15 WWE Moments That Shattered The PG Rating

WWE rebranded their programming as PG back in 2006 and ever since they have begun taking away many things that promoted the wrong message to the younger members of the WWE Universe. The storylines were more tame, the superstars held back, and the divas were (slightly) more covered up.

Right now, WWE is in a reality era, but since much of the WWE Universe is made up of children and teens, the company attempts to remain inside a PG bracket so as not to alienate any of their fans or sponsors. Every now and then, WWE allows something questionable to slip through that isn't PG. Sometimes it's an inappropriate or sexual comment that the older members of the WWE Universe will be amused by, sometimes it's an angle that is not relevant on WWE TV under that banner, or sometimes, it's something a little too revealing for PG television, but somehow WWE manages to get away with it. Things happen, especially when a show is live.

Here are 15 of the best times that WWE has shattered the PG rating and made some waves in the WWE universe:


15 Charlotte Came From A One Night Stand

Charlotte has made a point of reminding the WWE Universe at every opportunity that she is the daughter of The Nature Boy Ric Flair. The problem is, as well as being a legend and a 16 time Champion in WWE, Flair also has one hell of a reputation.

Flair has been married and divorced four times and is currently about to marry again, and Sasha Banks decided to call that into question back in 2016 when Sasha accused her of being a "one night stand" as Women's Champion. Sasha responded that as the daughter of Ric Flair, she probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for a one night stand. The WWE Universe popped, so that's a good sign.

14 Big Cass Knows That Size Does Matter


When you're seven feet tall, there aren't many things in the world that can bother you, but heading into a fatal-four-way match against Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins, Big Cass knew that he was the underdog.

In the lead up to this match, all four men decided to have a sit-down conversation in the middle of the ring, where Cass reminded Seth Rollins, who was still hurting from the nude picture scandal a few years ago, that despite what people say and despite what he has been telling himself over the past few years, "Size does matter." As you can see from Seth's reaction, it wasn't what he was expecting.

13 Ric Flair's Comments To Natalya

Ric Flair is still considered to be a legend in WWE as a two-time Hall of Famer and a 16-time World Champion, but sometimes even he goes too far. As part of the build-up between Natalya and Charlotte for the Divas Championship back in early 2016, Ric Flair and Bret Hart had also been dragged into their families business.

Flair went off on a rant, as he usually does, but definitely went too far this time, when he told Nattie to "Kill herself." This was seen as Flair basically condoning suicide and WWE then took it out of the replays of SmackDown episodes and have tried their best to have all videos of the comment removed from the Internet. Clearly, they didn't do too good a job.

12 Paige Mentions Reid Flair


There are many different people that could fall into the same category as this, like when CM Punk used Paul Bearer's death to get under the skin of The Undertaker. It is a cheap way for WWE to guarantee heat and an audience reaction.

The problem was, WWE wanted heat fast in the rivalry between Charlotte and Paige so they decided to bring up her dead brother. Charlotte lost it and attacked Paige, but after their pay-per-view match, it was basically an awful feud. Many of the WWE Universe have questioned whether or not it was worth exploiting somebody's death for such a disappointing payoff - at least CM Punk vs The Undertaker was a decent match.

11 CM Punk Says "Bull***t" On Live TV

Let's be honest, CM Punk has done a lot of non-PG things throughout his WWE career, it was what got the fans on his side. But sometimes even he went just a little bit too far, and the aforementioned Paul Bearer situation was one of these time, also when he shouted "Bulls**t" on live TV.

Even though it was a step too far, it is also understandable. Chris Jericho brought in many real life family issues about CM Punk that it seems that he wasn't ready to face and this was his natural reaction. Vince McMahon probably didn't react too well to it backstage either, but this is what happens when real life emotions are brought into WWE storylines.

10 Brie Bella Drops The B-Word


This entire feud was in shambles, thrown together because Brie Bella's husband was unable to compete. Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella were forced to make the best of it. Stephanie held all the cards as a member of The Authority, and even though Brie had quit WWE, Steph still had her sister Nikki to torture.

Brie turned up at ringside on an episode of Monday Night Raw and after all Steph's taunting, Brie's reaction was "You're so pathetic, you're such a b*tch." This led to Steph reacting and then slapping Brie. The Bella Twin later got her revenge in a match against her boss at SummerSlam.

9 Paige Comments On The Bellas

The Bella Twins have gained something of a reputation over the past few years, especially since many of the WWE Universe think that the only reason WWE rehired them was because they were dating two of the company's biggest stars.

