15 WWE Locker Room Confessions That Freak Us Out

You might know a lot about the ridiculous things that have gone on in the ring with WWE. You might know that Natalya once wet herself after getting kicked in the stomach. You might know that John Cena crapped his pants in the middle of the ring once because he was so ill while wrestling.

There are a lot of crazy, nasty, and freaky stories from inside the "squared circle". But how many things do you know about what has gone on backstage? Behind-the-scenes? There are a lot of stories from wrestlers about things that went on in the locker room. Some of them are pretty tame or silly. Some of them have to do with wrestlers actually threatening or fighting each other.

And then there are the ones that are just kind of nasty and/or freaky. Not freaky because they're scary – or not just because of that – some of freaky because of who is involved and how disturbing it is to think about. John Cena's 280lbs pickup, Scott Steiner's love of sticking pencils where pencils don't belong... Nikki Bella's special, little toy box... there are a lot of interesting backstage stories.

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15 Lita Doesn't Like Being Called "Mamma"

A number of the WWE Divas have spoken out about the naughty business they have got into in the locker rooms of wrestling events. With each other and with fans (and whoever else might happen upon them). With Lita, it was never about the number of wrestlers or fans she slept with, or where. No, it had to do with something she hated being called while doing the deed. Her boyfriend at the time she recounted the story was Matt Hardy, and we discovered that he's got some Mommy issues. Or at least that's the only reason I can think of that he would really get into calling Lita "Momma" when they were hooking up in the locker room. I don't care how hot you think Lita is... it's hard to get excited when thinking of Matt Hardy calling Lita his Momma... makes me shudder.

14 Scott Steiner Loved Pencils And Duct Tape

If you didn't know this already Scott Steiner was not only an awful wrestler with an awful personality. He was actually just kind of an awful person. I imagine he still is. Either way, Steiner was a huge bully in the locker room. When he came across someone he didn't really like (who was smaller than him), he would grab them, pick them up upside down and duct tape them to the wall. He would just walk away and leave them there for someone else to find. It gets worse though. One anonymous young man was sadly caught by Steiner backstage one night. What did Steiner do? He took a pencil, pulled down the man's pants, and put the pencil somewhere a pencil really doesn't belong. He used to be pretty tame when he started out, but I guess the roids really messed with his head.

13 Nikki Bella Has Her Own Toy Box

I don't know why any of you would watch this show but this story came out once on Total Divas. Nikki Bella and John Cena aren't always together. They've both worked for both main franchises that WWE has (RAW and Smackdown). A person can get lonely when they don't have their loved one with them. Well, Cena discovered, when moving Nikki in with him, that Bella has a toy box she brings traveling with her when she doesn't have Cena by her side. By toy box... I'm pretty sure I don't really need to describe what I mean. I think you get it. But if you need help I'll tell you that Cena found out about the box because it started vibrating when he was carrying it. I guess even Nikki's toys want Cena. Now that's a disturbing thought.

12 John Cena And His "Big" Fan

Ok, realistically I'm sure that John Cena could bench press quite a bit more than 280lbs. But there was one night after an event where he ran into a rather large woman who was a huge fan. As soon as she saw him backstage, she offered herself to him for a fun night. Well, some of the other wrestlers were hanging around there and heard the offer. They started snickering and calling Cena out on it. So, Cena decided to show them all that he would go for it and even have a great night while he did. So he took the girl to one of the rooms and had apparently had a great night. Good for him, I guess. “I saw a whole lot of woman," Cena said when chatting with Howard Stern. Apparently, before he started scoring with Nikki Bella, Cena would take many fans up on their offers.

11 Candice Michelle's Foot... Modelling

I have to start this off by saying, with certainty... sort of... that Candice Michelle has never been a part of the adult business. Sure, she's shown off her feet for people who get excited about feet. And she might have done a few things with those feet that just add to the excitement of those people. And sure, it might have all been filmed and put out on the internet. And yeah, she may have been paid for it. But she swears she has definitely never been part of that naughty business. “I have never, ever done [adult films] in my life. The most I ever did in any of these is topless. You will never see insertion into any orifice of my body... I guess I feel like I’m a great actor because, man, you guys really think I did p**n for some reason. It’s not p**n at all.”...but it technically is...

10 The Heartbreak Kid Was A Selfish Lover

I always assume that Shawn Michaels was called "The Heartbreak Kid" because he would pick up all the ladies, have a good time, and then leave them behind while he moved on to the next. That's what I thought. It turns out that's actually not got much to do with it. It has more to do with the fact that Michaels is a selfish lover. At least according to Sunny. And she would know since she's been with almost every wrestler in the locker room while she was there. There was a time where she actually settled a bit and started dating Michaels. Well, it turns out that he doesn't like to "go downtown" when he's with the ladies. He likes to get what he can, but he doesn't really like to give. I don't know what's worse. Thinking of Sunny now, or thinking of Michaels then.

9 Young Becky Bayless Found With Raven

So, before I tell this story, I have to mention that there was no time served and no charges made in this incident. But it's still a scary story to learn about, especially now with all of the scandals coming out in the media. Anyway, before Becky Bayless made her way into the wrestling industry (and this might be part of the reason she made it), she ended up at a party that Raven was throwing. She met him backstage and went back to his hotel. Ok, so this doesn't fully take place in the locker room. But the scary thing is... Raven invited her back, apparently not knowing that she was only 15 years old. He swears he didn't know. He also swears that he never had any naughty relations with her. But the cops were called and raided his place... and they did find her lying there with him... naked.

