15 Women Who Could Get A Spot In The WWE Hall of Fame In 2018

Despite all the talk WWE does about a so-called women’s revolution in the pro wrestling industry, the reality is that females have been trying their hardest to make a name for themselves inside the squared circle for nearly a full century. The catch is that most of their efforts took place outside Vince McMahon’s sphere of influence, meaning they get left out of the record books now that he alone controls them. Even so, women have been an integral part of WWE specifically since at least the Attitude Era, and they too deserved a lot more respect than the company was giving them at the time.

Luckily, there’s a way to rectify decades of casting aside women as petty “divas” in retroactively admitting they were incredible talents in their own right. WWE could do this in a very succinct manner by inducting the past women of wrestling into the Hall of Fame, acknowledging they had a lot more to offer than mere eye candy. Slowly but surely, the company has been attempting to make this shift as of late, inducting at least one woman per year, but maybe that’s not quite enough.

Obviously, WWE can’t simply put every woman in the Hall of Fame all at once, or else it will cheapen the honor so much the gesture won’t matter. Still, WWE has a lot of making up to do in regards to their former female talent, so perhaps inducting at least two or three women next time around, if not more, might be an idea they want to consider. On the off chance they actually take this advice, keep reading to learn about 15 gorgeous women who could get inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018.

15 Torrie Wilson

Truth be told, WWE may have more reasons not to induct Torrie Wilson than they do reasons to welcome her back with open arms. It’s nothing against Torrie herself, but simply the fact her greatest claim to fame in wrestling was posing for Playboy on multiple occasions, a fact the now-PG company doesn’t much care to bring up. Of course, that Torrie’s most memorable moment was getting naked in a magazine also indirectly proves she didn’t do all that much inside the squared circle. There was a bra and panties match here or there, but Torrie never won any championships, nor did she often compete for them. On the other hand, she did manage a handful of male wrestlers who did wear gold around their waists, and was one of the few females to stand out during the dying days of WCW. Plus Torrie’s gorgeous looks make her a potential candidate for wrestling’s highest honor.

14 Terri Runnels

In all fairness to WWE, they may not induct Terri Runnels simply because it would be hard to compile a video package of her greatest moments now that the company is PG. Once referred to as the “Horny Little She Devil” who ran a group called PMS, very little did Terri would have worked anywhere outside of the Attitude Era. That’s not even mentioning her first few years as the outrageous Marlena, manager and wife of Goldust, who provided an integral role in his character. Granted, that same work is what makes her Hall of Fame worthy, as Terri was one of the first women of her generation to stand side by side with the men and get in their faces. She’s somewhat overlooked today for a lack of championships or in-ring success, though she did once briefly hold the WWE Hardcore title when it was defended 24/7. Terri also gets bonus points for doing lots of charity work since she left the ring, which WWE loves to reward and promote any way it can.

13 Chyna

Considering not even her untimely death could get WWE to finally cave in and admit just how important she was, it’s unfortunately possible that Chyna will never get inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame. The only logical reason why, at this point, relates to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s embarrassment over the fact The Game cheated on Chyna with his current wife, leading to her very public downward spiral. Well, that and the downward spiral itself, as WWE is quick to claim they simply don’t want kids accidentally Googling an adult film actress’s name. Still, for the WWE Hall of Fame to truly be respected as an honorary body, they absolutely need to show respect to the first and only woman to hold the WWE Intercontinental Championship. That alone should have made Chyna’s induction a given the day she retired, yet here we are a full year after her death and she’s still getting ignore. WWE might not fix this problem any time soon, but they really should.

12 Miss Elizabeth

For many years, the most glaring omission from the WWE Hall of Fame by far was “Macho Man” Randy Savage. The six-time World Champion who redefined an era of Macho Madness somehow didn’t get the nod until 2015, and even then, there was something missing from his induction ceremony. Throughout most of the Macho Man’s career, there was a woman at his side sharing the success, and her name was Miss Elizabeth. With all due respect, Liz didn’t necessarily do much more than stand as a calm, demure contrast to Savage’s absolute insanity, but that’s all she needed for the two of them to become one of the best duo’s in wrestling history. Elizabeth’s reserved nature also made her a huge fan favorite with or without Savage, making stars out of every wrestler she interacted with. Presumably, the only reason WWE has ignored her thus far is the tragic circumstances of her youth death due to a drug overdose, but they’ve overlooked that fact for enough men they should finally do so for Liz, as well.