While it was stated that this isn't the reason, this hasn't stopped many fans making up their own mind, and when Paige decided to deliver her own version of AJ Lee's famous pipe bomb from 2014, she reminded the WWE Universe that they all know the "real reason" why The Bella Twins are where they are, while Lana and Summer Rae were apparently too busy trying to figure out who they want to climb onto next.


8 CM Punk Talks About Drugs


Yeah, there's probably a reason why you never hear any radio stations or even music television stations playing music that has any drug references in any of the lyrics, or at least during the day, the lyrics are either blanked out or the song isn't played.

Anything leading to glorifying the nature of drugs is thought to be a bad idea during primetime, when children and young, impressionable viewers are watching. CM Punk wasn't given this memo, he was aware that Jeff Hardy had recent drug problems and decided to bring them up while he was on commentary. He talked all about his prescription for an eye injury while also bringing up the fact that Jeff had a history of prescription drug problems and the fact that he had been suspended twice.

7 Talent Isn't An STD

AJ Lee was known for her mic skills when she was part of WWE. She had one of the most famous pipebombs of all time back in 2013, but it was after she lost her Divas Championship to Nikki Bella the following year that she delivered one of the harshest comments she has ever said.

Brie Bella was one of the biggest reasons that Nikki won the title in the first place because she decided to kiss AJ Lee and distract her. Brie then continued to get involved in Nikki's matches to help her retain the title, until AJ set the twins straight as a way of saying that regardless of how many men you sleep with, you will never be talented: "Talent is not sexually transmitted." You may be given a spotlight, but you won't be able to do anything with it.

6 Maryse Comments On John Cena's Package


The WWE Universe have been waiting years for Nikki Bella and John Cena to team up on WWE TV and finally this past week on SmackDown there was a reason for the WWE power couple to come together.

Miz and John Cena exchanged words before Maryse decided to prove she was the one who wears the trousers in the relationship by telling John that he had a huge ego. She then continued: "You know what they say, the bigger the ego the smaller the package." Maryse then slapped Cena and brought out his real life girlfriend, who told Maryse, "you mess with my man, I'm gonna break ya b*tch."

5 Brie Bella's Slip

Brie Bella may be the woman named in this entry, but the likes of Aksana, Nikki Bella, Kaitlyn, and nameless other females have had their attire work against them during their run in WWE. Wardrobe malfunctions are a dime a dozen in the ring.

Brie's was part of a segment to build up Total Divas where she was wearing a rather revealing dress. She stated afterward that it was humid inside and the tape must have peeled off and that's why the WWE Universe were able to see much more than they were ready for. She apologized and WWE moved on, although, it is now out there for the world to see.

4 Lana and Enzo


Couples are everywhere in WWE right now. WWE's locker room must be a muscular version of Blind Date, so it comes as no surprise that the company decided to play around with the idea of Lana cheating on Rusev to make a statement about the way he treats her.

From the get go, the WWE Universe knew this was a setup and everyone felt awkward as Enzo began taking off his clothes. Sadly, all that work went into setting up what was a lackluster feud, and Enzo was later sent on his way, because he was caught wandering around naked backstage. Not very 2017, more 1997.

3 Natalya Drops The B-Bomb

Nikki and Natalya have had a deeply personal feud over the past few weeks and this all began back at Survivor Series when Natalya attacked Nikki Bella so that she could take her place in the SmackDown women's team.

Their feud began when she finally revealed that she told her that she did attack her because she was fed up of The Bellas taking her place and stealing her attention. Once again, the fact that The Bellas were brought back to WWE and the reasons surrounding it was brought up. Natalya went on to say that she despised Nikki and that she was wrestling royalty and Nikki was just a "b*tch."

2 The Rock and Lana


The Rock has an incredible amount of charisma and his skills on the mic always shine through whenever he decides to drop by and make unannounced visits to WWE. When he returned to Raw at the beginning of 2017, Lana was engaged to Rusev and he decided to cause a few rifts between the couple.

The Rock talked about the hotel room that Lana came up to after the last time he was on the show and all the things that the couple got up to without Rusev knowing. Lana was only smiling until Rusev arrived and The Rock then left as quickly as he came.

1 Vince McMahon Drops The F-Bomb

Technically, Vince McMahon can do whatever he wants, it is his TV show after all. But back when his long lost son Shane McMahon made his WWE return at the beginning of 2016, Vince wasn't very pleased to have his own flesh and blood crash his party.

Even though it was edited out in all versions of Monday Night Raw, the crowd in attendance still heard the fact that Vince dropped the F-bomb when talking to Shane. It seems that Vince needed to swear to his sons face to get his point across, but at least he said it quietly and attempted to cover it up afterwards. To be fair to Vince, Shane did make a shocking return and dish out many home truths to the WWE Chairman, he didn't really have a response for this, so swearing was obviously his best option.

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