15 Urban Legends About WWE Divas We Can't Believe Are Out There

There aren't many industries that have as many rumors as the wrestling business. There is a reason why hundreds of wrestling websites exist; there are plenty of rumors coming out every single day. Fans are instantly drawn in due to the nature of professional wrestling, especially since many of them turn out to be true. You also have what's known as a "shoot interview" in the industry, where wrestlers spill out all the dirty secrets about fellow stars.

Since its creation, WWE has been home to plenty of urban legends. While many have been proven to be true over the years, there are some that remain a question mark. A large number of these rumors involve Divas, usually due to an affair or their behavior behind-the-scenes. During the older days of wrestling, fans only had access to certain information, unlike today where you can find rumors about nearly every single name. That's not to mention social media, as you have wrestlers calling out each other on a constant basis.

Many of these have been around for years, while some have only recently come out. While some originated from a wrestling gossip site, others have been told by fellow wrestlers who simply had no filter. It's important to remember that these are all urban legends, and there is practically no way to tell if they are in fact true. You may be shocked to see some of your favorites involved, as we look at the 15 most shocking urban legends about WWE Divas!


15 Christy Hemme Plays The Game

Christy Hemme wasn't a great wrestling talent and the company recognized that from the start, which is why she served as a valet for most of her career. Despite her lack of wrestling skills, she was hot enough to have had a longer career than the one year she got with the WWE.

Hemme won the 2004 Diva Search and went on to get a title match at WrestleMania just a few months later. But her career was cut short under mysterious circumstances with one urban legend indicating that she may have been fired by Stephanie McMahon for fooling around with her husband Triple H.

Hemme released a long blog following her release and was vague throughout it, opting to not address the rumor. For WWE to have released her at a time when they valued looks more than anything, it must have been a major scandal which would make this rumor plausible.

14 El Dandy And Lita: A Favor For A Favor


Before Lita became one of the most popular WWE Divas, she was in Mexico in pursuit of a wrestling career. She received training from several wrestlers, among whom was El Dandy who was a big name in the country. While it's never been confirmed, Lita wasn't receiving training free of charge, as she was reportedly paying back El Dandy by offering herself.

The rumor has been around since the early 2000s, and many wrestling figures have hinted that it's true. It may not be far-fetched considering Lita's relationship history while working for the WWE. Since her days in Mexico, she has applied her newly acquired skills in the WWE to become one of the most influential Divas if all-time. The transaction between El Dandy and Lita might have been unethical, but it paid off for both in the end.

13 Stephanie McMahon Hooks Up With Randy Savage 

The tale of Randy Savage having his way with Stephanie McMahon is arguably the most known urban legend, as we have heard about it for nearly 15 years. Savage was one of WWE's biggest draws for years before he transitioned to commentary in the early 90s. Like so many other Superstars, he left the company in 1993 and would go on to join WCW. He would never make another appearance in the WWE even after WCW folded.

The company ignored him for years until he passed away in 2011, and they posthumously inducted him into the Hall of Fame. While many huge names left the company for WCW, it seems like Savage was the only one not allowed back. Rumor has it that he slept with an underage Stephanie McMahon, which Vince never forgave him for. Stephanie has never addressed the rumors while others who were in the WWE always danced around the question.

12 Victoria Being John Cena's Sidechick


We all know about the John Cena and Mickie James affair at the time when she was dating Kenny Dykstra, who went on social media and had several interviews to blast them. Dykstra also hinted that Cena was also sleeping with Victoria, basically labeling her a sidechick.

She issued a response claiming that she only dated Cena for one month in 2002, but Dykstra insisted that they were still sleeping together sometime between 2006 to 2008. It should be noted that Cena was married at the time when he was having these road affairs, as well as Victoria although it was mentioned that she was separated at the time.

While we know for a fact that Cena and Victoria were romantically involved in 2002, the rumor is whether they hooked up again years later. Dykstra hasn't changed his story so it may be true after all, but it's one of those things that we will likely never know.

11 Batista And Melina

This urban legend is one of the entries that's most likely to be true. For years, Melina had been dating John Morrison but that didn't stop her from fooling around with her partner being aware of the affairs. Among her lovers was Batista, who was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the time, and one of the biggest wrestling stars.

He also had a reputation for having fun on the road despite being married, and it seems like both stars cheated on their partner. The affair went on for quite a bit with Morrison knowing about it, which made several wrestlers and WWE officials lose respect for him.

Some wrestling sites have even claimed that it hurt his career as he was never able to take that next step, while Batista moved on from Melina for his next fling. Several figures have confirmed the affair, and knowing Melina's relationship history with Morrison, it's very likely to be true.

10 More Than Friends: Trish Stratus And Lillian Garcia


It's hard to believe that Trish Stratus wasn't very popular upon arriving in WWE. Since she didn't have any wrestling background, it caused some rift between her and other workers but she did manage to make one friend in Lilian Garcia.

They were travel partners and developed a close friendship to the point they would hold hands together. When it comes to this tale, there are two urban legends worth mentioning. The first and main being that Stratus and Garcia had more than a friendship going and were having plenty of fun on the road.

The second one is Vince McMahon's reaction; he was supposedly so upset that he was on the verge of firing Garcia since Stratus was WWE's top sex symbol at the time. While the first rumor may not be true, the latter definitely doesn't sound far-fetched considering all the crazy Vince stories.

9 Stephanie And Her Limo Rides

Stephanie McMahon has been one of the top figures in the WWE for years, and she's set to take over the company along with her husband Triple H when the time comes. Her on-screen character, as well as her social media image, has many believing that she has always been this way.

If you go back to the Attitude Era, you would see a completely different side of Stephanie involving her in raunchy storylines and inappropriate segments. But as she has grown up, her role has significantly changed.

