15 WWE Divas We Felt Guilty Ogling

The 90s was basically an era that was all about the act of ogling. Wrestling catered to a mature audience and the women were perceived as eye candy. Who can forget the days of watching the WWE and tur

The 90s was basically an era that was all about the act of ogling. Wrestling catered to a mature audience and the women were perceived as eye candy. Who can forget the days of watching the WWE and turning the channel every time your parents passed by? It truly was a different era in sports and entertainment.

Today, the landscape of the company has changed significantly in an attempt to cater towards a younger audience which has lead the WWE to expand the company globally, resulting in more advertising opportunities. With that said, the WWE has completely changed its women’s division relying on in-ring ability as opposed to its previous edgy formula.

This article will take a look at both of those eras and shine a light on the women you felt guilty fantasizing about. The women vary on this list and we’re generally heels you felt ashamed for checking out on various occasions.

15 Eva Marie

It pains so many of us that Eva Marie is so damn good looking because man, is she ever bad in the ring. The combo is pretty brutal; like we don’t want to see her cause she’s terrible at wrestling, but, we do because she’s hot. Such a weird and bitter feeling to have in all seriousness. Some fans however, have overlooked the fact that she’s a perfect ten and just want her gone from the wrestling business. As harsh as it might sound, it’s pretty valid.

Since she came into the WWE back in 2013, her progress continues to be at a standstill with minimal improvements. At one point, Eva did the right thing by leaving for a little while to improve her wrestling skills but ultimately, that changed very little to her repertoire. Some would argue that had she not been so good looking, would she really still be employed by the company, especially in an era that thrives on in-ring ability? Probably not....

14 Beth Phoenix

Looking at the current landscape of the WWE’s female division, Beth would fit in perfectly with her in-ring prowess which was undervalued during her era in the 2000s (which featured a lackluster cast of opponents). She dominated the division as a three time Women’s Champion and one-time Divas Champion as well. Her strength and dominant build made her a force to be reckoned with.

Her physical attributes and overpowering of several opponents probably made it hard for you to initially check her out. But once her character began to subside alongside the likes of Santino Marella, you started to see her in a different light and for some, that led to a degree of guilt. The WWE added to this by showing us a more sensitive side to the “Glamazon” with several photoshoots on All of a sudden, Beth became pretty hot and the likes of CM Punk and Edge took notice, and so did we!

13 Jillian

Jillian was like that girl in high school you found very attractive but once she started talking, her value took a serious hit. Props to Jillian for that however, she managed to annoy the hell out of us which caused most fans to overlook the fact that she was actually pretty hot. Through her heel like demeanor and constant butchering of various songs, this made us forget about that part altogether. Some of us managed to look past that, but boy did we ever feel guilty ogling at her while she sang. Chances are, most of you guys pressed the mute button while you enjoyed her beauty.

Jillian stayed in the business for nearly seven years before she finally parted ways after her contract had expired. During her run, she actually managed to capture a Divas Championship which was her career highlight. Nowadays, she is happily retired and appears at various wrestling conventions.

12 Serena

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Making her debut with the Straight Edge Society in 2010, Serena already had a plethora of work under her belt prior to re-joining the WWE. She spent various years on the Indie circuit which was followed up by a stint with Shimmer Women Athletes.

Her contributions with the WWE were quite significant. In her debut, she played the role of a fan that became a Straight Edge member by shaving her long head of hair completely. The segment was really powerful and just showed how committed she was to the role.

Serena’s involvement was short-lived but extremely impactful. The Straight Edge Society was by far the best storyline in the company during that time period. Despite the group's disturbing antics, fans couldn’t help but to still ogle at the faction's beauty even with her new bada*s attitude and look.

Following her stint, Serena returned to Shimmer and later hit the Indie scene.

11 Victoria

When we were young, we all had that secret crush we were afraid to tell our friends about. Mine was actually a WWE Superstar by the name of Victoria. While others were ogling the likes of Trish and Lita, I found myself intrigued with the California native who was quite the beauty, but her persona indicated otherwise.

