15 Times WWE Divas Were Caught Telling Big Fat Lies

It's never a dull moment when we get a chance to peer into the lives of the WWE Divas. Especially now that you can watch all of their "very real" exploits on ridiculous shows like Total Divas and Total Bellas. These shows really seem to dig deep into the pretty trivial and superficial lives of these women. It's kind of sad, really.

And hey, I guess that's the first lie we can look at. From the entire cast of both of these shows! We should all know by now that "reality tv" is not actually real. It's heavily scripted and manipulated in such a way that the shows get the high ratings producers want. So every Diva has made a pretty big lie about their lives already.

But there are some more interesting lies to look at that have happened in and around the WWE ring. Some are as exciting as who is cheating on who to who is doing drugs and pretending they're prescribed. There are even some lies about some pretty epic battles that seem like they will now never happen. And then there are all of Natties "white lies" to her family and fiancé. Oh, these Divas just can't handle the truth!


15 Stephanie McMahon Lies BIG Time About Her Age

This is pretty hilarious. If I was Stephanie McMahon and I looked the way she does, I would proudly tell everyone my age. "Hey! Look at me! Look at how hot I am for someone who is 41 years old!" As if that's even old to begin with. 40 is like the new 30 these days. Everyone lives longer now, but not everyone looks as good as McMahon at her age. But during one segment between her and The Big Show, she decided to mention the "fact" that she had known the gigantic wrestler since he was training with the WWE when she was only 12-years-old. Well, here's a newsflash everyone...it turns out that Stephanie McMahon is actually only four years younger than The Big Show Paul Wight. Come on Stephanie. Just lie to us about not being with Triple H anymore. That's a happy lie at least.

14 Lies About Trish's Special Time With Garcia


This is another story that hasn't been fully proved by any means but is still being pumped out of the rumour mill whenever the smoking hot Trish Stratus is brought up. And Trish has definitely ignored coming out about this. For those of you who don't recall, Lilian Garcia was once a ring announcer in the WWE and had a few wrestling angles as well before she left and pushed her singing and podcasting career. There is a rumour about that suggests that Trish Stratus and Lilian Garcia have had a pretty special relationship. The sort of relationship that any wrestling fans reading this wish they could get front row seats to, for sure. I mean, all you have to do is think about the two of them doing one of Stratus' private yoga classes together in order to really get a good picture of it.

13 Sasha Banks Lies About Taking On Steph McMahon

Here is something that seemed like a feud which turned out to be nothing at all. And it's a real piss-off to a lot of people too because there's just something about watching Stephanie McMahon getting back in the ring to fight that would really get a lot of people going. Of course, if I were here, I wouldn't care about fighting anymore because of the money I make from just acting angry and manipulating people. Anyway, back to the actual topic, there seemed to be a time where Sasha Banks (AKA The Boss) was lined up to be facing off with Stephanie McMahon (AKA the actual boss) in the ring. This would have been an amazing battle at the time, but in spite of Banks' lying tweet, she would never get the chance. And now it just wouldn't make sense.

12 Paige Lies By Pretending To Be In A Relationship


Oh, dear. I will never understand why people tune in to watch stupid "reality" tv shows. Especially one as stupid as Total Divas. But I guess that's beside the point. The point is that Paige went out of her way to lie to her family about her relationship just to make a family visit more bearable. But, of course, since it's "reality" tv, she eventually came forward about it. The truth is that her boyfriend (at the time) proposed to her and she said she was not into the idea of getting hitched (which is no surprise given what she's been up to and with who). This led to some tension between the two of them and she decided that the relationship was over. However, she hadn't broken the news to her parents who were conveniently coming to visit, so she got her ex boy toy to play along that all was well.

11 Mickie James Lies About Sleeping Around...

Now, this is just a really silly thing for Mickie James to do. She lied about something right after she was caught doing a pretty damning thing. Her then fiancé caught James searching on Google "Mickie James and John Cena dating". If that wasn't a huge alarm bell, then I don't know what is. Anyway, her fiancé confronted her about it, but she managed to persuade him that it was nothing...somehow. And then it came out that she was indeed sleeping around with everyone's least favourite wrestler, John Cena. Her fiancé transferred from RAW to SmackDown to get away from her. However, she and Cena obviously didn't last too long and she was then sent away from RAW to SmackDown as well!

10 The Bellas Lied About Their Previous Reality TV Stardom


Well, this should be kind of a shocker to some people. I mean, it's not like the Bellas have kept quiet about their current "reality" show stardom. It turns out that the Bella twins have actually had an edge on the rest of their show cast because they had been on reality tv since they were kids, basically. They were thrown into the Fox network's show Meet My Folks. I can only imagine how awful that must have been. But they seem to have flourished in the "reality" tv genre. Another thing they may have lied about...or at least kept their mouth shut about...they went in for the WWE Diva Search in 2006, but ended up not making the cut. Considering the career they ended up with, I'd say that's pretty damn hilarious.

9 Sunny Lies About Wanting Shawn Michaels So Badly!

This is just sad. One, because Sunny is just not the same anymore, and two because she never managed to get the love she wanted. Back not long before Sunny really started going downhill and decided to jump into the adult film industry to pay the bills, she managed to make an appearance in the WWE universe for the first time in a long time. She was going to see the man who had been her longtime secret love, Shawn Michaels. Not that he ever felt the same way about her (he was too busy nailing everyone else). Where does the lie fit into this appearance with Shawn Michaels? Well, it turns out that she neglected to mention anything about her true feelings to her boyfriend at the time so things got a little heated when Sunny gave Michaels one hell of an embrace...she's not with the same guy...


