15 Wrestling Divas You’d Never Bring Home To Meet The Family

You wouldn’t dream of bringing these divas back home to meet your dear old parents and beloved relatives.

Wrestling’s changed a lot since the 90s and the early 2000s. Back then, if you had kids, you’d have to sit close by and get ready to cover their eyes at a moment’s notice – things were very racy back then, especially in the female division. That’s pretty much what women’s wrestling was; sensual, seductive storylines in which women were being sexualized at every opportunity. It’s no overestimation to say that the majority of the roster during these times ended up having to partake in such antics. Plenty despised being sexualized and have since come out and said so. Female wrestlers want to be known as wrestlers, not just a bit of eye candy in the ring for people to ogle over, and that’s the way things are now – times have changed and wrestling’s now a more family-orientated show.

Although many female wrestlers hated being in those types of situations, for a lot of divas, such storylines suited them down to the ground. Firstly, to be a woman and to get into wrestling, you’ve got to have something about you and be willing to do what sells, and such raunchy storylines and sex certainly sells. Watching these divas over the years, you’d have to say that some probably actually enjoyed doing the dirty, so to speak. Some have even surprised us by getting up to no good outside the ring too – it’s just a way of life for these women.

But, because of their antics, it must be really hard to form meaningful relationships. Even when they do and things get serious, imagine what would happen when it’s time to meet the family! There would probably be quite a few awkward moments around the dinner table, especially when someone whips out their phone and decides to search for her name, and then all those pictures and articles pop up. Awks! These are 15 wrestling divas who, because of their history, if you were with them, you wouldn’t dream of bringing back home to meet your dear old parents and beloved relatives. You might have to get an ambulance on standby!

15 Eva Marie - Everything That's Wrong With Female Wrestlers

I don’t mean to be savage, but although Eva Marie’s hot, she represents everything that’s wrong with female wrestling. The red haired vixen is stunning, there’s no denying that, but in terms of her in-ring skills, there’s pretty much zilch to speak of.

She arrived in WWE just four years ago, and for some reason, WWE seems to be obsessed with her, although it appears that they’ve finally had enough. She’s currently on a hiatus from in-ring competition; she started making up reasons why she couldn’t compete, and in the end WWE had enough of her whining and decided to suspend her for 30 days, much to the relief of a lot of fans. She also doesn’t have a great reputation among her fellow divas, and for those of you who saw her appearance on the reality show, Total Divas, you’ll know why. She’s vindictive, is prone to a bit of backstabbing, and just apparently loves controversy – not someone who you’d want to introduce into your family dynamic.

14 Summer Rae - Catty And Annoying

Summer Rae is currently on a hiatus from WWE TV due to injury, and a lot of people, wrestling fans and those in the business, must be hoping she stays away from the wrestling scene for as long as possible. She’s just not the most popular woman on the roster. She’s been in the industry for six years, has won absolutely nothing of note since joining the main roster, but aside from her lack of accomplishments in the ring, it’s just her entire persona – her real-life persona – that rubs plenty of people the wrong way. Summer thinks she’s something she’s not, and this has been noticed and hasn’t gone down well with too many people in the industry. It’s true that she perhaps wasn’t given the breaks she deserved when she first burst onto the scene, but because of that, Summer’s become pretty bitchy, has developed a chip on her shoulder and just think’s the world’s out to get her. She’s catty in the ring, but she comes across as being like that in real-life too – these traits seem to be engrained in her personality - which would cause havoc if you brought her home to meet the family.

13 Nikki Bella - Whiny And High-Strung

Nikki Bella’s one diva who’s been in the news a hell of a lot lately, due to her getting engaged to John Cena – that long-awaited engagement. She’s now part of wrestling’s latest power couple, because they both hold a lot of sway in the business. John Cena, well, we all know what he brings to the table. Nikki too is one of WWE’s top performers; she’s a PR machine, is drop dead gorgeous, has a number of assets, isn’t bad in the ring too, and there’s basically two of her, with her twin sister Brie. So, she seems like the perfect girl, right? If you’ve seen Total Divas you’ll know that not to be the case. She really didn’t come across very well in that reality show; talk about being high-strung and whiny – pretty much an actual diva – which has led us to believe that John Cena’s got a lot on his hands and has perhaps bitten off more than he can chew. She’s also seriously dependent on the person she’s with, and although initially that might seem great to a lot of guys, down the line it’ll probably be a little suffocating.

12 Rosa Mendes - Bi & Ready For Fun

Rosa Mendes was vicious in the ring, but she’s a really sweet girl out of it, which is why it might surprise some of you that she makes this list. From what we’ve seen of her on the reality TV series Total Divas, Rosa’s a lover not a hater, but she does a bit too much loving…wait for it. Yes, Rosa’s bisexual – that’s not why she’s on here – and goes both ways, but she’s on here because she thinks nothing of hooking up - and when I say hooking up I mean smooching, which is still a no no if you’re with someone – with multiple people. She’s with a guy at the moment, and has been for quite a while, but she also has the hots for women, like her fellow divas, and has been quite open about how she wants to get with Paige and Natalya and how they’re totally her type. She flirts, then she pounces and goes in for the kiss, which, in most people’s books, constitutes as cheating. It might sound amazing to be with a woman as hot as Rosa, who also likes girls – think of the possibilities! – but think about it some more, and would you really want to be constantly worrying about who your girl has the hots for, and what she might do? And if you have conservative parents, bringing a woman like Rosa home would probably be enough to finish them off.

