15 Times WWE Superstars Gave Us TMI

These WWE stars have decided to share a little bit more than they probably should have, and now they can never take it back.

WWE Superstars are thrust into the limelight when they make their debut on WWE TV and sometimes they are not ready for the attention they are about to receive. As part of their WWE contracts, it seems that they are all forced to set up a social media account, which is then used as their main contact page when it comes to talking to their fans.

Some WWE stars take this for granted and forget that they have thousands of followers when they accidentally decide to share personal things, or even start arguments with people. Others seem to use their role on shows like Total Divas and Total Bellas to be able to share some of their most personal secrets that are technically none of the WWE Universe's business.

It's quite hypocritical for WWE stars to complain about fans following them around and finding out personal things about their life if stars like Nikki Bella and her sister Brie are openly sharing facts about their life that should really remain private.

There have been a number of stars over the past few years who have decided to share a little bit more than they probably should have. The following list looks at the 15 times when WWE stars have given their fans a little bit too much information, something that they can now never take back.

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15 John Cena Admits That He Once Had An Accident In The Ring


Total Divas has given many members of the WWE Universe an insight into the lives of their favourite WWE superstars, but it seems that the lack of storyline in the show usually forces many WWE stars to confess to things that fans didn't really need to know.

As part of the first season of the show, Natalya had a match with Naomi, and when she took a shot to the stomach in the match, she later confessed that she had urinated on herself a little bit. Nikki Bella found this quite amusing and decided to spread the story around the locker room before her boyfriend John Cena found out. The former World Champion told Nikki that there was nothing funny about the experience and admitted that he once was forced to wrestle a match with food poisoning, which, needless to say, didn't go well for him. Cena confessed that he once defecated himself in the ring, and this seemed to set Nikki right about the whole affair.

14 Natalya Says That She Has Only Ever Been With Tyson Kidd


Natalya is the only female wrestler other than The Bella Twins who have been part of every season of Total Divas for the past four years. Nat's wedding to Tyson Kidd was featured on the show as well, before Natalya was then forced to reveal secrets about her personal life.

Natalya told the women of WWE that she has only ever been with Tyson Kidd and she has never dated another man. Nikki found this quite amusing and told Nattie that she needed to have some fun before she was married, but it seems that Nattie is quite happy in a marriage with a man that she met when she was just a teenager. It's cute, but once again, it was information we didn't need to know about a member of the famous Hart Family.

13 Melina Shared John Morrison's Private Prescription


Melina and John Morrison were one of the cutest couples that WWE had ever created. Melina was released from WWE back in 2011 and Morrison followed her out of the exit door not long afterwards.

The couple managed to remain together for a number of years after their WWE career ended, until Melina decided to post a picture of John Morrison's prescription for an er*ctile dysfunction drug. The WWE Universe turned on the former Women's Champion after the tweet and Morrison later ended their relationship. This was personal information and a great example of why WWE stars shouldn't have social media if they can't use it appropriately. Morrison has since moved on to become engaged to fellow Lucha Underground star Taya Valkyrie earlier this year, while Melina remains single following their break-up.

12 Nikki Bella's Response To Cena Finding Her Private Stash


As part of the first season of Total Divas, Nikki Bella signed a 76-page co-habitation agreement with John Cena, and was then able to move into his house in Tampa, Florida. She has resided there ever since.

Whilst Nikki was moving all of her boxes into Cena's house, something started vibrating in one of her boxes, and it was later revealed to be one of her s*x toys. Cena saw the toys and assured her that she had him now and there was no need for them, to which Nikki responded that she used to get lonely when she lived on her own in Arizona. Perhaps Nikki should talk to a publicist and learn about what things are actually acceptable to say out loud. In case you were wondering, this was a piece of information Nikki just shouldn't have shared.

11 Ashley And Sunny's Twitter Exchange


Former WWE Divas Ashley and Sunny had quite a graphic Twitter exchange back in 2015. Sunny was "running her mouth" about Ashley when she discovered that the 2005 Diva Search winner worked as an esc*rt before she was signed to a contract by WWE.

Ashley responded by sharing the fact that Sunny took money from WWE fans so that she could do some suggestive things live on Skype. Both women had skeletons in their closet that they probably should have kept to themselves; the WWE Universe wasn't really all that bothered, but Ashley really could have censored the photographs so fans weren't forced to see such graphic images. WWE is never going to work with either of these women again. Many believe it was one of Sunny's efforts to remain relevant, and Ashley was simply dragged into it.

10 Sunny's Night With Dolph Ziggler


Sunny is widely considered to be the first ever WWE Diva, but ever since she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2011, it seems that WWE has tried to distance themselves from the former star following all of her recent problems.

Sunny decided to share all of the personal details about her night with Dolph Ziggler a few years ago. Sunny stated that her night with Dolph lasted for around seven hours, and she claims that she wasn't able to fully enjoy the experience. Sunny doesn't have a filter, which is well-known, but she crossed the line by sharing something this personal about someone online. This shows just how far Sunny has fallen since she was contracted to WWE.

9 Maria Kanellis's Dream Scenario


Maria Kanellis took part in the 2004 Raw Diva Search and even though she didn't win, she was signed to WWE as a backstage interviewer. Maria later posed for the cover of Playboy magazine back in 2008.

Maria was asked during her Playboy interview if she had ever had s*x in the ring, and she responded:  "No. Would I like to? Yes. How hot would that be? Wrestlemania... and after Wrestlemania, spending some time in the ring... please! Knowing how many people were in there before. Ah! Amazing." It seems that Maria has something of a fantasy about a different kind of performance in a WWE ring. Maria returned to WWE alongside her husband back at Money in the Bank earlier this year. Watch out, Mike Bennett, she could have some big plans for you in the future.

