15 WWE Pictures We Wish Were Real

As wrestling fans it is our duty to fantasize over circumstances that seem like an impossibility inside the squared circle. Whether it be a monumental return, a dream match or an unforeseen circumstan

As wrestling fans it is our duty to fantasize over circumstances that seem like an impossibility inside the squared circle. Whether it be a monumental return, a dream match or an unforeseen circumstance, these moments have us wondering: “what if?” Most of the time, the WWE doesn’t come around to some of these things, although, in some rare instances, they have obliged (like with the recent return of Bill Goldberg which caused the old school wrestling fan to once again turn on the tube and put on an episode of WWE Raw). The comeback just showed the company how desperate we all are for that nostalgic feeling in our hearts. Hopefully, the WWE will take the hint heading into next year’s WrestleMania.

This article will focus on some of those situations we wish were real. Whether it be a fantasy match between Michaels and The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin finally returning to confront the Beast Brock Lesnar. These pictures will have you drooling over the possibility of such events going down. The unfortunate part is, most of these pictures display something that will probably never happen, but at least we can wish in our minds that they were in fact very real.

Here is a list of 15 WWE pictures we wish were real. Enjoy and let us know your favorite picture out of the list!

15 Kurt Angle Returns To Confront Roman Reigns

When the WWE announced the brand split as being official, rumors began to swirl about possible returns. The rumor mill was instantly crowded with former veteran names being linked to a WWE return; one of the more prominent names on the list was none other than Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle.

With Angle leaving TNA, the rumors began to intensify. Kurt later admitted to talking with Triple H and he did admit a return was a strong possibility in the future. Well, fast forward a couple of months into the brand extension and Kurt is still MIA from the WWE scene, working alongside various Indie promotions.

For the time being, his return seems to be put on hold. Some rumors indicate he might return as late as next year to promote the new 2K18 video game but surely, fans don’t want to wait that long. For now, all we can do is drool over this picture which sees Kurt Angle facing off against Roman Reigns. Can you imagine these two battling it out for the US Heavyweight Championship? Man, would that ever be something!

14 WCW Returns

In the fantasies of millions of wrestling fans around the world, most of us have contemplated the possibility of WCW returning for a second run at the can. In terms of fantasy, this is probably one of the most beloved propositions of them all and would certainly reignite a fire in the world of pro wrestling that it desperately needs nowadays.

To be quite frank, since the sale of WCW, the WWE has altered its company dramatically which has led to a worse on-screen product. Today, the WWE is focused more so on its image than anything else, which has created a negative on-screen product. Thinking of the WWE going PG during the Monday Night Wars was absolutely unthinkable and something the company wouldn’t even contemplate with its edgy, in-your-face material back in the day.

To truly wake up, the WWE needs competition. Sadly, this won’t happen anytime soon looking at how much of a grasp the company has worldwide at the moment. Though, we can dream of a world that sees WCW re-opening its doors and Bischoff welcoming us to an episode of Nitro as the new nWo (featuring A.J. Styles, Finn Balor & John Cena) make their way to the ring. If only!

13 Chris Jericho Wins The US Title

At the age of 46, Chris Jericho is still swinging away and regarded as one of the top stars in the entire WWE. His ability to re-create himself in a PG-era is certainly something remarkable and his performance is worthy of a specific Championship.

Looking at his body of work throughout the years, Chris has basically done it all. His long list of accomplishments includes the first ever Undisputed Champion (beating The Rock and Steve Austin on the same night, of course), a three-time World Heavyweight Champion, two-time World Champion, one-time Hardcore and European Champion, five-time Tag Team Champion and his insane nine-time Intercontinental Championship reigns. Out of all those tremendous accomplishments one remains vacant on Y2J’s resume, and that’s the US Championship. Out of all the titles, including WCW, this is the only one Jericho has failed to capture throughout his long run in both WWE and WCW. Before he rides off into the sunset, we hope this picture can become a reality with Chris finally winning every WWE and WCW Championship.

12 Shawn Michaels Joins WCW

Hard to imagine where the WWE would be without Shawn Michaels during the early part of the Monday Night Wars, which saw a paradigm shift as WCW began to take control of the war. The WWE was still drawing ratings and that was all because of HBK who literally put the company on his back at that point. When Nash and Hall departed for WCW, Michaels was truly on his own.

Shawn would contribute as much on-screen as he would behind the scenes. Michaels would tell McMahon to push the product towards an edgier program while scrapping out the out-dated characters such as “The Goon”, who were just wasting valuable air-time. Thanks to Shawn and the emergence of Steve Austin, the company survived the rough patch and eventually dethroned WCW.