Victoria was built as a savage heel. She had no remorse for others and simply didn’t care for what people thought about her. Her work-rate was absolutely awesome and she was one of the better females in the early to mid 2000s. She won the Women’s Championship twice and was one of the more underappreciated stars in the history of the company.

Once she dropped the “crazy girl” gimmick, we all started accepting how hot she truly was. But before that however, we felt guilt ogling at the former WWE star.

10 Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly was basically the exact replica of Eva Marie. The only difference was she entered the WWE in the mid 2000s (at a point which saw hardly any in-ring activity to remember). For that reason alone, we accepted Kelly for her faults in the ring. Poor Eva however, wasn’t so lucky joining the WWE when the competition finally began to rise in the ring. Had Kelly joined the WWE today, she’d face the same reaction as Eva.

Kelly Kelly basically started off has eye candy, working as a dancer for the ECW brand. At such a young age, the WWE saw huge upside in her potential and proceeded to train her for some in-ring work. Her work rate was pretty marginal, although we do applaud her for actually working on improving. She would ultimately claim a Divas Championship and leave the business shortly after pursuing other goals like modelling and acting. Kelly is still in her 20s today.

9 Charlotte

Although she is the daughter of the great Nature Boy, we’re not sure anyone could have predicted how big of a star she would become in such a short amount of time. Having wrestling in your bloodline certainly doesn’t validate anything, just ask Charlotte’s brother David, who enjoyed one of the more lackluster runs in history of pro wrestling coming from a parent in the business.

Charlotte has instead absolutely thrived. Her rise in the WWE is truly remarkable and she is already a three-time WWE Women’s Champion. Her work rate is absolutely superior and she just seems to be a step ahead of everyone else at the moment. You can even make the argument that she is the best all-around performer in the industry today.

With all this being said, she plays the role of an arrogant heel that you probably despise. This is why you feel guilty when you get caught checking her out. Not to mention, she’s the daughter of the Nature Boy and has some similar qualities. Nonetheless, we still find ourselves intrigued only to feel guilty afterwards.

8 Molly Holly

Molly Holly was certainly of the more undervalued performers of her time. She entered the WWE in 2000 and stayed on board till 2005. Her accomplishments included a two-time Women’s Title run along with a Hardcore Championship victory.

Throughout her run, the WWE did their very best to build Holly as a non-sexual WWE Diva. The company was already loaded with pretty faces at the time so they attempted to book Molly in a different light. They used her as the cousin of the Hollys and was even a sidekick to the Hurricane. Despite the WWE’s attempts to make her come across as sweet and innocent, pockets of fans still found her hot as hell regardless. Even when she was forced to shave her head at WrestleMania, she was still seen in a positive light.

Today, Molly hasn’t really aged much and is still looking pretty top. She spends most of her time nowadays working for various charities.

7 Ivory

The Attitude Era was littered with content that appealed to a more mature audience. The content was very edgy. With that said, the company also needed a healthy balance of heels; enter Ivory who was all about the in-ring activity and didn’t show off her skin like the others in the business at that point.

The California native instantly won the Women’s Championship and would enjoy three reigns in total during her stint. She would continue in her role as a heel later joining the Right To Censor. During that period, Ivory dressed up (covered from head-to-toe), supporting a preppy look while following her leader Steven Richards. Despite her outfit, many of us still thought she had something interesting going on. What if she disrobed and took off that silly attire?

6 Paige

Nowadays, fans around the globe certainly don’t have a problem ogling at Paige, as she has become one of the most controversial and popular Divas in the entire WWE. Still only 24, fans will be dreaming of Paige for a very long time.

Though, this wasn’t always the case. During her NXT days, Paige was still extremely young and it showed. Even when she made her WWE debut winning the Championship, she was only 21 at the time and still had several “kid-like” features. Despite that, pockets of wrestling fans still found her hot, but were ashamed to admit it because of her age and innocent look.

That changed rather quickly however, as Paige began to fill out and develop in a short amount of time. Before we knew it, she was the star of Total Divas and her popularity would reach new heights. Despite her lack of WWE involvement nowadays, fans still remain by her side.

