15 Wrestling Characters That Believed They Were Better Than You

Wrestling is filled with a number of different characters; there are good guys, bad guys, and everything in between. Their characters are either beloved or despised, and the reasons are usually quite different for everyone. In the case of those that aren't liked, it could be because it tapped into the insecurities of the audience watching them, making them uncomfortable. Maybe it's a wrestler's overly flamboyant nature, or someone's ability to demonstrate a sense of self-confidence that crossed over into being cocky and arrogant. Those characters that demonstrate such self-confidence also believe that they are above anyone and everyone. That arrogance stems from either their looks or even their intelligence. There is always something that suggests that they are in a completely different place from everyone else.

Throughout wrestling history, a number of wrestlers would walk and talk as though they were better than those paying to watch them. And indeed, the idea that those we pay to see would present their belief they are better than the paying audience is brilliant. Fans are not only insulted but are essentially paying to be insulted by those in the ring. Who are these wrestling personalities that believed they were above and beyond anyone in attendance or watching at home? Here are fifteen wrestling characters that believed they were better than you.

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15 Ravishing Rick Rude

The late Ravishing Rick Rude was just as intense in the ring as he was on the mic. His arrogance was rooted in his million-dollar body, and in the ring, he could back up all of his braggadocios. He would often have women swoon over him, as he appeared to be chiseled from granite. When Rude came to the ring he didn't just believe he was better than his opponent, he believed he was better than anyone and everyone within sight. Of course, he didn't act better than his managers, for instance like Bobby Heenan, because they also sang his praises. He would pick a woman from the audience and plant a kiss on her in the middle of the ring, leaving them in a hot and bothered heap on the mat as he gyrated his hips over top of them, as all the men looked on in outrage!

14 "The Model" Rick Martel

This transformation, from what was previously a wholesome babyface, came about because of a need for a character change. In doing so, Rick Martel didn't just change who he was but his complete outlook as well. After splitting from his tag team with Tito Santana, Martel adopted a character that was self-involved, arrogant, and egotistical. In his case, his superiority was based on what he perceived to be his good looks. The Model would walk to the ring with a spray can of perfume, aptly called Arrogance, and spread the scent around, which was intended to clear the air as it was soiled by those who shared the air with him. Martel not only started thinking more about himself, but thought he was better than everyone, including anyone that stepped into the ring with him. The Model is among the most notable characters in wrestling to believe he stood above everyone.

13 Tyler Breeze

When your seasonal residences include exotic locales such as Egypt and Monaco, it contributes to you thinking you're all that. During his time in NXT, Breeze adopted a model character that would constantly look at his image in his cellphone, and broadcast that image over the big screen so those in attendance could see him. It was certainly a very vain perspective, and Breeze was so infatuated with himself that no one that was near him could compare. Often he would refer to others as "uggos," because they just didn't match up to Prince Pretty. When he joined the main roster, he was aligned with Summer Rae, which didn't work well since Breeze was simply too beautiful for her as well. Now one-half of Breezango, Breeze's belief that he is better than anyone else is accompanied by his belief that many are guilty of crimes of fashion, something no one should be guilty of!

12 The Miz

He's awesome, and the self-proclaimed Hollywood A-lister is about as brash and confident a character as there is. The Miz was always a confident character. However, since adopting the movie star personality it appears no one is truly on his level, not even John Cena. He will often brag about the films he is in and the shows he is a part of, and his ego is supported by his wife Maryse's complete and total agreement that he is everything he says he is. Though The Miz thinks he is better than anyone else, he does refer to his wife, Maryse as being equally awesome, and calls them the "It Couple." His perspective that he is above anyone else was never more evident than with his treatment of his former stunt double, Damian Mizdow. The former WWE champion and six-time Intercontinental champion doesn't just believe he is better than you, he will remind you of it at every single opportunity.

11 The Narcissist

If you live life calling yourself a narcissist, then that means you think you are better than anyone else. However, it wasn't always this way for Lex Luger. Before joining WWE in the early 1990s, he was often referred to by the nickname "The Total Package." That nickname signified that he really did have it all: size, strength, a great look, speed, and technique. However, a nearly tragic motorcycle injury almost ended his career. The result: "The Total Package" was no more, as his mobility was seriously hindered. His confidence was not, though, and after joining WWE, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan introduced this man that was surrounded by mirrors, whose vain nature led to him calling himself The Narcissist. He still had a physique that many would marvel at, physically impressive in a way others only wished they could look. When you look as good as he did, it's hard to be humble

10 Matt Striker

An actual practicing teacher, Striker professed himself to be incredibly intelligent. On top of that, his character gave fans the impression that his scholarly acumen made him better than you. He displayed an encyclopedic knowledge of each move, the psychology behind it, and how to execute it. His manner while demonstrating this knowledge made clear his opinion that fans didn't measure up to him. It was really hard to argue that perspective, while he was holding court in his "classroom" or dismissing others while he was a part of ECW. Striker's role was to enlighten, and really is there anything truly wrong with being reminded that you just don't measure up? For some fans, it was clearly something they didn't appreciate.

9 Hunter Hearst Helmsley

In the mid-1990s, the Greenwich, Connecticut blue blood Hunter Hearst Helmsley walked with a sense of confidence that others couldn't even dream of having. His sense of superiority was rooted in personal wealth. He later changed to his persona as The Game and the Cerebral Assassin, but it wasn't always this way. Something must be said about the confidence it takes to walk to the ring dressed in polo attire, and having to soil your hands by facing the likes of the Godwins. It was beneath him to face anyone that didn't look or dress in a manner comparable to him. Helmsley initially was aligned with Mr. Perfect and was later escorted to the ring by a bevy of beautiful women, as he only deserved the finest and most beautiful around him. When push came to shove, Helmsley would put up a fight, proving that he wasn't just better than his opposition, but would make them look foolish in the process.

