15 WWE Couples That Are Trying To Keep It Under Wraps (But Failing)

Couples are springing up all over the world of wrestling; there are now more couples in the business than there have ever been, thanks to shows like Total Divas, which give WWE couples a platform to share details about their personal life to the WWE Universe.

Even though we are now in the information age and one quick search on Google can give anyone the insight into any wrestler's personal life, there are still a number of WWE stars who want their personal lives to remain private.

This means that whilst there are couples like John Cena and Nikki Bella who are happy to share all the sordid details about their relationship and declare their love to each other in front of 70,000 fans, there are others who don't feel the same way.

Many wrestlers believe that just because they are famous characters in WWE TV, it doesn't mean that the WWE Universe gets to have a say when it comes to their personal life. The whole point of portraying a character on WWE TV is to be able to take off the costume and resume their own lives when the show is over.

The following list looks at 15 couples from the world of wrestling that are not very well-known to the fans of the sport. This may be because they don't decide to share information about their private lives on social media, or just because they don't want the world to know things that they consider to be personal.

15 Candice LeRae And Johnny Gargano

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Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano were once the sweetheart couple of the Independent Circuit, until Gargano was signed to WWE last year. His girlfriend was then left without her occasional in-ring opponent and left to perform alongside Joey Ryan, but without her usual travelling buddy. Candice and Johnny met whilst they were wrestling and their bond seems to have become stronger over time, despite the fact that they have faced each other in one-on-one competition a number of times.

Candice and Johnny married last year, and Candice was recently signed to WWE ahead of the Mae Young Classic. While performing in the Mae Young Classic, her husband appeared at ringside to cheer her on, and she then came across and hugged him following her match. It seems that WWE is likely to keep Candice around following the tournament because, if for nothing else, it would be incredible to see Gargano up against LeRae just once in a WWE ring.

14 Deonna Purrazzo And Marty Scurll

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Deonna Purrazzo is remembered by the WWE Universe for her time in NXT, before she was later rumored to be the woman behind La Luchadora. Deonna didn't last in NXT for very long and has split her time between NXT and Ring of Honor recently.

Purrazzo was named as an alternative for the Mae Young Classic, but never actually featured. It seems during her time in Ring of Honor, Purrazzo has begun dating fellow wrestler and New Japan Pro Wrestling's newest Bullet Club member Marty Scurll. The couple hasn't been together for long, and they are two stars that are definitely lighting up the world of professional wrestling right now, despite being in two different promotions. It will be interesting to see if in the future The Villian Marty Scurll decides to follow his girlfriend to the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

13 Aiden English And Shaul Guerrero

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Aiden English and Shaul Guerrero are a couple who met whilst they were both part of WWE's NXT brand. Shaul is the oldest daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero and his wife Vickie, but after being signed to WWE, she developed an eating disorder and decided to walk away from the company in 2014.

Aiden and Shaul continued their relationship following her departure from WWE and decided to marry earlier this year. Aiden has since been moved from NXT to the main roster, where he is currently climbing the ranks on the SmackDown roster. It isn't completely well-known that Aiden is a member of the famous Guerrero family, because the couple is somewhat private with their relationship. That being said, there are a number of eagle-eyed members of the WWE Universe who are aware of the union between the two former WWE developmental talents.

12 Tyler Breeze And Audrey Marie

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Tyler Breeze is currently keeping fans amused on a weekly basis, as one-half of The Fashion Police alongside Fandango on the SmackDown Live roster. Before he made his way to the main roster, Tyler picked up much more than just wrestling skills during his lengthy stint in NXT.

Tyler and Audrey Marie were both part of the NXT roster back in 2013, and it seems that once again the circumstances of traveling and performing with WWE for such long periods of time led to another WWE couple. Tyler and Audrey began dating back in 2013, but she was released from the company a few months later. The couple continued their relationship and it was announced that they married back in September 2016. Audrey has tried to prove her mettle on the Independent Circuit since she left WWE four years ago, while Tyler has managed to remain with the company as an enhancement talent.

