15 Wrestlers That We Had No Clue Aren’t Straight

The wrestling world, much like the real world, is changing. It's evolving and finally, it seems that society is accepting that there are different orientations in the world. Many footballers still find it hard to come out and reveal their real romantic preferences because of the fact that the sport relies on a team atmosphere and this holds a lot of people back. Society is moving forward and it seems that many superstars over the past few years have revealed that they are either gay or bi. It is more common for the women in wrestling to come out and confirm the rumours, but there are a handful of men who are also part of this list.

Some stars have waited until the end of their careers to finally state that they were gay throughout their career but were afraid to confirm this, while others have been able to reveal this while they are still wrestling. Despite this, WWE has never used a superstar's real romantic preferences in a storyline regardless of whether or not the superstar has revealed that they are gay or straight. The following list looks at 15 wrestling stars both past and present who the WWE Universe and wrestling fans all over the world will recognize, but perhaps not know that they are not straight. This list includes some of WWE's biggest legends who kept a portion of their lives a secret for a number of years because it wasn't deemed as acceptable in society a number of years ago as it is right now.

15 Mae Young

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Mae Young is a former WWE legend and accomplished enough in her career that WWE decided to induct her into the Hall of Famer back in 2008. Despite having a successful career of her own, throughout her wrestling career she was overlooked a lot because of The Fabulous Moolah, a woman that Mae was rumoured to be in a relationship with for much of her life.

Mae Young was finally given the spotlight last year when the first ever female wrestling tournament was called The Mae Young Classic, the first thing that has been focused on the former Miss Royal Rumble since Moolah has taken all of the accolades and all of the spotlight over the past few decades. Mae and Moolah were part of a comedy team throughout The Attitude Era and interestingly the duo even lived together in their late years, which sparked rumours that Mae Young was actually bi.

14 Tylene Buck

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Tylene Buck will perhaps best be remembered for her career in WCW where she performed under the ring name Major Gunns. She started her career back in 1999 as a nWo Girl who were women at the time that would come to the ring with members of the nWo. Buck later left the group and went on to become a backstage interviewer, but this was short-lived.

It was only when Buck became Major Gunns that it seems that she became a recognizable wrestler and went on to have memorable feuds with Miss Hancock and Tigress. She was released from WCW in 2001 but has since continued to wrestle in a company called Double Trouble Wrestling where fans can play booker for the matches for her where she would then be forced to compete in risqué get-ups. A number of years ago she confirmed that she is bi.

13 Anthony Bowens

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Anthony Bowens is an Independent professional wrestler who started out as a baseball player and then decided to pursue a career in wrestling when he was much older. Anthony later met WWE star Santino Marella in a gym and it was the former Intercontinental Champion who helped Bowens to find his way to a wrestling school so that he could become a star.

Bowens had his first wrestling match in 2013 and has appeared all over the American Independent Circuit over the past few years, but it seems that last year Bowens decided it was time to reveal to the world that he was actually bi. The 26-year-old had been dating his current boyfriend for five months at the time and revealed to the world that this was who he really was. There had been rumours for a number of months and it seems that Bowens decided that it was time to get ahead of them.

12 The Fabulous Moolah

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The Fabulous Moolah is one of the best-known women's wrestlers of all time. Moolah is not only a former Women's Champion but she is the longest Women's Champion in the company as well, a record that will probably never be broken. Moolah may have been one of the most impressive female wrestlers of her generation, but her personal life has seemingly been a bit different.

Moolah has been the centre of a number of rumours when it comes to her training other women who were hoping to move into the business. Moolah was said to have been part of a number of shady deals with promoters when it comes to using the women that she was training. Despite how famous Moolah was, she managed to keep most of her life a secret but WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross himself claimed that Moolah was bi during an interview on his podcast.

11 Shelly Martinez

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Shelly Martinez will perhaps best be remembered for her time on the ECW brand as Ariel. Martinez was the valet for Kevin Thorn and played a sexy kind of vampire for a number of months. Even though Shelly was the standout star in the team, it seems that she was still released from the company when Kevin was fired later that year.

She was a star that could have had a future in WWE, but it seems that controversy surrounded her release since it was reported that she had an altercation with Batista backstage and that was one of the biggest reasons behind it. Shelly continued her wrestling career after her WWE release and then experimented in the adult industry where she was part of a number of videos with other women. It is rumoured that the former WWE star is bi, even though she herself has never confirmed it.

10 Sonny Kiss

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Sonny Kiss is another Independent wrestler who has made quite an impact on the circuit since unlike many other stars he has never tried to hide his romantic orientation in the ring. Kiss' flamboyant character has definitely made waves on the wrestling circuit over the past few years, but it seems that this is for all the right reasons.

Kiss has worked for a number of high profile promotions, but it seems that the one match that stands out in his career is when he wrestled TNA star Ethan Carter III back in 2015 and the two men then stopped mid-match and began a twerk off. After the match, Sonny went on to kiss his opponent on the lips which confirmed that he was in fact gay and proud. His romantic preferences are something that Kiss has been proud of throughout his career and something that he regularly posts all over his Twitter page.

9 Chyna

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Chyna was one of the standout WWE stars of The Attitude Era. She was a former Women's Champion and the first woman to become Intercontinental Champion as well as the first woman to be included in the annual WWE Royal Rumble. There was a reason that Chyna was seen as The Ninth Wonder Of The World, but she was known throughout her career to be in a relationship with WWE COO Triple H.

Chyna later moved on to a relationship with fellow D-Generation X member X-Pac after she was released from the company and the duo released a well-known private tape together. Chyna later embarked on a career in adult entertainment where it seems that she was part of a number of movies that included both men and women. This was thought to be evidence enough that Chyna was in fact also bi, even though she never actually confirmed it herself.

