15 Wrestling Duos You Wouldn’t Believe Are The Same Age

In the world of pro sports, it seems like the times are changing with youth being pushed to the forefront. Look at the NHL for example, a player’s prime used to be well into their 30s, but today, that same age is considered to be retirement territory (unless you’re a special talent). Nowadays, a player peaks in his mid 20s. It seems to be an ongoing trend in sports today as the youth continue to takeover.

As for the WWE, that isn’t the case. When it comes to youth, the WWE likes to take the slow and steady approach. There have been instances where they pressed the accelerator quickly, but that has led to mixed results. Just look at Paige for example, who got too much, too soon. What makes wrestling so unique is that like a fine wine, some seem to get better with age. Just look at the current product, the likes of Chris Jericho, Jeff Hardy and A.J. Styles are amongst the best. What makes it surreal is the fact that one of them is well into their 40s while the other two are set to enter the age in the summer. The WWE is a different animal.

In this article, we document some bizarre wrestling duos. Some you wouldn’t believe are insanely young, while others, you wouldn’t believe are actually quite old. We also have some duos you’ll be flat out shocked to find out that they’re in fact the same age. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share the link. Here are 15 wrestling duos you wouldn't believe are the same age!

15 Samoa Joe & David Flair – 38

This one might be a little hard to believe, but yes, these two are in fact the same age and, they got started in the business around the same time. Although Samoa Joe seems relatively new to the WWE Universe, he really isn’t. In fact, Joe has been wrestling since way back in 2000 when he joined his first promotion Ultimate Pro Wrestling, an affiliate for the WWE and a promotion even the likes of John Cena were in at one point. Joe would end up working for ROH and TNA throughout the bulk of his career before finally making a WWE pit stop in 2015.

As for Flair, his wrestling days are completely done with. He started in ’99 with WCW and after a brief indie run in 2008, his in-ring days were done with, as he completely changed fields, owning a Seal Wire Company out of North Carolina. Looking at the picture of the two, it’s hard to believe they’re the same age.

14 Carmella & AJ Lee – 30

As of October, these two female wrestling stars will be the same age. It’s especially hard to consider when you assess where they are in terms of their careers. One of them, is just starting out joining the main roster as of 2016, while the other, is currently retired and promoting a book that sums up her journey in the wrestling business. It seems like all these two have in common is age, as they appear to be in different leagues. Not many would anticipate that they’re in fact the same age, keeping in mind that Lee retired in her 20s if you can believe.

Retiring so young has led to speculation about a possible return for AJ. Lee amplified the rumors when she admitted to missing the company. Still only 30, a return can be a legit possibility at some point and without a doubt, these two can even find themselves as opponents if Lee is to return over on SmackDown Live.

13 Enzo Amore & Hornswoggle – 30

Although they might be the same age, the differences between the two are numerous. Hornswoggle started in the wrestling business back in 2005 joining the NWA territory in Wisconsin. During that point in time, Amore was nowhere near the wrestling business playing football for Salisbury University, during the ’07-’09 time period. He made the jump to the wrestling business much later, getting signed in August of 2012. At that point, Hornswoggle had been with the company for more than five years, already completing storylines alongside DX, serving as the Raw General Manager and even being announced as Vince’s illegitimate son. As for Enzo, he was busy working as a DJ and a manager for Hooters.

Nowadays, Enzo is making a name for himself on the main roster, still seeming like he’s relatively new. As for Hornswoggle, he was released by the company for failing the Wellness Exam and he’s currently working the indie scene along with signing on to be a part of Impact Wrestling.

12 DDP & Jim Neidhart – 61 & 62

Both in their 60s, the ages tell a different story. No disrespect to the great Jim Neidhart, but he does look his age. It seems like the aging process took its toll on the legend, wrestling since the 70s. He was also a big time drinker during his days, which likely sped up the aging process.

Hard to believe that DDP is nearly the same age as Neidhart. Page recently turned 61 which is truly hard to believe judging by his incredible shape. You’d think he was a dude in his 40s. Page was a notoriously slow starter; just to put things into perspective, his most formidable run in the wrestling business took place in the late 90s when he was already into his 40s. Page proved all the critics wrong finding success at such an older age and proving that age was in fact just a number. He keeps in fantastic shape nowadays because of his yoga practice that continues to change lives on a regular basis.

