15Kofi Kingston

All of the wrestlers on this list got into wars with Vince McMahon, but most of them were content on confining their battles to the verbal variety. Surprisingly, it was the usually fun-loving Kofi Kingston who couldn’t stop himself from resorting to fisticuffs over his disagreement with Vince. Granted, if

Chris Jericho is to be believed, McMahon really just wanted Kingston to fight him in the first place, using the incident as a bizarre way of testing his talent. Because Jericho is the source of this story becoming well known, there’s no reason to deny his knowledge of the motives involved, not that it makes things any less strange on paper. In any event, the whole thing started when McMahon dissed Kofi on a flight, leading to a war of words that soon became physical. Keeping in line with how strange it all was, the second Kingston fought back, McMahon immediately laughed off the ordeal like it never happened.

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