15 Women On Instagram Who Love Working Out

Instagram has been a curse and a blessing for many entertainers. While some have posted videos that their publicist quickly told them to delete, others use it to boost their social media followers. It also helps that social influencers are using online platforms to capture their workout sessions for their fans to watch.

Now that winter is almost over, most of us are spending a few days a week in the gym to get ready for spring break. Whether you take a picture of your chiseled abs or natural curves and post it on social media, I am sure it boosts your confidence.

A few of the ladies on the list have no choice but to stay in the gym five days a week because if they don’t, they will quickly be replaced by another model. Some are only looking for attention and the rest love to exercise.

If you don’t have these gorgeous women on your Instagram, you need to start following them today.


15 Jasmine Tookes & Josephine Skriver - Girls Just Want to Have Fun


If you think these runway models are nothing but skin and bones, think again. Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver are capitalizing off of their beauty and exercise together on one Instagram account. It doesn’t matter where they are. They can be on a tennis court stretching, in the gym with their trainers watching their every move or climbing a rope to get rid of baby fat.

They have about 168,000 followers, but I am sure that before the end of the year, their following will increase. You can tell these girls are besties because a few weeks ago Josephine wrote “happy birthday to @jastookes!! Everyone dance the night off in celebration of this babe!!”

If you think these girls are basic, they have a bit more of an exotic background than you think. Josephine is from Denmark. As for Jasmine, she’s mixed with Brazilian and Caribbean.

14 Adriana Lima - Pizza Boxes and Gymnastic Fun


Adriana Lima must be drinking from the Brazilian fountain of youth. She is one of the rare models that still has a career although she is over the age of 30. While the other top models post pictures of their lavish lifestyle, Adriana isn’t afraid to show her sporty side. One of the reasons Adriana Lima inspires me to stay fit is because she isn’t afraid to get sweaty which is a bit different than what we’re used to seeing her in high fashion magazines.

Adriana enjoys kickboxing and often pokes fun of herself by opening a box of pizza right after working out at the gym. She also has a photo of her and another model passed out on the ground after a long workout. If that won’t entertain you, check her out in Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic Victoria’s Secret video with her dancing and exercising to his hit song. It is quite entertaining!

13 Nicole Scherzinger - Complex Gymnastic Work Outs


Nicole is internationally known for being the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, but over the past few years, she has stepped away from the music business lifestyle.

With 3 million followers on her Instagram, it totally makes sense. She is culturally ambiguous and has gone on the record to state that she is mixed with Russian, Hawaiin, and Filipino although most think she is from Pakistan.

Nicole Scherzinger recently posted a video of her and a few women dancing to the reggae song “Temperature” by Sean Paul. In another video, she is wearing a cute gym outfit stretching as she looks in the mirror while working out to M.I.A.’s song “Bad Girls.”

As a person that likes to go to the gym, I must admit, her gym outfits are cute. Nicole also shows us how much she loves Beyonce in a video playing her song as she kicks high into the sky with the caption “Fierce and fun work out! The warrior and the Viking.”

12 Nicki Minaj - Dance Group Work Outs 


Nicki Minaj never disappoints her Instagram followers. Aside from the tours and outrageous outfits, she also likes to exercise and I don’t mean simple workouts at the gym. Nicki Minaj goes as far as dancing to music with a group of her female friends.

She is no longer dating rapper Meek Mill, and before the two were dating her account had more images of her dancing. Maybe she will step up her profile and get back to the woman her followers used to know.

In a recent video, her and her friends are dancing to a new single of hers that has a Caribbean vibe. With a little creativity, she and her friends have their smartphones out filming themselves and the video quickly goes into a promo video for her new song.

11 Sarah Stage - Workout Sessions With Friends


Sarah Stage’s Instagram page shows her dedication to hitting the gym in a scandalous kind of way. In some of her videos, she often uses her friends as props to help show off her moves or simply has them exercise with her. Her techniques aren’t easy for the average person with a gym pass to try to imitate in public. There are times when she will be squat jumping up stairs. During the Christmas holiday’s she wore a Santa hat with red and white striped yoga pants in running shoes, so it is clear this lady has style! One of her favorite moves is lunges with her friends in a synchronized line.