8 Lita Lies To Matt Hardy About Her Time With Edge


Hopefully, those of you who are big wrestling fans will recall the luscious Lita. She spent most of her time with the Hardy Boys back in the day. She did also have a wedding episode with Kane which was just ridiculous, but it is now forever a blight on the history of the WWE universe. Either way, that doesn't matter. What does matter is that Lita was once in a relationship with Matt Hardy. But I guess he wasn't enough for her in one way or another because she decided to look elsewhere for her kicks. She decided to jump in bed with Edge. Well, this is very much like a few other cases in the WWE. She somehow got her boyfriend to believe her that she didn't have another boy toy...however, her lies didn't hold up for too long.

7 Charlotte Flair Lies About Fighting Ronda Rousey

Now, this is one that has to piss a lot of people off. One, because who really cares about Ronda Rousey now? And two, because seeing Charlotte Flair beat anyone is just great to watch. The way she uses her legs to get those high and heavy kicks in there is pretty amazing, I've been told. Either way, both Flair and Rousey have called each other out, hinting at the notion that they would fight at WrestleMania. Well, just so everyone knows, WrestleMania has come and gone this past year and they did not get in the ring together. Rousey may no longer have much of a UFC career, but I don't think to lie about jumping into the WWE ring like former UFC sh*thead Brock Lesnar is any better. It would be an interesting fight though.

6 Paige Lies About A Doctor's Note For Drug Use


This is just a ridiculous lie on the part of Paige (who still has yet to really make a comeback with the WWE...and who probably won't, at least not for long). She didn't lie about cutting a naughty tape while she had some really fun times with a couple of WWE wrestlers. She didn't lie about her controversial relationship with Alberto Del Rio. No, instead, she lied about her drug use. Or rather, I should say that she lied about the manner of her drug use. She admitted doing drugs, but she coupled that admission with a social media explosion about how she had a doctor's note saying her drugs were prescribed to her. I mean...come on. That probably means she was on some sort of opioid, but she almost certainly didn't get them from her doctor.

5 Nattie Lies To All Of Her Family...About A Lot

Apparently, Nattie Neidhart is a compulsive liar. Who knew? I mean, she did talk a big game about how she's better than Nikki Bella and deserves to be the one with her face all over merchandise...so everyone should have probably already guessed that she was full of sh*t. But there was an episode of Total Divas where all of her skeletons broke out of the closet and she was forced to sit down with everyone and unload a heap of truth. At least she came forward, I guess, but it was still on a "reality" show. So, you can pretty well take everything with a grain of salt. Anyway, she apparently lied about liking the ring that her fiancé got her. She lied about destroying some valuables that her family brought back from Africa. And she even lied about some pretty personal stuff she thought about her fiancé.

4 Brie Bella Lies To Nikki About Her Scooter!


I don't know why this was such a big deal, but the Bella twins really had a fight over this ridiculousness. Long story short, Brie decided that she really wanted to get a scooter. Nikki decided that it was a terrible idea and basically forbade her sister from getting one. Keep in mind that Brie is only 16mins younger than Nikki, so it's not like Nikki should have any superiority. But, Brie decided to promise her sister that she wouldn't get a bloody scooter. Now, since this was on a stupid "reality" show, everything had to blow up at some point, so Brie decided to lie to Nikki and get the damned scooter anyway. After all the fighting cleared from this HUGE lie, Nikki decided that Brie was her own person and could make her own choices. Oh, now I want to watch these characters grow!

3 Sable Lied To All About Her Naughty Job Before WWE

Alright, so let me start off by saying that this hasn't actually been fully confirmed. This is just a very heavily passed-around rumour. And if this rumour is true, it will mean that Sable has really lied a decent amount about what she used to do before she decided to dig her nails into the WWE and Brock Lesnar (which still baffles me because...look at him). Anyway, the lie that Sable might be telling much of the world and certainly the WWE universe is that she might have been a "lady of the night" before she got into wrestling. In case some of you don't know what that means, I mean to say that she was "wrestling" with men for a certain amount of money. She is suspected of being a very naughty woman. Which would back up her lack of care when showing off pretty well all of her body in the ring in front of thousands of people.

2 Stephanie Lies About How Much She Loves Toys!


So, here's something pretty special about Stephanie McMahon. It turns out that she's a real fan of toys. She would likely not admit to this and because of that, her supposed lie is more of a rumour than anything else. When I say toys, I don't mean action figures of herself. I mean she likes to be in charge and she likes to do that with toys...that might fasten themselves to her body somewhere. Those kinds of toys. And she has apparently used them on several people now! this is why the refuted or ignored rumour seems to be more of a lie to cover up some really naughty play. She has allegedly played with her toys with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chyna and, of course, her hubby Triple H. Given how "take charge" she is...I'd believe she's lying about it.

1 Fabulous Moolah Lies About Her Title Reign

I don't want to speak ill of the dead, but this is maybe the biggest lie of the entire article. I'll just get straight to the point. It turns out that the Fabulous Moolah actually isn't all that fabulous to begin with. Or to end with. Moolah's claim to fame was that she held her Women's Championship belt for a consecutive 27-year reign from 1956 to 1984. Aside from the fact that no one would ever have the patience for something like that to happen nowadays, her boast is actually just not true. In that 27-year period, she lost her championship belt at least four times. What's crazy about this lie that Moolah always told, is that the WWE is still upholding it. If you check out any of their info on it, she held the belt for 27 years straight!


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