11 Peyton Royce & Paige – 24

Some blame Paige’s downwards spiral on the fact that she got too much, too soon. The Norwich native was crowned the youngest Divas Champion in WWE history when she won the strap in her very first main roster match at the age of 21. Accomplishing so much and being so young, Paige fell off the rails and its led to some bad blood between herself and the company. At this point, it seems like her WWE days are done.

Paige’s age has been well documented, and it’s hard to believe she’d still be one of the youngest members of the entire roster today. Another NXT female star who’s also shockingly young and as young as Paige, is Peyton Royce. The Australian is in fact also 24, although her in-ring work seems to be veteran-like. Similar to Paige, Royce started very young and by 2009 and the age of 17, she was already performing on the indie scene. The company is likely to be cautious with her potential, but you can expect some big things in the future from this Sydney beauty.

10 Nia Jax & Kevin Owens – 33

As of May 29th, both of these current WWE stars will be 33. Owens just turned 33 on May 7th, which makes sense given his body of work in the wrestling industry. As for Jax, some might be shocked to find out she’s the same age as Kevin given how green she is to the business.

Putting things into perspective, when Jax had signed her first WWE deal, Owens was also just entering the company as well. Upon signing the deal, Jax had no experience whatsoever, while Kevin, came into the company with already 14 years of experience under his belt, starting way back in 2000. Despite the experience differences, Jax was called to the main roster quite prematurely given her marketable look. After only two years of ring work, Jax was called up to Raw and she’s now a big time player on the Monday Show.

9 JoJo & Noam Dar – 23

It isn’t insane to think that these two are the same age. However, what’s truly surreal is the fact that both are still insanely young at the age of 23. Both are amongst the youngest employees the company has on the entire talent roster. It’s hard to believe especially when you consider the amount of talent both possess. The 23 year old JoJo has been thrust into a huge position as the lead ring announcer despite her young age. Offerman joined back in 2013, being added to the cast of Total Divas. After working down in NXT as the lead announcer, she’s now been promoted to a top job on the main roster.

As for Dar, he’s also thriving in the Cruiserweight Division. He wrestles like a veteran and you’d be shocked to find out he actually is, especially when you consider that he’s been wrestling the indie scene since he was 15. The dude literally had eight years of experience already under his belt.

8 Tom Phillips & Jack Gallagher – 27

We discussed JoJo’s youth in the previous entry and we now turn our focus to another young WWE broadcaster Tom Phillips, who’s only 27. It seems quite evident that the WWE is getting younger, especially internally with such young broadcasters. Tom has already been in the WWE pipeline for a couple of years, serving as a backstage interviewer for NXT during his earlier days. He joined in 2012 at the young age of 23, and he’s now blossoming over on SmackDown Live as the lead commentator. You wouldn’t think he was the same age as Gallagher, judging by his poise and professionalism at the commentary booth.

As for Gentleman Jack, you would be able to predict that he’s in his 20s, especially when you assess how new he is to the WWE joining in 2016 through the CWC Tournament. Like the others on the list, age is just a number for Gallagher who already has a decade of experience. Jack started training at the age of 16, and enjoyed years of indie work before his big WWE break.

7 Austin Aries & Sheamus – 39

As much as we’ve praised the amount of youth in the WWE throughout this article, we must give some love to the older stars as well. Surreal to think that both Sheamus and Austin Aries are a shade away from their 40s, at the age of 39, and both are still performing at an incredibly high standard proving that age isn’t the be-all end-all in the wrestling business.

Aries particularly seems to be much younger, especially because of the fact that he’s relatively new to WWE fans. Aries started to perform in the early 2000s, and didn’t wrestle for the WWE till 2016 when he finally joined NXT. Wisely, his run in development wasn’t all that long, and he served as a broadcaster for the Cruiserweights early on. This helped to showcase his awesome persona and he’s now thriving with the youth in the Cruiserweight Division.

As for Sheamus, he’s added years to his career as a Tag Team wrestler with Cesaro. Credit Sheamus for still competing at a high standard; the guy hasn’t slowed down one bit despite the fact that he’s set to turn 40 next January.

6 Naomi & Bray Wyatt – 29

One you’d probably be able to predict was in their 20s, while the other, looks closer to 40. Although these two are the same age, physically, Wyatt looks nothing like a 29 year old. With a long beard, robust look and eerie personality, Wyatt resembles someone more so in their 40s. It’s mind-blowing to tell the casual fan that Wyatt is in fact still in his 20s, although he’s set to finally enter his 30s at the end of May. Winning a WWE Title in your 20s is quite the accomplishment even if the run was short-lived. Wyatt himself has expressed his desires to stay in the business for a long time, so we can be a little more patient with his upbringing considering how young he still is .

