15 Times Ronda Rousey Showed More Than We Could Handle

Fewer athletes have ever transcended their respective sport quite like Ronda Rousey has. The former Olympic judoka made her Mixed Martial Arts debut as an amateur back in 2010, winning by her signature armbar in less than one minute. From there, Rousey continued her tear up until her professional debut in May of 2011. Her first 12 professional fights were lopsided affairs that catapulted Rousey to international fame and acclaim. Her celebrity was instrumental in the UFC bringing in women's divisions, and her appeal as a crossover star is only rivaled by fellow UFC fighter Conor McGregor.  She has had several UFC pay-per-views crack the coveted 1 million buyer mark, certifying her as the company's top draw during her prime. Her MMA career and subsequent fame landed her on the cover of most every major publication, and she even landed roles in film and on television.

Rousey remains one of the most beautiful women to have graced the UFC, and her legions of fans cannot get enough of her. Her last two fights didn't go her way, but she still remains one of the most polarizing figures in sports. She is currently teasing a run in the WWE, and professional wrestling fans are chomping at the bit to see Rousey in the world's premier wrestling organization. Thanks to her athletic career, Rousey maintains one of the world's fittest physiques, and her photoshoots for Maxim and Sports Illustrated left people drooling. These 15 photos of Ronda Rousey have the beauty wearing very little, revealing a whole lot for viewers everywhere.


15 Poolside Bikini Photo

Prior to dominating the world of Mixed Martial Arts and taking the world by storm, Ronda Rousey was a young woman looking to take home some prestigious hardware during her run in the 2008 Summer Olympics. Rousey was only 20, and she performed admirably on the world's biggest stage. Though she failed to take home the gold, Rousey didn't leave Beijing empty handed. For her efforts, Rousey took home a bronze medal, forever cementing her place alongside the few individuals fortunate enough to take home an Olympic medal. Just 2 years later, Rousey would make the jump into MMA, and her Olympic pedigree would be instrumental in launching her into the stratosphere.

For Sports Illustrated, Rousey decided to show some skin, and she looked incredible in her bikini. Take note of the Olympic logo tattoo near her ankle. It is a small tribute to her competing at the highest level.

14 Giving Fans A Peek


After finding a success as an amateur Mixed Martial Artist, Rousey was ready for her professional debut. Unfortunately, her opponent had absolutely no idea what she was in for, and Rousey wasted little time in dispatching her foe. Fighting in the King of the Cage promotion, Rousey needed just 25 seconds to dismantle Ediane Gomes. Heading into the bout, Gomes had a record of 6 wins and 1 loss, so she must have felt very confident about her chances against the debuting Rousey. In what would become her signature move, Rousey won her first bout by armbar; the same submission that she used to secure her three amateur victories. Gomes currently fights in Invicta, winning her last fight by unanimous decision.

Talk about cranking up the heat for a photo shoot. Rousey, wearing an unbuttoned top, flashes a quick smile for the camera. She has a natural ability to model, and this photo is all the proof that you'll need.

13 On The Beach

Three months after laying waste to Ediane Gomes in her professional debut, Rousey took on Charmaine Tweet, who was making her professional debut. Tweet was an experienced kickboxer, and her striking was thought to be a huge obstacle for Rousey to overcome. Impressively, Tweet lasted a whole 24 seconds longer than Gomes, succumbing to an armbar from Rousey after 49 seconds. Rousey was now touting an undefeated record of 2-0, and had spent less than a minute and a half in the ring. Her amazing performances in her first two professional fights would lead Rousey to get a call from Strikeforce, and she would debut in the promotion later that year.

Get used to seeing shots of Ronda Rousey on the beach, because they are some of the hottest pictures that you will see of the star. After all, that is what everyone wants to see, and we are simply giving the public what they want.

12 Blue Bikini Photo


Now 2-0, Ronda Rousey was ready to step into a major promotion, and her Strikeforce debut came two months after wiping out kickboxer Charmaine Tweet. Her opponent, Sarah D'Alelio, already had a record of 4-1, and she was coming off of a loss to Julie Kedzie by unanimous decision. Would the lights of the big stage be too much for Rousey to overcome? Of course not. She had already competed at the Olympics, and she wasted no time in ripping D'Alelio apart. In line with her first match, Rousey dispatched her opponent in 25 seconds, putting the women in Strikeforce on notice. With three fights already in the books for 2011, Rousey still wasn't finished, and she would have one more fight later that year.

