15 Wrestlers Whose Spending Habits Will Make Them Poor

A business that is part of the entertainment industry just like the music and movie companies, people that rise to a high level in wrestling tend to make pretty good money. However, that doesn’t mean that the lower-card talent you see employed by companies like Impact Wrestling or WWE are independently wealthy. Furthermore, wrestlers that no longer wrestle on a major international level can be in really bad shape, and even people that compete in WWE main events can spend too recklessly. That is why it can be shocking to pay attention to the lifestyle they seem to have and take note that there are several wrestlers that could end up in a really bad situation if they don’t scale back. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen wrestlers whose spending habits will make them poor.

In order for someone to be up for consideration to be included in this list, someone must first have some connection to the wrestling industry. For our purposes, that includes those that are principally known for taking part in the business outside of the ring so people like announcers and interviewers were in the running. Next, there has to be some reason to believe that if they continue down the road they are on, the result could be them going broke. By that, we mean that publicly available information points to their lifestyle potentially putting them in the red if things go awry.

15 Buff Bagwell

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At one time someone who seemed like he could one day be a World Heavyweight Champion, Buff Bagwell fell short of that but still made quite the mark nevertheless. Most successful during his lengthy run as a member of the nWo, he played the arrogant jerk bad guy to absolute perfection. However, when WCW was bought by the WWE, he blew his one chance with that company when he participated in one of the worst matches in Monday Night Raw’s history. Still wrestling on occasion to this day,

he can regularly be seen in photos of himself on expensive toys like motorcycles.

That is the case despite the fact that he clearly has spent himself into something of a hole which is why he had to take a job as a part of a “reality” TV show in which he supposedly is a gigolo.

14 Alicia Fox

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Someone who has been a mainstay of the WWE roster since she first made her debut on the main roster in 2008, Alicia Fox was first signed by the company two years earlier. Spending that time largely in something of a background role, she did have a run as the Divas Champion apart from mostly being cast as a supporting player in whatever storyline she received. Of course, despite her lesser position on the roster, she still has been gainfully employed by the company all of that time which should have earned her a decent pay cheque. However, when you learn that

she has to pay her own traveling expenses and has also bought herself more than one car and a five-bedroom, five-bathroom house in Florida,

that adds up very quickly.

13 Dana Brooke

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Someone who had something of a meteoric rise, less than three years after her first day training as a wrestler, Dana Brooke had debuted in NXT and was promoted to the Raw roster. That said, it seems like that may have been a mistake as her career has been on the decline since then, likely because she wasn’t quite ready for her role yet. Sad as it seems clear that she is a passionate person that works her tail off to improve at everything she does, we really hope things turn around for her after some more seasoning. Still, we wouldn’t be shocked to see her released considering her role in the extremely cold act of Titus Worldwide. That would be very troublesome for her since her partying lifestyle seems like a great indicator that she isn’t living on a budget to save for a rainy day.

12 Mr. Anderson

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Formerly known as Mr. Kennedy, when this wrestler began his run as a part of the WWE main roster, he was the talk of the wrestling business. Sadly, after a series of blunders, including failing urine tests and hurting other performers in the ring, he was fired without reaching the heights he seemed destined for. Opting to sign with TNA after that, he stayed with that company for a number of years but then chose to call them out in a vulgar promo that burned that bridge. No longer working in any of the major companies today, instead,

he has chosen to take the money he earned and spend it on creating a wrestling school with another performer.

An effort that far too many wrestlers before him have taken on, training other performers is admirable of him. However, these businesses almost always lose money, and he isn’t collecting a pay cheque elsewhere very often.

11 Matt Sydal

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A good-looking dude with oodles of athletic ability, these characteristics allowed Matt Sydal to be employed by the WWE from 2007 until 2014. Since being released from there, however, his life has been the subject of a great deal of controversy, which is a big problem for someone who spends a lot of money living in Florida. At one time a part of the New Japan roster, that was destroyed when he was arrested in an Osaka airport for having a small amount of an illegal substance on him. No longer able to enter that country, for now, word also recently broke that

he refused to return a deposit to a promoter whose show he missed, which makes booking him risky.

As someone who lives a cushy life, he really can’t afford to ruin so many of his money-making avenues.

10 Zack Ryder

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The focus of one of the most frustrating chapters in the recent WWE history, Zack Ryder signed with the WWE and was best known as a sidekick to Edge early on. Almost entirely ignored for quite a while after that storyline came to an end, Zack then created a YouTube channel where he created original content that a lot of fans came to love. Able to build a huge following, as a result, the WWE has given him a couple of very brief mid-card championship runs but they never really took advantage of what he created. Still, Zack fulfilled his dream of being a WWE superstar, and it is abundantly clear how much he loves the business. After all,

he has spent a small fortune buying retro wrestling action figures, some of which cost thousands,

and continues to do so today which is a big detriment to his bank account.

9 Baron Corbin

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Someone who was pushed but at the same time has chosen to humble many times, it seems like the career of Baron Corbin could go either way. We say that because we could easily see him beaten down to such a point that everyone in the back and crowd come to have little faith in him. On the other hand, he has the look and size that Vince McMahon likes so he could also be thrust into the main event at any moment. The current owner of a house owned by two of the WWE’s biggest superstars ever,

Baron bought a property that The Undertaker once owned from The Big Show.

Someone with a unique decorating style, he has also spoken at length about his rare oddities collection that includes things like human skulls and bones. All of that sounds crazy expensive so he’d better hope his career is similar to that of the previous owners of his home.

