15 Trashy WWE Divas Only Losers Drool Over

For all the strides women’s wrestling has made, there have been quite a few rotten apples.

While there are still plenty of strides to be made for full gender equality in professional wrestling, the past couple of years will go down in history as the time a revolution happened within women’s wrestling. In a surprisingly short amount of time, WWE has gone from presenting their women’s wrestlers – until 2016 referred to as “Divas” – as a side show entertainment attraction to putting them on a pedestal nearly equal to that of their male counterparts at times. Female grapplers in WWE have been getting several main event spots and the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships are seen as nearly on par with the men’s world titles.

However, for all the strides women’s wrestling has made in recent times, there have been a few rotten apples who have not been the best representatives of the professional business woman. WWE has been home to its fair share of ladies who either had no interest in keeping their clothes on, went to bed with just about every man on the roster, or just couldn’t stop causing all sorts of backstage drama. Let’s take a long look at fifteen trashy current and former WWE Divas only a real douchebag would drool over.

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15 Jillian Hall

Jillian Hall originally became known as a member of JBL’s “cabinet” during his run with the WWE Championship on SmackDown. It was around this time that the creepy Boogeyman would eat a weird growth right off of Hall’s face. Later she would compete full time as a member of a Divas division that was sorely lacking in quality storytelling and athleticism, but she’ll always be remembered for her painfully bad singing voice which WWE used to turn her into a failed pop star character.

Jillian definitely left her mark on the company, though has been no stranger to real life drama. She’s also no stranger to being on the wrong end of the law as she was arrested a couple of years ago for a DUI.

14 Terri Runnels

Though she originally came to WWE television as Marlena, both the fictional and real life romantic partner of Goldust, she soon assumed her real name for the cameras and became the Terri Runnels we all remember so well from the Attitude era. This was a time period that became known for women barely wearing anything at all inside the wrestling ring and nobody embodied the spirit of this “attitude” quite like Terri.

Terri was never wearing much of anything. She was known for showing up on television in some of the skimpiest swimsuits you’ve ever seen in your life and even when she was dressed her shirts were usually cut in such a way that only the top half of her breasts were covered, something which became her signature look.

13 Melina

Melina is one of the most decorated female athletes in the history of WWE. During her tenure working for Vince McMahon, Melina captured several Divas and Women’s Championships and was one of the most solid performers in the Divas division. She seemed to be on track to becoming one of the all time greats when she was suddenly released due to her penchant for backstage drama.

You had to be living under a rock to not have heard about all of Melina’s petty squabbles with the men and women who were unfortunate enough to work with her at the time, and if that wasn't enough her constant feud with on and off boyfriend and former WWE Superstar John Morrison confirms Melina’s status as a trashy Diva.

12 Carmella DeCesare

As previously mentioned the WWE Diva Search didn’t do much of anything except churn out some of the least talented women to ever manage to break into professional wrestling. WWE wasn’t using this as a tool to hire actual female wrestlers or even managers; this was a time period when all the company was interested in were pretty faces and hot bodies. It’s astonishing to think that professionals in charge of running a television program couldn’t see how the lack of substance would make poor entertainment.

The worst of the worst to come from the Diva Search was Carmella DeCesare, a woman so dead set on creating drama that her fellow participants couldn’t put their boiling hatred of her aside long enough to film a segment for Raw. Carmella was definitely a trashy Diva.

11 Ariel

She is known more commonly outside of WWE by her real name, Shelly Martinez, but in the employ of one Vince McMahon she was WWE Diva Ariel. Ariel was a vampire character who accompanied her fellow blood sucker Kevin Thorn to the ring and would hang upside down like a bat in the ring ropes. Her style was certainly one all her own, but she would not see a lot of success in WWE.

Martinez has been outspoken since leaving WWE about her issues with many people backstage in the company and throughout her wrestling career as a whole. Aside from all the drama that she’s been at the center of, Shelly has also posed nude several times and has even appeared in softcore adult films.

10 Ashley Massaro

One of the few success stories – if you can call it that – to come out of the dreaded Diva Search was Ashley Massaro. No, Ashley couldn’t wrestle her way out of a paper bag; the girl could barely even run to the ring faster than most people walk. However, she did have a unique look about her and was somewhat decent in the acting department. Her few charms would only take her so far, though, and she left wrestling after just a few years.

She’s no stranger to drama. Ashley is known for being at the center of a real life feud between her ex-boyfriends Matt Hardy and Paul London, and she’s been sucked into the black hole that is Tammy “Sunny” Sytch’s long list of enemies.

9 Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie rose to fame in Paul Heyman’s original Extreme Championship Wrestling and became a staple there during the company’s final years in the late 1990s. Once WWE purchased ECW Vince McMahon brought Dawn Marie on board as an official WWE Diva and what followed was one of the most memorable angles in SmackDown history as Dawn married Torrie Wilson’s fictional father Al for his money. Al Wilson eventually passed away in the storyline.