While not from a professional photoshoot, Rousey was captured here on the beach draped in blue. It is important for athletes to find pockets of time to relax, though few look as good as Rousey does on the beach.

11 Too Hot To Handle

Rounding out what had been a dominant 2011, Ronda Rousey hopped back in the ring to square off with Julia Budd. Budd was 2-1 at the time, and was coming off of a win against the woman who would go on to be the inaugural UFC Women's Featherweight Champion, Germaine de Randemie. When the bell sounded, Rousey did what she does best, putting Budd in an armbar and forcing her to submit in only 39 seconds. Her total time spent in the ring in 2011 tallied a remarkable 2 minutes and 18 seconds, and Rousey was quickly becoming a household name. With all four of her wins coming by way of armbar, the women in Strikeforce knew that Rousey was an unstoppable force.

In this spread with Maxim, Rousey once again revealed more than we could handle, and her celebrity helped issues of the magazine fly off of the shelf. Everything about this photo is perfection, and it is due to Rousey's ability to play to the camera.

10 Striking A Pose


After demolishing her first four opponents, Ronda Rousey was the clear-cut contender for the Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Championship, and Strikeforce quickly put her in a fight against champion Miesha Tate. Rousey's star power helped push this event to the headlining slot of the event which took place in March of 2012. Tate was an impressive 12-2 at the time of the bout, and her run in Strikeforce had been fantastic. When the duo finally clashed, no one could have predicted what happened. Tate actually lasted for over a minute! It was the first time in Rousey's career that one of her opponents lasted longer than a minute, though she still won the fight in the first round by armbar. The fight kicked off a huge rivalry between the two women.

Given her background in judo and having trained in jiu jitsu, it should come as no surprise that Rousey is quite flexible. Throw on a black bikini while she is showing off her flexibility, and you have yourself one truly hot photo.

9 Showing Off A Whole New Side

Now that she was a bonafide MMA champion, Ronda Rousey was being touted as an unbeatable fighter, and you can't really blame her promoters for doing so. She had shown little reason to believe that she would lose any time soon, but her next opponent was less than convinced. In August of 2012, Rousey defended her title for the first time against Sarah Kaufmann in a fight that most people expected to be super competitive. Kaufmann was 15-1, but her only loss was by way of armbar. Less than a minute into their bout, Rousey caught Kauffman in an armbar, forcing her to tap and eat the second loss of her career. Rousey was 6-0, and the tidal wave of celebrity that was surrounding her would reach new heights a few months later.

After defending her Strikeforce belt, Rousey would prove to be a catalyst in something that no one expected would actually happen. She kept up her appearances in magazines, leaving fans everywhere satisfied.


8 Playing In The Sand


At the time, very few people actually believed that the UFC would have women compete in their company. Even Dana White denied that this would ever happen. But, what he didn't plan on was Ronda Rousey becoming one of the most famous people on the planet, and this made her an incredibly bankable star for the UFC. Once it was announced that the UFC would introduce women's divisions, it was apparent that Rousey was the centerpiece of the acquisition, and she was instrumental in making it happen. The move proved to be fruitful for the company, and Rousey's pay-per-views sales were enormous. Her first bout in the UFC came against Liz Carmouche. Carmouche was a game competitor who lasted longer than anyone else had previously. She still couldn't escape the first round, and ultimately lost by armbar.

Her foray into the UFC launched her fame into the stratosphere, and Ronda Rousey was everywhere. With the UFC hype machine behind her, she was officially a star.

7 Little Red Corvette

Rousey had taken the world by storm, and the women's division in which she ruled brought her a familiar face for her next title defense. Former foe and bitter rival Miesha Tate would once again try her hand at defeating Rousey, only this time, Tate was the challenger. Rousey had vanquished her foe inside of the first round in their first encounter, but Tate had improved, and for the first time in her career, Rousey competed in a bout that lasted longer than a round. While Tate proved a worthy adversary, Rousey won the bout by armbar in the third round. All of her victories had come in the same fashion, and the win gave Rousey the edge in their rivalry.

Not only does she look great on the beach, but Rousey also looks phenomenal in front of a sports car. Okay, so the bikini may have something to do with that, but you won't hear anyone complaining about it.

6 Fun At The Beach Bar


After vanquishing Miesha Tate for the second time, Rousey stepped back into the ring after just 2 months to take on fellow Olympian Sara McMann. McMann won the silver medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, and taking on an athlete of that kind of caliber could see Rousey finally meet her match. The duo squared off at UFC 170 in Las Vegas, and Rousey would once again return to her dominant ways by winning the fight in the first round. What shocked viewers, however, was seeing Rousey win the fight by TKO. After delivering a brutal knee into McMann's body, the challenger wilted to the mat, and the fight was quickly called off. Rousey had shown a new ripple in her game, and she looked unstoppable.

