15 Wrestlers Who Were Sabotaged By Triple H

The reputation of Triple H is quite positive today. Wrestling fans love him for the changes he has made for WWE. We have witnessed the rise of NXT and a multitude of extremely talented wrestlers from all over the world get signed to WWE. The likes of Kevin Owens, Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura becoming fixtures for WWE was the vision of Triple H looking at the market and realizing the talent would lead to financial results. Triple H wasn’t always the wrestling mentorship father for the young stars making their way up the rankings in WWE.

Everyone used to trash Triple H online when it came to his standing in the backstage aspect of the wrestling world. Triple H was a full-time wrestler and abused his power to harm many other wrestlers that were trying to compete with him to get to the top of the company. The reputation used to be that Triple H buried any new talent coming up by sabotaging their pushes either in the ring or behind the scenes to erase his competition. We will look at the historical impact Triple H had for the worst with fifteen talented wrestlers that he sabotaged at some point in WWE.

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14 Scott Steiner

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The signing of Scott Steiner in 2002 saw him finally make his way to the WWE after WCW went out of business. Steiner debuted at Survivor Series 2002 to one of the biggest crowd responses of the year at Madison Square Garden. It appeared the fans viewed Steiner as a top guy worthy of challenging the biggest stars in WWE. The problem is his first feud happened to be against the World Championship Triple H.

Steiner and Triple H had one of the worst feuds in wrestling history with two atrocious PPV matches. The aftermath would see Steiner become completely irrelevant following the two losses to Triple H. Steiner has spoken out in interviews claiming Triple H sabotaged him both in the ring leading to poor matches and backstage causing everything to go downhill for Big Poppa Pump. The anger of Steiner towards Triple H lasted over the past fourteen years and may never end.

13 Kassius Ohno

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This is a story that shows the maturation of Triple H as he has evolved from a wrestler to an executive evaluating talent. In the early days of the NXT brand, Chris Hero was one of the most talented wrestlers there under the name of Kassius Ohno. Triple H allegedly disliked Ohno for his overall look as a heavier wrestler. Rumors also circulate that Ohno tried utilizing his experience to help the younger wrestlers in the Performance and it landed him in hot water.

Unlike his peers, Ohno gained the reputation of being someone Triple H didn’t believe could be a star. It led to Ohno being pulled off television and eventually getting released. The belief of Triple H saw him not even allowed to showcase his talent. Ohno returned to the independent wrestling scene to become one of the best in-ring performers in the world. Triple H recently proved his newfound open mind by re-signing Ohno to be a major player for NXT after his first run was sabotaged.

12 Daniel Bryan

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Everyone remembers Daniel Bryan’s WWE career for the great moment of him winning the WWE World Championship in the main event of WrestleMania 30 before injuries forced him out. However, Bryan had a very difficult journey to the top. WWE management did not believe in him being a top guy despite the fans treating him like the biggest wrestling hero in many years. Triple H was one of the people that didn’t believe in the potential of Bryan’s excellence.

Bryan has revealed in interviews that he and Triple H didn’t see eye to eye most of the time, but did have a mutual respect. Unfortunately, the respect didn’t carry over to Triple H supporting Bryan. The big heel turn of Triple H into becoming the villain authority figure was at Bryan’s expense. Triple H hit Bryan with the Pedigree to give Randy Orton the WWE Championship and that was meant to be the end of Bryan’s time on top. Luckily, the fans rallied Bryan enough to force WWE to put him back into the title picture.

11 Roman Reigns

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The WrestleMania 32 main event will forever be remembered as one of the biggest disappointments in WrestleMania history. Roman Reigns defeated Triple H to win the WWE World Championship as fans booed him out of the building following the dull match. Reigns would have been booed anyway, but the booking leading up to this match absolutely sabotaged any chance of turning it around. Triple H was portrayed as the cooler of the two and each segment just made Reigns look worse by comparison.

Most Reigns matches feature the fans going between rooting for and against him with both sides showing emotion. The crowd was dead silent for this match aside from the moments they loudly booed Reigns. It was the worst case scenario for Reigns and definitely hurt him for the rest of the disappointing year. The return of Triple H to the ring lead to another talent being somewhat sabotaged.