11 Cathy Kelley And Finn Balor

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Finn Balor has been part of WWE now since 2014, wrestling on both NXT and the main roster, but it is only recently that he has finally been linked to a woman. Balor was once linked with Bayley when the duo were respective Champions in NXT, but since Bayley was already in a relationship with Aaron Solow, there was never that much evidence behind the speculation.

Balor and Cathy, who is the social media correspondent behind the scenes in WWE, were pictured holding hands out in the street a few months ago and it seems that the WWE Universe had made up their mind that they are a couple. The duo are preferring to keep quiet about the relationship, which makes sense, since both stars are quite private about their personal lives, but it seems that the WWE Universe are still continuing to talk about what could potentially be WWE's cutest pairing.

10 Kassius Ohno And Rachael Ellering

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Kassius Ohno has become well-known by that ring name as part of the NXT roster, but he made a name for himself as Chris Hero for many years before he was signed to WWE's Developmental brand. Kassius is currently part of the NXT roster alongside Paul Ellering, who is the manager for the former NXT Tag Team Champions, The Authors of Pain.

Paul Ellering's daughter Rachael is reportedly in a relationship with the former Ring of Honor star. Ellering has been contracted to WWE before, having worked on the NXT roster for a number of months back in 2016, as well as recently playing a part in The Mae Young Classic, even though she was knocked out in the second round. Rachael and Kassius have been dating ever since their paths crossed in NXT, but there were not many members of the WWE Universe that were aware that they were together.

9 Tye Dillinger And Peyton Royce

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Peyton Royce is one-half of The Iconic Duo on NXT, and could well be the next NXT Women's Champion heading into NXT Takeover: Houston in November. She has been climbing the ranks in NXT over the past few years, but she hasn't always had her eyes on the title.

Over the past few months, it has been speculated that Peyton Royce is dating current SmackDown star, Tye Dillinger. The Perfect 10 was part of the NXT brand for a number of years alongside Peyton, and the images that they have both shared together online show that they have been growing closer. Much like a number of couples in WWE, this duo is attempting to remain under the radar despite dating for almost three years, but it seems that once again, fans have managed to pick up on the fact that there is another cute couple in town.

8 Zack Ryder And Chelsea Green

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Zack Ryder was previously linked with current Raw superstar Emma, but it seems that earlier this year, Ryder moved on to Chelsea Green.

Ryder began updating pictures of the couple together on his Instagram page, with the WWE Universe piecing together the fact that Chelsea once portrayed Daniel Bryan's physical therapist on WWE TV before she came fourth in WWE's Tough Enough competition back in 2015. It is thought that this is where the duo met and began dating, before Chelsea signed with Impact Wrestling. It must be hard for the couple to date while having separate touring schedules and working for rival shows, but if their social media is anything to go by, they still seem quite happy together, regardless of their situation.

7 Jack Gallagher And Clara Sinclare

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Jack Gallagher burst onto the WWE scene following the Cruiserweight Tournament back in 2016 as the technically gifted Englishman who was determined to take away Neville's Cruiserweight Championship. Sadly, Jack is yet to become Cruiserweight Champion, but he is still part of 205 Live on a weekly basis.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that Gallagher had married his longtime girlfriend and fellow British wrestler Clara Sinclare. Sinclare is well-known on the British Circuit as Alexis Rose, and she was recently part of the World of Sport reboot in the UK. The couple has been dating for a number of years and have managed to keep things under wraps, but their wedding was featured on almost every wrestling news website, so it seems that the secret is finally out.

6 Cesaro And Sara Del Rey

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Cesaro is a former Raw Tag Team Champion and a former winner of the Andre The Giant Memorial BattleRoyale, but it seems that unlike much of the main roster, who are seemingly pushing to be part of Total Divas, Cesaro is happy to keep his relationship with Sara Del Rey private.

