15 WWE Divas Of The 80s Who Were Hot AF

This is for new fans who don't know, and the older fans longing to hop in a Delorean and head back to their childhood.

The eighties, the decade of decadence, Reaganomics, acid washed denim, and Aquanet, Aquanet, Aquanet. Big hair, and some fairly big buxom women running around the wrestling ring. Obviously looking at some of them now, younger fans might question their beauty, but for the most part as long as you were blonde with a cute face, great smile, decent to hot body, and some ring skills, chances were you'd be able to make a name for yourself in the business. One thing the decade had going for it, was a nationally televised show for just wrestling women, the cult classic G.L.O.W. – the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a show that is being resurrected for Netflix.

While some of the girls are mostly making small appearances and some decided to retire, some ladies of the eighties stuck around and stayed hot in the nineties as well, and some even still are part of the show today. See who you can remember was actually around during the eighties and early nineties.

So for new fans who don't know and the older fans longing to hop in a Delorean and head back to their childhood, here's an article that can help — the hottest wrestling divas of the eighties.

15 Madusa

1988's Rookie of the Year, AWA Women's champion, and the first ever gaijin wrestler to sign a contract with All Japan Wrestling, male or female. Madusa (short for Made in the U.S.A.) was already a trailblazing diva who could kick ass and take names get before she became Alundra Blayze and reignited the WWE Women's Division in the early nineties and then igniting the Monday Night War by tossing the WWE Women's title in the trash on WCW Monday Nitro. Madusa has withstood the test of time and has the distinction of being one of the few women to have worked for the AWA, WCW, and WWE. Memorable arm candy for the likes of Diamond Dallas Page, Badd Company/Orient Express, Ravishing Rick Rude, and the Dangerous Alliance, Madusa even posed for Playboy long before it was the norm in the nineties to pose for Heff. But don't click off this article and start looking for pics — she decided not to publish the pictures and continue to be seen as a badass in the ring than a hot chick. It worked out for her, Madusa was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015 and is seen by many of her fans as a dynamite looking dame not to be trifled with. A trained kick boxer and monster truck driver, she can run you over or kick your ass.

14 Ivory

When you're a talent the caliber of Ivory, your beauty, along with that talent only gets better with age. Born Lisa Moretti, the California native would eventually find her way to the WWE in the nineties and be an integral part to the Women's division at that time, she actually got her start as one of the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling (GLOW). The all girl fed still has a fan following to this day and is even being revamped for a Netflix series. In GLOW, Ivory was Tina Ferrari, who along with Ashley Cartier is a former GLOW tag champ and she is also the only woman to be both the WWE Women's champions and GLOW heavyweight champion, which is never an easy feat, considering competition in WWE like Trish Stratus and Lita and ladies in GLOW like the monstrous Big Bad Momma. In GLOW, Ivory wore an outfit that fit the time, a slinky bathing suit that showed off much of her very toned body, a body that during the Attitude Era, we'd all get to see a whole lot more of.

13 Sally, The Farmer's Daughter

How about a trifecta of reasons to adore Becky Mullen, aka Sally, the Farmer's Daughter. Sally was another member of the GLOW federation, where she fulfilled a niche fetish for some ardent fans, playing the dim witted but adorable Sally. After GLOW, Sally would become an actress, B-movie skin flick actress. She starred in such "classics" like Sinful Intrigue. Even though she showed less than she would show on prime time, perhaps her greatest claim to fame would be guest-starring on an episode of Married...with Children, as one of Al Bundy's fantasy girls tussling with another one, played by the most famous blonde bombshell of the nineties, Pamela Anderson. She might not have done a whole lot in the wrestling business but wrestling with Pam on one of the greatest sitcoms of all time is enough to land the Farmer's Daughter on this list.

12 Sensational Sherri

Sherri Martel is the nexus of professional women's wrestling. All in one package, the Sensational Hall of Famer was a tough as nails bruiser broad the likes of Mildred Burke and the Fabulous Moolah. But she was also a beautiful lady who knew how to work her mojo, serving as a valet for either established stars like the Macho King or up and coming brash upstarts like the Heartbreak Kid himself, Shawn Michaels. The AWA felt her wrath, she scared the you-know-what out of most of the men in the WWE and she even was woman enough to hang around the Harlem Heat in WCW. Sherri Martel has the distinction of being one of the most beautiful but scary females in the business. Like Madusa, Sherri was also an AWA and WWE Woman's champ. Score her untimely overdose, Sherri was a Jane of all Trades — a champion wrestler, a vicious vixen and even more vicious heel. She even got to play a Bobby Sox girl, she played Peggy Sue, a groupie for the Elvis wannabe the Honky Tonk Man. One of the only females in the locker room during her time when respect wasn't necessarily given, she demanded all gaze upon her and despair.