8 Taker Really Chokes Angle Out

This is both hilarious and scary at the same time. Apparently, when Kurt Angle was wrestling regularly with WWE, he and Vince McMahon had a little game that they'd used to play. Vince decided that he had to try and take the Olympic wrestler to the ground when he could. So they would jump each other all the time and Angle would usually put Vince down. Well, there as one time that this happened where The Undertaker was involved. Vince jumped Angle near where Taker happened to be sleeping. When he woke, Angle was clearly manhandling Vince to the ground. Taker assumed that Angle was abusing the boss. So, he marched up to Angle and began actually choking him. It took a bit for Vince to realize that Taker was seriously putting Angle to sleep. Thankfully, he managed to convince Taker that it was all a game.

7 Sunny's Seven Hours As A Ragdoll 

Many of you may already know a bit about Sunny. She used to be one of the most smoking hot divas in WWE. Thanks to that, she managed to get into some pretty naughty situations with quite a few of the wrestlers on the roster. Now, she's let herself go quite a bit and makes her money doing some pretty naughty film shoots. Anyway, there was a time when she roped in Dolph Ziggler. She even had photo evidence to prove it. Dolph is kind of a douchebag. I don't think many of you would deny that. So it might make you sad and/or disgusted to know that he apparently had a seven-hour lovefest with Sunny once. She bragged about it quite a bit. It's that amount of... stamina that caused Amy Schumer to leave him.

6 Dean Ambrose Is Actually Nuts Backstage

This might not really be that much of a shock to anyone, but it turns out that Dean Ambrose is actually pretty nuts. I mean in real life. He's well known for being more than a bit nutty in the ring, but it really doesn't change when he's in the locker room. Some of you may remember when he came out to the ring in a big comfy bear costume. Well, he also went back to the locker room in that same bear costume. Of course, groupies are willing to throw themselves at just about any talent they come across backstage and there happened to be a woman who was very excited by the bear costume. So, what happened? I think it must be pretty obvious. Dean Ambrose took this girl into the locker room with him, while still dressed as the bear and had a crazy time.

5 Junkyard Dog Made Naughty Money On The Side

Junkyard Dog is one of the great classic wrestlers from the old WWF. His story is so dirty and disturbing though, that I needed to include it on this list. It's not like he didn't make good money for being one of the superstars of his time. But I guess he didn't make enough money. Like other wrestlers, there were always some groupies offering to go back to the locker room with him. Well, he turned this into a business. I guess he got tired of just getting laid. He figured if he was pushing his body to work harder, then he should be paid. So he charged women up to $100 to hook up with him. This was in the 80's. That's not too long ago, but $100 was still worth quite a bit! So, basically, Junkyard dog was both his own pimp and his own hooker.

4 John Cena Can't Finish A Six Pack

A lot of people like anything they can use to poke fun at John Cena. It seems a lot of women and children really like him, but men aren't typically fans. They might be jealous, or they might just find his character lame. I think it's both. Either way, here's a laugh you can have at his expense. He always talked about how physical amazing he is. But one night after a show, six women approached him and offered him a great night. Well, he wasn't with Bella at the time so he invited them back and they started getting down. But what did Cena say in an interview about the incident afterward? “Hell no I wasn’t able to handle all six, that was just too much.” Now you get to laugh at John Cena not being able to keep it up... but you also get to be jealous of Cena for having the opportunity to have six at once.

3 Mick Foley And Ron Simmons' Special Tag Team

Mick Foley is kind of an awkward person. I'm not sure how many of you knew this, but that is a common thread through all of his many personalities in the ring. And that's because he's pretty awkward in real life too. Don't get me wrong, he's a great wrestler, but I think he isn't (or at least wasn't) so great with the ladies. So a groupie (or ring rat as the wrestlers call them) came up to him and offered herself to him. Foley wasn't quite sure how to go about all of this sort of business. So what did he do? He called up his buddy Ron Simmons (Faruq) to help him out... literally. Imagine how awkward the woman must've felt when all she wanted was the chubby, little Mick Foley but got both him and the rather large and built Rom Simmons.

2 Steiner Brags About 15,000 Women Backstage

I actually just really don't like Scott Steiner. It used to be mainly because of his personality but now it has a lot to do with the bullsh*t he has bragged about doing. He claimed that, in the span of only one year, he had hooked up with over 15,000 women. I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure that's impossible. I mean, it would technically be possible but not with his work schedule. He wouldn't be able to make up the time from wrestling matches. In order to make up the number he claimed, he would have had to sleep with 41 women each day. To fit that many women in, he would have to nail one every 35 minutes or so. Which means that he would have to go shoot a promo, then get laid. Get laid right before a match... and then have another woman waiting right after the match. I just don't think so.

1 Orton Likes To Grab... With A Low Blow

It turns out that Randy Orton is a bit of a pervert. That might not surprise any of you, but it kind of surprised me to find out just what he's done backstage at wrestling events. If any of you remember Mr. Kennedy, then you might remember an interview he had with YouShoot. During the interview, he mentioned how, sitting next to Orton on the way to a gig once, Randy reached over and grabbed Kennedy between the legs. He did this multiple times but would shrug it off each time as a joke. A joke that Kennedy didn't seem to get. But that wasn't all. Apparently, Orton walked out of the showers in the locker room once, in his birthday suit, and crouched down to dip...himself into Kennedy's boots. I think Orton is the only one who gets that joke...

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