15 Times The Women Of WWE Have Made History

The WWE Women's Revolution is in full swing. Women are finally being given the opportunity to compete in a Money in the Bank ladder match and the chance to main event both SmackDown and Raw, which is groundbreaking for the women of WWE.

The likes of Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss, and Charlotte have been at the forefront of the revolution over the past few months but it seems that the women have slowly been able to make history in many different ways over the past few years.

Chyna, Stephanie McMahon, Beth Phoenix, and even Natalya have been part of wrestling history over the past few decades and it's time that they were recognized for their contributions as well as the current roster. The current crop of women's wrestlers are not the only women who have been given the chance to step up to wrestle the men over the past few years, and the following list looks at all the different times that the women have been able to compete in matches that were at one time only there for the men.

The following list looks at the 15 times WWE Women have been able to create history in 15 very different ways.

15 First Ever Female Tables Match

Alexa Bliss recently took on Becky Lynch in a tables match for the SmackDown Women's Championship, but even though this was the first singles tables match between two women, it wasn't actually the first ever women's tables match.

Beth Phoenix and Natalya took on Michelle McCool and Layla at TLC 2010 in a tag team tables match that saw The Divas Of Doom come out on top. It was a back and forth affair but the women who were obviously much stronger than Layla and Michelle were the worthy winners. It's a shock that it took six years for WWE to find a rivalry that could lead to a female tables match. Beth Phoenix was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017 and her part in the first ever match was mentioned during her induction.

14 First Female Kendo Stick On A Pole Match

Women have never been asked to get extreme on WWE TV, the most they have been able to do at extreme style events is compete in pudding matches or bikini contests, so at Extreme Rules in 2017 when Alexa Bliss and Bayley collided in a Kendo Stick-on-a-pole match for the Raw Women's Championship, it was obvious that history was being made.

Alexa is no stranger to creating history. She has been breaking records and making a difference ever since she made her WWE debut, but this match didn't seem to live up to the hype. It will still be remembered as the first extreme style match between two Raw women but after the likes of Sasha and Charlotte had raised the bar at Hell in a Cell, this was quite a letdown.

13 First Female To Win A Male Championship

The current Women's Revolution may have taken all the headlines over the past few weeks as women begin being used much more in WWE, but it seems that Chyna was making history in WWE before it became a hobby of the current women's division.

Back at No Mercy in 1999, Chyna became the first woman to lift a male Championship when she won the Intercontinental title. Jacqueline later lifted the Cruiserweight Championship in 2004 when she managed to defeat Chavo Guerrero and Trish Stratus, Terri Runnels and Molly Holly were all able to lift the Hardcore Championship at one point under the 24/7 rules before WWE decided to retire them altogether.

12 First Women's I Quit Match

The "I Quit" Match is one of the most brutal in WWE history and can only be ended when one of the participants can't take the abuse any longer and utters the words "I quit." Shockingly there has been an I Quit match between two women.

The match happened back at One Night Stand in 2008, another extreme event that followed a number of ECW One Night Stand events before it. Beth Phoenix and Melina stepped up and decided to finish their rivalry in style as they made history with Beth once again coming out on top. Beth managed to put Melina into a submission that looked incredibly painful and forced the former Women's Champion to quit. It's a match type that WWE is yet to use again for the women.

11 Women's Loser Leaves WWE Match

The Women of WWE are rarely ever put in a position where their feud would need to have an added stipulation that the WWE Universe would care about, but back at Extreme Rules in 2011 WWE decided to up the stakes when it comes to the feud between former friends Michelle McCool and Layla.

Many of the WWE Universe thought that Michelle still had a future in WWE and were shocked when Layla managed to pin the former Women's Champion and she was then attacked by Kharma and forced to leave WWE. Michelle hasn't returned to WWE since as she continues to live out her life happily married to WWE legend The Undertaker. Layla left WWE a few years after her friend and decided to make her return to the UK.

10 Women's Submission Match

Women used to be in WWE because of the way they looked, not because of their wrestling ability, so a women's submission match was never something that the WWE Universe thought they would ever see, that is, until Charlotte and Natalya entered a feud and the WWE Universe realized that this could really be something special.

Natalya and Charlotte are two of the most technically gifted women in the history of WWE and with the Figure 8 and the Sharpshooter both at their disposal, the women collided in the first-ever females submission match at Extreme Rules back in 2016. Dana Brooke cost Natalya the match when she interfered and allowed Charlotte to lock in the Figure 8.

9 Women's Steel Cage Match On Raw

Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch recently collided inside a steel cage match on SmackDown as the feud between the duo had finally reached the point where a steel cage match was needed to avoid interference. Despite this match being a standout affair that saw the return of Mickie James, this wasn't the first time women have collided inside a steel cage in WWE history.

