15 Wrestlers Who Snitched On Other Wrestlers

In the past few decades, we have seen the rise of a trending movement against snitching in all forms. For many people, it is an unforgivable act regardless of the situation and will only hurt your credibility. The debate is never-ending as public opinion always seems to be divided. Some vow never to snitch while others have no problem doing so.

Wrestling is one of the industries where tattling is highly frowned upon and could lead to some serious repercussions. There have been wrestlers blacklisted by companies for telling too much as well as some who lost the respect of their peers. But as usual, two main factors come into play, including the situation and the parties involved.

A mid-carder is much more likely to face consequences for snitching while top Superstars may get a pass because the company will always protect their image. In a way, there are plenty of moments where people are snitching on each other, exposing secrets and bringing truths to light.

Some of these wrestlers betrayed their peers by telling on them to management, which led to some unexpected trouble. In a highly controversial industry like professional wrestling, where gossip plays a major part in its appeal, it is expected that tattling is bound to happen. Here we have 15 wrestlers who snitched on their peers:

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15 Batista On Melina

Rumors had linked Batista and Melina with each other for some time, but Melina explicitly denied them on many occasions by claiming they were only friends. She was dating John Morrison during that period, and as we came to find out later on, their relationship was very unstable as the couple always seemed to be facing issues. Batista's version of the story was different, noting that they had hooked up for a while although he also added that Melina and Morrison were on a break at the time.

The fact that he revealed it in his autobiography after Melina had denied the rumours puts Batista on the wrong side of this list, and the snitch label is certainly warranted in this case. There was no reason to reveal their relationship, especially since Melina had no interest in doing so. It has been rumoured that this scandal eventually led to Melina and Morrison breaking up permanently.

14 Randy Orton And John Cena On Mr. Kennedy

The future belonged to Mr. Kennedy - at least that's what the majority of WWE fans felt for many years until his push was cut short. While luck certainly played its part - as he was forced to give up his Mr. Money In The Bank briefcase due to injury - but he was fired for an entirely different reason. It was ultimately a tag team match on Monday Night Raw involving him and many other Superstars that led to his fate, thanks to John Cena and Randy Orton who went behind his back to complain about Kennedy.

They reportedly accused him of being a dangerous worker and that he nearly hurt them several times during the match. The company was quick to take action and didn't hesitate to let Kennedy go. Fans were disappointed to see him leave while Kennedy felt that his former friends had snitched on him for an unwarranted reason.

13 Evan Bourne On R-Truth

There is a belief among wrestling fans that Evan Bourne sabotaged his own career. He was destined to have a much better WWE run than he did but never recovered after violating the Wellness policy for using synthetic marijuana. But with Bourne's career crashing down, he did the worst imaginable thing by snitching on his peer R-Truth for his use of synthetic marijuana, which reportedly got him major heat in the locker room.

Many believe that it may have essentially been the last strike for him as he lost many friends by unintentionally telling on R-Truth. You know you are in serious trouble when Triple H goes off on you in front of all your peers, as reported by many wrestling sites. Definitely not the smartest move by Bourne, but it goes to prove that snitching on a fellow wrestler will only damage your career and reputation.

12 Shawn Michaels On Bret Hart

The rivalry between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels is one that fans will never forget since it went beyond the squared circle. Tensions had been building up for a while before the infamous Montreal Screwjob at Survivor Series in 1997. But it was Michaels' role in escalating the feud that kept people talking.

During one of his promos on Raw, he made a comment about Bret having "Sunny Days" - a reference to an alleged affair between Sunny and Bret who was married at the time - when in fact it would turn out to be Michaels who was engaged in a fling with the Diva. Bret was upset at the comments made by Michaels and it eventually led to a backstage fight between them. But Michaels' snitching ways didn't end there as he was always in Vince McMahon's ears to let him know what Bret was doing.

11 Hulk Hogan On Jesse Ventura

During the early 90s, the WWE was surrounded by controversy and some scandals that threatened the company. Among them was Jesse Ventura's attempt to form a union, but that never materialized as Vince McMahon found out and put an end to it before it could happen. Although it is believed that the majority of the locker room was willing to side with Ventura, there was one name who was on a different page: Hulk Hogan.

During a court deposition that followed, McMahon revealed that it was indeed Hogan who snitched on the union and relayed the information to him. Hogan denied having done so but Ventura never bought his innocence since McMahon didn't hesitate to name Hogan as the culprit. The friendship between Hogan and Ventura was forever ruined, and Ventura continued to hold a grudge against Hogan.

10 Kurt Angle On Brock Lesnar

In 2004, fans were disappointed to see Brock Lesnar leave the company as evident by their constant booing during his match against Goldberg at WrestleMania XX. It was well-known by that point that Lesnar wouldn't return afterward since he had grown tired of the WWE lifestyle. According to Lesnar, he had only told Kurt Angle a few months ago about his intentions of leaving the company but was shocked to see the rumor spread almost immediately.

Lesnar claims that Kurt Angle had made a call to Vince McMahon following their conversation to rat him out. It wasn't just speculation on Lesnar's end as he claims to have gone through Angle's cell phone to see that his last call was made to McMahon. It may have been a coincidence but Lesnar seemed fairly confident that it was Angle who leaked the information to the chairman before it made its way to the public.

9 John Cena On Alex Riley

Depending on who you ask, opinions seem to vary when it comes to John Cena as some believe that he is a respectable role model while others regard him as a backstage politician who has screwed many Superstars. In the case of Alex Riley, most accounts agree that the latter was the case as Cena practically ended his WWE career. Many Superstars and industry figures have confirmed Riley's side of the story that Cena had it out for him and went out of his way to get him in trouble with the company.

