15The New Day Conundrum

Before we get into the specifics of this list, let’s admit that there are certain areas of the WWE Universe that are indeed better off on a racial perspective than they used to be. For one thing, there are far more successful people of color on the roster, including four-time

Tag Team Champions The New Day. Easily one of the most popular acts in the company today and over the past five years or so for that matter, New Day are a hilarious bunch of jokesters who love having fun and making fans laugh no matter how serious things get. There’s also a significant amount of dancing, which to some critics, including fellow WWE talent Cedric Alexander, makes the affair look just a little too much like a minstrel show. In Alexander’s words, WWE saw “three black guys” and decided to have them “sing and dance” rather than focus on their considerable wrestling skills. It’s not quite as bad as some of the other things this list will get into, but Alexander was hardly the only person offended and making these types of complaints.

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