15 Wardrobe Malfunctions The WWE Doesn’t Want You To See

As glamorous as it seems to be a WWE Superstar, the life of those athletes is certainly not the easiest. With the major programs such as Raw, SmackDown Live and PPVs being live, there truly is little space for any type of error during the broadcast. Despite the botches we’ve seen in the past, it’s truly remarkable to see how smoothly the shows generally run.

When we think of botches during a show, we generally think of mistakes that take place in the ring, whether it be the mistiming of a move, or a lack of coordination between the two combatants. No matter what it might be, this is what we often associate with botches. In this article, we’ll instead shed a light on another type of botch; the wardrobe malfunction. With A.J.’s recent botch at the TLC PPV, we were reminded that it can happen to anyone at anytime, even with the likes of the most talented stars like Styles.

From nip slips to attire tears, we have it all on this list of wardrobe malfunctions the WWE doesn’t want you to see. Enjoy the list and let us know which one you believe is truly the most memorable wardrobe malfunction of them all!


15 A.J. Styles And The Bum Tear

It’s almost been a year now since the debut of A.J. Styles and man, what a run it has been. He started off at the Rumble kicking off 2016 and just gained momentum along the way. After watching his work, Vince’s only regret was not signing Styles years prior. Not only was Styles drafted to SmackDown to lead the brand but the WWE put the Championship around his waist after being with the company for less than a year. Now that’s something.

Rightfully so, Styles has been flawless in the ring. His moves are simple and breathtaking, but what makes them so much greater is how easy he makes them look. The only minor hiccup he’s sustained with the company came recently through no fault of his own when he ripped his pants during a main event match at the TLC PPV. The tear was noticeable and fans in attendance were very aware. Even those at home saw the wardrobe malfunction despite the WWE cameraman trying to avoid it. In typical A.J. Styles fashion, he remained a pro throughout the match and didn’t miss a single beat. Now that’s a professional, folks.

14 AJ Lee’s Shirt Malfunction

AJ was simply a couple of years ahead of her time. She took the WWE by storm in 2011 and continued to remain dominant till her sudden departure in 2015. Lee capped off her WWE run with three Divas Championship runs.

What made AJ stand out the most among her particular class was two things. One, she was insanely talented in the ring and far ahead of anyone else at the time. And two, she was, simply put, stunning to look at dawning her short shorts along with a short cut t-shirt on the regular night.

One night, fans got a little more than they anticipated. Following her win, AJ’s bra was exposed as her shirt got stuck on top. The malfunction caused AJ to literally be seen in front of the live audience and those watching at home in her bra. To make matters worse, she didn’t hide the gaff and proceeded to do a licking gesture, just adding to the allure of the once in a lifetime situation.

13 The Bella Dress

Making her debut for the WWE in 2008, many fans thought the Bella personas would last a couple of years before they would drift into irrelevancy. The twins started off as strictly eye candy but would later bring their talents into the ring. Suddenly, they became more and more relevant as the weeks went by.

After sister Brie, embarked in a massive feud against Stephanie, Nikki benefitted from the entire ordeal more so than her sister. All of a sudden, Bella was a top line heel out of nowhere and would later become the Divas Champion breaking the record as the longest run in company history at 301 days.

During her dominant run as a heel, Nikki used glamour to gain some extra bits of heat. She might have taken things too far on one night when her stunning dress showed a little more than it was supposed to. This wouldn’t be the only Bella wardrobe malfunction though, as you’ll see further down the list.

12 Triple H Got A Little Too Scared

Aside from his quad injuries, Triple H has had a major impact on the WWE since the late 90s. Love him or hate him, Hunter is an absolute mastermind behind the scenes with his NXT involvement and he’s also no slouch in the ring, either. Say what you want about his in-ring style but Triple H botching a move or anything of the sorts is almost viewed as an impossibility when going back into time and looking at his body of work. The guy is simply a natural no matter how you look at it.

One unnatural situation however, seems to have taken place during a confrontation against Brock Lesnar. Look, we get Brock’s a little scary but peeing yourself is a little much, don’t you think? It’s unclear exactly what happened, but the picture shows a major wardrobe malfunction that illustrates some wetness between Hunter’s legs. Thankfully, he was wearing jeans so, whatever it was, it didn’t seep through, but it must have been a horrifying experience for both Triple H and Brock who had to deal with that malfunction.

11 Lita Exposed During The Live *** Show

Entering the WWE in 2000, Lita trailed a path as one of the greatest female performers of all-time. Without a doubt, her contributions as a high flyer were trailblazing to say the least.