5 Alundra Blayze

Her contributions to the wrestling business were absolutely immense. Alundra was a trailblazer, paving the way for women’s wrestling as an actual in-ring art form. She dominated the WWE scene and would later leave the company joining the rival WCW in a shocking manner by throwing the title into the trash. This changed the entire landscape of pro wrestling and turned the Monday Night Wars upside-down.

During her WCW stint, the Italian changed her look and demeanor to Madusa. All of a sudden, she started dressing a little sexier and fans were looking at her in a different light than they did during her time in the WWE.

Adding to the situation, Blayze would get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015. Despite the fact that she was in her 50s, some fans couldn’t help but to think: “man, does she look good!” The former Women’s Champion dawned a sleeve tattoo and still looked incredibly sharp.

4 Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie came out of the women’s “entertainment” era, if you want to call it that. The in-ring action during her time in the early to mid 2000s was quite minimal. She started off as McMahon’s legal assistant and would later join the SmackDown brand which had absolutely no serious in-ring female bouts. The brand was basically the “eye candy” show, former women’s wrestling catering to gimmick matches and constant vignettes and promos. One of those feuds involved Dawn and Torrie Wilson. Dawn was trying everything to get under Torrie’s skin. She even tried to marry her father Al Wilson, live on SmackDown. Even with Dawn torturing Torrie, we still couldn’t help but to ogle every time she was on the show. Her antics made us deeply disturbed, however, we still found ourselves intrigued time and time again.

Her stint lasted a couple of years and she parted ways with the company during her paternity leave.

3 Bayley

Entering NXT in 2012, not even Bayley could have predicted how much success she’d be able to achieve with a gimmick that catered to a younger audience. Not only did she connect with those fans, but even the mature WWE viewer grew a connection with the loveable babyface.

Her status grew and soon enough, she became the face of the NXT brand. She stayed down in development for quite some time and would later finally make her WWE main roster debut at the Battleground PPV. This would later lead to a spot on Raw. Thus far, the company has built her up slowly, but you can probably imagine Bayley capturing a WWE Women’s Championship sooner rather than later.

With all this being said, we rarely think about Bayley in the light of “hot”, just because of the audience that she caters to. But surely, discretely, pockets of wrestling fans have a soft spot for the California native whether they want to admit it or not. With her emphasis on training out of the ring, many fans have probably been caught ogling at her new found curves and toned body.

2 Stephanie McMahon

Her character work throughout the years is brilliant to see the least. Stephanie broke into the business as a shy babyface alongside Test, and would later transition into one of the greatest heels in the company’s history. Joining forces with her husband Triple H, Stephanie sent the wrestling world in a buzz as a part of the McMahon-Helmsley era. Even though she always yelled at us and coincided with Hunter, we still secretly found her so hot.

Fast-forward to today, and still, Stephanie is thriving in her role as the 'Authority' figure for the Raw brand. She still yells at us, but man does she ever look great while doing so. Stephanie is in the best shape of her life and you can even argue that she looks better than ever. If you haven’t caught yourself ogling at Stephanie, please stop lying to yourself, she’s the Queen of the WWE!

1 Chyna

The late great Chyna ranks a top the list of women you felt guilty ogling over. Looking at her WWE journey, it’s not hard to realize why. She started off with the company in 1997 as a bodyguard for the infamous D-Generation X stable. She was built larger than life and at that point, there weren’t many ogling her. However, things would change throughout her run; Chyna became more polished visually and some fans started to see her in a different way, even if they kept it to themselves. Playboy would later agree with the fans and sign her to a spread in November of 2000 which would spike her superstardom. When she left the WWE, Chyna would again appear in the magazine for the second time.

Looking at her development in the WWE throughout the years, Chyna is the definite number one Diva you felt guilty ogling. Today, we remember her tremendous legacy and her trailblazing-like qualities which changed the landscape of the women’s division forever.


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15 WWE Divas We Felt Guilty Ogling