15Alberto Del Rio - Slapped A Backstage Official

via: si.com

Alberto Del Rio is a former World Champion in WWE, but before his most recent stint in the company where he returned in October 2015, Del Rio was fired from the company after an altercation with a backstage official.

Back in 2014, it emerged that an official had been racist

towards the Mexican star and Del Rio's reaction was to slap him. WWE found out about the incident and released Del Rio from his contract, whilst the employee was apparently able to continue working for WWE. The former United States Champion wasn't happy about the events leading up to his release, but it seems that he managed to put all of this to one side when he was asked to return to WWE the following year. Del Rio appeared at Hell in a Cell in 2015 and accepted John Cena's United States Championship open challenge to lift the title for the first time.

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