15 Times We Totally Forgot WWE Made Us Want To Throw Up

No one ever claimed professional wrestling was supposed to be "pretty." Sure, that word could be used to describe just about any female ever to work for the WWE Universe, but even those gorgeous divas do some ugly things to their opponents when inside the ring. With this in mind, it should be obvious that fans of sports entertainment are a bit desensitized to violence in all its forms, not even caring all that much when wrestlers, male or female, get left in pools of their own blood. After all, it’s just part of the show.

On the other hand, some parts of the show aren’t violently disgusting; they’re just flat out gross. We’re not just talking about unflattering ring gear or the fact Vince McMahon once made The Big Show wear a diaper, either. Worse than any questionable cosmetic choices, WWE has run quite a few angles in its day that made fans absolutely sick to their stomachs. The worst of these incidents might've even made some people vomit or at least rapidly change the channel to prevent themselves from doing so.

Are the wrestlers involved to be blamed for their lowest moments, or is McMahon alone to blame for making them do it? That varies on a case-to-case basis. The only way to find out is to examine the most grotesque and physically unsettling moments in WWE history and try to figure out what the hell the company was thinking when giving them the green light. Keep reading for 15 gross AF WWE moments that made fans want to throw up.

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15 Countless Wrestlers Throwing Up Themselves

It’s a trope that’s been around for as long as time: when people witness another person throw up, there’s at least a 50% chance they’ll follow suit and start what Stand By Me memorably called a “barf-o-rama.” Hopefully, most WWE fans are able to resist the urge because the company has gone to the vomit humor well at least once per decade since Vince McMahon took control of the company from his father. First up was back in the early ‘90s, when Papa Shango’s voodoos inspired The Ultimate Warrior to lose his lunch. Some six years later, Droz was hired solely for his ability to vomit on command, a fact McMahon infamously adored and instructed him to do on camera multiple times. Flash forward a couple more years, and Tommy Dreamer threw up on The Undertaker after drinking his tobacco spit, followed shortly thereafter by Rikishi’s Stinkface causing the same reaction from Booker T. More recently, Titus O’Neil regurgitated a Thanksgiving feast after being forced to wrestle too soon after overeating. None of these moments were fun to watch or helpful to the wrestlers' careers at all; nor was it enjoyable for those who suffered from the chain reaction theory.

14 Tommy Dreamer Commits Barbicide

Speaking of Tommy Dreamer throwing up, the incident where he drank The Undertaker’s discarded tobacco chew was merely the most infamous of many incidents where the former ECW Champion literally did anything for money. Though the match against the Phenom was indeed one of the highest-profile encounters in Dreamer’s career, it may not have been worth it, considering the awful things he had to do in order to get there. Setting up his grody choice to drink out of a Styrofoam spittoon, Dreamer took a trip to his local barbershop and either ate or drank pretty much everything in the said hairstylist’s store. In addition to eating a disturbing amount of his own hair, Dreamer also chowed down on some hair gel and drank a frightening amount of “barbicide,” that weird bluish-green disinfectant in which all barbers seem to keep their combs. After drinking the barbicide, Dreamer commented that it made his mouth go numb, which was both disgusting and highly distressing to anyone who cared about his or her health. That WWE didn’t seem to consider the grossness of the skit before letting Dream carry on with it makes the whole thing gross in more ways than one.

13 Let’s Give Mae Young A Hand

Before getting into any specifics, it feels appropriate to honor Mae Young as the patron saint of WWE being outrageously disgusting. After making a literally death-defying comeback in her late 70s during the Attitude Era, Young engaged in countless angles that could easily make the viewing audience lose their lunch. The main focus of Young’s character was that despite her advanced age, she still possessed a voracious sexual appetite and had no shame in forcing herself on much younger men. Once, this included every single person watching the Royal Rumble, as she “won” a bikini contest by taking her top off live on Pay-Per-View. That was probably the worst individual image of her career, but then again, she also gave birth to a gooey, weird hand later in the same year she went topless, which is definitely even grosser if given enough thought.

12 JR’s Fake Colon Surgery

In a certain respect, we could take almost any interaction between Jim Ross and Vince McMahon and place it on this list. Granted, it’s not like every time they crossed paths something literally disgusting happened, but the way McMahon treated one of his most talented and respected (by others) employees nonetheless made fans sick. Arguably the worst indignity JR ever suffered at McMahon’s hand came after decades of mockery and forced ass-kissing, when the legendary announcer was on medical leave after undergoing real-life colon surgery. Insulting his trusted employee once again, this time for daring to go to the hospital, McMahon performed a fake colon surgery of his own on a JR mannequin, pulling all sorts of random items out of the Oklahoman’s rear end. On a literal sense, it was gross, to begin with, and the implications about how McMahon still couldn’t accept fans thought JR was a better announcer than he was didn’t sit well with us either.