10 The Rock

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Triple H and The Rock respect each other today for all they have gone through together as rivals. That wasn’t always the case with the two strongly disliking each other at various points of their careers. Triple H held a bit of power with the Kliq due to Shawn Michaels being the biggest star in WWE for a few years. Michaels and Triple H conspired to bury The Rock backstage during his first year when he was trying to make a name.

Rock held a grudge against Michaels for years and refused to work a dream match against him as revenge. The top guy in the company trying to harm your career right from the start is something you just don’t forget. Michaels did it on behalf of wanting Triple H to be the next star that entered the main event scene. The competition of Rock led to the sabotage that could not hold down his supreme talents as an iconic talent.

9 Chyna

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The most dramatic example of someone being sabotaged as a result of Triple H was definitely Chyna. Triple H and Chyna become synonymous with each other both on screen and behind the scenes as a real life couple. Their relationship ended in the messy manner of a love triangle. Triple H entered a romantic storyline with Stephanie McMahon and it turned into a real situation.

Chyna found out Triple H was seeing Stephanie behind her back and everything continued to get worse from there. WWE let Chyna’s contract run out without attempting to re-sign her. Chyna’s professional and personal life fell apart following the loss of everything that mattered to her. WWE blackballed Chyna until her death in 2016. Triple H’s personal issues with her continued to grow through the years with Chyna making insulting comments towards him. It led to a great shame of Chyna not being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame while still alive to get celebrated for her accomplishments.

8 Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio’s second run in WWE lasted under a year and went down among the biggest disappointments in recent memory. The talented wrestler did nothing of note before asking for his release. Reports suggested Del Rio was a favorite of Vince McMahon, but Triple H never thought he was anything special. Del Rio praised McMahon in shoot interviews. Whenever Triple H was mentioned, he was distant about discussing his feelings.

Del Rio entering a relationship with Paige in 2016 saw WWE grow to dislike him even more. The company tried to separate them by drafting them to different shows on the brand split. Both Paige and Del Rio would get suspended for violating the wellness policy before Del Rio requested his release. Triple H’s long withstanding dislike for Del Rio likely played into the ugly ending. Alberto states he never wants to work for WWE again and Triple H is more than happy with that.

8. Brian Kendrick and Paul London

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A very public instance of Triple H sabotaging the careers of other wrestlers saw Paul London and Brian Kendrick get humiliated by him. The situation saw Triple H getting attacked by three heels. London and Kendrick were an established tag team from the Smackdown brand heading to Raw. As faces, they came down to even the odds and save Triple H. Instead of thanking them for helping him out, Triple H delivered Pedigrees to both of them.

London and Kendrick lost any relevance from their tremendous Smackdown run. The careers of both men went downhill after Triple H made them look like absolute fools. London trashed Triple H for years and still does to this very day for the purposeless burial. Kendrick has made peace with Triple H after returning to WWE for the Cruiserweight Classic. It doesn’t change the fact Triple H unfairly tried to sabotage their careers for no reason whatsoever.

7 Goldberg

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WWE signed Bill Goldberg in 2003 for one of the biggest acquisitions in company history. Goldberg still held star power following the death of WCW and the potential of a WWE run always tempted fans. The run however was a huge failure and ended in just one year. Goldberg’s biggest feud came against Triple H as the two biggest stars on the Raw brand. Triple H always hated Goldberg going back to the Monday Night Wars and it carried over to their working relationship.

The first loss Goldberg suffered in WWE came to Triple H after dominating an Elimination Chamber match at Summerslam 2003. Goldberg had the perfect timing to win the title and became the face of Raw. For years, Goldberg criticized both WWE and Triple H for his time in the company being miserable. One of the biggest hurdles for Goldberg’s return into the company in 2016 was having faith in how WWE used him. Triple H being in management likely saw him no longer hold his grudge against Goldberg to sabotage him again.

6 Chris Jericho

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Triple H and Chris Jericho are friends today, but they used to be backstage enemies during their prime. Jericho wrote about various negative interactions with Triple H backstage during his early years in WWE. Triple H despised Jericho and often buried him, both behind his back and to his face. Jericho was also the target of Triple H in public interviews making it known to the wrestling world that Triple H didn’t like the rising star.