11 Victoria - Photo Scandal

Victoria’s been around forever. She’s been doing her thing on the wresting scene since 2000 and has had a pretty successful time of it too. She’s seriously hot, has been a dominating presence in women’s wrestling, and has titles to back it up. Aside from her in-ring accomplishments, Victoria’s also had a decent time of it away from wrestling, getting involved in various business ventures and keeping busy. But that’s just the thing, she’s been keeping busy, not only with her wrestling and her businesses, but with quite a few guys too. That wouldn’t be a problem – what she does in her private life is up to her – but it became a problem when those goings on were leaked and were no longer private.

Bring her back home and when your parents type her name into a search engine, the first thing that will come up is news of the latest sex tape scandal to hit a wrestling diva. After Paige’s sex tape was leaked, Victoria was the latest diva to have been hacked, and now her nude pics, one of which appears to be her having oral sex with some dude, are online for everyone to see. It’s therefore little wonder, that if you were with Victoria, you’d be making every excuse under the sun to not bring her home to meet the family.

10 Candice Michelle - Raunchy In The Ring

When Vince McMahon concocted yet another one of his ideas in 2005, Vince’s Devils, everyone thought the villainous alliance would be a flop. It was actually just that, as they were active for less than a year, but there were some seriously hot and steamy moments between the members of the alliance, in particular between Victoria and Candice Michelle, two of the hottest, raunchiest divas to have ever graced the industry. They used to kiss when entering the ring together, much to everyone’s delight, really sexually too, and either they’re terrific actresses or they were really enjoying those moments, as we were. Candice certainly was, because it’s something she’s used to, as her pseudonym Mackenzie Montgomery. Aside from wrestling she’s appeared in many adult films, including quite a few star roles as a bondage babe, so understandably it’d be a bit awks if you bring her home to meet the family and they start asking her about her extracurricular activities.

9 Jessicka Havok - The Racist Homophobe 

Jessicka who, you might ask? Jessicka Havok isn’t the best diva in women’s wrestling, not by a long shot. She had a decent stint in TNA, but aside from that, there isn’t really anything to shout about. She’s won a few titles here and there with some of the lesser promotions, and that’s because she’s just your run-of-the-mill wrestler. She’s not exactly a looker, isn’t svelte, athletic, and doesn’t have a killer physique, and her mic skills are pretty average too – not the best package for a female wrestler trying to make it in the industry. That is, in part, why the world’s top promotion, WWE hasn’t come calling.

I say in part because she did actually have a chance, went for try-outs with WWE at one point in 2015, but something else came to light at that time, something that’s probably damaged her career for good. Tweets that she’d sent years previously were discovered, and plenty of these tweets were of a racist and homophobic nature. She apologized after people began getting on her back, and after denying she sent them and blaming them on an ex, but there was no way WWE were going to hire her after that. Her reputation’s been tarnished, and you’d have to be a pretty brave – other words come to mind! – person to want to introduce a woman like Jessicka, a woman with racist and homophobic tendencies, to your family, and to even get with her in the first place. Others on this list may have had embarrassing, racy pasts, but it’s fair to say that Jessicka’s just not a very nice person.

8 Zahra Schreiber - Photo Leaks And Racism

Zahra Schreiber isn’t one of the most well-known wrestlers out there; actually she is, but not for anything she’s accomplished in the ring. She’s known in wrestling circles for all the wrong reasons. Her talent is so-so, but she makes up for it by being recognizable and super sexy, and heavily tattooed with a stunning physique, which meant that she actually had a chance of going somewhere, of being someone in wrestling, but it hasn’t ended up like that and she’s only got herself to blame.

She’s somewhat famous for what she got up to with Seth Rollins – posting nude pics online and all of those shenanigans – but she’s gotten in trouble for hitting the send button again. She sent a series of racist tweets which made WWE want to distance themselves from her, but posting pics of herself with Nazi imagery was the final straw and they’ve now cut all ties with Zahra, as has Seth Rollins. Would Seth had been happy bringing Zahra back home to meet the family after everything that came to light? I think not.

7 Torrie Wilson - Flaunts The Goods

Torrie Wilson wrestled in the era where baring all and taking part in racy storylines was part and parcel of a night of wrestling entertainment, and Torrie was involved in such storylines more than most. It’s as if it was a prerequisite to her wrestling, that she’d be sexualized tons of times, because Vince seemed to take delight in writing her into such scripts, and it appeared that she was actually a willing participant, that she was having some fun too.