11 Lilian Garcia

So far, as anyone can tell, the only requirements to entering the WWE Hall of Fame is being mostly retired from the wrestling business. Because the current status of Lilian Garcia is rather unclear, it may be a few more years before she officially earns induction. However, there’s almost no doubt that she’ll get there once she decides to call it quits, and since her in-ring presence has been rapidly diminishing as of late, that day may well come in 2018. Believe it or not, Garcia is one of the longest tenured employees in WWE history, having been the company’s primary ring announcer since 1999. Garcia has also earned legitimate acclaim for her singing voice, opening many WWE events with the national anthem and kicking things off with style. Although things tended to get a little silly whenever Garcia actually got in the ring, her actions outside of it were quietly integral to the look and feel of WWE for many years, making her a guaranteed Hall of Famer one day soon.

10 Michelle McCool

Like it or not, one of the biggest elements of the wrestling business, at least the parts of it controlled by Vince McMahon, have always been good old fashioned nepotism. For this reason alone, Michelle McCool feels like an inevitable lock for the WWE Hall of Fame, if only due to her status as The Undertaker’s wife. Michelle and the Dead Man wed in 2010, the year before she retired from wrestling to begin their family life together. In all fairness, her career was pretty solid up until that point, as she was certainly more talented in the ring than the typical “diva” of her era. McCool proved her in-ring mastery with two stints each holding the WWE Women’s and Diva’s Championship. In fact, Michelle was the first woman to win the Diva’s Championship, and then went on to unify the two female titles into one. All that said, chances are she would definitely wind up in the Hall of Fame regardless of who she married, and the fact she lives with a Phenom merely means the induction may come sooner rather than later.

9 Victoria

Now that there are more than 20 women on the WWE roster, there’s obviously a great deal of variety in the type of characters they play in between and during their matches. Back in the Attitude Era and earlier, however, female wrestlers were all very similar to one another. Typically, they were blonde, buxom, and beautiful, with physical appearances that were emphasized heavily above wrestling talent. Victoria was one of the earliest women to challenge this notion, with dark hair, dark ring gear, and a vicious attitude to match her looks. This vicious demeanor brought Victoria the WWE Women’s Championship on two occasions, and helped her make history as one of the first women to compete in a steel cage match on Raw and a hardcore match for the gold on Pay-Per-View. Later in her career, Victoria continued to dominate women’s wrestling in TNA, where she won five Knockouts Championships under the name Tara, but WWE probably won’t take that into considering whether she gets inducted to the Hall of Fame or not.

8 Molly Holly

When the adorably innocent Molly Holly made her WWE debut in the year 2000, she was actually the second wrestler to get introduced as a member of Hardcore Holly’s weird family. To this day, Hardcore has yet to earn induction into the Hall of Fame, and there’s not much a chance their silly little cousin Crash will either, yet it feels entirely possibly Molly could break down the doors for their fake household and make her way to history in the near future. In an era of pretty divas who focused primarily on their bodies, Molly stood out as an accomplished wrestler who always tried to one up herself inside the squared circle. Molly is also noteworthy as a rare true villainess, who was willing to do anything to upset the fans — and then make them go wild when she suffered, like the time her head was shaved at WrestleMania. Throw in two Women’s Championships, one Hardcore Championship, and countless memorable moments in between, and Molly basically needs to be celebrated by the wrestling community real soon.

7 Bull Nakano

Again and again, the WWE Hall of Fame has been proving why wrestling fans should never say never, with many inductions seeing Vince McMahon forgive former employees many believed had entirely burned their bridges with the company. One of the greatest examples of this trend was the 2015 induction of Alundra Blayze, who once threw the WWE Women’s Championship in the garbage on an episode of Monday Nitro. Since the company was finally able to move past Blayze’s transgression, they should probably do the same for one of her greatest rivals, Japanese wrestling icon, Bull Nakano. In addition to feuding Blayze and wrestling some of the best women’s matches of the '90s, including one where she won the WWE Women’s title, Nakano was a massive star in her native country, where she’s recognized as one of the industry’s greatest in-ring talents, male or female. The one downside is that she got fired from WWE back in 1995 due to a drug-related arrest, but that was definitely long ago enough that she shouldn’t still be snubbed for it.

