15 Worst Members of Iconic Wrestling Factions: Where Are They Now?

The best wrestling factions leave an impact of memories that last for many years. Fans still talk about the greatest groups in wrestling history and the lasting legacy of them. Hulk Hogan turning heel

The best wrestling factions leave an impact of memories that last for many years. Fans still talk about the greatest groups in wrestling history and the lasting legacy of them. Hulk Hogan turning heel to form the New World Order as the third man is an iconic moment. D-Generation X leading to Triple H’s ascension to the top of the WWE changed the company forever. Despite being retired for many years, Ric Flair and Arn Anderson flashing the four fingers in gesture to the Four Horsemen will receive a massive pop. The all-time great factions are remembered for the big moments that created positive changes.

Not all members of legendary factions have strong careers. A stable should lead to multiple wrestlers becoming bigger stars and everyone fitting a compelling role. There have been a select few performers that absolutely flopped in a great faction. Some of these names lacked the talent to make it and others just were poor fits. We will attempt to look at the worst member of each tremendous faction in the history of wrestling. Time has passed for all names involved and the journey of finding out where the worst faction members are today will be examined.

15 Konnan (nWo Wolfpac)


The New World Order changed wrestling with the trio of Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall leading the charge in their hostile takeover in WCW. Too many members joined the faction to the point that it split in two groups. The face version of the nWo was dubbed the Wolfpac. Nash led the cooler version of the nWo rocking the red and black colors. Popular wrestlers like Sting, Randy Savage and Lex Luger joined Nash to get the fans behind the Wolfpac.

One wrestler less over than the others in the group was Konnan. The talented Mexican wrestler had a great track record in the early 90s but he was no longer a top level performer. Konnan stood out as the definitive weakest member. Remaining in the wrestling business, Konnan has worked in AAA for many years as a booker but is now just known as a podcast host. Chris Jericho employees Konnan to host his Keeping it 100 show on The Jericho Network.

14 Batista (Evolution)


Evolution introduced one of the best concepts for a faction. Triple H represented the present top star in the industry, Ric Flair was the past top star and Randy Orton was being groomed to be the next star. It worked perfectly for all three members. WWE decided to add Batista in the mix after seeing his potential. Batista benefited by learning from the best and finding a relevant spot on the show.

The success of Batista came from his time in Evolution making him relevant as he learned from the best. Batista however neither fit the present or the future due to his lack of experience and older age. WWE did manage to get a few years of main event power out of him. Batista decided to leave the company in hopes of an acting career. Following huge box office success as Drax in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy blockbuster, Batista is thriving in Hollywood.

13 Jeff Jarrett (Bullet Club)


New Japan has started to develop a presence in the United States wrestling market thanks to the success of the Bullet Club. Many familiar names have been a huge part of the Bullet Club such as AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and the Young Bucks making it red hot. Bullet Club became one of the biggest non-WWE acts in recent wrestling history. The group of foreign talent trying to take over the Japanese promotion connected big time with fans all over the world.

One negative thing about the Bullet Club is they have allowed too many members to join the group. Of the unworthy names, the worst was definitely Jeff Jarrett. New Japan did business with Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling to distribute their Wrestle Kingdom show on PPV. Jarrett joined the Bullet Club by helping Styles defeat Hiroshi Tanahahsi. That was the peak of his time running GFW. The promotion has failed to get off the ground and is still looking for a television deal. Jarrett is still running Global Force but the clock is ticking.

12 Michael Tarver (Nexus)


WWE delivered an all-time great moment when Nexus made their debut on television absolutely taking over the show. Wade Barrett won the first season of NXT and banded together with all of the participants to form Nexus attacking John Cena, CM Punk, referees, announcers and anyone at ringside. The surreal moment made them a hit for a few months before WWE’s poor booking doomed them.

Michael Tarver stood out as the least talented wrestler in the group. Everyone else had potential of some sort as good workers, interesting personalities or possessing star power. Tarver was kicked out of Nexus due to an injury. WWE lost interest in him and released him shortly after due to not seeing him ever becoming a bigger star. Tarver has continued his wrestling career in lower tier independent promotions and actually is trying to make it in the music industry with the obscure Christian rap genre.