I’m sure Torrie’s got a great personality and all. She seems like a shy, sweet little girl, but under the surface there’s a real firecracker and that might just cause some explosions if you bring her around to the family home. She’s taken part in some pretty raunchy scenes during her time in wrestling, has been the cover girl for various lads’ mags such as FHM and Playboy, and certainly isn’t shy about flaunting her assets. Knowing all that, if you’re still welcome to introduce her to the family. Good luck.

6 Nikki Cross - Pretty But Vicious

Nikki Cross’ career really took off last year when she began wrestling with WWE, and that new contract with a new promotion brought about a totally new Nikki. Nikki Cross as an entry on this list is totally character-based, going by her gimmick, but she must have drawn upon some aspect of her own personality to pull off what she’s been doing as of late in the ring.

As Nikki Storm, this Scottish lass was pretty down-to-earth, really chilled out, content to do her thing in the ring and have a good time in the process. That Nikki would’ve actually made the perfect girlfriend, and bringing her around for Sunday dinner would’ve been all sunshine and roses. But when she joined WWE, her wrestling persona transformed and she was basically repackaged into the pretty vicious Nikki Cross. For those of you who know the ads, she’s like one of those Duracell bunnies that never stop.

5 Emma - Not So Innocent

Australian wrestling sensation Emma’s been around for quite a while now. She’s only 28 but has been around since her teens, although it’s when she started wrestling with WWE that she really began to capture the hearts and minds of the wrestling world. Emma’s drop-dead gorgeous, there’s no denying that, and she’s proven her worth in the ring too – she's a fiery competitor, someone definitely not to be taken lightly. But that persona that’s apparent when the cameras are rolling is – if those many rumors are to be believed – totally different from her real life persona, and therefore what she gets up to backstage. Some say she doesn’t dedicate herself to wrestling, to her gimmick, and that she’s got a really poor attitude and is just a nightmare to work with. If you take those aspects of her personality, you can make an educated guess what she’s going to be like in a relationship – it’s safe to say you’ll have your fair share of relationship issues.

4 Mickie James - Plays Crazy Too Well

In the nicest possible way, Mickie James is WWE’s – and wrestling in general – resident nutjob. She’s absolutely barking mad, her character that is, which is a testimony to her ability to take on any role in the ring. Most people would run a mile if they were told they’d have to partake in the storylines Mickie’s done over the years, although having said that, not many people, guys or girls, would mind getting as up close and personal with Trish Stratus as Mickie has.

Again, this entry is purely character-based. Mickie in real life seems like a really sweet girl, not your average wrestler. She loves riding horses, and is a country girl through and through. But she’s so good at playing the psycho character that Mickie used to be, that there must be a little something under the surface, something she’s drawn upon in order to be so convincing, and that would be worrying in any relationship.

3 Sable - Too Raunchy For The Family

Sable’s another one of these divas who was around doing her thing in the ring when female wrestlers were basically on the roster for their sex appeal. Being one of the hottest divas in WWE, Sable was sexualized tons of times over the years and was involved in a number of raunchy storylines, back when wrestling was PG. She also had a number of hot and steamy moments with fellow divas; who can forget that strip tease in the ring and then that smooch with Torrie Wilson?! Sable’s also posed nude for Playboy, so as a whole, that’s a history most families would have a problem with.

Aside from all of her raunchy goings on, Sable’s also gained a reputation for being a bit of a recluse – amazing considering all that she’s happy to show in front of the cameras. She’s not exactly great to her fans, which indicates social interactions such as dinner with the family might pose a few issues.

2 Sunny - Where Do We Begin?

Sunny’s yet another diva who basically became known for being hot and for all the racy things she did during her time in wrestling. She’s actually considered to be the first diva, and due to everything she’s achieved over the years, she’s a deserved inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame, although having said that, there are plenty of people that disagree with that decision. That’s because Sunny’s had one hell of a tough time since her WWE days. She’s had numerous legal issues for everything from driving offences to disorderly conduct and burglary, and has even served time in prison.

As if that wouldn’t be hard enough for your family to take, now that she's done wrestling, she’s now basically a pornstar. Most people do it the other way around, start off in adult films and then get into wrestling, but Sunny – whether she likes it or needs to do it we’ll never know – has only just released a pornographic film. All of this should make for an interesting meet and greet around the family dinner table, should you be brave enough to bring her home in the first place.

1 Paige - Girl Gone Wild

Whoa, where do I begin with Paige? Firstly, I’m going to start off by singing her praises. She’s undoubtedly one of the best divas in wrestling at the moment, and has been even since she came over to U.S. shores. Her wrestling background was evident and everyone took to her instantly, and loved the overall package she brought to the ring.

She’s also had a number of hot and steamy moments, much to WWE’s displeasure actually because they’ve been trying to move away from that. Whether it’s licking Natalya or having a smooch with Rosa Mendes, this is one diva who does what she likes, and the impression she’s giving across is that she really likes all these interactions with her fellow divas. This might be an issue, but the main one is that she’s pretty unstable when it comes to being in relationships and has a number of personal problems which could make her pretty hard to be with. We actually saw her meet her boyfriend’s parents on Total Divas, a meeting that didn’t go too well.

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