8 Hulk Hogan

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Incredibly beloved by an entire generation of wrestling fans, Hulk Hogan said his prayers, ate his vitamins, and stood up for what was right. A passé idea after a while, he then opted to reinvent himself as the leader of the nWo and became the biggest villain around. Despite those two legendary runs and several years as a nostalgia act, Hulk still managed to go pretty much entirely broke after years of bad spending. Given a second chance when he won a large sum in his lawsuit against Gawker, within short order,

he spent millions of dollars on a beach house.

That is without knowing that the company that he’d sued could even pay the sum ordered, and on top of that, the WWE currently won’t touch him. Without income opportunities and unwilling to stick with a budget, it seems like only a matter of time before Hulk is broke once more.

7 John Cena

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From the biggest wrestling star of the past to the best-known person in the business today, this time around, we’re looking at the financial prospects of John Cena. Someone who has been paid extremely well during his lengthy run, that almost kept John off this list, but considering Hulk spent himself into the ground, this isn’t much of a leap. That is especially true when you check out his

multimillion-dollar Florida home that has a massive indoor pool, walls of fully glassed-in areas, a cigar room, a gigantic walk-in closet, and so much more.

On top of that, he also boasts an insane car collection of at least sixteen cars that he seems to love adding to. Those things and his many other expenditures reveal that he spends a lot of the money that comes in, and if his income is interrupted, he might follow in Hulk’s footsteps again.

6 Lana And Rusev

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A business that has introduced many lovers, Lana and Rusev, like many duos before them, were attached onscreen and then fell in love. Married as of 2016, Lana spent many years living in Latvia while Rusev was born in Bulgaria, but they both moved to America before becoming adults. Those backgrounds are the main reason they find themselves on a list like this as they both seem to want to stay close to their past. This led them to have an American wedding before traveling to Bulgaria and having another one there. On top of that,

Rusev also spent a huge amount on the incredible engagement ring he gave to Lana. Then you have the fact that they bought a four-bedroom and four-bathroom house in Nashville and then looked at homes in Bulgaria and Russia as well.

If this trend continues, even two WWE contracts won't be able to keep up long-term.

5 Jeff Jarrett

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Someone who likely burned a lot of bridges in the WWE the last time he worked there, when they bought WCW who he worked for at the time, Vince fired Jeff Jarrett on national TV. Opting to create TNA wrestling alongside his dad in order to try to create a company to compete with the WWE, his investment did not go as planned, and he was then forced to sell that company. However, he did continue to perform for TNA which then allowed him to

yet again spend his money on trying to create another wrestling company named GFW which sadly performed even worse.

Even though it is great that he has given fellow performers a place to work, it is clear that it has not worked out for him. And if he continues down this path, his spending could really hurt him.

4 Bray Wyatt

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One of the more unique characters the WWE has created in the last few decades, the redneck cult leader, Bray Wyatt, should be among one of the company’s hottest acts. Never used the way he should have been, unfortunately, his character has fallen far short of that but he still likely is among one of the better-paid stars in the WWE. However,

his finances are in upheaval due to his marriage coming to an end amid rumors that he strayed with JoJo Offerman.

As a result of legal papers, we now know that he has underpaid his spousal support to his ex while arguing that he can’t afford it, which just says it all. Additionally, the suit also claims that one time he spent the cash, he did have available on jewelry for JoJo. It really does sound pretty dire for him if things don’t change

3 Ric Flair

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Considered by many to be the greatest professional wrestler to ever live, Ric Flair has performed all over the world and has held more world championships than anyone. Able to come across as larger than life through a television, he was fantastic in the ring but his best attribute as a performer was coming off like he was leading an incredible life. Turns out, he was so good at that because he really did most of the things he boasted of.

Spending a fortune on expensive homes, cars, clothes, and alcohol for decades, Ric is the epitome of a list like this as he reportedly has little left in his bank account.

He still seems to not skimp on many other things in his life so if his financial state is as the reports claim, he can’t stop making a good amount of money and remain comfortable.

2 Mojo Rawley

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He doesn’t just get hyped, he stays hyped. Another wrestler that absolutely appears to be living his gimmick, Mojo Rawley has an even larger problem, as a result, for a number of reasons. Consistently photographed hitting the town with other celebrities who love to party, it is safe to say that his nightlife budget has to be immense. On top of that, as we saw in the WWE Network original “reality” show Breaking Ground,

he also opted to buy a large home of his own while he was still only an NXT performer.

Someone who clearly seems to spend his money as quickly as it comes in, Mojo should keep in mind that he could see his career end in a moment. Nowhere near as respected as someone like Ric Flair, it also isn’t like he can rely on his name earning him pay cheques once his in-ring career is over.

1 Enzo Amore

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The top man on this list by far, from pretty much all accounts there, is virtually no difference between the Enzo Amore that was seen on TV recently and the real person. Someone who loved to show off his outrageous lifestyle on social media, some followers may have thought that he was just trying to stay in character. However, if the stories are accurate,

the guy will actually do things like spending ten thousand dollars on a night’s entertainment as he did when he saw the Mayweather and McGregor fight live.

In fact, for several months before he was fired by the WWE, his fellow wrestlers were so irritated by his over-the-top bragging about his life that he was kicked out of the main locker room. No longer employed by the WWE after he was alleged to have done something truly abhorrent, his huge paydays are likely forever gone, and we can’t see him slowing down.

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