15 Times Conor McGregor Wore The Most Questionable Outfits (Even For Him)

Conor McGregor is known more than anyone for his flashy outfits and ridiculous wardrobe. He has proven that he does not care who he is in front of or how many people are watching him, he is going to make a statement with his clothes. But taking a deeper look at the times McGregor wore these questionable outfits we have seen many swings and misses. Whether it is a white mink coat, or floral pants, McGregor has kept us all wondering what he is thinking at times with his wardrobe choices. McGregor has been all around the world and been able to show off all his different types of clothes to people of all different countries. But no matter where he goes McGregor seems to stand out for many different reasons, like for wearing such bright colored clothes, for his lack of clothes, or for the fact that people cannot believe he actually showed up in public with that outfit on. He certainly has not been scared to be the one to show off different styles and fashion trends although these 15 most likely will never catch on with anyone but the man himself.

McGregor must be doing what Kanye West did and making all these fashion statements so he can start his own company. However I don't think it will matter who is selling these outfits, they will never be flying off the shelves. Here are 15 times Conor McGregor had us shaking our heads with his outfit choices.

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15 Arriving To Aintree Racecourse In Liverpool

Conor McGregor is famous for his attitude of not caring about what anyone thinks and nothing says that more than his look showing up to the Aintree Grand National. Conor decided to sport the Louis Vuitton shirt, unbuttoned, and even said forget the undershirt and just showed off his tattoos instead. Let's not forget about the sunglasses, flipped up of course, to let everyone see his gold glasses that match the gold chain. The most shocking and best part of this look is that he brought his own drink in with him to top it all off. The Aintree Grand National is known for a more "Kentucky Derby" look, which makes McGregor showing up like this certainly spark some questions. I'm sure a few people there had to look twice when they saw him walk by and I'm sure he still did not care at all when they did, that is what makes Conor "The Notorious" one.

14 New York Press Conference


The New York press conference leading up to the fight with Floyd Mayweather was one of the most memorable moments in Conor McGregor's trash-talking career. The best part though is that he did it all wearing a custom made Gucci mink coat. Not only that but McGregor also wore the David August pink floral pants to go with it. The white mink coat with the pink floral pants had us all scratching our heads. This look would have him standing out no matter where he was going that day but he decided to put this outfit on while he made dollar bills rain all over Floyd Mayweather. There certainly were some controversial moments in all the trash talking leading up to this big fight but it is hard not to respect someone who can pull this outfit out of their closet to wear in front of thousands of people and be this confident while doing so. McGregor and his custom made Gucci mink coat are both one of a kind but you still would not catch me wearing it.

13 Relaxing At Home


This is a more tame look for McGregor but it is tough to ignore the fact that the clothes he puts on just to relax at home still costs thousands of dollars. Conor is pulling off the Versace printed pants and it is tough to tell in the picture but he has on the Versace slides that go with the pants as well. The part that makes this look questionable is that McGregor wears this all with a pink shirt' this man never finds it necessary to match! For all of us that spend hours trying to find the shoes that match the pants that match the shirt, this is a slap in the face! But when you are a millionaire like McGregor, you can do what you want and in his own head I'm sure he pulls it off. Conor could be bringing back the non-matching look all by himself and if everyone follows along it could save people a lot of time getting ready.

12 Carrying His Son


Even when Conor McGregor carries his son, he does it in his own style. I don't think he can even leave the house without putting on his best threads. I can't wait to see all the shocking outfits he puts his son in as well. Here McGregor has on the Louis Vuitton jacket with the Gucci leather loafs. The Gucci shoes themselves can cost upwards of 600 dollars so with the jacket as well, it is safe to say that this is another day of McGregor wearing thousands of dollars worth of clothes. The mismatched designer look seems to be in style right now as well; Conor is wearing the Gucci loafs with the Louis Vuitton jacket, just showing us that he has a whole closet full of designer clothes to choose from. But let's not forget that once again Conor decided to go with the no-undershirt look, a staple of his clearly, however questionable it might look, letting everyone see his tattoos while he carries his son around.