Lita was forced to be part of the first ever Steel Cage match on Monday Night Raw back in 2003 when her opponent was Victoria. At this point in her career, Victoria was seen as deranged and dangerous and the match played to all of her strengths but it was as Lita was about to win when Matt Hardy came down and hit her in the face with the steel cage door before he was chased away by Christian, but his interference allowed Victoria to win the match.

8 Women's Chicago Street Fight

The Women of WWE have been in some incredibly extreme matches over the past few years, but the feud between Victoria and Trish Stratus reached a point where the two women could no longer be contained inside a normal match, which led to them instead fighting in a Chicago Street Fight.

The match took place ahead of Judgement Day 2003 on an episode of Raw and showed the WWE Universe just how Hardcore these women were willing to become to win the Women's Champion. Kendo sticks, trash cans, and even Steven Richards became part of the match at one point before Victoria put an end to the match when she dumped Trish to the outside as she attempted to hit Stratusfaction.

7 Charlotte Main Eventing Raw And SmackDown

There are many women who make history because of the matches that they are involved in, but it seems that Charlotte has managed to make history by herself as she has recently become the first female wrestler in the history of WWE to main event both SmackDown and Raw.

Charlotte fought Sasha Banks with the Raw Women's Championship on the line in the main event of the Monday Night show before being switched in the WWE draft earlier this year and fighting Naomi for the SmackDown Women's Championship in the main event of the Tuesday Night Show. Considering she hasn't been part of the main roster for very long, Charlotte has already made a huge statement.

6 First Ever Iron Woman Match

The first ever WWE Women's Ironman match took place back at NXT Takeover: Respect in 2015 as Bayley and Sasha Bank's feud reached the point where NXT writer Triple H decided it was time to put his women to the test.

The two female stole the show at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn the month before and so it was decided that they would step up and they proved that they could. The match itself wasn't considered to be in the same kind of level as their match in Brooklyn, but both women proved that they still had the ability to fight for 30 minutes and main event an episode of NXT. This was huge for the women of NXT at the time and even though the NXT Women's Championship was on the line, Bayley still came out on top and Sasha said her farewells to NXT as she headed up to the main roster.

5 First Women's Hardcore Match

Not only did Trish Stratus and Victoria collide in a Chicago Street Fight back in 2003, but their feud also reached a point where WWE were able to put the two women in a Hardcore match. Victoria came out on top back in 2002 as the two women collided at Survivor Series with the Women's Championship on the line.

The following year Victoria and Trish competed in the second Hardcore match between two women as Stevie Richards made his way to the ring alongside Victoria once again, but this time Tommy Dreamer was added to Trish's corner as a way to even the odds. Once again trash cans and Kendo sticks were huge additions to the match but it was Trish who came out on top this time after some Stratusfaction to even the score in the feud between the duo.

4 First Woman In A Royal Rumble Match

Chyna once again is added to the history books because she was the first ever woman to be part of the 30-man over the top rope annual Royal Rumble match. Back in 1999 Chyna came out and eliminated Mark Henry before she was eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Beth Phoenix became just the second woman to be added to the match back in 2010 when she managed to eliminate The Great Khali before she was eliminated by CM Punk. Kharma was the final woman added to the match in 2012, where she scared Michael Cole into eliminating himself before she eliminated Hunico but was then thrown out by Dolph Ziggler. Speculation suggests that Nia Jax could be added to the match in the future.

3 Iron Woman Main Roster Match

Despite the fact that Sasha Banks and Bayley competed in the first ever female Ironman match back in 2015, it seems that because that's NXT and not WWE's main roster, the company had to attempt to one up NXT and have their own Iron Woman match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte to finally end their title switching feud in 2016.

The fierce rivals met for the final time at Roadblock: End of the Line in December 2016 and when Charlotte came out on top it was decided that she wouldn't face Sasha for the Women's Championship again, so Sasha had given up her rematch clause. It was an incredible advert for the Women's Division as Sasha once again managed to last 30 minutes in a high-octane match with Charlotte.

2 Women's Hell In A Cell Match

The women of WWE made history at Hell in a Cell back in 2016 when they decided that they could step up and have a match inside Satan's structure as well. Once again it was the rivalry between Sasha and Charlotte that was given the nod to take place inside the steel and the women definitely proved WWE made the right decision.

Sasha and Charlotte incorporated tables, Sasha was put through the announcer table, and the women even tried to add many of the famous male match spots from inside the cage over the years, but once again it was Charlotte who came out on top when it was reported that Sasha actually suffered a back injury in the match that was definitely one of the most brutal in her career.

1 Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

The Women of WWE have been through quite the journey when it comes to making history and if you've read through this list you will understand why this match is so important. The five women who are part of that match know that they are changing the face of WWE forever and whoever wins will be the first ever female Money in the Bank winner.

Women have never been put into a match that involves ladders and it could be one of the most brutal matches that many of these women have been part of. It is another step in the right direction for the women of WWE and hopefully, they continue to do the division proud.

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