But what if Shawn joined WCW? This is one of the biggest “what ifs” in the entire landscape of the pro wrestling business and something a lot of us would have loved to see. Can you imagine HBK joining the nWo? Or taking on the nWo alongside Sting? Wouldn’t that be something. Nowadays, all we can do is dream about that scenario through WWE video games. How sad....

11 Cesaro Wins The WWE Title

It seems like the WWE has a knack for getting under the skin of wrestling fans for constantly refusing to push some of the universe’s fan favorites. In this day and age, Cesaro is one of those performers. The guy is the complete package physically and could put on a match as good as anybody else on the roster. Despite all of this, Cesaro still hasn’t come close to a WWE Championship.

His run actually got off to quite the start initially. He would later win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and become a Paul Heyman guy. It seemed like he was destined for superstardom. For one reason or another, Cesaro was constantly relegated to the mid-card or Tag Team action when things finally seemed to be getting serious. This happened again recently when nor Cesaro or Sheamus got a WWE Title match following their best of seven series and instead, got a ticket to a Tag Title match. Yikes... With time passing by and Cesaro creeping towards his late 30s, this picture seems like a distant dream at the moment.

10 Hulk Hogan Vs John Cena

An article about pictures we wish were real would not be complete without some photos of fantasy matches we wish would occur. This encounter, would certainly be one of them featuring the early poster boy of the WWE in Hulk Hogan, taking on the current face that runs the place in John Cena.

The WWE flirted with the possibility various times but nothing ever came from it. With Hogan temporarily blacklisted from the WWE, it seems like time is running out on this fantasy matchup. However, Hogan’s name has made the rumor mill as of late pertaining to a possible WWE return. Even Triple H himself admitted to being interested in bringing the Hulkster back one day. At the age of 63 however, Hogan needs this matchup to go down sooner rather than later. With Cena being linked to a match against The Undertaker and Roman Reigns for future WrestleManias, this match might just be one of those we wish would happen, but never will.

9 The Rock Vs Shawn Michaels

Sticking to the theme of fantasy matches, we now turn our attention to two of the most iconic names in the pro wrestling business, which are Shawn Michaels and The Rock.

This was a match wrestling fans dreamed of during the 90s and into the 2000s. Despite the obvious popularity of the two, it just never went down. Despite all the revenues it could have gathered, The Rock apparently refused to work with Michaels because of a previous beef between the two. According to rumors, Shawn disrespected The Rock’s grandmother a while back and never forgave The Showstopper for it. Unfortunately, we received the wrong end of that situation by never seeing the two lock up for one of the most iconic matches in WWE history. I guess now, all we can do is smile and pretend the match actually happened at SummerSlam, like this photo wrongfully indicates.

8 Kurt Angle Teams Up With American Alpha

One of the many tasks down in NXT was to help recreate the Tag Team division by adding a new sense of excitement which has escaped the WWE’s main roster for years now. The company succeeded in doing so by creating this team from ground up, the home-grown Tag Team featuring Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, American Alpha. The team took the developmental branch by storm. The amateur wrestlers instantly clicked showing off their tremendous amateur wrestling skills. The in-ring abilities of the two looked and screamed out one name: Kurt Angle.

Since the duo’s uprising to the main roster, fans have been drooling over the possibility of Kurt Angle returning and joining the team creating a new stable in the world of the WWE. Can you imagine, those three alongside Shelton Benjamin out-wrestling their opponents on a nightly basis? I’m sure we can all imagine that, but the likelihood of it occurring is only a dream at this point.

7 A.J. Styles & Finn Balor Form A Tag Team

We know the WWE will one day put these two studs up against each other, but can you imagine this duo forming a Tag Team? As we discussed in the previous entry, the tag division is still struggling in comparison to what it used to be. At the moment, the division particularly on Raw seems to be extremely complacent without much of anything happening, enter Balor and Styles.

The two megastars would help recapture the magic of the division by teaming up together. The duo would hold a similar allure to the likes of Triple H and Steve Austin when they formed the dominant duo of the “Power Trip”. This duo would have the same type of impact and dominate the Tag Team landscape of the entire WWE. Possible names for the duo includes; The Club, Bullet Proof, The Demon Kings and The Phenomenal Ones.

6 Rey Mysterio Returns

Watching the amazing talents flying high on the Cruiserweight Classic tournament, you couldn’t help but to think of one of the greatest Cruiserweight wrestlers of all-time, Rey Mysterio.