All of that however, was forgotten at one point during 2005; all of a sudden, her four Women’s Title reigns didn’t matter any longer. Lita made headlines for an alleged affair behind the scenes with Edge. According to rumors, Lita cheated on Matt while he was out with an injury. The news was soon made public and audiences began to turn on Lita. In typical WWE fashion, the company decided to pounce on the situation. Edge and Lita were all of a sudden an item, while Matt returned and became a mega babyface. The antics that followed were a little much, and it ultimately led to an angle the WWE certainly regrets given its PG climate today, the “Live S*x Show”.

The segment was rather uncomfortable to watch and also featured a wardrobe malfunction which went viral pretty quickly. The cameraman accidentally zoomed in on Lita while one of her breasts was exposed. It just put the cherry on top of a terrible angle which should have never occurred.

10 Takers’ Coat Catches On Fire

Since the early 90s, The Undertaker’s entrance has sent chills down our spines. His allure all starts with that dark theme and slow walk, which creates a buzz in any arena. Truly remarkable to think that at the age of 51, 'The Deadman' is still dazzling crowds with his chilling appearances.

His entrance is actually pretty dangerous and involves darkness along with some fire. Looking at the picture above, most of you probably realize that The Undertaker is missing his infamous long trench coat but there’s a reason as to why. Taking place in St. Louis, at the 2010 Elimination Chamber event, the flames got a little too hectic during Undertaker’s pyro. This led to Taker getting burnt while walking down to the ring. Thankfully, his veteran instincts kicked in and Taker immediately threw his jacket off limiting the burns. It was one of his few blemishes that took place through no fault of his own.

9 Cameron’s Top Falls Off

Fans seriously thought the WWE was pulling our legs when it was revealed that lackluster Tough Enough star Cameron, was signed to a WWE deal. Her appearance on the show was forgettable and downright embarrassing. Her best moment was when she was asked by WWE legend Stone Cold, what her favorite match was. With some hesitation, she responded Melina versus Alicia Fox....

Despite the terrible stint, the company signed her and by 2012, she was on the main roster as a member of the Funkadactyls. Her progress was disastrous and ultimately she sent herself down to NXT. She sealed her own faith from the company when agreeing with Ryback's opinion regarding the contract wages.

Her most memorable moments were few and far between, but a noticeable gaff is remembered by fans. Taking place at WrestleMania (out of all the stages), Cameron lost her top during the Divas bout. Not sure what’s worse, the wardrobe malfunction on the biggest show of the year or Cameron competing at WrestleMania. What do you think, folks?


8 Dawn Marie Attire Malfunction

In the early to mid 2000s, the WWE didn’t have a clue what was going on in the women’s division. The class featured an array of both in-ring competitors along with Superstars that were simply hired based on their looks alone. Finally, the WWE gave fans some clarity by putting the competitors on Raw, while the true “Divas” were put on SmackDown, competing in various gimmick matches and visually pleasing antics.

One of those Superstars that fit the bill when it came to being eye candy was Dawn Marie. To her credit, she had a plethora of experience to back up her work and she did great during her WWE stint. On one occasion however, things got a little too Rated R during one of her matches. During the bout, Dawn wore new attire for the first and last time. Her attire literally ripped open, exposing her entire backside and forced the match to end abruptly. Even at the end, Dawn is still struggling to hold everything together as her entire wardrobe fell apart.

7 Rosa Loses Her Bottoms

Pretty remarkable to think that Rosa’s been employed by the WWE since her days on the Diva Search way back in 2006. A decade later, she is still with the company currently away on a maternity leave.

Throughout her run, we remember Rosa more so for her antics outside of the ring, whether it be as a manger for Primo & Epico or as a cast-member on the reality show Total Divas. Despite her efforts, everything she did in the ring was pretty forgettable, not hard to find out why she’s never won a major Championship with the company.

One memorable occurrence did go down, however, it’s for reasons the WWE wants you to forget about. During a tag team match on the Main Event, her opponent Layla got a little too excited and completely dropped Rosa’s pants while she was on the apron exposing her to the live crowd. Thankfully, the show was taped so the WWE was able to alter the content swiftly.

6 Brie Slips Out

She’s gone from the WWE today, but expects to return at some time in the future once she has her child and things begin to settle down. Brie enjoyed a fantastic career that began like sister Nikki, being regarded as eye candy and talentless in the ring. Her real-life relationship to Daniel Bryan made her a fan favorite and things would later take off for her career once she began to feud with Stephanie McMahon. At that point, Brie was the most over she’d ever been in her entire career.