When she isn’t showing off her body at the gym, she posts family photos of her child and husband. In a recent article on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit website, they feature Sarah in a video as she talks about her lifestyle admitting that “Social media does put a lot of pressure on women," but she clearly is handling the pressure beautifully.

10 Beyonce - Promotes New Clothing Line In the Gym


Jay Z is one lucky man. Most women think Beyonce has everything one needs in life and some men wish they could replace Jay. Many of her fans called the Beyhive appreciate the fact she shows all sides of her life on her page and working out is one of them.

Since her new clothing line Ivy Park was released in stores last year, people can’t seem to get enough of her workout commercials she posts online. More recently, she has one short video that zooms in on her body while laying on the floor, although that isn't really "exercising", it still had 5 million views! Surprisingly, the Ivy Park photo of her hanging from circular hoops only has 1.2 million views.

She might be a family woman, but Bey takes care of herself.

9 Khloe Kardashian - Shows Weight Loss For New Reality Show


If Khloe Kardashian works out in the gym and posts it on social media to catch the eye of a handsome basketball player, it looks like it worked. She is still dating the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player Tristan Thompson. Her new TV show, Revenge Body, chronicles the weight loss of people that are trying to get revenge on an ex.

On Instagram, she was counting down the days before her show aired by showing before and after photos of her weight loss. While the above photo may be a promotional one and not in a traditional gym setting, we are sure you still love the outfit!

One of her beauty secrets she isn’t afraid of revealing to fans is she wears a clothing product called waist snatched that sucks in her stomach.


8 Bella Thorne - Loves Wearing Black Halter Tops


Bella Thorne shocked the world last year when she started to show a more ‘sexy’ side of her. Some think she is going overboard, but Bella said that she is stepping away from her Disney days and is expressing herself as a grown woman.

What is even worse is last week she posted a comment on One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson's Instagram after he posted a photo of him and a few other women. Bella added 'Awwww’ in the comments, and as a result, she started getting death threats from his fans that were jealous.

Bella might not be shy at this stage of her career but rather than posting videos of herself, she shares her gym photos. While it looks like she is in good shape, she might only be trying to tone her body.

One of her best photos is of her wearing a black gym halter top and yoga pants with the caption “Getting back on that #grind#pilates and it feels good ❤️ #friyay#friday."

7 Tracee Ellis Ross - Workouts Mixed with Humor


Most of you know Tracee Ellis Ross as one of the daughters of Diana Ross. She recently won an Emmy Award for her role as the star of the TV sitcom Black-ish.

In between photographs of Tracee Ellis Ross in magazine spreads and red carpet events, this woman knows how to keep her curves in shape and loves to share moments like this with the world. Her long flowing curls are not the only thing people admire about her. Unlike most of the ladies on the list, Tracee uses comedy while exercising.

In one video there are a group of younger girls dancing in the mirror, and as Tracee watches, she moves like a stiff woman and says, "there's no way that I can," before humorously engaging in a flirty and energetic dance move.

To get ready for her Rihanna “Work” and Beyonce “Formation” performances at the BET Awards last year, Ross also admitted she watched herself twerk numerous times at the gym with her choreographer.

After all, she had to wear a red skinned tight leather outfit on stage and you better believe she wanted to look good.

6 Chanel Iman - Carnival Dancing & Boxing


Is Chanel Iman Filipino or black? Many people get confused when they see her but to end the speculation, she is half Korean and African American. When she isn’t posing in swimsuits for Victoria Secret catalogs or gracing the pages of Teen Vogue, Iman likes to (in the words of Fergie) work on her fitness. In one of her pictures, she lays backward on her friend that is crouched into a human ball as Iman stretches.

Outside of the gym, Iman was spotted last year at Crop Over festival in Barbados. Under the Barbadian hot sun for 8 hours? She must have been exhausted and definitely needed to be in shape to pull that off.

In the summer time, Iman likes to show videos of herself jogging up wooden stairs on mountains in California.