11 Stephanie McMahon Thinks 9/11 Is All About Her

Most of this list interprets the meaning of the word “gross” as disgusting because that’s more likely to cause visceral, physical reactions like vomiting than the more blanket definition of “blatantly unacceptable.” However, on at least one occasion, WWE crossed the line on the bounds of good taste so severely that it’s enough to make fans throw up when thinking about it. Days after September 11, 2001, WWE became one of the first companies to put on a massive live event in an American arena by airing a live episode of SmackDown. As part of the show, superstars also gave their opinions on the national tragedy, usually delivering the typical patriotic speech extremely popular at the time. And then Stephanie McMahon talked -- not about 9/11 really, but about her father getting attacked by the US government five years earlier. Basically, she thought Vince did fine, so America would, too. To this day, no one understands what the hell Stephanie was thinking during that interview, yet her status means she went 100% unpunished for having said it. Knowing how self-obsessed the McMahon family truly are is just as bad as the literally disgusting moments on this list.

10 Triple H Wrestles A HOG

It was truly a long and winding road for Triple H from his meager beginnings to his current throne at the top of the WWE Universe. Long before he was the company’s COO and heir apparent, married to the boss’s daughter, Triple H was a Connecticut blueblood whom none of the fans could be bothered to care about in the slightest. Not that it’s all Hunter’s fault, as his future father-in-law booked him in some truly idiotic angles, like the “Hog Pen match” he wrestled against Henry O. Godwinn at In Your House: Season’s Beatings. The match wasn’t all that different from any other moderately special affair, aside from the fact it took place in a pit of “slop,” mud, and presumably pig manure. Both competitors rolled around in the disgusting pile, with fans getting sicker and sicker the longer it lasted. The only thing worse than the first Hog Pen match was the last, if only because it forced Vickie Guerrero to go through the same scenario while Jerry Lawler made horrifically offensive jokes about her as she wrestled Santino.

9 Every Time Vince McMahon Forced A Woman To Make Out With Him

Despite what the man himself would like us to believe, not every woman on Earth is insatiably attracted to Vince McMahon. Although he’s locked lips on camera with Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Sable, Candice Michelle, and possibly a few others, there’s no indication any of these ladies had interest in keeping the smooches coming backstage. Especially in today’s political climate, McMahon’s actions seem shockingly close to sexual harassment, as the women in each angle genuinely could've found their careers over if they refused to kiss him onscreen. Sure, WWE would've cleaned it up a bit, would've said these female wrestlers were released because creative couldn’t come up with any ideas they agreed with, and would've wished them the best of luck in their future endeavors. However, the fact that scenario seems so readily plausible is in and of itself pretty disgusting on WWE’s part. On the other hand, none of these women have suggested they were unhappy in their roles, so this one is more offensive in its implications than anything literal.

8 Vince McMahon Is A Sexist Pig, And The Crowd Goes Wild

The only thing worse than how cavalier Vince McMahon has been about making women kiss him on camera is the fact at least 50% of the WWE Universe apparently thinks he’s some sort of badass for doing it. Never was this more apparent than in early 2001, when Vince was supposed to be treated like the biggest jerk on the planet for making Trish Stratus strip to her underwear and bark like a dog on live television. Instead, the crowd went wild, making more woke viewers watching at home embarrassed to ever call themselves sports entertainment fans. It doesn’t really matter that Trish herself has defended the angle on the grounds she later got her comeuppance at WrestleMania X7, though that does justify it from a storyline standpoint. However, there are no promises those cheering fans realized how wrong they were to celebrate blatant sexual harassment, which could definitely make those of us who know it’s wrong feel sick.

7 Bastion Booger Burps His Way Through Commentary

During the early days of Monday Night Raw, the eventual flagship program of the WWE Universe was very much an experimental concept. Shortly after “Macho Man” Randy Savage left the commentary desk for good, Vince McMahon kept the experimental feel going by introducing a constantly rotating cast of color commentators to join him at the announce booth. Some guests -- like Johnny Polo, who proved he could've been the next Bobby Heenan if he weren’t so intent on being a wrestler -- worked better than others. Others, however, were failures pretty much from the word go, like the Bastion Booger, who co-hosted the February 7, 1994 episode of the show. Unlike the various other wrestlers in the gig who at least tried their best to discuss the matches at hand, Booger literally just stuffed his face for the entire hour, eating whatever he could find in the loudest, grossest way possible. When he ran out of human food, Booger took the ick factor to the next level by eating Milk-Bones and Alpo, which should've clued Vince in on how much of a dog that whole idea really was.