As for Naomi, fans are thrilled she’s finally hitting her peak at the perfect age of 29. Naomi lacked a certain something as a heel and she’s finally caught heat as babyface under a gimmick she actually pitched herself. The future remains brighter than ever for the current SmackDown Live Women’s Champion.

5 Kenny Omega & Heath Slater – 33

The casual wrestling fan would find it hard to believe that these two are the same age. The fanbase has been begging the WWE to get the services of Omega, who’s considered the hottest star out of the company. Although he might appear to be so new and different, he’s in fact decently aged and comparable to WWE veteran Heath Slater. Many would find this hard to believe but the two are in fact the same age, with Omega starting in the business way back in 2001, while Slater actually joined later in 2004.

Age might be the only thing these two have in common. Slater enjoyed a surprising formidable run over on SmackDown winning the Tag Titles with Rhyno. It seems like he’s going back to being an afterthought since joining the Raw brand. He’s been in the WWE system for over a decade, while Omega, who’s the same age has yet to step foot in a WWE ring aside from his lackluster developmental run back in ’05-’06. The future of these two 33 year olds tells a very different story as one is yet to scratch the surface in the WWE, while the other, appears to be past his prime.

4 A.J. Styles & Jeff Hardy – 39

Looking at both rosters, whether it be Raw or SmackDown Live, it’s hard to find two performers better than these two. A.J. is absolutely killing it in the WWE, becoming arguably the top face in the entire company. While Jeff, continues to get massive ovations along with being one of the most talented individuals on the entire WWE roster. What’s truly hard to digest is the fact that these two insane athletes are set to turn 40 in the summer; Styles in June and Hardy at the end of August.

These two dudes personify the phrase, “age is just a number”. Styles appears to be only scratching the surface with the WWE, while Jeff is still pulling Swanton Bombs off of ladders. You can argue that both have the capabilities to carry the company, and that’s truly mind-blowing considering they're both almost 40. As much as we praise the WWE for their youth, we need to stop and acknowledge these veterans who are still stealing shows at such an age.

3 Finn Balor & Daniel Bryan – 35

Both these dudes are set to turn 36 shortly, which is quite surreal especially for Balor who seems to be brand new for those who are unaware of his indie past. Looking at him visually and in the ring, the guy looks and moves like a 20 year old. Without a doubt, it seems like Finn will be competing well into his 40s.

As for Bryan, some would anticipate such an age especially due to the fact that he called it a career. Many tend to forget but Daniel called it a career at an insanely young age, and he’s still only 35, which is really young to be retired. Judging by Daniel’s love for the business, if he’d be injury-free he’d likely have another decade of work to his career but that wasn’t to be due to nagging concussion issues. Still only 35 however, the door remains open for a possible return at some point.

2 Batista & Kurt Angle – 48

The casual WWE fan might have thought that Batista was a lot younger than Kurt Angle (and with reason) when assessing their pasts in the business. When Angle was crowned WWE Champion, Batista was just getting started in developmental joining the outdated OVW system. When Batista was finally in the World Title picture, Angle was on his way out of the WWE leaving the company in shocking fashion and joining TNA. Batista would end up winning his first WWE Title at the age of 36, defeating Triple H at WrestleMania 21. As for Angle, he won the belt at the age of 31.

Batista still seems relatively young given his acting roles in Hollywood. Few would predict that he’s hovering around the age of 50. Some would assume Angle was around that age given his longevity in the business but it’s a different story for Batista who blossomed late in his WWE and acting careers.

1 Shawn Michaels & Paul Heyman – 51

Yes, we do live in a world that not only consists of these two wrestling icons being the same age, but HBK actually being older than Heyman, as he’s set to turn 52 in July, while Paul is set to turn 52 in September. Looking at the two physically, you truly find that hard to believe.

Michaels is still looking incredible these days, and he can probably still perform at a high standard inside of the squared circle. Heck, the rumors of him taking on Styles were intensified because of how great he still looks. No disrespect to Heyman, but he’s looked to be in his 50s for the last two decades.

In terms of experience, both have been in the business since the 80s. Michaels is now happily retired, while Heyman appears sporadically as a part-time employee alongside Brock Lesnar. He’s spending more time back in New York nowadays working at his agency.

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