His departure from the company ended on such a bitter not despite all the great things he did for the company. Almost two years ago, on February 26th, 2015, Mysterio officially parted ways with the WWE. Rey ultimately chose to see his contract expire and return home. The situation was pretty controversial as the WWE did not want to see Rey depart, while Mysterio was desperate to leave the company after a long run feeling like he was overdue for a change.

Since his departure, fans have linked the master of "619" to a return and many within the company believe it will happen one way or another. Thinking of the current Cruiserweight picture in the WWE, Mysterio’s experience and draw value would be a perfect fit for the division. Whether this picture becomes a reality, that remains to be seen.

5 Sting Vs The Undertaker

WrestleMania 31 seemed like the perfect platform to finally showcase a dream match between Sting and The Undertaker. During the Monday Night Wars, the two wrestlers both brought this element of mystique to the table which fans ate up. Back in the 90s, fans could only dream of such a bout happening and it’s unfortunate that it never did.

No disrespect to Bray Wyatt and Triple H, but WrestleMania 31 should have been headlined by a once in a lifetime matchup featuring the two icons going toe-to-toe. Instead the WWE took the curious decision of booking Taker in a sure win match against Bray Wyatt, while Sting fought Triple H in a match that had little history. Although the WWE would try to sell the nWo-DX angle, which in hindsight, made absolutely no sense considering Sting rivaled the nWo during WCW’s peak. With such a missed opportunity, we can all only wish this picture was real.

4 Stone Cold Returns To Take On Brock Lesnar

Nobody could have predicted that Steve Austin’s last match would have taken place more than a decade ago on March 30th, 2003, taking on his long-time rival The Rock in a losing effort at WrestleMania XIX.

Since then, Austin has appeared on WWE television in some form, particularly promoting his podcast as of late, but in terms of actual in-ring action, nothing of the sort has transpired.

At one point, we thought he’d return to take on CM Punk, but nothing came about the verbal jousting, which leads us to this match which features the unstoppable Brock Lesnar. Let’s face it, the reality of the whole Lesnar ordeal is losing its luster because the guy's running out of legit opponents. Now think of how all that can change with one glass being shattered? No, not over Lesnar’s head, but to the sound of Stone Cold’s music as he stomps to a ring for one of the greatest returns of all-time. Again, we can only dream of such a circumstance at the moment.

3 John Cena Turns Heel

Since the rise of John Cena to the upper-card scene, the WWE has insisted in keeping John as a babyface. In a PG-Era, the company is all about image and Cena portrays that clean look better than anyone else, which is why the WWE is yet to flip the beloved star. Factor that in with his overwhelming merchandise sales, and it seems like an impossibility to ever see the leader of C-Nation turn once and for all.

This picture however, allows us to fantasize, seeing Cena dressed up in dark nWo colors, as opposed to the flashy child-like color schemes he typically wears during his on-air time. Whether the WWE stays resilient on turning John remains to be seen but I think we can all agree, Cena finally changing to a heel would benefit the company for the better especially looking at how complacent they’ve been with him for so long.

2 Shawn Michaels Vs A.J. Styles

The latest picture to capture our imaginations was done by a fan who linked a possible matchup between the Phenomenal A.J. Styles and the Showstopper Shawn Michaels. Not only did the picture go viral, but A.J. Styles added to the allure of it all by posting the picture on his Twitter page. It seems like even the WWE Champion is fond of the match. Believe it or not, even a video hyping the match has been made and is currently circulating online. If you want some chills, go check it out.

With the Royal Rumble taking place in front of over 60,000 in Shawn’s hometown of San Antonio, Texas, the match actually remains a possibility. According to former WWE commentator Jim Ross, the bout has a 50/50 chance of actually going down. Although Shawn is committed to his retirement, he is a WWE guy at heart and if called upon, he might very well step back into the squared circle. We’ll keep our eyes open for this possible encounter.

1 WWE Goes Back To TV-14


How such a simple picture can have such a profound impact on wrestling fans around the globe. In terms of pictures we wish were real, this one is number one by a land slide.

Still today, we glorify the Attitude Era on various multimedia platforms like here on The Richest. We talk about the profound impact it had on the world of pro wrestling and the several moments it created in the process. Since the WWE changed their rating, the company has lacked the edgy material we truly loved. Blood is longer tolerated, swearing has been entirely cut out of promos leading to one giant scripted television show, like the rest of them.

With the WWE reaching new heights globally, it seems impossible for the company to switch back to TV-14 at this point. However, in our hearts, we still believe this picture can somehow become a reality in the future.


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15 WWE Pictures We Wish Were Real