11 Funderland With His Son


Conor McGregor decided to take his son to Funderland, a nice family outing but of course he wasn't going to show up wearing just anything. McGregor decided to pull out the Gucci jumpsuit from his closet and as if that wasn't going to be flashy enough, he chose the yellow and blue Gucci jumpsuit. This has to be one of the more iconic Conor McGregor looks because this just defines he personality, he loves the finer things in life and no matter what he is doing, he is going to do it in style. You can also see that his son isn't rolling around in just any stroller, that is a Bentley stroller for only the flashiest of babies, and you have to figure that Conor McGregor's kid is THE flashiest of babies. McGregor puts on this look as if it is just any other shirt that he has at home even though it is a very wild outfit to wear. He continues to prove why he is the king of today's most shocking fashion.

10 Christmas With The Family


Conor brings his whole family in for this outfit, one of the few pictures that shows he actually does have a soft side. The whole family decided to dress up for Christmas time in red and white pyjama "onesies" with reindeer on them of course. Conor has been criticized in the past for hanging out with women and people have insinuated that he has not been faithful to his wife in the past but this outfit that he put on with his family shows the love he has for them. Let's remember that we are talking about Conor McGregor here, he doesn't leave the house without putting on Gucci this or Louis Vuitton that, so for him to throw on some pyjamas from Target and post a picture, it takes a lot of love. But Conor McGregor was still able to stay flashy and shock the world without even having to spend too much money on this outfit.

9 GQ Magazine


Conor McGregor wasn't going to wear just anything for his GQ shoot, and out of all the wardrobe changes he made for the shoot, this may have been his most head-scratching.  The suit jacket and pants by Salvatore Ferragamo alone cost over three thousand dollars.  Under that he has a Tom Ford t-shirt on that costs nearly 400 dollars and to top the outfit off, he is wearing loafers by Santoni that cost nearly one thousand dollars. Very few men would try to pull off a look that could possibly make you look like Beetlejuice, but McGregor is one of those few men to try. He decided to pull out the black and white stripes for GQ but the entire cost of this outfit is what is so eye-opening and questionable. For someone to spend nearly five thousand dollars on one outfit you would think it better cure cancer when you put it on. But as we know, McGregor likes the finer things in life and he is certainly willing to spend as much money as it takes to try to look good. I just am not so sure he got his money's worth on this one.

8 At The Gym


Even when Conor McGregor goes to the gym he isn't just going to throw on some sweats, he has to show up everywhere wearing clothes that will make him stand out. As we see here, he once again cannot be missed in a crowd with those pants on. Another look where McGregor goes with the floral pants but this time they are light blue, which may be even worse. He also once again has on the Tom Ford white v-neck shirt but switches it up with his shoes here. In an actually shocking move McGregor goes with the navy blue Dock shoes, a simpler look for a man who is not so simple. Once again though, McGregor has tried to pull off a look that many men wouldn't dare to even try. The floral pants look is one many wouldn't even go near but now we have seen Conor use this fashion in a few different outfits. It seems to be one of the looks he keeps at the front of the closet even though it is not the most seen or liked. But really nothing McGregor does has been seen before and a lot of his actions are not liked by most, so these pants seem to fit right in with his personality.

7 Post Fight Party


Losing to Floyd Mayweather did not stop Conor McGregor from putting on his best threads and still hitting the after party. McGregor caught quite a bit of flack for going out after the fight because many people were saying he was celebrating as if he won the fight.  Well this outfit can certainly give out that impression; he came out wearing the full three piece paisley suit with blue designs over the cream color. Also, he had on brown loafers with this suit as well. McGregor loves to pull out the loafer look and this proves he will literally do it with anything. I can't imagine he had another look picked out for if he won because I'm not sure anything can stand out more than this one. This is just who Conor McGregor is, he has proven it over and over again (obviously). It doesn't matter if he is going to the mall, the gym or even a carnival, McGregor will always be wearing the flashiest of clothes, whether they work or not.