Rumors claim that Stephanie was a wilding in her college days and used to be a big-time party girl. Apparently, she would go around in a limousine with her girlfriends to pick up random dudes, do the deed and then drop them off at random spots. We might never know the legitimacy of this urban legend, but it's surely something the company would want to sweep under the rug.


8 Trish Stratus Smelled What The Rock Was Cookin'


In 2013, Hardcore Holly released an autobiography titled "The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly Story" and it got people talking for plenty of reasons. Among them was a bit about Trish Stratus receiving a push in the WWE due to her relationship with The Rock.

When Stratus made her on-screen debut in 2000, The Rock was the most popular wrestler around and certainly had the backstage connections to call the shots. The story makes sense as far as timeline goes, but it's tough to improve it.

Holly was signed by the WWE at the time and has a reputation of being brutally honest, not to mention Stratus and The Rock did have an on-screen relationship at some point. She went on to win the WWE Women's Championship seven times after dominating the women's division for years.

7 $25,000 For Ashley Massaro

Ashley Massaro came out at the perfect time when women's wrestling was at its lowest point with sex appeal being the selling point. She rose to fame after winning the Diva Search in 2005, and would go on to pose for Hugh Hefner while featuring in some top feuds. Most fans never took her seriously as she didn't have the talent of Lita nor did she have the charisma of Sable. She would only last a few years before being released from the company in 2008.

But a little-known rumor about her has been around since she broke into the scene, linking her to a website for prostitutes. It appears that she had a profile with her information and was charging $25,000 per night. A few years later, Sunny would once again accuse her of having had a different career before making it to the WWE, which somewhat confirms that it's, in fact, more than an urban legend.

6 Alexa Bliss Being A Ring Rat


Before Alexa Bliss made it to the main roster to win both SmackDown and Raw Women's Championships, she was in NXT training for some time. In 2015, some wrestling sites posted a supposed leak from an anonymous NXT wrestler who called out Bliss for being a ring rat, claiming that she was sleeping around with wrestlers and staff to be pushed further up the card.

While this isn't unheard of and has previously happened in wrestling, it's something that's hard to prove. Bliss took to Twitter to defend herself by denying the claims, but the rumor continues to follow her to this day. She is currently the Raw Women's Champion and has been dominating the scene since she was drafted to the main roster, which has only made some fans question her rise to fame. WWE appears to be huge on Alexa Bliss who will likely be on top of the division for years to come.

5 Mae Young And Fabulous Moolah Fooled Around

The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young are considered to be pioneers for women's wrestling with both having been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. With careers spanning decades, they were known to fans from different generations including the Attitude Era, as both women were used as characters for goofy segments.

They were also brought back for the Ruthless Aggression era, and continued appearing on TV from time to time until they passed away. Rumors claim that they were more than friends and had been lovers for a while.

While it has never been confirmed or denied, Jim Ross one stated that Moolah was bisexual, and she has also been accused of using her power to get "favors" back from women in wrestling. The latter part certainly tarnishes her legacy along with other controversial stuff that has come out in recent years.

4 The Bella Twins Getting Too Freaky


This urban legend has been making noise as of late due to an interview by Tony Atlas, who claims that The Bella Twins have a fetish for using their partners as a personal toilet. According to him, he has witnessed them in action dropping deuces on chests. Most people will immediately think that he is simply making it up, but it's the second part of his interview that has given some validation to his story.

He also claimed that they are known to get into hot tubs with dudes, going topless at times. That second part of the story has previously been told by Maria during an interview, and she is a reliable source for the most part. She claims to have seen them in a hot tub with John Laurinaitis, which makes us think whether Tony Atlas was really telling the truth regarding The Twins' unusual act.

3 Vince McMahon Scouting Divas

It's no secret that Vince McMahon constantly cheated on his wife Linda during the years, he has even admitted it during several interviews. What we don't know is who Vince was fooling around with. But fans have already guessed that it was probably WWE Divas.

Ever since he became an on-screen character, he was involved in steamy segments with numerous Divas, including Sable, Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, Candice Michelle and many others. Many sites have reported that McMahon wasn't just having fun on the screen, as he was sleeping around with many of the women that were hired by the WWE.

While we cannot confirm any names, it is highly believed that the urban legend is in fact true. During an interview with Playboy magazine, Vince did say that he had many affairs over the years, and seeing that he was always on the road with the roster, it's not exactly hard to believe.

2 Gail Kim Dates... Bret Hart?


While we have seen strangers thing happen, wrestling fans were shocked to hear that Bret Hart and Gail Kim were reportedly hooking up. The main reason being the age difference as Hart is 20 years older and from an entirely different generation of wrestling.

What makes this urban legend even more bizarre is that WWE supposedly knew about it, which is why they offered a huge contract to Gail Kim. At the time, there was still bad blood between WWE and Hart despite his Hall of Fame induction and they were trying to have him back on board in some type of role.

There was no follow up on this rumor and neither side has ever commented about it. Three years later, Bret Hart got married to a different woman so it's safe to say that it didn't last too long. As for Kim, she stayed with WWE for three years before leaving due to frustration with her booking.

1 The Sunny And Sabu Trade

Sunny has been at the center of plenty of urban legends, many of which turned out to be true while some have never been confirmed. During the 90s, she was arguably the hottest Diva and nearly every fan had a crush on her.

She dated many of the Superstars and had affairs with others, but there is one particularly sad story about Sunny offering herself to Sabu in return for drugs. A few years, The Sandman spoke about it during a shoot interview, claiming that he once caught Sunny on her knees with Sabu holding up somas until she was done.

Considering Sunny's history, plenty of fans are convinced that the tale told by Sandman is most likely true. It has been also brought up by other wrestlers who accused Sunny of having done the same thing back in the day.


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