6 Stacy Keibler

Every now and again, a former sports entertainer will leave the wrestling business and start to act like they’re “above it,” not wanting anything to do with the fans that made them famous. In some respects, Stacy Keibler has lived up to this reputation to a tee, almost entirely avoiding the subject of WWE since she left the company in 2006. Notwithstanding a brief stint on Tough Enough five years later, Keibler has had nothing to do with wrestling in the past decade, preferring to attempt a, quite frankly, lackluster career as a serious actress and catch-all celebrity. The point is, she may have little interest in WWE if they asked her to join the Hall of Fame, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try and use her mainstream credentials anyway. Of course, Keibler’s career in wrestling was noteworthy enough on its own, as she was one of the only women from WCW to truly become a star in WWE.

5 Luna Vachon

Wild, fast, and out of control, Luna Vachon would seem wholly unique even in today’s evolved women’s wrestling landscape. Considering she started her career back in the 1980s and came to fame in the early '90s, there’s really no overstating just how innovative it was to see a vicious punk-rock chick ready to cut the eyes out of any pretty girl that stood in her way to wrestling glory. Through her hardened growl alone, Luna could strike fear into the hearts of any man or woman who dared stand against her, something she managed to do in the AWA, WCW, WWE, and ECW, among many other companies. On top of her image, Luna also has the benefit of lineage, coming from a long line of wrestlers including Vivian, Paul, and uncle Mad Dog Vachon, the latter of whom is already a WWE Hall of Famer himself. It would make perfect sense for Luna to join him and continue honoring her family’s legacy.

4 The Bella Twins

Of all the names on this list, The Bella Twins are easily the newest to the wrestling industry and therefore, probably the most controversial. Quite frankly, neither Nikki nor Brie has done all that much to truly make wrestling history and earn induction to the Hall of Fame, but with past inductees like Jacqueline, Koko B. Ware, and The Godfather, it’s not like that sort of thing stops WWE from doling out the honor. The only real requirement for entry is retirement, and as far as anyone can tell, Brie and Nikki are both rapidly approaching that stage in life despite being in their mid 30s. Brie has already essentially announced her retirement and intent to start raising a family, and now that John Cena finally popped the question to Nikki, she’s probably going to join her sister sometime soon. Their reality show may still continue, but the days in the ring could be over, so WWE could make them Hall of Famers if only to promote their continuing outside endeavors in entertainment.

3 Mike McGuirk

With all due respect to her legacy, Mike McGuirk is easily the most obscure name on this list, so it would be hard to blame WWE for continuing to snub her into the future. That said, she definitely deserves a little acknowledgement for having made her small, yet notable, impact on the wrestling business, serving as the first female announcer in WWE history. The honor was even greater considering McGuirk was a constant ringside presence when the absolute only women getting in the ring were The Fabulous Moolah and whatever her challenger was that month, meaning most of the athletes she interacted with and occasionally interviewed were men. McGuirk’s stage presence is also worth noting, as she had often exchanged great witty repartee whenever paired with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, but then again, who didn’t? In any event, McGuirk truly broke ground for women in wrestling, making them more visible than ever before, something she deserves a little credit for now that females are finally getting their due.

2 Ivory

Give it enough thought, and the career of Ivory could be seen as a microcosm for female wrestling’s evolution in general. Despite making her debut as a prostitute hired by D’Lo Brown to service Mark Henry, the gorgeous lady of wrestling soon established herself as a legitimate contender for the WWE Women’s Championship. Ivory was destructive in the ring and infinitely better on the microphone than most of the other females on the roster during her time in the ring. In fact, she was so good on the mic that by joining Right to Censor and becoming their main mouthpiece, she elevated the entire group from a joke to genuinely hated heels. Her reward was the third and last WWE Women’s Championship of her career, though she continued having solid matches for the belt another two years after that, at which point she quietly left the company. On top of everything that happened in WWE, Ivory was involved with the real Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling promotion that is currently featured in a popular Netflix sitcom, so she has serious mainstream appeal to boot.

1 Sable

When Sable was the WWE Women’s Champion, she boasted that all other women in wrestling wanted to be her, while the men in the audience gladly paid to see her. To this day, the first half of that sentence may well be at least half true, in that female wrestlers in the modern era can only dream of achieving her unprecedented popularity. Despite having very little training as an actual wrestler, Sable made crowds go wild each time she was on camera, simply by showing up in tight leather and wearing a sultry smile. When push came to shove and she had to get in the ring, she wasn’t great on a technical level, but she did everything necessary to spark huge audience reactions, which is really all the industry is about. As if all of that wasn’t more than enough to make her a legend in her genre, there’s also the obvious fact Sable’s husband is WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, and giving her the nod would make the whole family happy.

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