fellow wrestlers have become ugly, whether it was before their break-up or they managed to move through it. Some of these moments perhaps shouldn't have been shared so publicly at the time.

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15 Enzo Amore And Liv Morgan

via: popculture.com

Enzo Amore is a former Cruiserweight Champion who came through the ranks in NXT alongside Big Cass. The duo was promoted to the main roster as a Tag Team last year.

While Enzo was down in NXT, it is reported that he helped his former Hooters colleague Liv Morgan to land a try-out with WWE that later led to her signing, and the two then began dating. The couple posted a number of cute photos to their Instagram pages and the WWE Universe seemed to be getting behind them as a couple, until a few weeks ago when Corey Graves revealed that Enzo had cheated on Liv. Liv then posted several tweets that showed that she was pretty annoyed at the way the relationship ended before she quickly moved on and is now reportedly in a relationship with former United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate.

14 Mickie James And Kenny Dykstra

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Mickie James is a former five-time Women's Champion in WWE, but one of the most memorable things that Mickie James ever did involved her scandal with John Cena. Mickie and former Spirit Squad member Kenny were engaged back in 2007 before Mickie and John began a storyline on WWE TV.

This storyline then led to an affair between the two stars that reportedly went on for a number of months, an affair that Dykstra later found out about, and they decided to make public knowledge by sharing it on social media. Dykstra's reaction to the affair got him fired by WWE and obviously, he called his engagement off. Even though Kenny returned to WWE TV following the brand split last year, he still holds a grudge against Cena for the fact that he not only took away his fiancée, but he essentially ended his wrestling career before it had ever really begun.

13 Terri Runnels And Goldust

via: WWE.com

Terri Runnels and Goldust worked together on WWE TV during the 1990s and they made one of the strangest couples that have ever been part of programming. It was Marlena and Goldust that really pushed the barriers of what was deemed acceptable during the Attitude Era in WWE at that time, and they had their own romance outside of WWE.

The couple's divorce in the late 1990s became an awkward affair as Terri blamed Dustin's father Dusty Rhodes for most of the problems the couple were having, since he would spread rumours about her being a gold-digger, and would tell other members of the WWE roster that he has been unfaithful. Their divorce got messy and the couple were less than friendly for a long time, even though it is now reported that the couple is finally on good terms and are able to retain this for the sake of their daughter.

12 Melina And John Morrison

via: girlfriendwiki.org

Melina and John Morrison met while they were both part of WWE's Tough Enough before they were both later signed to WWE and debuted alongside Joey Mercury as MNM in 2005.

Melina and John Morrison dated the entire time they were part of WWE programming together, and their relationship even continued after they were both released from the company. Somehow Morrison forgave Melina for having an affair with Batista back in 2006 because the couple was on a break at the time. Towards the end of their relationship, it was obvious that the two were not the same people they were when their relationship began. Melina decided that it was appropriate to tweet a picture of her boyfriend's embarrassing prescription as a way to humiliate him. It seems that this was the final straw, since the couple broke up not long afterwards after more than a decade together.

11 Seth Rollins And Leighla Schultz

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Seth Rollins is a former World Champion in WWE but that doesn't mean that he has been able to avoid the scandals he has been part of over the past few years. When Rollins made his debut in WWE, he was engaged to Leighla Schultz, a waitress that Rollins met while he was still performing on the Independent Circuit.

Back in February 2015, Rollins twitter account was hacked and naked images of NXT star Zahra Schreiber were leaked onto his page, only for his fiancée to see and responded with naked images of Rollins. The couple was not able to get past this after it was revealed that Rollins and Zahra had been seeing each other behind Leighla's back. Rollins quickly moved on to a relationship with Zahra but this didn't last, since it was reported that the couple went their separate ways back in 2016 while Rollins was still recovering from knee surgery.

10 Bray Wyatt And Samantha Rotunda

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Bray Wyatt is part of the famous Rotunda wrestling family and was married to Samantha Rotunda when he made his debut in WWE a few years ago. The couple seemed quite happy and had two children together, which meant that they always looked like the perfect family when it came to the personal photos that they shared.

Sadly, their relationship wasn't all that perfect and this was revealed when Samantha filed for divorce earlier this year, citing that the reason was because Bray had been having an affair with WWE ring announcer and former Total Divas star JoJo Offerman for a number of years. The couple in question haven't publicly responded to these claims yet, but it seems that Samantha is now preparing for their divorce to become quite a messy affair and even has call logs to use as evidence that JoJo and Bray are still in regular contact.

9 Lita And Matt Hardy

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Lita and Matt Hardy were one of WWE's cutest couples in the early 2000s. They were part of Team Xtreme, and they quickly became fan favourites. It came as a huge shock to most of the WWE Universe when it was revealed back in 2005 that Lita had been having an affair with Edge while Matt was out injured.

Matt didn't take the news very well and tried to attack Edge, which got him fired from WWE. The company later rehired him and allowed this real-life love triangle to become a storyline on WWE TV for the rest of the year, but it was quite obvious at that point that Matt and Lita were over. This later became one of the most famous love triangles in the history of WWE and even though the three people involved have managed to move on from it, the WWE Universe will never forget.

8 CM Punk And Lita

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CM Punk could well be one of the most famous wrestlers in the world right now, after the media surge that followed his departure from WWE back in 2014. Punk had quite a lengthy dating resumé when he was part of the company, but back in 2013, it seemed as though he was quite happy with Lita.

