15 WAGs Of 90s Athletes That Didn't Age Well

You might be surprised by some of the names that pop up here. But I guess it shouldn't be much of a shock that some very successful athletes managed to score some famous TV or film personality. Or a model of some sort (whether for reputable publications or for the "other" industry). So that being said, you'll come across names like Brooke Shields, and Carmen Electra.

That's right. I went there. Carmen Electra makes the list of WAGs who just don't cut it anymore. Of course, you're entitled to your opinion about how hot she might still be. But let's face it, in the grand scheme of things, she's just not objectively appealing anymore. And you may happen across a couple of names who you may not have thought of as WAGs.

There are, admittedly, a couple of athletes who make the list, if for no other reason than to poke fun at Tonya Harding (who I think deserves a bit of poking). And I guess I should define WAG for those who aren't familiar with the terms. WAGs = wives and girlfriends. That being said, here are 15 wives and girlfriends of 90s athletes who just didn't age as well as we would all like.


15 Tonya Harding

To be fair here, Harding was never a WAG. Her husband was certainly no athlete. Or if he was in any way then it certainly wasn't in any way of note. The only thing he is known for is orchestrating the knee-breaking of Nancy Kerrigan. In the spirit of being underhanded, and pretty mean in order to achieve some sort of success, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the former skating champion today. I think she might have lost her figure skating figure. Maybe just a tad. And given that Nancy Kerrigan is still pretty smoking, I bet she feels pretty good about that every day of the week. It seems that, in spite of Tonya's best efforts, genetics ruined her competitive edge. It wasn't the hired bruisers. It was the bag of Twinkies.

14 Juanita Jordan


Alright, cards on the table here. I never was particularly attracted to Juanita Jordan when she was first big in the media alongside her MVP husband Michael. Michael was one of the best players to ever run the court with the Chicago Bulls. And let's not forget how great he played with the Tune Squad in Space Jam. These two were married for seventeen years before they decided that was it. There were all sorts of speculation of cheating, and abuse, and other issues. Ultimately, it seems pretty clear that Juanita was looking for a pretty good settlement in the divorce. It could be that it won't be so easy for her to get her hands on a superstar these days, so she figured she had to dig as much gold as possible. That's a bit unfair. It's not like she hasn't worked for a good deal of the money in their estate. But it's true that she's not much of a looker anymore.

13 Debbie Clemens

Roger Clemens was one of the best-known pitchers for the Yankees back in the 90s. So given his popularity, it should be no surprise that he managed to find a pretty attractive wife. Though it has to be said that they were together before his rise to stardom with the Yanks. They married back in 1984. So either she had a good sense of what makes a major league player. Or she knows how to love in spite of money. Anyway, if you ever had a chance to see this wonderful WAG back in the 90s, you'd certainly agree that she has not aged all that well. It's no shock, of course. Wrinkles tend to happen with age. And like most WAGs who reach that age, some sort of cosmetic solution is going to likely come into play. It does seem like she hasn't lost that 90's hair though.

12 Carmen Electra


Carmen Electra is best known, I think, for three things. First of all, she was on Baywatch. Secondly, she's been on the cover of several issues of Playboy. And thirdly, she was married to one of the strangest athletes of the 90s, Dennis Rodman. Now some people may not think she should count because either she's still hot, or because she was hardly married to Rodman. They got hitched in '98 and split up that same year after both were arrested for fighting in a hotel. And about her being hot. Well, come on guys. It's pretty clear that the only thing that's keeping her going is one hell of a lift, some precisely-placed injections, and a whole lot of makeup. I'd be amazed if anyone reading this wasn't put off by her morning face before the transformation happens.

11 Janet Gretzky

Alright, alright, it's true that Janet Gretzky is the wife of "The Great One". But that doesn't mean that she gets a lifetime pass from being criticized a little bit. I mean they're doing pretty well considering that they're both still together. That's not a very common thing when it comes to WAGs from the 90s. Especially with very high-profile athletes. And I guess I have to be fair. It's not like Janet is very young anymore. But she used to do covers for Sports Illustrated. Especially for their swimsuit issues. So by comparison to how she's entirely fair that she makes this list. Raising five children while following along with Wayne's epic career, and working at being an actor as well, it's no wonder that Janet isn't quite the scorcher she used to be.

10 Debbie Sakic


Debbie Sakic. She used to be one of the cutest WAGs of the 90s. And sure, looking at the above photo it does seem as though she has reached cougar status. But I have a sneaking suspicion a lot of that look is a cosmetic effort to be a cougar. The wife of NHL centre Joe Sakic, she's got to compete with all of those new hockey WAGs who love strutting their stuff. Sure, she may not spend much time in the spotlight anymore, but when she is there she certainly seems like she is trying to add some allure. You'll notice in this photo that Joe is looking at whoever is chatting to the couple. But not Debbie. She is very decidedly trying to eye-f*ck the camera. It certainly makes this photo more interesting than it would be otherwise. Meow.

9 Brooke Shields

Most people at least know the name, Brooke Shields, even if they know nothing about her. She was once the wife of tennis player Andre Agassi. But that only lasted two years. A lot of athlete and actor marriages are fleeting. So it's not surprising that, given both their careers, they never made it. Shields hit it big in The Blue Lagoon. And while usually, it's the other way around, Shields left modelling to attend Princeton! She's got a pretty impressive resume going for her. But one thing she has no longer going for her is her stunning looks. Boy, was she ever drop-dead gorgeous in Blue Lagoon. But she's come a long way from sitting in her birthday suit, with her hair strategically placed in front of her, to the look you see above.