Dawn Marie was known for wearing next to nothing inside the ring, having performed in several of WWE’s most scandalous match types, such as Bra and Panties matches. Given her reputation as a blatant sex symbol and her edgy storyline with Torrie Wilson, she’s probably one of the trashier WWE Divas of her time.

8 Paige

When Paige signed on with WWE to perform for its developmental program NXT she was making history by setting into motion the earliest stages of what became known as the “women’s revolution” in wrestling. She was amazing in the ring and became renowned for bringing a new level of credibility to the Divas division. Paige quickly became the first ever NXT Women’s Champion and won the Divas Championship on two occasions.

Over the last year or so, however, Paige has become more known for her misfortunes outside the ring. She’s always in the news for fighting publicly with her real life lover Alberto Del Rio and famously had several bedroom videos leak onto the internet, making her perhaps the trashiest woman currently on WWE’s payroll.

7 Amy Weber

Amy Weber was one of the many competitors from the early days of the much maligned WWE Diva Search tournament who were eventually signed to contracts only to go on to become complete wastes of time and money on the part of WWE and a waste of valuable entertainment hours for the fans. There has always been lots of talk about how the Divas division was lacking in actual wrestling but this point in the mid-2000s was the lowest of the low and very few of the Diva Search women knew anything about how to entertain, let alone wrestle.

Weber was not only one of the most extreme examples of this, but she was only around for a cup of coffee due to reportedly hating everything about the wrestling environment. And as it turns out, she’s got a pretty trashy side too, as she leaked her own nude photographs to TMZ to be released to the public.

6 Cameron

Cameron was never going to catch on with the WWE Universe even in a time when Divas didn’t need to truly wrestle, so when the women’s revolution got underway it was only a matter of time before she found herself on the unemployed list. Cameron – whose real name is Ariane Andrew – made waves when she famously attempted to pin an opponent laying face down on worldwide television and she frequently struggled to make any match passable.

It only takes one look at her time on the popular Total Divas reality program to start seeing examples of just how trashy Cameron could be, but her post-WWE comments about how she doesn’t date black guys have raised enough eyebrows to stand on their own as evidence.

5 Nidia

Nidia was a competitor on the original season of Tough Enough, WWE’s competition show which aimed to find the WWE Superstars of the future. She was actually a co-winner of that season and went on to perform for WWE for several years as both a wrestler and a valet. Perhaps her most memorable role came as the on screen girlfriend of Jamie Noble on SmackDown in the early 2000s.

Since leaving WWE Nidia has remained mostly out of the spotlight except for a few brief appearances, but her time alongside Noble showed that she really knows how to play trailer trash well. If the real life Nidia is anything like her TV counterpart it’s safe to assume we’re dealing with yet another trashy former WWE Diva.

4 The Kat

Stacy Carter signed on with WWE at the height of the Attitude era and was originally known as Miss Kitty. As this character, she was a simple valet to Jeff Jarrett and Miss Debra, but she soon aligned with Chyna and later became known as The Kat. She won the Women’s Championship, but don’t be fooled by that respectable accolade because at the time all that was required of her was to compete in the sleaziest matches WWE could come up with.

The Kat was almost nude every time the cameras were on and actually took off her top on life pay per view. She was married to notorious pervert Jerry “The King” Lawler at the time of her WWE run, too, if that tells you anything.

3 Missy Hyatt

Missy Hyatt is mostly known for her tenures in World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling. In fact, if you’ve only ever familiarized yourself with WWE then you probably don’t even recognize the name, but she did briefly work for the company back in the 1980s and is one of the most famous female managers and sex symbols in the history of the wrestling business.

She’s also had more romantic connections to men in the industry than likely anyone to ever work in wrestling, having been linked to Steve Corino, Kid Kash, Raven, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and many, many others. Aside from her sexual endeavors, Hyatt was also arrested a couple of years back for grand theft in Florida. They don’t come much trashier than this.

2 Sunny

Missy Hyatt might have a strong hold on this list, but if you want to find someone even trashier than her then look no further than the infamous Tammy Sytch. Tammy was famous among wrestling fans all over the world in the 1990s as Sunny, the ultimate sex symbol. She made waves in the World Wrestling Federation and in ECW, but after her wrestling career came to an end it was a downward spiral.

Stories have come out over the years, many of them from Sunny herself, about just how much trouble she caused backstage. She’s no stranger to drama and is famous for causing lots of it on social media. She’s also spoken candidly about some of her wild sexual exploits in wrestling and has been arrested so many times it’s impossible to keep count. Tammy Sytch is definitely the trashiest WWE Diva of all time.

1 Vickie Guerrero

Vickie Guerrero came into WWE as the wife of the late, great Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero. She was a complete novice to being in front of the cameras but after Eddie’s passing Vickie became a permanent on screen character and took to playing a villain so well that she became one of the most hated characters to ever take the stage on WWE television.

She’s certainly looking at a Hall of Fame induction of her own one day for her perfect portrayal of an evil cougar who would stop at nothing to have the power and young men she fancies. There’s not much evidence to suggest she is anything like this in real life, but on screen, they didn’t come any trashier than Vickie Guerrero.

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15 Trashy WWE Divas Only Losers Drool Over