11 The Fallen Angel/Woman

In the eighties there was the tasteful Playboy magazine and the tawdry Penthouse magazine. If you could believe it, Penthouse found a way to show even less skin than Playboy did. Yes, you read that correctly. One of the hottest women ever in wrestling was hot enough (or tawdry enough), to adorn the pages of Larry Flynt's magazine. Early in her career, Nancy Sullivan had met future husband Kevin Sullivan and pretty quickly became part of his demonic entourage as the Fallen Angel in Florida. A smoking hot Satan worshipper with smiling ring eyes that could melt a man's heart? Of course there's no market for that kind of gal at all. She would follow Sullivan to WCW briefly as Robin Green, a groupie of the Dog Faced Gremlin, Rick Steiner. Soon enough, she'd turn on him and align with Sullivan before becoming her most famous persona, Woman, and started managing the fearsome tag team Doom before leaving for ECW in the early nineties and helping the Sandman wreak havoc on Tommy Dreamer’s life.

10 Miss Elizabeth

Was there ever a more perfect woman on this Earth in the eighties than Miss Elizabeth? She was woman enough to tame the Macho Man Randy Savage and lead him to the WWE world title at WrestleMania IV, and elegant enough to have not one but four different outfits throughout the proceedings that night! Each outfit was more stunning than the one before and helped to make the First Lady of the WWE even more beautiful than she already was. Miss Elizabeth never threw a punch and seldom took a bump and when she did it became a very memorable moment. Besides being perched atop the shoulders of the Macho Man holding his new WWE title and her more revealing outfits she’d wear as a member of the now in the nineties, her hottest and most memorable moment made the hottest night of the summer even more memorable. At the very first Summer Slam, with her team, the Mega Powers on the ropes against the Mega Bucks – Ted DiBiase and Andre the Giant, she did the only thing she could do to help her boys. She got onto the apron and dropped trough, which caused all the bad guys, guest referee Jesse Ventura, and just about everyone in attendance stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of true beauty.

9 Missy Hyatt

If Sensational Sherri was the nexus meeting point of shorts for badass beautiful women in the ring, Missy Hyatt will be the first in the evolutionary line of delicious eye-candy before the balance for sepal before Hyatt's wrestling vixxxen partner in crime, original WWE diva, Sunny, there was the southern fried buxom blonde bombshell, Missy Hyatt. Getting her start as a valet for her then boyfriend, Hollywood John Tatum, the Tallahassee, Florida native would quickly gain national exposure in World Class when she feuded with another blond hottie, Sunshine and their mud pit match at Texas Stadium in 1986. Tatum and Hyatt would move onto Bill Watts' UWF and here Hyatt left Tatum both in real life and in storyline for Eddie Gilbert. Before achieving her biggest fame as a cohost of sorts for WCW, she was tapped to host Missy's Manor a replacement for Piper's Pit. But by her own admission, she did better stuff off the cuff as opposed to the constant production that Vince McMahon would like to do. Once back down south in WCW, Hyatt flourished again and became a VeeJay of sorts, being the eye candy to the entire presentation. In the nineties she worked briefly for ECW before starting her own skin site –

8 Hollywood & Vine

In case you don't remember or weren't born yet, the eighties had a thing for wearing whatever you wanted whether it matched or not, which made for some crazy outfits and neon— tons and tons of neon. In a federation full of women that all were trying to standout, GLOW had a tag team Hollywood and Vine. An obvious take on the famed cross street in Los Angeles, Hollywood (Jeanne Basone) and Vine (Janet Bowers) weren't ahead of their time at all, but they sure knew how to be a part of their time. Their look may seem super outdated now, but these were two beautiful if dolled up women. Though their time in the wrestling world was brief, Vine retired before GLOW was over and Basone worked a few indies. They made an indelible impression on fans everywhere as former tag team champions and at least for Basone, playing in bit parts all over her own name, Hollywood. Bowers to the chagrin of her fans retired and never looked back, opting for a private life than one in the limelight.

7 Wendi Richter

When you're the female face of a movement, you better be a good looking woman, right? When the WWE went national and then global in the eighties, the company did so on the back of Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon's brilliant idea to get the fledgling MTV involved and the Rock and Wrestling movement was born and helped carry WWE to new heights. Wendi Richter was the WWE Women's Champion at the time and pop star Cyndi Lauper bounced and she-bopped around the ring as her manager. She defended the title at the first WrestleMania and thanks to her looks was featured in a few sexy for the time photo shoots. Unfortunately, she is one of many stars over the years who got too big for their britches and demanded more money. When that demand couldn't be met, she was the victim of the first ever screwjob in WWE, heads before Bret, when a masked Moolah beat her handedly and quickly for the belt. Thankfully, Richter and WWE would mend fences over time and for her contributions to the company she was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2010.

6 Alexandra York

One of the most gorgeous, hottest, and sultriest divas of the Attitude Era was the "horny little she-devil," Terri Runnels. Getting her start in the WWE as Goldust's cigar smoking "director," Marlena, Reunnels immediately turned heads and caused mouths to hit the floor. Once she began wearing less clothing, the eyes attached to those mouths rapidly came out of their sockets. In a world of Sunnys, Sables, and Trishes, she is often overlooked. She's also seldom remembered for her stint in WCW in the early nineties as the bombshell businesswoman, Alexandra York, the head of the York Foundation. As York, Runnels would parade around in short business skirts, carrying a laptop that she'd use to calculate her client's odds of winning their matches, or she'd just give it to a client to bash over their opponent's heads. Thanks to Sigourney Weaver, Working Girl became a thing in the late eighties. Thanks to Terri, it became a hot thing in the early nineties.

