15 Wrestling WAGS Fans Would Be Surprised To Learn About

When it comes to wrestling relationships, it seems that many of the WWE Universe are already aware of some of the couples that have been revealed over the past few years since Total Divas has become a popular show for many fans of the business. Even though there are a number of couples who have been able to find love inside the squared circle, there are also a number of stars who are in relationships with women outside of the company. Even though the WWE women are known to be some of the most attractive women in the world, some of these women could easily pass as Divas from back in the day.

Many of the biggest stars in WWE are married or in relationships with women that are not part of the wrestling business or were once part of WWE but have since left to pursue other avenues of employment. Many of these women have been able to remain under the radar in recent years. Many of the WWE Universe are unaware that some of their favorite wrestlers had families outside of the company since many of these stars prefer to keep their private life out of the headlines.

The following list looks at 15 wrestling WAGS that many in the WWE Universe were probably unaware of. These are the women who are behind some of the biggest superstars on WWE TV and the ones who definitely deserve more attention than they currently receive.

15 Galina Becker

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Galina Becker is the wife of former Shield member Roman Reigns and the mother of his three children. Galina and Roman met when they were both attending The Georgia Institute of Technology and studying completely different subjects more than a decade ago and they hit it off straight away and Galina later gave birth to the couple's first daughter Joelle while the Reigns was still training to be part of the wrestling business.

Incredibly, the two didn't tie the knot until 2014 and Reigns recently revealed that he has also become the father of twin boys in the last few years. Galina has been seen at ringside supporting her husband on a number of occasions and even Reigns' daughter Joelle was used on WWE TV as part of the storyline alongside Bray Wyatt back in 2014 when he decided to make it somewhat personal, something that Reigns wasn't happy about.

14 Chelsea Green

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WWE fans will remember Chelsea Green for her portrayal of Daniel Bryan's physiotherapist Megan Miller back in 2014. This was a short-lived storyline and later led to Green appearing as part of Tough Enough the following year, a contest that she failed to win.

Green has been in a relationship with former Intercontinental Champion Zack Ryder ever since the spring of 2017 where it is believed that he broke up with former girlfriend Emma. Chelsea has gained a lot of attention in recent years as Laurel Van Ness in Impact Wrestling but recently left the company as rumors of her move over to WWE continue to build steam. Chelsea and Ryder are always updating cute images on social media, which prove that they are one of the cutest wrestling couples right now. It will be interesting to see how they fare when they are both working for the same company.

13 Sarah Alesandrelli

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Sarah Alesandrelli has been in a relationship with former World Champion Seth Rollins ever since 2016 and the couple is becoming much more public with their relationship. Before his relationship with Sarah, Rollins was part of a scandal where it was revealed that he was seeing an NXT star. It is reported that Sarah used to work as a bartender before she started her relationship with Rollins, which is to have believed to have begun around the end of 2016 when the couple was known to have gone on vacation in Mexico.

The two regularly communicate through their personal Twitter pages and it is also reported that they now live together in Rollins' hometown of Davenport, Iowa, which is also the place where Rollins' runs his own wrestling school alongside his Independent Wrestling friend Maverick Black. The training school is called Black and Brave and its day-to-day running is mostly overlooked by his mother whilst he was on the road with WWE.

12 Rochelle Roman

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Rochelle Roman is the long-term girlfriend of former Mr. Money in the Bank Baron Corbin. Unlike many of the other women on this list, Rochelle isn't well-known to the WWE Universe and has only been spotted at a handful of WWE events, including WrestleMania 32 where she watched her boyfriend win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal on his main roster debut.

Rochelle is 25 years old and it is reported that she works as a registered nurse in Florida, which probably comes in handy since her boyfriend is a professional wrestler. Before Corbin began dating Roman, he was known to be in a relationship with Maria Brink, who was the lead singer of the band This Moment. The couple has been together for the past three years, but Baron's move to the main roster following WrestleMania 32 has meant that he is on the road much more than he was when he was part of NXT, so they are unable to spend as much time together.

11 Shaul Guerrero

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Shaul Guerrero is the daughter of the late, great Eddie Guerrero and former Raw General Manager Vickie Guerrero. Shaul followed in her father's footsteps a few years ago when she was signed by WWE and placed on their NXT roster where she was mildly successful alongside the likes of Emma and Paige on the developmental brand until she began struggling with personal issues and asked for her release from the company.

While Shaul was part of NXT she met former Vaudevillian Aiden English and the couple hit it off and then continued to date after she left the company back in 2015. Shaul and Aiden married back in January 2016, but the former NXT Diva has stepped away from the business at present as she starts thinking about a career outside of her family profession, while her husband continues to wrestle on SmackDown Live alongside Rusev.

10 Ashley Clement

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Ashley Clement is another former female wrestler who was signed to WWE back in 2011 when FCW was going through changes to become NXT. Ashley became known under her ring name Audrey Marie and is a former FCW Divas Champion, but she wasn't as successful when the show was rebranded to become NXT because of all of the women who were coming through the company at that time.

While Clement was working for the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, she met current SmackDown star Tyler Breeze and even though she was released from the company back in 2013, she and Breeze continued their relationship and then married back in September 2016. Ashley has since retired from the wrestling business after making a number of appearances on the Independent Circuit, while her husband continues to appear on WWE TV as part of the SmackDown Live roster.

9 Pamela Killings

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The wife of R-Truth has only been married to the star since 2011, but together the couple has a daughter, who was born back in November 2014. Truth has five children altogether, but four of these are from a previous relationship. Killings seems much younger than Truth but she has been supportive of his wrestling career throughout the seven years that they've been married and is probably aware that his career is coming to an end.