Sara is a former wrestler herself and recently became the first female assistant head coach at WWE's Performance Centre. She is also one of the female talents responsible for the current Women's Revolution. Both Sara and Cesaro are passionate about wrestling and it seems that this is what made their relationship click. There isn't a lot known about the couple other than the fact that they have been dating since 2013, but they try to stay out of the spotlight and as private as possible. Expect this couple to be the kind that decides to elope when they finally decide to marry.

5 Ember Moon And Matthew Palmer

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Ember Moon has been an incredible addition to the NXT Women's Division over the past 18 months, and even though she hasn't been able to lift the NXT Women's Championship, she has put on some show-stealing matches against former Champion Asuka.

Ember is one of the most talented women in NXT right now, and one that is popular with the male demographic of the WWE Universe. What these male wrestling fans don't know is that Ember is actually engaged. Ember's fiancé Matthew Palmer proposed to the former Independent superstar in the middle of the ring at a show back in November 2015, before Ember was signed by WWE and began making a name for herself in NXT. Palmer himself is quite a well-known independent wrestler as well, and was ranked at number 490 in the PWI 500 back in 2015, but he is yet to appear on WWE's radar as of yet.

4 Edge And Beth Phoenix

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Edge hasn't had the greatest luck when it comes to his personal life, having already been married twice before the Lita cheating scandal became public knowledge. That being said, it seems that Edge has finally found the woman he was supposed to be with, former WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix.

Edge and Beth started dating just after Beth left WWE back in 2012, and the couple now has two daughters together and finally tied the knot on Edge's birthday last year. Earlier this year, Edge and Beth became WWE's first ever Hall of Fame couple when Beth was added to the class of 2017. The couple managed to remain under the radar for a number of years without the WWE Universe knowing about their relationship, but the recent Hall of Fame induction put a spotlight on the newlyweds, so now everyone in the wrestling community is aware of their relationship.

3 Liv Morgan And Tyler Bate

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Liv Morgan is one of the stars of the NXT Women's Division and made news earlier this year when it was revealed that she had broken up with her long-time boyfriend Enzo Amore. Rather than sit back and feel bad about the breakup, it seems that Liv has already moved on with former United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate.

Liv and Tyler recently sent a number of tweets to each other online, which finally got the WWE Universe talking, before they then posted pictures of them together on Snapchat. Both stars are currently appearing on the NXT brand, so a relationship between them would be easy to imagine. It is thought that Liv might have wanted to remain under the radar following her break-up with the Raw superstar, but instead, Liv is the kind of woman who has decided to move on with her life.

2 Wesley Blake And Sara Lee

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Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy are both set to be part of the seventh season of Total Divas, which is set to premiere on the E! Network in the coming months, but WWE has decided against recognizing that their former tag team partner Wesley Blake is also in a relationship.

Wesley and Sara Lee began dating shortly after Sara was announced as the female winner of Tough Enough back in 2015. Sara received a WWE developmental contract and worked alongside Wesley for a while at the Performance Centre, before she was released from this contract in the fall of 2016. Sara later announced that she was expecting the couple's first child. Wesley hasn't been seen on WWE TV for a few months, but he and his girlfriend have kept the WWE Universe up to date with their little family through Instagram instead.

1 Adam Cole And Britt Baker

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Adam Cole is the latest addition to the WWE roster, having made quite the entrance at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn when he attacked the new NXT Champion Drew Galloway. Adam has made quite the impact on the developmental roster alongside Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish.

Adam Cole had already made a name for himself in Ring of Honor before he appeared in NXT a few weeks ago, which is where he met his current girlfriend Britt Baker. The couple still occasionally team up together on the Independent Circuit and are the current WrestleCircus Big Top Tag Team Champions. Their relationship isn't as well-known as a number of others in WWE, but any fan who has visited either star's Twitter page will know that they are not doing a very good job of hiding the fact that they are obviously in a relationship.

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