6 Meeting With The Boss


Even when McGregor is meeting with his boss, Dana White, he still isn't afraid to pull out the strangest clothes from his wardrobe. Here he is seen with Dana wearing a cheetah-print, brown button up shirt that makes you wonder if he knew he would be seeing the man who writes his checks this day. He is also wearing his sunglasses like he is talking to just anybody, it seems as if even the boss cannot intimidate McGregor. The part that does work with this outfit is that the shirt perfectly matches his chest tattoo. We know how McGregor hates wearing undershirts, so here he is able to unbutton that shirt a little bit and flash his tattoos. I guess this is what McGregor considers to be business casual, since he most likely no longer has any normal clothes in his closet, he has to make shirts like this try to work. Luckily for him, McGregor is Dana White's biggest earner so no matter what he wears he will have to keep him around but he should probably never wear this one again.

5 UFC 197 Press Conference


McGregor pulled out one of the ugliest shirts you will see at the UFC 197 press conference.  This was when people were still getting used to McGregor too, so when he came out wearing this shirt people started to realize who they were dealing with. He pulled out this blue floral Versace shirt that costs over 1200 dollars.  Not only was he wearing this shirt but he had his sleeves rolled up as well, showing off the tattoo sleeve he has on his left arm. While this is normal in the UFC, McGregor was becoming a household name at this time and not everyone was used to seeing this. Once again, we know that McGregor does not care what people think and he was going to make people accept him whether they like it or not. Clearly this was just the beginning...

4 London Press Conference


Conor McGregor pulled out some crazy outfits during the press conference tour building up to his fight with Floyd Mayweather. This was certainly one of those shocking outfits.  McGregor wore the bright blue three piece suit that had him standing out on that stage more than Mayweather. It could have been very strategic, wanting to stand out during a press conference to hype a fight makes perfect sense. Also, in a fight where two ego-maniacs are going to be fighting for attention the entire time, wearing outfits that make you stand out more could be one of his smarter moves. This obviously wasn't the most out-there wardrobe selection of the entire tour but it was the start that got everyone's attention. McGregor yelled insults at Mayweather and led the crowd in cheers all while wearing his extremely expensive, can't miss, bright blue suit. This could possibly be what got the wardrobe war started between him and Mayweather on the tour.

3 UFC 205 Press Conference


Conor McGregor pulled out one the ugliest looks for this UFC event in New York. UFC 205 was a landmark event being able to hold fights in New York for the first time and Conor McGregor was scheduled to headline it. He showed up to the press conference in this white mink coat and bright red shirt that you could see from Mars. This of course is not the craziest white mink coat we have seen Conor wear but the combination with the bright red shirt certainly makes it quite hard to look at. I can imagine Conor was going with more of a standing-out approach rather than trying to look good. After all he makes more money when more people are talking about him, so it makes sense for him to want to stand out.  Hopefully now that he is a millionaire he can put the white mink coats and bright red shirts away for good.

2 Mayweather Fight


Even going into his fights McGregor still knows how to make a statement with his fashion.  He literally will take every opportunity he has to show his fashion style is unlike the rest.  His fight with Mayweather was the opportunity of a lifetime for him in more ways than one, including showing off his wardrobe. Millions of people would be watching and he knew he had to put on something great to wear in the ring. McGregor went with the Versace robe that so many rappers and Instagram stars have made famous. This look is what people wear when they want you to know they have money, something I thought McGregor would be above at this point. Conor also wore Gucci boxing shorts, being one of the first to wear designer clothes in the ring but that is because designer clothes really don't belong in the ring. Normally you would see brands like Nike or Adidas on a boxer but certainly not Gucci. Leave it to McGregor to pull this off though.

1 Toronto Press Conference


When Conor McGregor showed up to the press conference in Toronto for his fight with Floyd Mayweather, everyone at first thought he was wearing just another suit. But after a second and closer look it was revealed that this suit had a special message on it from Conor. The suit read "F--- You" all the way up and down the entire length of it. Conor said this was a special message from him personally to his haters all around the world. Conor, of course, had been dealing with criticism and many thought he had no business getting in a ring with the best boxer in the world. He clearly did not takes this too well and decided to do what he does best and that is to let his clothes do the talking for him. Him throwing his clothes in our face was both a hit and a miss, though. Normally he would just throw a huge white mink coat on to let people know he doesn't care and that worked for him. One of Conor McGregor's more memorable fashion statements, and that is saying a lot, but it may have shown that people were in his head leading up to the fight.

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