8 Bobby Roode

He isn't just good. He isn't just great. Bobby Roode is glorious. And in fact, even before his time in NXT Roode carried himself with a complete and total assurance that he was better than others. At one time, he competed in TNA as Robert Roode and would flaunt his wealth while making his opposition seem beneath him. Whether it was insulting Eric Young and putting him in his place, or embarrassing the likes of Ms. Brooks whose only goal was to stand by him to ensure that he continued to look good, Roode's character cared about himself and himself alone. While he may have been part of tag teams, Roode's star shone brightest when he was actively competing for a singles title, as though having others with him simply dimmed his bright light. When you are this great, you take the spotlight and make sure others acknowledge how glorious you are.

7 Austin Aries

He is the greatest man that ever lived! Austin Aries' confidence is indisputable; he's been actively competing for over fifteen years, and it is impossible to ignore everything he has accomplished in the ring. Whether it was winning singles or tag team championships, Aries consistently was not simply good, but great. His greatness is also asserted by those he faced in the ring. For instance, though he only faced WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle once, the Olympic Gold Medalist has said of him “I would put him up there with an AJ Styles or Samoa Joe as far as his ability to work. Austin is really intense, he has a lot of skill. Not just that, but he really has a good gift of gab. I would have loved to go an hour with him, I think we would have lit it up.” It's one thing to say you are better than anyone else, it's another when your peers say it.

6 Damien Sandow

As the intellectual savior of the masses, Damien Sandow truly did everything in his power to ensure everyone knew he was trying to enlighten wrestling fans the world over. It becomes harder and harder to dispute how great someone is when they keep telling you your faults and spend the majority of their matches doing so. Sandow would hold the microphone like one would hold a glass of scotch or fine wine. His duty was to have you understand he was smarter than everyone. Sandown could truly do it all, and his ability to achieve such stature had to come from confidence. Alongside Cody Rhodes, he was one-half of the tag team the Rhodes Scholars, who embraced their own self-worth at the expense of others. Sandow acted as though he was better than you and rather than be upset, we really should be thankful. You're welcome!

5 The Genius

Lanny Poffo was the resident poet laureate of WWE. Though his career in WWE didn't reach the levels of his brother Randy "Macho Man" Savage, it had its redeeming qualities. When he first joined the promotion, the focus was on his gymnastic ability and all-around athleticism. What was later capitalized on was his tremendous baritone voice, and an ability to use poems to create a reaction. Often a poem is intended to generate applause, but when Poffo became The Genius, he would use his poems to get under the skin of the audience. They weren't as intelligent as he was, nor were they close to being as good as he was. He would wear a graduation cap and gown to the ring, and also accompanied the likes of Mr. Perfect for his matches; after all, brilliance and perfection go hand in hand. The Genius believed he was smarter than you and reminded fans of that on a regular basis.

4 Bob Backlund

To have seen Bob Backlund compete in the mid to late 1970s was to see a clean cut all-American boy that was as admired for his sportsmanship as he was for his wrestling skill and technique. The former WWE champion defeated Ivan Koloff for the title, not losing it until six years later against the Iron Sheik when his manager threw in the towel. When Backlund returned to WWE in the early 1990s, he hoped to be what he once was. However, change in society meant he had not come back to the same place that he left. Backlund began to wear a suit and bowtie and would state that he would not sign autographs for the plebeians who were intellectually inferior. The youth of today was a big concern to him, as they, in his mind, didn't have the mental capacity to measure up to his level.

3 Dean Douglas

He scratched his nails across a chalkboard, but when Shane Douglas joined WWE and adopted the Dean Douglas character, more than chalkboards were being scratched. Douglas was called "The Franchise" in ECW, as he was believed to be the cornerstone of the promotion from its inception to its end. In WWE, he sported a graduation cap and gown and wrestled in a singlet, symbolizing that he was just as brilliant in the ring as he was in the classroom. His stated purpose was to educate the misinformed, even if they couldn't comprehend what he was saying. His time in WWE wasn't long, but it certainly was memorable. It appeared as though he was about to capture the Intercontinental championship by forfeit, as Shawn Michaels couldn't defend the title, but Razor Ramon defeated him for the belt. Douglas' character walked and talked as though he was better than you, and he could certainly back it up

2 "Nature Boy" Ric Flair

As the limousine-riding, jet-flying, kiss stealing, wheeling, dealing, son of a gun, the Nature Boy lived a life that was better than yours, and he reminded you of it on every occasion. Flair had rivalries with common folk like "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, opponents who were the reflection of everything Flair was not. The sixteen-time world champion defeated some of the best in the world, which continued to reflect how good he was. He would often remind fans that it was his ring, and it's a blessing for anyone to stand inside it and face him. Flair's conditioning was second to none, as he could wrestle hour long matches night after night, something many of his contemporaries couldn't even fathom doing. He lived the life of a star and believed himself better than anyone else, especially those sitting and watching in attendance.

1 "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase

Everyone has a price, and everyone is going to pay because the Million Dollar Man always gets his way; if that line alone doesn't suggest that he believed he was better than you, then we aren't quite sure what would. The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase, would often tempt and tease fans that if they could achieve a task, he would award them a monetary fee. However, if the task was dribbling a basketball ten times, DiBiase would disrupt the flow, causing the person not to receive any reward. It was a fairly dastardly act to kick a basketball away from a child who was dribbling it. DiBiase not only thought his wealth made him better than anyone else, he would embarrass anyone that even attempted to be seen as an equal. His fiendish cackle would get under the skin of those in attendance.

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