8 Jessica Canseco


So this is Jose Canseco's illustrious, sexy, ex-wife Jessica. It's not surprising that she's Jose's ex-wife. I mean she is posing in front of ads for both Playboy and vodka. There are a lot of photos of Jessica hanging off of other guys, and holding up her cover issue of Playboy with pride. And I guess there's a good reason why should be proud of her photo op. She looked great. She was one of the hottest WAGs of the 90s without a doubt. Nowadays though...well she kind of reminds me a little too much of Barbie. It seems pretty obvious that her face has become more plastic than flesh in this photo. And that's too bad. I bet if she just let herself naturally age she would look better now than she does. She definitely looked hotter when she was real. There aren't many who can really make fake look hot.

7 Tracy Mourning

Married to the former Miami Heat centre Alonzo Mourning, Tracy has had an interesting life. She's been very heavily involved in social programs to help young girls realize their dreams and avoid getting into trouble with the law. Which is interesting considering that in 2014 Tracy found her way into a jail cell for speeding her Porsche down the street while under the influence. The cops charged her appropriately but were still going to place her in a solitary cell. She insisted that she be put in general population, where she gathered God had wanted her to be. She has been back to that jail, as well as several prisons where she and her mother work to inspire young girls and women who find themselves in dire straights. She's a hard worker, and a seemingly good person, but she looked a lot better with long hair, and that former, sporty style.

6 Heather Avery


Heather Avery is the wife of former Atlanta Braves pitcher Steve Avery, who managed to aid the Braves in taking the World Series in 1995. Avery had a pretty brief career in the major leagues, but he made a name for himself for sure. Heather was along with him the whole time. And surprisingly still is! However, a lot has changed since the early 90s. Heather might have let herself go a little bit. She's also stopped dying her hair, it seems. Or at least she's now dying it darker (maybe because of greying hair). But to be fair to Heather, if she started greying at an early age, she had good reasons. Her first child had a very rough go at the start of his life (which also contributed to some of Steve's decline on the field). So, at least Heather has an excuse. And she's still got a sweet smile.

5 Bridgette Wilson Sampras

It seems that tennis star Pete Sampras has a big thing for Hollywood starlets. Kimberly Williams was once the girlfriend of Pete Sampras. For those who have seen Father of the Bride you'll know the star. However, the woman above is not Kimberly Williams (as she is now married to Brad Paisley). No, instead, Sampras is now married to Bridgette Wilson. People will know her best from her scorching hot performance in Mortal Kombat. Or perhaps her hilariously hot role in Billy Madison. It's hard to say that she's just not as hot as she used to be. But no one could expect her to. But it has to be said that at least if she hasn't aged all that well, she seems to have done so naturally. And that's more than most WAGs from the 90's can say.

4 Katie Chadwick


Alright, now look. There had to be at least some attractive women on this list. Though in spite of what her outer beauty might make you think, many think she is pretty ugly inside. For ten years, Chadwick stood by her husband Josh Hamilton who played for the Tampa Rays, Texas Rangers, and then the L.A. Angels. Of course, the divorce was filed as Josh began hitting the drugs again, but there are allegations that Katie was sleeping around. This WAG just narrowly made it to the list, given that it wasn't until 1999 that Hamilton was drafted to the Rays. And while Chadwick may still be pretty hot when she's not crying on Real Housewives of Orange County, she's nothing compared to how hot she was back in '99.

3 Jennifer Montana

Here is one of the heavy-hitting WAGs on the list. Joe Montana was one of the biggest quarterbacks in the 90's. And I don't mean largest, but certainly one of the best known. And Jennifer is Joe's third wife. Apparently, the third time is the charm. These two are still together and they have four children. Jennifer used to pose for Sports Illustrated back in the day, alongside her hubby. But it has to be said that she was the main attraction. Especially since most of those appearances happened to be swimsuit issues. And boy did she ever look good in a swimsuit. Now, while she has aged quite well, it seems...I wouldn't suggest putting her in a swimsuit for all to ogle. I'm fairly certain those days are passed. But considering all that time, and four kids later, she does still look pretty good.

2 Lisa McCaffrey


Lisa McCaffrey is the wife of former Broncos wide receiver Ed McCaffrey. Now, this shot doesn't exactly give a lot to look at. But it should be clear enough by her face that age, and raising four children may have run Lisa down a bit. Lisa used to rock some of that fantastic 90s hair. You know the do. The one that makes her hair look big, but luscious at the same time. It's become quite dampened in this photo. Now this couple wasn't exactly high-profile in the sports world back in the 90s. But they did play up to the media when they got the chance. Somehow, after all the beatings that Ed may have suffered at the hands of professional football, this couple has still managed to stick together. It's nice to see when couples in the media can actually manage to keep a marriage working.

1 Deanna Favre

Deanna Favre is the wife of Brett Favre, who was a well-known quarterback in the 90s. I have to be totally honest here. I put her on this list for two reasons. One, she's actually not all that bad looking these days. Especially considering that the mid 90s was about 20 years ago and that's when she was first really given media attention. So I figured people wouldn't mind looking at her. But the second reason is that, compared to how she looked back in the day, she just isn't at the same level. It kind of looks like she's got some enhancements to pull back the ageing (and the skin on her face). And it's just a sad fact that Deanna Favre really looked great in satin back in 1996, and whatever she's wearing in this shot just doesn't do the same thing.

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