11 Nova (Blue World Order)


ECW’s Blue World Order provided a hilarious parody of WCW’s New World Order faction. Stevie Richards played Big Stevie Cool imitating Kevin Nash. Scott Hall was portrayed by Blue Meanie as The Blue Guy. The third person to get the spot imitating Hulk Hogan was Nova as Hollywood Nova. The BWO delivered humorous segments on a weekly basis gaining huge popularity among the ECW fan base.

WWE even booked them for another in 2005 after the ECW One Night Stand reunion PPV. Nova was already employed with WWE as Simon Dean and continued working there for a few years in an office role. The relationship between Nova and WWE ended in 2007 when both parties wanted to end it. Nova still appears on independent wrestling shows once in a while but he has started working in the real estate business. The former Hollywood Nova may be the person selling you your next home. Life is strange like that.

10 Serena Deeb (Straight Edge Society)


CM Punk’s inception of the Straight Edge Society created one of the better heel factions in recent memory. The real life straight edge lifestyle of Punk became part of his heel persona. Punk decided to start a cult like faction “saving” other wrestlers in need of his guidance. The members of the Straight Edge Society along with Punk were Luke Gallows, Serena Deeb and Joey Mercury.

Deeb shaved her head on television as a sign of faith in Punk’s word. Unfortunately, she didn’t follow his words off screen as she was caught drinking at the bar after shows. Punk didn’t like her refusal to commit to the gimmick and had her removed from it. WWE eventually fired her with the role no longer being a fit. Following the dream job being taken away from her, Deeb tried to continue wrestling in other promotions but has now found a new career path. Serena now works as a yoga instructor in California.

9 Gangrel (The Brood)


The trio known as The Brood featured Gangrel, Edge and Christian playing pseudo-vampire characters. This is a rare occasion of the leader being the worst member of the stable. Gangrel led the faction with Edge and Christian coming aboard by his side. Edge and Christian were clearly more talented and moved up the rankings quickly. WWE pushed them without Gangrel as the top tag team in the company for many years.

Gangrel couldn’t keep up with the better wrestlers in the company and he was removed off television. The wrestling career of Gangrel continued to this very day with independent wrestling appearances. He is a major part of the Freak Show Wrestling alternative promotion. A more surprising fact in his career saw Gangrel work as a producer in the pornography field. Gangrel has made a recent appearance back on WWE Network to reunite with Edge and Christian on their show.

8 Manu (Legacy)


Legacy was a WWE faction consisting of second generation wrestlers working together. Randy Orton served as the leader guiding new stars Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. as they tried to make a mark in the WWE. The trio worked perfectly together as a great heel combination. WWE decided to risk it by adding new members Manu and Sim Snuka. As the son of Afa, Manu received a huge opportunity and flopped.

Orton claimed Manu was lazy and didn’t show proper respect backstage. The in-ring product also provided lackluster results with Manu failing to match his fellow members of the faction. WWE removed Manu from Legacy and fired him quickly after. Manu has wrestled on smaller independent shows over the years. Companies like TNA, Ring of Honor and Evolve showed no interest in him. Manu will likely never make it back to a high profile promotion.

7 Michael Hayes (Team Xtreme)


Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy put together one of the greatest tag team runs in WWE history that is still going strong today. Their success started in WWE when getting paired with Michael Hayes as their manager. Hayes long history in wrestling added a veteran presence to help get the young talents acclimated into the big WWE picture. Everyone remembers the Hardys and Lita as the only members of Team Xtreme, but Hayes was in Lita’s spot originally.

The visual of a middle-aged Hayes dressing in the young clothing to match the Hardys looked silly and ended up hurting them. WWE realized it and split them up which worked out best for everyone. Matt and Jeff progressed in their careers and Hayes transitioned into a backstage role. WWE made Hayes an agent and producer that saw him become one of the most powerful people in the company. Hayes is currently the leader of the producers with others working directly under him.

6 Kama Mustafa (Nation of Domination)


The Nation of Domination pushed the envelope at the time with African-Americans speaking out against racism in WWE with violent actions. Faarooq led a group of black wrestlers to send a message to the rest of the wrestlers and the fans by any means necessary. The group had some great moments with stacked talent. One member that didn’t have the upside of the others was Kama Mustafa.

