One of the biggest names in the WWF circa the early '90s, Yokozuna, the first Samoan wrestler to ever win the Royal Rumble, and to ever hold the championship belt, got his ticket to the world of wrestling due to his incredible size, weighing in at over 500lbs when he debuted.

His size was key to his character, but also an eventual concern for WWF owner Vince McMahon, though perhaps too late a concern to make a difference. It was played that Yokozuna had broken his leg in a match (removed via forklift), so that he could take time and lose weight, at the time having reached over 600lbs. Though losing at least 100lbs, Yoko was still not cleared to wrestle, and was dropped by the WWF. Out of spite, hitting the independent circuits, Yoko decided to become the largest wrestler to hit the ring, reaching upward of near 800lbs.

Only eight years after his WWF debut, Yoko was found in his hotel room having died of a pulmonary edema (excess fluid in the lungs— likely brought on by a heart condition); despite having dropped his weight, in attempt to become healthy, to 580lbs by the time of his death. He may have eaten his way there, but the WWF only cared about him being big and able to wrestle, and ultimately sent him on his way, alone. He was 34.

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