15 Times Mandy Rose Caught Our Attention With Fitness Outfits

WWE and Vince McMahon in particular, love to push homegrown talent. Now Mandy didn't win the Tough Enough contract but instead, her contributions were enough to grant her a five-year deal with the company. Before she knew it, Rose was a member of the Total Divas cast and working down in NXT. Vince was reportedly very high on Mandy, so much so that he requested Triple H limit her action time with the brand. Age 26, she's already on the main roster. Not only does she have the look, but her in-ring skills have shocked many - she certainly doesn't look out of place.

In this article, we look at moments that caught our attention outside of the ring and for the most part, in the gym. Before becoming a member of the WWE family, Rose was all about fitness and that remains true today. We'll feature some her best fitness ensembles from both her time prior to the WWE to her recent outfits posted just days ago. Grab some BCAAs or protein powder because you're bound to run out of energy looking at these tremendous photos. Enjoy and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend! Here are 15 times Mandy Rose caught our attention with fitness outfits. Let's begin!

15 The Recent Instagram Post

One of Mandy’s most recent fitness posts featured herself inside of the gym showcasing her tremendous quads. Mandy might have taken a shot at the returning Divas on route to the Rumble match, however, making the claim that she stays ready all year round. There simply is no denying her tremendous look which is on full display as she rocks some tight grey leggings which are quite flattering, showing off her quad muscles.

As her fame continues to grow with the WWE, so does her social media presence. Rose has nearly a million followers via Instagram, not to mention another fanbase via Snapchat. Judging by her photos, not only are wrestling fans following the beauty, but so are fitness enthusiasts - it’s not too hard to get motivated after stumbling across a photo of Mandy in fitness attire.

14 Matching Black & White

This is another steamy workout photo recently posted by Mandy. She’s alongside her Absolution stablemate Sonya Deville. Both were a part of the Tough Enough reality show and despite coming up short, they’ve become the most successful alums from the program, both as a part of the main roster.

They enjoyed time together on NXT and are now doing the same on the main roster. Mandy was rarely utilized down in NXT while Sonya had some experience with the developmental brand. Since the call-up, they have only gotten closer sharing a home together. The tight bond is shown in the picture above as they rock some steamy black and white workout gear. Mandy’s also promoting their hectic live event schedule in the Instagram post, quite different to their tame NXT schedule from just months prior.

13 Pre-WWE Outfits


Prior to being signed to the WWE, Rose was all about fitness. One way she made a living was by promoting various fitness products, as you can see with the Detox Tea above - admit it, you didn’t even know she was promoting a product, did you? Before the WWE, her fitness outfit choices were a little more of the “not so PG” variety – enough to make Vince McMahon himself sweat a little.

Nowadays, as a member of the WWE, her workout photos are quite PG, however before, she wore some skimpier outfits (including the outfit she is wearing in this photo showing Rose with the shortest shorts you’ll ever see along with a small Nike sports bra). The outfit certainly catches our attention but in all likelihood, those days seem to be in the past, long before her time as a legitimate WWE Superstar.

12 Gym Selfie

Just about everything is on point in this picture; Mandy’s gym outfit looks flawless and one that would have caught the attention of many inside that gym on the day a year ago. Even more noteworthy than the outfit might be Mandy’s caption; she took time off from the gym (along with allowing herself to eat anything she wanted for two weeks). She loves to balance her life and she proved that you don’t need the gym 24/7 at times. What she doesn’t tell us however, is the years and years of training it took her to get such a base. When you have that much muscle, maintaining such a physique is a lot easier, that’s for darn sure.

Still only 26, we can expect Mandy’s physique to only improve in the next couple of years which is quite scary to think about in truth. Seriously, how much better can it get?

11 New Year’s Post

So this is what Mandy Rose looks like after the New Year’s festivities.... Yup, how bad do you feel right now? Most of us are still struggling to lose the weight while Mandy looks like someone whose stomach you can use to shred cheese off of. She’s a fitness freak and she proves that in this picture with an outfit that’s also pretty much on point, rocking the black and white yoga pants, along with a fitted white Nike top.

You would think she starves herself to maintain such a physique but that’s not the case at all. In fact, Rose admitted to eating six meals a day and eating every two to three hours. Among her meals includes lots of chicken and lots of carbohydrates, including oatmeal and rice. Mandy doesn’t believe in cutting carbs given they provide the body with energy – either way, we’re not disagreeing with her (why would we when you look that good?).

10 More Pre-WWE Outfits

This picture comes from Mandy’s days prior to the WWE, making it as a fitness model. She took part in several competitions along with appearing in magazines. When you a look like that, it really isn’t too surprising. Once again, Mandy’s rocking a fantastic white top and if that wasn’t eye-popping enough, those blue Under Armor shorts are good enough to make us want to stick a needle in our own eye. Oh, Mandy!

She’s changed quite a bit since this throwback picture. Mandy had a leaner physique before the WWE and since joining the Performance Center, has filled out and gained a lot of muscle. She’s a lot thicker nowadays but we can all agree, it’s definitely for the better. Again, still only 26, we can’t even imagine how smoking she’ll look a couple of years from now. Can it get any better?

9 Tough Enough Days

This breathtaking fitness outfit was rocked during Mandy’s Tough Enough stint back in 2015. Seriously speaking, this outfit alone should have registered the beauty enough votes to take home the Grand Prize on the show. In truth, the Tough Enough show was severely flawed and had it not been for The Miz saving her, she would have been out the door before the Grand Finale. Thank you, Miz. Thank you very much. Oh, the irony that her future stablemate and mentor Paige was one of the judges that wanted her gone...