6 Katie Vick… Enough Said

Sigh… do we really have to go over this one again? Yeah, we do. The year was 2002, and for some reason, getting appointed the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion in apropos of nothing wasn’t enough for Triple H. In an effort at unifying all pieces of singles gold on the Raw brand into one, HHH also set his sights on the Intercontinental Championship, which had recently absorbed the Hardcore and European titles as well. However, Triple H was still unsatisfied simply feuding over all the belts that he could possibly have and felt a little something extra was needed to get added to his war with the then incumbent IC Champ, Kane, to really intrigue fans. So, he made up some story about Kane being a murderous necrophiliac, then dry-humped a mannequin in a casket to prove it. Quite frankly, there’s no use explaining what the hell the point was supposed to be because all that mattered to most fans was the fact it was utterly disgusting from beginning to end.

5 Mark Henry’s Disturbing Therapy Session

This list already covered the saga of Mae Young, which most fans probably also consider the nadir of Mark Henry’s career for his involvement in it. Remember when Young gave birth to that weird, gooey hand? Well, she was dating Sexual Chocolate at the time, and he was presumed to be the father. Until the thing popped out of her, that is, and everyone decided to just forget the whole thing because it was too gross to think about. Anyway, that wasn’t the only disgusting thing Henry was forced to do at that point in his career, as the whole relationship with Young actually came as a result of an earlier angle painting him as a sex addict. In a conversation with his therapist, Henry revealed he had numerous incestuous relationships in his life, claiming to have done the deed with his own sister not more than two days earlier. Of course, we now know this was just Vince McMahon testing the waters for an even sicker idea involving himself…

4 Stephanie McMahon Almost Needed Therapy For Real

Technically speaking, this one never happened on WWE television, saving fans from the frontal lobotomy cleansing they would've needed if it did. However, it was nonetheless discussed at length in the official DVD release McMahon, documenting the life and onscreen career of the company’s infamous owner. As is par for the course with DVD career retrospectives, McMahon’s employees gave their honest opinions on the various things he’d done in the ring over the years, and it wasn’t all pretty. Perhaps the most stunning indictment against McMahon’s creative came from his own daughter, who admitted she was forced to turn down his ideas at least twice. First, Stephanie rejected Vince’s idea that he be revealed as the father of her child, and then she also refused to let her brother Shane be the baby daddy. While Stephanie thankfully knew this would never work, the mere fact Vince wanted these things to happen on camera is morally abhorrent enough to make most people’s stomachs turn.

3 Mankind Gives A Crap About The People

As bad as all the other items on this list are, WWE usually makes some effort at explaining them from a storyline perspective. This time around, the only reason Mankind spent the entirety of the October 11, 1999 episode of Monday Night Raw shoveling dog poop is that The Rock told him to. Sure, Rocky was feuding the British Bulldog at the time, and the main event that night pitted the two against one another in a tag team match also involving Mankind, but still… why shovel a bunch of dog poop all night? To make it extra clear to fans this wasn’t just fake feces, Mankind collected his prop in a tiny pen with live bulldogs, all the while making jokes about pooper scoopers. There was a payoff to all this nonsense during the match when the People’s Champion planted Bulldog with a Rock Bottom directly on top of the dog doo-doo, but when the point of a gross joke is just to do something even grosser, it’s worth asking if any of it was worth the audience’s time.

2 The Big Show Gets Covered In Sewage

Because Vince McMahon didn’t get the message when fans were grossed out at his decision to zoom in cameras on a big pile of dog crap, he later decided it would be A-Okay to do the same thing with the human variety. The good news is that this time around he did so in a way everyone knew had to be faked, but that didn’t make it any less gross to look at the results and think about what they were supposed to look like. Backing up a bit, Eddie Guerrero and the Big Show were feuding over the United States Championship, but once again, one of the most respected belts in wrestling wasn’t enough reason for them to fight. To further engage fans in their battle, Eddie fed Show a poisoned burrito and forced him to run out of the ring due to a bathroom emergency. The next week, to rub salt in the wound, Eddie rode to the ring in a mobile septic tank and sprayed human waste all over Show and the SmackDown entrance. Did it look particularly realistic? No. Even so, Tazz gagging on commentary easily could've made fans at home do the same.

1 D-X Crap All Over The McMahon Family

Terrible though the dog poop and septic tank incidents were, if nothing else, it at least made sense how the wrestlers went about embarrassing their enemies with them. Mankind collected the dog droppings, and Eddie rented a septic tank -- simple enough. With this final foray into bathroom-based antics, we’re really not sure what the hell WWE thinks D-Generation X could've done to set it up. In the closing moments of a 2006 Raw, during which Triple H and Shawn Michaels did their best/worst impressions of Vince and Shane McMahon respectively, the real deals walked out to the entrance ramp in a furor alongside the Spirit Squad. Rather than making the attack, they stood around while Triple H kept mocking them, followed by looking up towards the ceiling at his instruction. Then, in the moment that confuses us to this day, a bunch of “crap” rained from the sky onto the McMahons and their cheerleaders. How exactly did DX make this happen? By politely asking production assistants to carry buckets of poop to the rafters? We’re not sure. All we know is that it was gross and only funny to the most juvenile, sophomoric minds around. So, DX and the McMahons.

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