15 Wrestlers That The WWE Universe Really Hated

WWE has changed over the past few years and now it seems that the WWE itself doesn't actually dictate who the faces and heels are on their own TV show, instead, it is the WWE Universe who does.

WWE fans have realized that they can create their own stars in the company and don't have to listen to Vince McMahon anymore, after years of the WWE Chairman dictating who the future stars of the company are. Sadly, it seems that Roman Reigns has been the scapegoat for this over the past few years as the WWE Universe refuse to see him as the company's next big star no matter how hard Vince tries to push him forward.

It seems that Roman isn't alone when it comes to people who have been hated by the WWE Universe. There have been a number of stars who were seen as faces but were actually booed out of the building. There are also a number of stars that the WWE Universe refused to sit and watch because they thought they were terrible wrestlers, so once again they booed them out of the building and made all of their appearances quite awkward.

The following list looks at just 15 stars that the WWE Universe has refused to welcome with open arms and at one point in their career they were genuinely hated by the WWE Universe to the extent that a number of the stars on this list actually began receiving death threats for their actions.


15 The Great Khali

The Great Khali recently made a shock return at WWE Battleground to help Jinder Mahal to retain his WWE Championship. The crowd reaction inside the arena and the reaction on social media following his return could be the reason why Khali hasn't returned to WWE TV since, because it proved just how much the WWE Universe hates the Punjabi Nightmare.

Khali was definitely one in a million, he was a star that Vince would have been a huge fan of but he couldn't wrestle and he couldn't speak, not just on the mic, it seemed that he legitimately couldn't speak. Khali was less than useless in a WWE ring but was still pushed towards the World Heavyweight Championship and worked an entire feud with The Undertaker while the WWE Universe held their head in their hands wondering how The Seven Foot Giant could ever be considered a main event star.

14 Bobby Lashley


Bobby Lashley was a man that Vince McMahon looked at and he thought he could make him into a star. Lashley had the right look, but he wasn't able to connect with the WWE Universe. Lashley was involved in one of the biggest matches that WrestleMania has ever seen when he represented current US president Donald Trump in the battle of the billionaires, a match that he won when he defeated Umaga.

Lashley and McMahon went on to feud but it seems that even a feud with the WWE Chairman couldn't give Lashley the reaction the company desired from the watching crowd. Shockingly, Impact Wrestling has managed to allow Lashley to seem like a credible main event threat, which proves that Lashley wasn't actually the problem. Perhaps Vince was the real issue throughout their feud and he was the real reason why Lashley was unable to connect with the crowd in the ring or on the mic.

13 JBL

JBL is a former World Champion in WWE, but now that he's working as a commentator on SmackDown Live, it seems that much of the things JBL once got up to in the WWE locker room are being revealed and it's making the WWE Universe hate JBL more now than they ever did when he was a heel superstar.

JBL recently found out just how much the WWE Universe despise him when he was said to have been the reason that Mauro Ranallo wouldn't return to WWE, because he was being bullied by both Vince McMahon and JBL. So the WWE Universe's reaction to this was to send JBL rude messages on Twitter so that he was forced to block a number of fans and Mauro was then forced to release a statement where he absolved JBL of any blame. JBL is still hated for the hazing that he played part in that cost many wrestlers their career.

12 Lita


Lita is a former four time Women's Champion and a WWE Hall of Famer, but when it was revealed that she had cheated on Matt Hardy with his colleague Edge, she went from being one of the women that all girls wanted to grow up and be, to public enemy number one.

Lita received death threats and was forced to turn heel following these events and was never able to recover from it. Edge was in the same boat as well, but it seems that he was able to win the fans over again afterward. Lita's retirement match back in 2006 was even turned into a joke when Cryme Time decided to come out and have a "ho sale." The WWE Universe thought this was hilarious since Lita was often referred to by this name and countless others throughout her career. It was something that she could never get away from.

11 Paige

Paige hasn't been seen on WWE TV now for more than a year. She was suspended from WWE for 30 days on her birthday back in August 2016 after she violated WWE's Wellness Policy for the first time, she was then suspended for 60 days when he violated it for a second time the following month.

Over the past year, Paige hasn't been on WWE TV but somehow she has still managed to be all over the headlines after she had her sex tapes leaked. She was then part of a public argument with her fiance at an airport, an argument that she blamed a member of the WWE Universe for. It seems that Paige has gone significantly downhill over the past year and the WWE Universe are now calling for WWE to release the former Divas Champion and cut their losses. It seems that WWE is yet to take their fans advice on this one.

10 Ryback


Ryback was never really liked by the WWE Universe, this was mostly because he wasn't considered to be good on the mic or in the ring, CM Punk once stated that he was dangerous to work with and this seemed to have him labelled for a number of years. Paul Heyman couldn't even step in to help Ryback's career, which proved how much of a lost cause he really was.

Ryback decided to walk away from WWE after sharing a rant on social media about equal pay and the fact that WWE never paid main event stars equally. Since his departure from WWE, Ryback has managed to make even more enemies by fictionalizing a number of stories regarding his time in WWE, to the extent where Ryback has just become the butt of every wrestling related joke, which is perhaps exactly what he deserves for lying to remain relevant.

9 John Cena

John Cena is a strange case when it comes to the WWE Universe. There are many fans who are huge fans of the 16-time World Champion, while there are others who can't wait for him to retire so that the business can continue without him.