R-Truth hasn't been featured on WWE TV as much as usual in the past few months as he could be thinking about retirement, like many other stars at the present moment who have moved on to a career behind the scenes. Pamela has been spotted supporting Truth throughout his career in recent years and she will do the same following his retirement in the coming months.

8 Kori Campfield

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Kori Campfield is the wife of long-tenured WWE superstar Kofi Kingston. The two have been married since 201o and has two children together. Kofi has been on the road with WWE for more than a decade and he's finally found a place that makes sense in The New Day.

Kingston's WWE career has meant that he has missed a lot of the milestones with his children and wife over the past few years, but he has still been able to support them throughout. Kori has been able to accompany her husband to a number of WWE events over the past few years, including the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies where she is always seen supporting her husband. It's likely that the WWE Universe will be getting another glimpse of Kofi's beautiful wife next week when the company presents the 2018 Hall of Fame ceremony.

7 Harumi Maekawa

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Harumi Maekawa is the wife of current WWE star Shinsuke Nakamura. The two met while Nakamura was wrestling in his native Japan and when the King of Strong Style was offered a contract with WWE, one of his requirements was that his wife should be able to come over to America with him.

WWE COO Triple H then took it upon himself to help Nakamura to settle into his new home and even helped his wife to get a job in the United States. It is reported that Maekawa and Nakamura have been married ever since 2007 and she is a loving, caring person who has supported her husband throughout his career, which would be why she was OK to uproot her life and move halfway across the world with her husband so that he could pursue a career in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

6 Marissa Mazzola

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Marissa Mazzola is the wife of current SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon. The son of Vince McMahon met his future wife and the woman he has called his soul mate when they were both at high school and it seems that they have been together ever since. Marissa has given birth to three beautiful sons over the past few years and has supported her husband through some of the toughest times in his career, which includes the time he left WWE for more than six years to pursue a career of his own.

Marissa is always spotted at ringside alongside her three sons when McMahon is wrestling. Marissa is film producer, a fоrmеr public relations agent аnd television host. She began her career as a host on LiveWire and was once in charge of overseeing all public relations matters in WWF. The couple married back in 1996, after dating throughout high school.

5 Sarah Backman

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Sarah Backman is one of the former eight-time Arm Wrestling Champion as well as being a former female wrestler on the NXT roster. Backman comes from quite an athletic background which includes being seen as a former competitor on the Swedish version of Gladiators where she was known as "Spirit."

Backman joined WWE back in 2013 and was given the ring name Shara, but she later asked for and was granted her release from the company in April 2014. Like many other women in NXT at the time, Backman met her future husband Bo Dallas when she was working in NXT and the couple continued to date after she left and married in June 2014. It seems Backman has also left the business in recent years and has now started a career as a real estate broker. Her husband Bo Dallas is still working as part of the Raw roster.

4 Kim Marie Kessler

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Kim Marie Kessler is the second wife of current United States Champion Randy Orton. Kessler was a huge fan of the wrestling business and Orton before she met the SmackDown Live star back in 2013 and the couple then began dating. She even admitted to owning a lot of Orton merchandise when the couple first started their relationship. Before Kessler, Orton was married to Samantha Speno for six years, but the couple divorced back in 2o13, something that was said to have been a huge turning point in Orton's life.

When Kessler met Orton, she already had three sons from her previous relationship which Orton has happily taken on as his own. Kessler and Orton married back in 2015, just a year before the couple's first child together was born. Orton now has two daughters, one from his previous relationship with Samantha called Alana, and a daughter with Kessler called Brooklyn Rose.

3 Amy Polinsky

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Amy Polinsky is the wife of former NXT star and current Raw and SmackDown commentator Corey Graves. Polinsky married Graves back in 2011 after years of dating and the couple now has three children, two daughters and a son. Corey regularly posts images online showing the WWE Universe that he's spending his free time with his children.

Amy is just as in shape as her husband since she is a fitness trainer and the owner of the company Stay Down Inc., which is her online business that provides fitness classes, personal training, and fitness wear to fans around the world. Corey was forced to retire from wrestling a few years ago due to injury and has since been able to make the switch over to become the lead commentator on both SmackDown and Raw in recent years, which probably allows him to spend more time with his family and means that he's no longer at risk of injury.

2 Kaitlyn Frohnapfel

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Kaitlyn Frohnapfel is one of the most recent additions to the world of wrestling after marrying former NXT Champion Drew McIntyre back in December 2016 after beginning to date back in 2015. Kaitlyn is a trainee doctor when she isn't supporting her husband and since Drew is currently out injured so it seems that his wife's skills are coming in handy.

Drew McIntyre has been married once before to former Impact Wrestling star Taryn Terrell but the couple's marriage didn't work out since they divorced mere months after they first said their vows. McIntryre was then released from WWE back in 2014 as part of their budget cuts and was able to get his life and career back on track before he was then resigned to WWE last year as a married man and with more motivation that he had during his first run since he's now a former NXT Champion.

1 Karina Steen

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Karina Steen is the beautiful wife of SmackDown Live star Kevin Owens The two have been married for 11 years and look completely besotted with each other. Together the couple has two children together, a son called Owen who was named after former WWE star Owen Hart and a daughter called Elodie.

Owens and Karina have been together ever since Owens was part of the Independent Circuit and was trying to work his way up into the business. They are one of the companies cutest couples and even have matching tattoos on their hands, Karina's reads "Beauty" while Kevin's reads "Beast." Karina has become popular with the WWE Universe in recent years after Owens has risen to the top of the company and began mentioning his family in his promos and on his social media a lot more. Karina is a huge fan of Disney, something that he shares with her followers on her Instagram account.

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