Shockingly, it was later revealed that CM Punk and AJ Lee were actually having an affair while Punk was still dating Lita before the couple went public with their relationship a few months later before their marriage. Lita didn't react well to the news and reportedly wouldn't have gone into the WWE Hall of Fame if Punk was still in WWE at the time, because she refused to return to the company while he was there. Lita has since remained single following this, while CM Punk and AJ Lee married back in 2014.

7 John Cena And Elizabeth Huberdeau

via: heavy.com

John Cena is currently engaged to former Divas Champion Nikki Bella and the two play a huge part in promoting both Total Bellas and Total Divas. That being said, before Cena and Nikki began dating back in 2012, Cena was married.

Cena married Elizabeth Huberdeau back in 2009 and it was reported that they were very happy together in the beginning, until Cena spent most of his time on the road. There were rumours that he was sleeping with several WWE Divas and Elizabeth then started doing many costly repairs on their house. Cena wasn't happy about this so he filed for divorce back in 2012 and while Elizabeth tried to fight it and accused him of adultery, it seems that WWE stepped in and managed to quickly sweep it under the rug. This is one of the main reasons why Cena didn't want to marry again.

6 Sunny And Chris Candido

via: youtube.com

Sunny was in a relationship with former ECW and WWE wrestler Chris Candido for most of her WWE career, despite the fact that there were rumours circulating that she was "friendly" with a number of WWE stars in the back.

Sunny and WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels were part of a very public affair that Chris obviously found out about, and at which point the damage was already done to their relationship. Many wrestlers at the time were aware of what Sunny was doing to her boyfriend and really felt bad for him because of this. This then gave Sunny quite a lot of heat with many wrestlers but it's shocking that none of them decided to go to him and tell him what his girlfriend was up to, even though it was common knowledge. Candido sadly passed away a few years after he left WWE, while Sunny continues to make headlines for her erratic behaviour to this day.

5 Steve Austin And Debra

via: fightstate.com

Even one of the biggest stars that WWE has ever produced doesn't have a flawless record when it comes to his personal life. Steve Austin married former WWE Diva Debra back in 2000. She then continued to work with Austin on WWE Tv for the next year or so, accompanying him to the ring and helping him to win matches.

Outside of the ring, it was a very different story, Debra filed for divorce in 2002 after the police were called to their address and found Debra bleeding and bruised. Austin was later arrested and charged with misdemeanour assault. It was only after the divorce that Debra was able to speak up and talk about the abuse that she was the victim of at the hands of Austin and claimed that it was mostly down to "roid rage." Debra has spent the last decade working with other victims of domestic violence and even sold her wedding ring and donated the money to the same charity.

4 Paige And Alberto Del Rio

via: metronews.ca

Paige and Alberto Del Rio made their relationship public knowledge back in the spring of 2016 and the couple's rollercoaster of a relationship has continued ever since then. Not only was Del Rio married when the couple got together, but he went on to accept Paige's marriage proposal before he was divorced from his first wife. Paige and Del Rio were split up in the WWE draft in the summer as WWE officials attempted to keep them apart, before they were both suspended from WWE after failing the Wellness Policy in August 2016.

There have been reports of fights and even domestic issues between the two over the past year, and the police were even sent to arrest Paige for an incident at an airport earlier this year. Luckily, it seems that the two made the decision to go their separate ways back in June after more than a year of making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

3 Ashley And Matt Hardy

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Just when it seemed as though Matt Hardy had finally been able to get over the scandal with Lita, he met 2005 Raw Diva Search winner Ashley Massaro. The couple dated for a number of months and it seemed as though Ashley was just the person Matt needed.

WWE then drafted Ashley over to the SmackDown roster so that she would become the valet for SmackDown Tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick and Paul London, and it seems that this was where their problems started. Ashley began dating London before she broke up with Matt Hardy and this then caused a rift between London and Hardy. They called each other out on social media and reportedly still hold a grudge against each other to this day. Luckily, Matt has been able to move on and marry Reby Sky, who he met while working for TNA and the two now have two sons together.

2 Jerry Lawler And Stacy Carter

via: lethalwow.com

Jerry Lawler and former WWE Diva The Kat met outside of WWE a few years before she joined the company and went on to become Women's Champion. Throughout her career, it became well-known that she was the girlfriend and then-wife of WWE commentator Jerry Lawler.

The couple married in September 2000 and continued to work together until their divorce in 2001. Stacy was shockingly released from WWE a few months before this and as an act of solidarity, Jerry walked away from WWE as well. It seems that things didn't quite work out that way and the couple then divorced, with questions surrounding whether or not Stacy had been faithful to Lawler the whole time. Jerry put his job on the line for his wife, but luckily WWE allowed him to return to his position behind the commentary desk following his divorce, while Stacy left the company and hasn't returned since.

1 Triple H and Chyna

via: whatculture.com

Triple H is currently married to the daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, and the couple has three daughters together, but it hasn't always been this way for the former World Champion.

Bask in the late 1990s, Triple H was in a relationship with Chyna, the woman who was hired to be his bodyguard and later became a member of D Generation-X. Triple H and Chyna were seemingly happy for a number of years while they were working together until Triple H was put into a storyline with Stephanie McMahon and a romance began to blossom between them. Triple H decided to break up with Chyna a few weeks later and Chyna obviously didn't take the news well, so Stephanie used the power that she had at that time and managed to get her fired. Chyna never forgave Triple H and Stephanie for ruining her career.

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