Say what you want about sports journalism, but Sports Illustrated has a true talent for bikini photoshoots. Some of the world's most famous models have graced the magazine, and Rousey is among the hottest of the bunch.

5 Gorgeous In A Swimsuit

Now that Rousey had taken out an opponent with her striking, many wondered if there was a person on the planet that could stop her. Alexis Davis was game enough to take on Rousey at UFC 175 in Las Vegas, and her efforts would see her get flat out embarrassed. Rousey was able to whip Davis onto the ground and reign down strikes until the referee put a merciful end to the fight. Davis was only able to last 16 seconds with Rousey, and her newfound striking game was truly a sight to see. Rousey helped the pay-per-view reach over 500,000 buys, and the UFC now had a star they could bank on each time they stepped into the Octagon. That same year, Rousey would use her fame to land a role in The Expendables 3.

Even though she is capable of wiping out most people on the planet, Rousey is so easy on the eyes that you could almost forget that she can take you out. God bless Sport's Illustrated for doing an amazing job with Rousey.

4 Cranking Up The Heat In The Gym


After her destruction of Alexis Davis, Rousey began an acting career while simultaneously balancing her UFC career. In 2015, Rousey would start her year by taking on Cat Zingano at UFC 184. Much like Alexis Davis, Zingano would last for less than 20 seconds, and Rousey would head to the locker room looking like she just finished a warm up. Her last two fights saw her spend a combined 30 seconds in the Octagon, and she had few challengers left in her division. Rousey would also appear in several films in 2015, and her role in Furious 7 was her biggest of the year. The film made over $1 billion at the box office, and Rousey had a huge hit on her resume.

Now, we aren't really sure what this workout is called, and we assume that Rousey knows what she's doing in the gym. Regardless, we take advantage of any opportunity we have to show off Rousey in a black bathing suit that shows off her body.

3 Tropical Beauty

Rousey had spent 30 seconds in the Octagon over her last two bouts, and her division was quickly drying up. Bethe Correia had spent a ton of time talking smack about Rousey to the media, and she was making a huge push for a title fight. Finally, the UFC honored her request, and Bethe soon found herself in the Octagon against Rousey. We have to give her credit for being confident, but my goodness, she had no business being in there with Rousey. The fights lasted 34 seconds, and when the dust settled, Rousey walked away with a knockout victory. After all of the nasty things that she said, Bethe stood no chance against Rousey.

Summertime sees a flock of women rushing to the beach to get a tan and to make men drool, and seeing Rousey here in this photo does just that. Sure, the background of the picture is beautiful and all, but let's not act like you we care about anything else other than Rousey here.

2 Surfing Safari


Ronda Rousey had compiled a 12-0 record during her professional career, and she showed no signs of slowing down. Virtually no woman in her division stood a chance, but the UFC was still putting her against foes to put her dominance on display for the world to see. In her third bout in 2015, Rousey took on Holly Holm in what was sure to be a classic clash of styles match up. Seeing Rousey leave the first round of a bit was almost unthinkable, and seeing her lose the round was flat out shocking. Holm picked her shots well, and she busted Rousey up throughout the fight. After delivering what has since become the most famous kick in UFC history, Holly Holm defeated Ronda Rousey, and she left the entire world speechless. Rousey had been defeated, ending her amazing winning streak.

Despite the loss, Rousey remained as popular as ever, and her modeling shoots that she had done before continued to make their way around the Internet. After taking some time off, Rousey got back on the horse, and fans were thrilled to see her again.

1 A Fierce Champion

The loss to Holm certainly hurt, but Rousey got back into action again a year later, and she took on current champion Amanda Nunes. Unfortunately, Nunes made quick work of Rousey, and after two straight losses, it appears as though her time in the UFC is over. She is a pioneer of the division, and is one of the greatest and most dominant champions in the history of MMA. Rumors have swirled that Rousey in considering making the leap to the WWE, and that would be huge for fans to see. She has already appeared in the company before, and she would be welcomed back with open arms should she choose to do it full time.

Because this is our last photo, we figured that we would give you all a full shot of Rousey on the beach. It is an impressive display of her physique, as well as the perfect picture for fans of hers. She may not have the belt anymore, but she is still one of the hottest professional fighters on the planet.


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