8 Orlando Jordan

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Orlando Jordan was one of the most promising stars in WWE when he started his career back in 2003, but it seems that after his United States Championship win, Jordan's s*xuality became public knowledge as it was revealed that the former member of JBL's Cabinet was actually bi.

Jordan didn't allow this to affect his career and even though WWE didn't allow his orientation to become part of storylines, Jordan moved over to TNA and his interest in both genders became a prominent part of his character, who would often wrestle in tight, small pink PVC trunks. It was awkward to watch him for much of his TNA career and even Jordan feels that way, because of how stereotypical his character was at that time. Jordan later went on to marry a woman and the two currently live in Australia together. Even though Jordan's career has since come to an end, it seems that he's moved on to open his own wrestling school to help with the next generation.

7 Matt Cage

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Matt Cage has worked on the Independent Circuit for a number of years ever since his debut back in 2009. Cage has worked for promotions such as Dragon Gate USA, IWA Mid-South and Chikara but it seems that Matt was forced to hide a dark secret throughout his career and was only prompted to reveal it when WWE superstar Darren Young came out a few years ago.

Matt Cage finally revealed that he was gay back in 2015 and recalled that he had battled depression in the years before because he was forced to keep it a secret and battle his feeling himself. He came out in a lengthy Facebook post where he revealed that he had kept his romantic preferences to himself because he had a fear of being rejected. He claimed that he still found women attractive but he had no intentions of pursuing a relationship with a female and was officially taking himself off the market when it came to the opposite gender.

6 Sandy Parker

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Sandy Parker is a former professional wrestler who made her debut in the business back in 1969 after she attended a wrestling show and fell in love with the sport. She was one of the women who was trained in her earlier career by The Fabulous Moolah, but began having problems with the former Champion and so left to train elsewhere.

Parker went on to have a mildly successful wrestling career, but not one on the level of Mae Young and Moolah at that time. Parker always considered herself to be a tomboy growing up and was once even married to a man, but it seems that it took her a while to realize that she was actually a lesbian. Since she has left the wrestling business she has gone on to work as a store manager, bartender and even a security guard. The 65-year-old is currently living in Las Vegas.

5 Pat Patterson

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Pat Patterson will always be a legend who is remembered for pitching the idea of the first ever Royal Rumble match. Patterson had quite the wrestling career of his own as well since he was once the inaugural Intercontinental Champion, but his in-ring career only spanned five years and he was retired from the sport by 1984.

Since then Patterson has become known as Vince McMahon's right-hand man backstage as well as serving the boss in a number of on-screen positions that include a commentator and announcer over the past three decades. Patterson was unable to reveal his true romantic orientation while he was still wrestling but was able to finally unburden himself when he revealed it on WWE Network show Legends House that he was gay and had been his entire life. It was an emotional outburst from the former Champion that was embraced by his fellow legends as part of the show.

4 Rosa Mendes

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Rosa Mendes retired from WWE back in February 2017 but it was a retirement that was perhaps mostly overlooked by many members of the WWE Universe. Rosa hasn't been seen as a female wrestler who was ever going to be a Champion but she was someone that was popular with the WWE Universe.

Rosa came into the company through the Diva Search much like many other women at that time and wasn't able to achieve anything memorable throughout her decade-long stint in WWE. It was during her time on Total Divas that she revealed that she had feelings for fellow wrestler Paige, who she later kissed, only for Paige to tell her that she didn't feel that way. Rosa has confirmed that she is bi but she is currently in a relationship with a man, since the couple welcomed their first child back in 2016, a daughter whom she called Jordan.

3 Darren Young

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Darren Young is perhaps one of the most famous and high profile wrestlers to have ever been brave enough to reveal his romantic preferences while he was still part of WWE. Young 's most successful run in WWE was as one half of The Prime Time Players alongside Titus O'Neil, where he is a former Tag Team Champion.

Young came out in a video back in 2015 when TMZ shared his comments about his orientation online. It seems that it was quite a brave move from the former Champion since he wasn't in any storylines on WWE TV at the time and had no idea how the WWE Universe and his fans would react to this revelation. Even though he was released from WWE last year, in the years that followed his revelation, Young began bringing his boyfriend to WWE events and became a shining beacon for the LGBTQ community, something that WWE pushed forward.

2 Sonya Deville

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Sonya Deville is a former MMA fighter who has been openly gay throughout her entire career. She took part in WWE's revamped Tough Enough series that took place on the WWE Network back in 2015 and even though she didn't win, she was still signed to the company and began performing on NXT.

Sonya was recently called up to the main roster alongside Mandy Rose where the duo have become part of Absolution with former Divas Champion Paige. Sonya has become the first ever openly gay female wrestler in WWE history and it seems that it isn't something that WWE is going to use in her character moving forward. Sonya looks like she could be a real contender in the Women's Division on Raw and she is seemingly the new beacon of hope for youngsters who see the women as role models since Darren Young's release a few months ago.

1 Paige

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Paige is a second generation wrestler who has made quite an impact on the roster in her first few years. The former Divas Champion became the first woman to lift the NXT Women's Championship back in 2013. She later went on to become the first woman to hold the NXT Women's and Divas Championships at the same time as well as the youngest ever Divas Champion at just 21 years old.

Paige's career has spiralled over the past year but it seems to be back on track once again. Paige's role on Total Divas allowed her to open up about her personal life in a way she has never been able to. Paige revealed that she was pregnant when she was younger and lost the baby as well as the fact that she is bi. This led to a kiss with fellow Diva Rosa Mendes, but it seems that Paige wasn't interested. Paige has revealed that she did have relationships with women when she was younger but she has only dated men recently.

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