Before that would unfold, Brie went through some ups and downs trying to stay relevant in the company. This one situation was certainly one of the downs and it looks like The Miz sees it coming in the picture above. During the segment which featured all of the Divas, Brie was wearing a revealing dress that got a little too revealing at one point. The malfunction saw one of Brie’s breasts pop out during the segment and was caught by a multitude of fans online. Looking back at her career, this is a moment Brie most certainly wants you to forget about and the WWE is likely on board with her sentiment.

5 Beefcake Rips His Tights

For the next two wardrobe malfunctions, we take a look at a pair of situations that happened outside of a WWE ring. Both situations happened to a pair of WWE legends and we’re pretty positive the WWE doesn’t want you seeing these gaffs, even if they went down outside of the company's ring.

For this one, we take a look at Brutus “The Barber”Beefcake and his involvement during a live Indie event. The semi-retired wrestler was wearing a pretty tight pair of tights and as you might expect, the unthinkable happened when his pants ripped during the match. The ordeal was worse than A.J.’s for a multitude of reasons; for one, the hole was a lot bigger, and second, the location of the tear was about a thousand times worse. The poor old trooper went through the entire match with the noticeable tear and the fans made sure this image would go viral by posting it online via several wrestling social media outlets. Aren’t wrestling fans the greatest?

4 Hogan Exposes Flair

Back in the early 90s, Flair had a brief stay in the WWE. At the time, fans desperately wanted to see the Nature Boy versus the Hulkster; this match surely would have been the greatest in WWE history at the time.

The company ultimately missed the opportunity and Flair would flee the scene for WCW. A little later, Hogan would join and face Flair on the WCW platform. It was a huge miss on the WWE’s part.

Years and years after the fact, the two legends rekindled their feud overseas attempting to generate even more money. Although the two were way past their primes, it was still a sight to behold. However, on this night, the sight many couldn’t forget about was a bottomless Ric Flair. Again, another wrestler that pulled a little too hard, a bloody Hogan completely yanked down the Nature Boy’s pants. Typical Flair, the 16-time Champion was not fazed at all and continued the match despite the brief wardrobe malfunction.

3 Another Bella Slip

The Bellas love to bring in fashion to the world of sports and entertainment. However, as you’ve seen on this list, it sometimes leads to some unfortunate outcomes for both the twins and the WWE.

On this instance, Nikki takes a fall outside of the ring. Recovering, the camera zooms in on Nikki only to see one of her breasts ever so slightly exposed and coming out of her attire.

Credit both Bellas though, as they’ve managed to stay professional as ever throughout their WWE run making the company their top priority since day one, despite their massive global appeal which stems outside of the WWE because of their social media and Total Divas involvement. Looking to the future, we can expect Nikki to continue to rise with the company for quite some time, before she eventually makes it in another domain. However, with Cena by her side, you can expect Nikki to be around for quite some time and heck, why not? She’s proved she can hang with the best of them and has become one of the most dramatically improved wrestlers in a long time.

2 Batista Rips His Jeans

2005 was the year of the Animal. Batista won the Royal Rumble and defeated Triple H at WrestleMania 21 capping off a brilliant feud between the two.

His initial run with the company was brilliant but eventually it ran its course. Both Batista and the fans moved on to bigger and better things. He’d return in 2013, and became known as Boo-Tista more so than anything else. Fans became uninterested and he’d eventually leave for good.

One of the peculiar facets of Batista’s persona saw the former Champion dress in some of the tightest clothing you’ll ever see. On one night, things finally escalated as Batista’s tight jeans tore during a promo which was followed by a brawl. Despite the wardrobe malfunction, Dave continued with the tight clothes till he finally left the WWE for a career as a full-time actor.

1 Stephanie Exposed By Triple H

This is a wardrobe malfunction that the WWE, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H all want you to forget. The irony of it all is the fact that Stephanie gets exposed while between her husband’s legs in a pedigree position.

The bizarre scene took place during Triple H’s rare run as a face during his comeback from a quad injury. On the road to WrestleMania, Triple H played the role of the face while Stephanie coincided with the heel Chris Jericho. On the night of the malfunction, Stephanie was wearing a dress that seemed to be a little too revealing. While in position for the pedigree, the tight dress allowed one of her breasts to directly pop out because of her position and the nature of her wardrobe. Stephanie swiftly popped her breast back in and got back into position. Not surprisingly, the brief moment was captured by a variety of fans and went viral soon after.


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