There is a reason the "John Cena Sucks" chants are so loud when Cena comes out. Over the past few years it has been made obvious that Cena thinks he is bigger than the company and he has been able to change different creative ideas in his favour, something that no wrestler should ever be able to do. As well as that, John Cena has been on top form, main eventing pay-per-views for more than a decade and the WWE Universe now feels that it's the time for Cena to put over other wrestlers and then take his leave, he actually isn't needed on WWE TV anymore.


8 Big Cass


Big Cass is a relatively new addition to this list and the hatred for the former NXT star was made apparent on Monday Night Raw this past week when he was unable to get his words out on the mic because the crowd were booing him so loud.

They weren't booing him because he's a great heel. Cass was being booed because he's become a boring heel, there is nothing about him that makes him stand out, except his size. He has a straight forward move set, he isn't great on the mic, and he doesn't have a great character if he has a character at all. As well as this, the feud he is currently in with The Big Show is bland at best and the WWE Universe are just fed up. Cass was able to main event Raw a few weeks ago, in what was a horrific match, where does it end? When does Vince realize that his experiment is a failure?

7 Diesel

Kevin Nash may have gone on to be a huge hit in WCW, but it seems that much like many other wrestlers in the years since Vince allowed Nash to play Diesel as a character that he obviously didn't connect with.

The WWE Universe hated watching Nash as Diesel and he is one of the main reasons why 1995 is considered to be one of the worse years in WWE history. Vince was aware that Diesel wasn't connecting with the fans and still he allowed him to be WWE Champion for more than a year. It seems that whether the WWE Universe liked the wrestler or not, there was a time when Vince really didn't care about a fan's opinion. Thank God wrestling has come a long way since then. Although, there are similarities with Diesel in 1995 and a modern day Roman Reigns, so maybe WWE haven't learned their lesson.

6 Batista


Batista was once one of the most well-liked stars in the company when he was in the midst of his first run with WWE, but it seems that his decision to leave the company and pursue a career in Hollywood wasn't a great idea.

Batista was convinced to return to WWE in January 2014 because Vince McMahon wanted to use his recent stint in Hollywood to create cheap publicity for WWE, who had just lost CM Punk. The WWE Universe was having none of it, they thought that Batista was stealing the spotlight from full-time WWE stars who deserved it much more and was booed out of the building. Daniel Bryan ended up taking his place in the main title picture as Batista was reluctantly turned heel and left WWE again a few months later when Triple H made it clear that he wasn't going to give him the WWE Championship.

5 Cameron

WWE fans have always been very vocal about the fact that they prefer wrestlers to have paid their dues before they are given the opportunities in the business that they don't deserve. Cameron was a good example of this, she was only in developmental for a few months before she was called up to WWE's main roster and she was terrible when she was called up.

She couldn't talk on the mic, she wasn't gifted in the ring, the only thing she had going for her was the fact that she could dance. She was then added to the cast of Total Divas where it was made obvious that she was perhaps one of the most annoying performers that had ever appeared on WWE TV. The WWE Universe never got behind her and WWE never tried to teach her how to wrestle, so it seems that her career was just a huge waste.

4 Hulk Hogan


Hulk Hogan was once one of the best-known wrestlers in the world and one of the best liked WWE legends. That was until a tape was leaked that contained racist comments made by the former World Champion and it seems that all of Hogan's friends and fans then distanced themselves from him.

Hulk hasn't had a great few years since; WWE have failed to mention him on WWE TV, took all references to him off their website and even refused to have him come back, but now that the WWE Universe seems to think that Hogan is racist, it was the best option for WWE to distance themselves from him because they didn't want to ruin their product in any way by being seen to be backing him. It seems that Hogan and WWE could be in talks to see him make a return in the near future, which would definitely be interesting.

3 Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins may be one of the most popular stars in WWE right now, but this wasn't always the case. Back in June 2014 when Rollins was the one to begin the break up of The Shield, he became public enemy number one. There were death threats sent to him on both Twitter and Instagram and Rollins was then transformed into one of the biggest heels in the company.

WWE sadly didn't do enough with the heat that the split gave to him as a heel, but somehow Rollins has managed to turn all of this hate around and even though the WWE Universe still remembers that Rollins is the reason that The Shield were forced to split, they have realized that it was perhaps for the best because the three former members have gone on to become the biggest stars in the company.

2 Eva Marie


Eva Marie is perhaps one of the most hated wrestlers that WWE have ever employed. It was more down to the fact that WWE threw Eva straight into the deep end without any wrestling experience when she was made part of Total Divas back in 2013. Eva then tried to train to be a wrestler and work her way up from NXT but the WWE Universe wouldn't give her a chance.

She was booed out of the building every time she tried to speak and was forced to become a heel when it was made obvious that the fans would not be willing to get behind her. She was suspended from WWE for 30 days in August last year and hasn't returned to WWE since. She was recently released from her WWE contract and there were a lot of fans that were relieved that they would never have to see her wrestle again.

1 Roman Reigns

Is there really anyone more hated that Roman Reigns in WWE right now? Vince McMahon is so focused on trying to push the former Shield member to be the next John Cena that he doesn't care that the WWE Universe have developed a hatred towards the former World Champion.

Roman is still considered to be a face superstar, but the minute he comes through the curtain his music is drowned out by a chorus of loud boos. WWE tried to put him against Braun Strowman in the hope that he would turn Roman into more of a face, but instead Roman has allowed Braun to become a face instead. It seems that Roman's lack of ability in the ring and on the mic was the problem that started this, but because he's improved a lot at both recently, many fans don't even know why they hate him anymore.


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