5 Velvet McIntyre

While not a prototypical beauty, there is something about the sugary sweet babyface Velvet McIntyre. A 5 foot ten leggy Irish-Canadian dynamo who did all she could to win her matches. Learning to wrestle and then debuting in 1980, McIntyre joined the WWE in 1984 and had been recognized as one half of the WWE Women's Tag Team champions with Princess Victoria, until they lost the titles to the Glamour Girls in Egypt of all places. After unsuccessfully challenging for the Women's title against the Fabulous Moolah at WrestleMania 2, Velvet would eventually win the gold in Australia, one of the few times a title has changed hands in the Pacific. She wrestled at the first Survivor Series and is known for her wrestling barefoot and trademark aerial move set that included then-mystifying moves like a victory roll and a hurricanrana. Velvet would leave the company when the division slowed down in 1990 and work some more before retiring fully in 1998 due to being pregnant. Easily one of the best workers on this list, Velvet had a similar charisma and never say die attitude that Bayley has today. The huggable current champ should take note, as should the rest of the current roster — this is what brains, brawn, and beauty looks like.

4 Lady Blossom/Jeanie Clarke

More so than any other lady on this list for all of their mighty accomplishments, Lady Blossom's biggest accomplishment might have made her responsible for starting the Attitude Era. As the story goes, then husband Steve Austin was looking for a name for his new gimmick when she told him, "drink your tea before it gets stone cold." But before possibly most important spot of tea in wrestling history, the British blonde bombshell known as Lady Blossom had a big hand in her husband Stone Cold's formative years in the business. Her ex-boyfriend at the time, World Class and USWA star Gentleman Chris Adams; who also trained Austin suggested that she come to the territory and be billed as Jeanie Adams, the Gentleman's ex-wife come in and be a valet for Austin, adding even more personal aspects to their already teacher-student feud. In 1991, Clarke and Austin headed for WCW where Dusty Rhodes dubbed her Lady Blossom, since her voluptuous chest kept blossoming out of her tops.

3 Rockin' Robin

One of wrestling's seldom spoken about family dynasties is the Smith dynasty, consisting of patriarch Aurelian "Grizzly" Smith and his children from various marriages — Jake the Snake Roberts, Sam Houston, and former WWE Women's champion, Rockin' Robin. Perhaps due to the children's sordid history with Grizzly, but in any event, Robin was more than just a pretty face, she could go in the ring. Trained by Nelson Royal, Robin was part of the inaugural Survivor Series female squad and several months later, she would defeat the then champion, Sensational Sherri for the title and spend most of her two year defending the gold against Glamour Girl, Judy Martin. She even got to sing America, the Beautiful to open the festivities at WrestleMania V. After leaving the company in the early nineties, she would tour the world and even worked against the very girl who took up her spot as WWE champion, the future Alundra Blayze-Madusa Miceli. Similar to Velvet McIntyre, today's babyface females should take note of Robin and out of the ring to learn the art of selling and really getting the crowd to support you.

2 Baby Doll

From an early age, Nickla Roberts knew she wanted to be in the professional wrestling business. As many second and third generation performers already know, it's kind of hard to not want to when your parents are already in the business. Here's where small time promoters out of Lubbock, Texas and Roberts used to shill programs at the shows. She would secretly travel to San Antonio to be a valet for her crush, Gino Hernandez in World Class and began training to be a wrestler. Her biggest run though would come working for Crockett as Tully Blanchard's valet, Baby Doll. Blanchard's feud with the American Dream Dusty Rhodes led to the Dream trying to teach Baby Doll to be more like a lady. She would eventually and unfortunately be sent away due to her marriage to Sam Houston, which was looked down on at the time. She valeted for him too in the UWF and stayed when Sam went to WWE but was ultimately let go there too since it was seen as a conflict of interest.

1 Candi Devine

Brushes with greatness were seemingly part of the leggy blonde Candi Devine’s wrestling career. She got her start in the business of all things running a fan club for Lanny Poffo, the Macho Man’s younger brother. From there, she joined the AWA and feuded with the Sensational Sherri over the AWA Women’s title, which she did in fact win, however most of the time she was awarded it since she happened to be the number one contender and the title was vacated; which was what the AWA did when it came to their titles. Disregarding her wild eighties hair, take a look at her – clearly there was a reason Verne kept pushing her, aside from the fact that the bigger companies weren’t looking to sign her away. She was a real beauty and feeling full of herself, she’d head to the Independents to work as the Goddess and also worked in UWF against the likes of Rockin’ Robin and the future Ivory, Tina Moretti. But her lack of in-ring ability isn’t what fans remember her for, it’s her classic eighties girl beauty that most fans remember her for.

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15 WWE Divas Of The 80s Who Were Hot AF