8 Sunny Says That Shawn Michaels Is The Best


Sunny has always had an obsession with Shawn Michaels throughout her career in WWE. It was even rumoured that the duo was having an affair while they were working together in WWE.

Michaels later accused Bret Hart of having "Sunny Days" as a way to deflect some of the heat that he was receiving backstage over to someone else. Sunny later admitted that she had slept with Shawn Michaels and that he was the best that she had ever had. Sunny also claimed that she had slept with a number of other wrestlers, including The British Bulldog. Sunny definitely shares way too much online than she probably should, but to say something like this about a WWE Hall of Famer is too far for any WWE fan to justify.

7 Nikki Bella Says Her Dancing Excites John Cena


Nikki Bella recently joined the cast of Dancing With The Stars and showed off her skills on the dance floor this past week, as her sister and mother cheered her on from the audience.

One person who wasn't in attendance was her fiancé John Cena, whom she later revealed in an interview, was in China. However, he did text her following the show to say how proud he was of her. Nikki stated that her dancing really turns John on and it makes her happy.  She also later said that she really wanted Artem to teach Cena some moves before their wedding. Maybe Nikki should think before she speaks, or at least just try to keep some of the more personal aspects of her relationship to herself. I'm sure Cena wouldn't be happy about the world knowing this about him.

6 Ryback Basically Calls WWE Divas Easy


Ryback is a former Intercontinental Champion in WWE and was once known as The Big Guy before he decided to quit the company last year when he sensationally walked out following an argument over pay.

Ryback has made a lot of claims over the past year, to the point where the WWE Universe is no longer ready to believe anything that he says without proof. However, earlier this year, he was asked in an interview if he had ever slept with any of the WWE Divas. Ryback stated that he hasn't because Joey Mercury taught him not to "poop where he eats," but if he wanted to go down that route then he definitely wouldn't have had a problem landing one of the women who were employed by the company. This doesn't say a lot for the women who are currently part of the main roster, who were probably not happy with Ryback trying to claim that they were all easy.

5 AJ Lee's Comments In Her Autobiography


AJ Lee was once the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history. She was well-respected by many members of the WWE Universe and after she left WWE and married former star CM Punk, AJ decided to write an autobiography where she could finally reveal to the world what it was like to struggle with bipolar disorder in the wrestling world.

AJ released her biography, "Crazy is My Superpower," earlier this year, and it contained a lot of things that the WWE Universe would have preferred not to have known about AJ Lee and the way she was treated by her mother when she was younger. AJ also claimed that WWE told her she didn't have any s*x appeal when she first joined the company, and she stated that this was because she had never had s*x up to that point. AJ shared quite a lot in that book, but if she thought she was doing it to show what bipolar disorder can do to the people you love, then it could be understandable.

4 Tom Phillips' Texts To A Wrestling Fan


Tom Phillips has been a commentator and member of the WWE broadcasting team over the past few years, but earlier this year, Phillips was finally recognized by the WWE Universe for all the wrong reasons, when it was discovered that he was attempting to have an affair with a wrestling fan, despite already being married.

Phillips sent messages to the fan over social media where he told her s*xually explicit things. The fan later shared all of the messages on social media, and Tom was disciplined by WWE for a few weeks when he was dropped from his position. However, he was later reinstated. The fan claimed that she didn't know he was married at the time and decided to share so that his wife knew what he was like. Surely, after this public humiliation he has learned his lesson.

3 The Things Seth Rollins Wants To Do In Room 605


You'd think that after having his personal images shared on Twitter back in February 2015, Seth Rollins would have learned not to share information online, because it can always be hacked.

However, Rollins was part of another scandal back in 2016, when some texts that he had sent to a fan were leaked online. Rollins was supposed to meet up with a fan in Room 605 and do the dirty. It seems that the girl decided against it at the last minute and shared the messages instead. In the messages, Rollins talks graphically about what he's going to do to the girl. This is definitely not something WWE would want shared about one of their former World Champions, especially following the backlash from his original cheating scandal in 2015.

2 Brie Bella's Confession About Her Love Life


Brie Bella is a former WWE Divas Champion and one of the faces of both Total Divas and Total Bellas, and much like her sister, Brie has said some rather unacceptable things over the years.

A few years ago, Brie decided to go to her sister with a problem. Brie wanted to get pregnant and Bryan had a problem. Brie wanted to try for a baby as much as she could whilst she was ovulating, but she told Nikki that her husband Daniel Bryan didn't know how to have "a quickie." Brie stated that Bryan needed candles and music and everything that a woman usually needs so that they can attempt to get pregnant because he had no idea how just have quick s*x. Bryan is a former World Champion and the current General Manager of SmackDown Live, it's safe to say that the WWE Universe didn't need to know this much about his sex life.

1 John Cena's Comments About His Private Life


John Cena is one of the biggest stars in the wrestling business, but it seems that even he has slipped up in a historic interview with Howard Stern, where he talks about his s*x life and how women used to throw themselves at him when he first joined WWE.

Howard Stern asked some personal questions during the interview, but Cena didn't seem fazed by it. He admitted that he had once taken home six ring rats in one night, but was unable to please all of them because he was just a mere man. Cena also admitted that the WWE locker room dared him to take home a 280-pound fan, something that he later did and said that he enjoyed. The interview is still available on YouTube, but be warned; you won't be able to look at The Champ the same way after you've heard some of his personal stories.

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