There have been reports of Cena humiliating him in front of everyone backstage, as well as complaining to WWE officials about the smallest things concerning Riley. Cena got his wish with WWE releasing Riley from the company, and most believe it was a result of Cena constantly being in management's ear that Riley wasn't cut to be in the WWE.

8 The Rock On Randy Orton

Not everyone was entirely excited about The Rock's return to the WWE. After having been away for many years while transitioning into a top Hollywood star, he finally appeared on WWE television again. During an interview with ESPN, Randy Orton expressed his opinion that he didn't believe The Rock's words, who claimed that he would never leave the WWE again - a comment that genuinely upset The Rock.

What followed up was The Rock making a call to Vince McMahon to complain about Orton's comments to the media, adding that he had trash-talked to him as well as Triple H in his interview. In response, Orton denied that he criticized Triple H by saying that The Rock only brought that up to get him in trouble, while also indirectly referring to him as a snitch. Orton got into trouble with McMahon as well as top WWE officials who sided with The Rock for obvious ($$$) reasons.

7 Kenny Dykstra On John Cena

Snitching is nearly never justified, but if we were to make a case for it then we understand why Kenny Dykstra did so. He was dating Mickie James at the time when she began an affair with John Cena, who was still married to Elizabeth Huberdeau. Dykstra knew that his career might take a serious hit but he didn't care the slightest and aired their dirty laundry for the entire public to know.

Dykstra added that Cena had been cheating on his wife with several women throughout the years, which has also been confirmed by other sources since then. From interviews to tweets, Dykstra's wrath was felt by everyone as he made sure to let fans know what he thought of Mickie and Cena. His relationship with Mickie ended shortly after and Cena's marriage didn't last long after the scandal had been released.

6 Sunny On Everyone

We all know folks who have the tendency to kiss and tell, but none of them have probably gone explicitly into the details as much as Sunny did. Over the years, she has been romantically involved with many Superstars, and she never left anything for the imagination. Sunny has not only described her romantic experiences, but ranked them based on her satisfaction.

We can't imagine that the names involved were satisfied with Sunny going out of her way to reveal their secrets to the world. Many names including Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and Dolph Ziggler have responded to her, but that never stopped her from speaking her mind. She is regarded as one of the most controversial Divas of all-time, especially for her role in the rivalry between Michaels and Hart. Her post-WWE career definitely didn't help matters, either.

5 Chris Benoit On Mike Graham

Most wrestling fans have heard about the heat that existed between Chris Benoit and Kevin Sullivan in WCW. At the time, Mike Graham was a close associate of Sullivan so it was only normal that he would side with him. The rivalry between both men continued to grow with some confrontations taking place, and it's rumored that Graham had even threatened Benoit at one point. Graham claims that Benoit ratted him out to management and told them about all the ongoing events.

He also believes that Benoit was simply trying to leave WCW and used his problems with Graham as an excuse to attempt to get his release from the company. Considering what happened later on with the Benoit family, there hasn't been much talk about this particular incident, other than some casual mentions from Graham himself..

4 Hardcore Holly On Simon Dean And Everyone

Hardcore Holly was not a bad wrestler by any means, but the length of his career was longer than any of us thought it would be. The general belief among wrestlers is that Holly wasn't kept around for his talents, but it was his locker room role that served management well during his tenure. Known as a bully backstage, we have already heard some disturbing stories about Holly harassing younger talents and humiliating them in every imaginable way.

But according to Simon Dean, he also served as the locker room snitch as he used his presence to become the unofficial informant for management. Not only did he report his co-workers for using painkillers, but he also spewed trouble by attempting to ruin the reputation of many younger talents. Despite being employed by the WWE for over a decade, there have been plenty of complaints from his peers regarding his behaviour.

3 Randy Orton On Kelly Kelly

In 2011, Randy Orton landed in hot water for a radio interview in which he randomly aired out Kelly Kelly's private business by claiming that she had slept with approximately 10 wrestlers. The entire conversation was disrespectful and displayed how immature Orton could be. As one would expect, Kelly Kelly wasn't happy about his comments, and Orton reportedly generated heat among his co-workers.

But since he was one of the top Superstars, he managed to avoid any discipline from the company, although he did issue an apology through Twitter. Orton was probably trying to save face after having called out Kelly for no particular reason. The general belief was that Orton got away with comments that most other Superstars would have been severely punished for.

2 George Steele On WWE Locker Room

In the early 90s, George Steele's prime was well behind him as he mostly served as an agent. It is well-known that WWE employed figures who served as locker room snitches by gathering information about wrestlers and providing them to the company. According to Bret Hart and many other sources, that was exactly what Steele was doing backstage during that period to get him in the good graces of Vince McMahon.

Fellow wrestlers were obviously not pleased with his behavior as Randy Savage and Owen Hart retaliated by stealing his briefcase and throwing it off the bridge. The briefcase is said to have had some important items, such as his passport, plane tickets, and medications - it was a clear message on behalf of the entire WWE locker room to Steele. It is unknown what followed but we can't imagine him being too pleased with the incident.

1 John Cena On The Rock

In 2012, the rivalry between The Rock and John Cena reached its climax when the latter called him out for having notes of his promo on his wrist. Regarded as one of the best promoters in wrestling history, fans were disappointed to see The Rock in this situation. His love and commitment had been brought into question and this particular incident only made things worse. But as usual, opinions varied with others claiming that Cena had snitched on The Rock by using a dirty tactic to make him look bad.

During the promo, The Rock was visibly shocked that Cena went off script and mentioned it which only grew the existing heat between them. It was one of the most memorable moments of their rivalry despite it leaning towards being a form of snitching, but perhaps it was needed in this case and served a purpose in raising tension.

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