Time heals all wounds and the two eventually realized they shared a lot of common interests. An interview on the Talk is Jericho podcast featured Triple H and Jericho discussing their shared love for wrestling and rock music. The reason they disliked each other was due to the competitive nature of fighting for the top spot during the Attitude Era. Triple H held more power and used it against Jericho on numerous occasions. Jericho found a way to overcome it in route to a legendary career.

5 Bret Hart

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Someone that still holds a grudge against Triple H for their ugly past is Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Shawn Michaels was the main rival of Hart both in the ring and behind the scenes. Triple H’s friendship with Michaels is what put Bret on his hate list. The Montreal Screwjob is still talked about today for the shocking moment that ended Hart’s time in the WWE in complete disappointment and humiliation.

Everyone blamed Michaels and Vince McMahon for their roles in the incident. It would later be revealed that Triple H was also on the phone call that led to the idea of the Montreal Screwjob being formed. Triple H suggested that they “did business for” Hart if he didn’t want to do it. Bret has trashed Triple H in interviews and podcasts for years calling him the most overrated wrestler he’s seen and a “4 out of 10.” The fact that Triple H sabotaged the final match of his 1997 WWE run made him an enemy of Hart for life.

4 Booker T

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The opponent of Triple H at WrestleMania 19 for the World Championship was a red hot Booker T. Fans started to connect with Booker as someone the people wanted to see defeat Triple H. The distasteful segments of Triple H making racist comments to insult Booker added more reason for fans to cheer for Booker. It seemed obvious Booker would win the match due to it making no sense in any way for Triple H to retain after the things he said.

Surprisingly enough, Triple H defeated Booker for the heartbreaking result. It was another example of Triple H clearly using his political power to get the victory on the big stage. Booker would not win the title for another few years until moving to Smackdown away from Triple H. The instances of Triple H winning matches over better options are all egregious, but few stand out as much as his win over Booker.

3 Rob Van Dam

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Another popular star to feel the wrath of Triple H’s reign of terror was Rob Van Dam. Wrestling fans loved RVD and he instantly became one of the most popular stars in WWE over his first few years in the company. The timing was picture perfect for Van Dam to defeat the hated Triple H and become the World Champion towards the end of 2003. Triple H found yet another way to survive with the win over a red hot popular star.

RVD has gone on the record that he never liked being around Triple H. There was always a negative energy between the two and that likely is the reason Triple H sabotaged Van Dam’s chances of being the top guy in WWE. RVD’s WWE career was still quite impressive, but he never hit his upmost potential. Anyone that watched the product weekly in the time frame knows just how over Van Dam was until Triple H sabotaged his momentum.

2 Kurt Angle

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Kurt Angle has been on the rumor mill of wanting a comeback in WWE. The one person reported to be preventing this is Triple H. Angle and Triple H have a checkered past of drama between the two. Their love triangle storyline with Stephanie McMahon was meant to see Stephanie leave Triple H to align with Angle as the new heel couple. Triple H stepped in with the ridiculous logic that no one would believe a woman would leave him for Angle.

It didn’t damage Angle’s career as he still went on to become a legend, but the alignment with Stephanie was huge at the time. Triple H disliked Angle for whatever reason and it still exists today. Triple H has allegedly talked Vince McMahon out of bringing Angle back for another final run in WWE. We will see if Triple H makes peace with Angle like he has with many of his other former rivals. Until then, the best memory of their relationship will be Triple H attempting to sabotage Angle.

1 CM Punk

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The hatred between CM Punk and Triple H was unlike any other relationship in wrestling history. Both men disliked each other from day one due to their drastically different personalities. Many of Punk’s best promos that led to him becoming the most popular star in 2011 focused on stiff shots at Triple H as an executive and a human being. They verbally attacked each other for months on the microphone before their match at Night of Champions 2011.

Triple H inexplicably defeated Punk in a finish that made no sense. Punk was at his hottest peak as a face and Triple H was already a part-timer that gained nothing from the win. It was an obvious attempt to sabotage Punk’s moment. Punk referenced Triple H being among the biggest reasons he chose to walk out of WWE and leave the wrestling business. Any scenario of Punk returning to WWE in the future seems out of the realm of possibility due to Triple H running the show after sabotaging him.

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