5 Demi Lovato - Knocks Out Sylvester Stallone


If you are trying to stay inspired remain in the gym by lifting heavier weights, Demi Lovato’s page is the one you want to follow. Demi is fun on Instagram and doesn’t take her workouts too seriously. This means she has a nice mix of martial arts fighting and funny moments with trainers. About two months ago, Demi added a video of her and Sylvester Stallone boxing and posted “Just knocking out Rocky (@officialslystallone) easy day at” (the gym). She is one tough lady! After she punches him a few times, Sylvester falls to the ground yelling “I slipped, I slipped.”

From her previous days of being fat-shamed for having a bit of weight on her, Demi Lovato seems to have lost weight.

What is even more entertaining is she has 53.9 million followers as of today and it might be because she looks so amazing during her workouts.

4 Gabrielle Union - Wants To Look Good For TV Sitcom


Gabrielle Union is lucky! She is married to NBA basketball player Dwayne Wade and stars on the TV show called Being Mary Jane as a television news reporter. With the many racy scenes she does on the show, it makes sense that she takes the time to workout. When Gabrielle exercises, she is not afraid to say that she is in pain but her trainer keep her in check by encouraging her to keep going.

When she went to China last year, she ran up the stairs of The Great Wall of China. With a husband like Dwayne Wade, she also has videos of herself practicing moves on the basketball court. She has also posted a video of Dwayne in the gym, Maybe he is the inspiration behind her dedication to staying fit? We are sure fans should stay tuned to see more of her videos coming soon.

3 Lea Michele - Exercises on a Paddle Board in Maui


Lea Michele's Instagram profile looks like a dream. Exotic vacations, red carpet events, having fun with friends. This girl is blessed!

In a recent photo, she posted a picture of herself wearing hot pink spandex gym pants and a halter workout top with the caption “Can't get over this view.. ??.” I think Lea is talking about her body and not the aerial view in the background. She also enjoys hot pilates and isn’t shy when she stretches owing her amazing body to “a little Namaste.”

A few days ago she was spotted by the paparazzi in a cute hot pink one piece swimsuit in Maui as she is paddle boarding on the North Pacific Ocean. Although these images aren’t on Instagram, she exercises with a friend on a  paddle board the same way we exercise in the gym. How impressive! It looks like all the exercise she has been doing has paid off.

2 Deepika Padukone - In Shape for XXX: Return of Xander Cage Movie


Priyanka Chopra has some competition from another Bollywood actress that is also paving the way for South Asian entertainers in Hollywood. Deepika Padukone co-stars in xXx: Return of Xander Cage with Vin Diesel. In a recent interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Ellen asks Deepika about steamy pictures with her and Vin Diesel together on her Instagram, but she denies the rumors that the two are secretly dating. Although Vin is married, so we hope she is telling the truth!

Nonetheless, this woman has arms of steel. In one video she lifts herself up with her hands as she pulls on two bars connected to the ceiling of a room. She invites people to keep get in on the fun by writing “Your turn now! Upload a video of you moving to #dadading & join the movement.”

Deepika Padukone might be a gym lover, but she doesn’t hide her fast food diet. A few weeks ago she shared photos of chocolate chip cookies and plates of Indian food with the hashtag #soulfood.

1 Kate Hudson - Stays Fit and Attractive


Kate Hudson is on the list of older actresses that age like wine. In 2015 when we found out she was dating Nick Jonas’ we couldn’t believe she still had swag. Kate Hudson also teamed up with sports gurus as the co-founder of Fabletics and now sells gym wear for women.

In a recent skit with comedian James Corden on The Late Night Show, they let children lead a gym fitness class they were exercising in and it was hilarious. She also has a pole in her house that she swings on and if you didn’t know it was her, you’d think she is a professional dancer.

In a photo on her Instagram, Kate is stretching while one of her friends posing as if she is twerking while wearing an outfit you would wear to work. On her Instagram, Kate wrote, “Safe to say we did not lead the #fortunempw audience in workout session but we did get in our little interpretive dance/stretch backstage.”

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