Formerly Papa Shango and later The Godfather, Kama just didn’t have the in-ring skills like the others in the Nation. WWE primarily used him in the group as an enforcer that would protect the more high profile members of the group. The Godfather gimmick to come after the Nation ended led to the biggest success of his career. Living the gimmick, Kama actually runs a strip club in Las Vegas these days. Kama is still in the good graces of WWE as seen with his 2016 Hall of Fame induction.

5 Mideon (Ministry of Darkness)


The Ministry of Darkness allowed The Undertaker to portray a top heel in the Attitude Era. Undertaker played a demonic figure with his version of a satanic cult being the Ministry of Darkness in their attempt to take over the WWE. Many of the more intimidating wrestlers on the roster such as the APA and Viscera joined the group. One less successful person that was one of the first inductees was Mideon.

Formerly known as Phinneas I. Godwinn, Mideon was abducted by the Ministry and “sacrificed” on Undertaker’s symbol. That made him a member of the group. Mideon was a tough dude but he just never struck fear into the fans like other members of the faction could. The wrestling career of Mideon didn’t last long with him leaving WWE a few years later. In a shocking twist, Mideon now works as a chef running his own catering company. Don’t worry potential customers, the Naked Mideon gimmick won’t resurface at your dining events.

4 Tori (D-Generation X)


The legacy of D-Generation X typically features Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Another popular version had the New Age Outlaws and X-Pac replace Michaels. Chyna was involved in both of the more memorable version but another female wrestler joined it later on. A later heel version of the group during the McMahon-Helmsley era saw Tori become a member as the on-screen girlfriend of X-Pac. Tori primarily worked as the manager of X-Pac coming down to ringside during his matches.

Stephanie McMahon joining the group saw Tori help out as her muscle doing the work to help Stephanie retain the WWE Women’s Championship. Tori definitely had a place in the group but she didn’t leave an impact the way other members did. Following DX ending, Tori entered a storyline with Raven but it went nowhere and she was transitioned off television. Tori left the wrestling industry to work in the yoga field for years and she is a yogini today.

3 Jim Neidhart (Hart Foundation)


WWE’s big move of having Bret Hart turn heel after years of popularity as a face saw him form the Hart Foundation stable. Bret recruited top star relatives Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith to be his first wave of help to combat Steve Austin. Brian Pillman also joined the fray as a talented friend of the Hart family. The fifth forgotten member was another Hart brother-in-law Jim Neidhart.

Unlike the other four wrestlers, Neidhart didn’t have the pure talent to bring the wrestling greatness and had to rely on his size. The Montreal Screwjob causing Hart to leave the company in the worst way possible saw Neidhart leave WWE shortly after too for a spot in WCW. Neidhart never was able to reach the same level of success he did in WWE. The retired star is back in the WWE family these days as a member of the Total Divas cast as part of the life of his daughter Natalya.

2 Paul Roma (Four Horsemen)


The Four Horsemen has seen many members come in and out through the various versions. Ric Flair and Arn Anderson served as the consistent guys associated with the success. Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham and a few others fit in perfectly working in the powerful faction. Quite a few failed to rise to the occasion but one person specifically left a negative legacy in the Horsemen. WCW made Paul Roma join the Horsemen with the hopes of fans viewing him as a star.

Roma lacked the in-ring talent and personality to stand out among better wrestlers. Fans refused to take him seriously causing the experiment to end. Flair referred to Roma as the worst member of the Horsemen and Roma claimed Flair was jealous. The war of words continued for years. Roma is a forgotten man in the wrestling industry but he does have his own wrestling school in Connecticut training aspiring wrestlers.

1 Virgil (nWo)


Everyone remembers the glory days of the New World Order. Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall making the Monday Night Wars a reality with the rise of WCW changed the business forever. The nWo lasted a good full year dominating the business with great success. It gradually started to go downhill with weaker members joining the group and the size growing way too large. No one proved this more than Vincent aka Virgil.

WCW renamed Virgil as “Vincent” in an effort to insult Vince McMahon, but we all still know him as Virgil. The overrated wrestler with little talent is most known for being the lackey of Ted DiBiase. Virgil wearing the nWo shirt always made you realize just how simple it was for anyone to join the group. Today, Virgil is an internet joke with his panhandling at wrestling conventions. Virgil shows up and tries to intimidate fans into paying him for autographs or pictures. The saddest fact is Virgil often shows up wearing a nWo shirt.

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15 Worst Members of Iconic Wrestling Factions: Where Are They Now?