Mandy reached the Finale and despite the fact that she came up short, she was offered a five-year deal as it was deemed that the big boss Vince McMahon was a big fan. Who could have thought that less than three years after the Tough Enough Finale, she would be on the main roster and regarded as a massive prospect moving forward.

8 Squatting At The Performance Center

Even in a long sleeve shirt, Mandy maintains our attention with this fitness outfit. Yes, her glutes look glorious in those grey yoga pants, however the true hero in this photo is the amount of weight Mandy is squatting. Not only is the bar loaded, but during that exercise, she proceeded to sit in a squatted position for three seconds after each rep. Yup, she’s a beast, folks!

Her training has changed significantly since joining the WWE. Pre-WWE, her fitness goals were all image-based as she was a fitness competitor, thus adopting a bodybuilding style of workouts. She’s changed however, nowadays resorting to heavier lifts along with throwing in functional workouts. She’s all about performance which only helps her inside of the squared circle. Okay, you can now continue enjoying the photo.

7 Grey Leggings & Yeezys

'A Happy Friday' indeed, as captioned by the photo; Mandy rocking skin tight yoga pants along with Yeezy shoes is truly a joy to look at. She’ll stop anyone in a gym setting rocking such an outfit. Her supporters agree as the comments section was littered with inappropriateness, along with close to 20K double taps. Such a fitness ensemble is worthy of a magazine, never mind Instagram.

Although she seems to be a fitness freak, in truth, Mandy has a much deeper side. Before her WWE days, Rose earned a degree in Speech Pathology via Iona College. Yup, she’s got the brains as well. Another lesser known fact is that she grew up in a large family with four children in the New York area. She comes from an Italian background but is also part Irish.

6 Blue Tapout Gear

The WWE has aligned with various companies in the past, however when it comes to workout gear, Tapout seems to be the WWE’s premier option. The likes of John Cena, Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair have all worn the clothing and promoted the brand via their Instagram page.

Another face to be featured on their page was of course, the beautiful Mandy Rose. Not only did she represent the brand with this magnificent blue-on-blue outfit, but she also caught our attention in a separate post rocking a pair of “not so PG” short shorts, along with a small top - enough to showcase her glorious abdominal area. In terms of all the Divas that were photographed for the brand, it truly doesn’t get much better than the lovely Golden Goddess.

5 The Sponsored Fitness Days

As we mentioned, before the WWE, Mandy was fully invested in the world of fitness. This post was meant to promote a company named USN, and man what a job she does rocking the blue yoga attire to absolute perfection, not to mention her awesome Nike sneakers. Admit it, you weren’t even aware that she was wearing shoes before we brought it to your attention.

She would end up getting cast for Tough Enough and as they say, the rest is history. Her inclusion was a bit of a surprise considering the fact that the WWE no longer scouts in the realms of bodybuilding and modelling and instead, looks to athletes and indie wrestling workers. Although she caters to the past Diva mindset in terms of her resume before the WWE, we can all agree that the decision to bring her in turned out to be a good one.

4 Nike Top Bathroom Selfie

Rocking a Nike sports bra, Mandy once again has our attention with this fitness outfit. She looks insanely lean and if you can believe, she was even more shredded during her days on-stage as a fitness competitor. She began in the world of competitive fitness back in 2013 when she just entered her 20s. Rose didn’t ease into it and instead, she devoured the competition taking home the grand prize at the World Bodybuilding Fitness & Fashion Boston show. She would win various other awards which included a Fashion Bikini Championship. Her hard work in the field paid off but it also helps that she has the trophies to show for it.

Without a doubt, she’ll be adding a different kind of trophy in the future in the form of a title. Rose has Women’s Champion written all over her and it’s only a matter of time till she has gold around her waist.

3 Nike Top & Multi-Colored Shorts

Seriously, who would oppose such an ensemble? Following her WWE signing, Rose was slapped with the Mandy Rose name. It was a bit of a surprise to some however, particularly Bayley, who had requested to use the Rose name; the WWE opted against it at the time as it was a name that was over-utilized. Well, it looks like Mandy was the exception as she was slapped with the name and one that she definitely approved of considering it’s her middle name (Rose).

Her real name is actually Amanda Rose Saccomanno, though as we’ve seen time and time again, the WWE loves to change a Superstar's name so they can hold the rights to it. That’s exactly what happened with Mandy but it was for the best, as she left her Saccomanno fitness days in the rear view mirror.

2 POW! Shirt & Nike Shorts

Similar to Eva Marie, we got a glimpse of Mandy through the Total Divas show. Taking such a route was dangerous, remember how badly Eva tanked due to her exposure on the show prior to hitting the ring? Well, the WWE didn’t make the same mistake twice, as Rose was given the proper amount of time before getting inside of the squared circle. To be fair, Eva really wasn’t given the same treatment early on, kind of being rushed inside of the ring.

Mandy has improved in the ring as she definitely knows what she’s doing. Rose has tremendous athleticism which has been on full display during her time on the main roster. Let’s pay homage to her brilliant WWE start, but ogle the picture above featuring Mandy in a pair of short Nikes along with a cute POW! t-shirt.

1 Matching Adidas Tracksuit

Remember back in the day when our parents would cloth us with matching tracksuit attire? Well, Mandy brings that back in this fitness ensemble looking pretty darn perfect. She's literally covered in white and black from head-to-toe, heck even her shoes are white and black. The nWo would be proud seeing such an ensemble, maybe if she was born 20 years prior she could have served as a valet for the faction, rocking such a fitness outfit to the ring with the group.

You can expect more fitness ensembles from Mandy whether it be through Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. As you have seen in this article, her fitness attires are definitely attention-grabbing; the WWE is hoping to have the same results inside of the squared circle with the beauty moving forward.

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