15 Times Charlotte Embarrassed Ric Flair

Charlotte is rightly revered as one of the very best female wrestlers in the world right now. In a WWE landscape that seems lacking in “true” heels, the daughter of the legendary Nature Boy is thriving as a thorough, through and through villain – and she’s absolutely exceptional in that role.

At only 30 years of age, Charlotte – real name Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr – is only going to get better as the years go by, and we really could be witnessing the career of one of the true great female wrestlers play out over the next few years. And the scary thing is, Charlotte has only been wrestling since 2012, which is when she was signed up by NXT.

But still, while Charlotte has given her iconic father plenty to be proud of, that’s still not to say that there are moments where her actions have embarrassed the 16-time World Champion, the kiss stealin’ Ric Flair.

Some of these shocking, awkward and embarrassing moments have been due to the way WWE has booked or written Charlotte, others are mistakes and bad calls she herself has made in the ring, and some of the more embarrassing happenings have been shocking real-life issues that would make even the rowdy, raucous Nature Boy cringe.

So, with that in mind, let’s have a look at 15 times where 4-time Women’s Champion (and 1-time Divas Champion!) Charlotte Flair has embarrassed her daddy dearest.


15 Ric Chooses The Boss

Obviously this is merely a storyline embarrassing moment for the Flairs, but, as written by the WWE writers, so embarrassed and disgusted by Charlotte’s actions, Ric sided with Charlotte’s longtime rival Sasha Banks at several points last year.

Most notably, with Ric having been off TV for a while, was when the Nature Boy came out to celebrate with Sasha after she defeated Charlotte for the Women’s Championship in a memorable Fall Count Anywhere bout during an episode of Raw that just so happened to emanate from Flair Country, aka Charlotte, North Carolina.

After Sasha had made Charlotte tap out with a brutal looking Bank Statement out in the crowd, Ric would make his way to the ring and raise the hand of Sasha, so sick of Charlotte’s behavior was he.

14 The Hell In A Cell Finish


Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks in a 2016 Hell in a Cell bout was a genuinely groundbreaking moment for women’s wrestling. Back in the days of bra and panties matches, it was simply unfathomable to see someone like Torrie Wilson or Sable partaking in a brutal Hell in a Cell match. These days, women’s wrestling is at a standard not seen for many a year, and Charlotte and Sasha have been key to that.

Having battled throughout NXT and the main WWE roster, this longstanding rivalry was placed inside the ominous structure that has seen some of the WWE’s most violent and unforgiving matches. The stage was set for something special, and that was largely what we got. Well, apart from the finish.

Tarnishing what was a very good match was the finish, which was botched when Charlotte twice failed to put Sasha through a table as planned. Obviously given Sasha’s petite frame and small weight, it was a bit stupid to have even had that spot in the match, but it was and it went wrong, leading to a disappointing conclusion to an otherwise stellar match.

13 Mocking Bayley's Passion

Given how Ric Flair is somebody who has given more than most to the wrestling business, he must be cringing every single time he hears Charlotte mocking Bayley for loving the same business so much.

Ric gave his blood, sweat, tears, and even sacrificed his marriages and family life to be out on the road, stylin’ and profilin’. Regardless of the antics that Naitch was getting up to during his limousine ridin’, jet flyin’ days, he still first and foremost unquestionably loved the business.

Recently, Charlotte has openly mocked Bayley on WWE television for how she has always been a huge fan of the business, for how she dreamed of becoming a WWE superstar, and for how she gave everything to do just that.

For someone who himself has such love for the wrestling industry, it must be embarrassing for Ric to see his daughter have to regularly mock someone else who loves the very same industry.

12 The SmackDown Botch


Given how Ric Flair is one of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots, he must’ve been a tad embarrassed to see how the finish of a SmackDown women’s match played out back in August 2015.

What was supposed to be a singles bout between Charlotte and Naomi was changed up to be a tag team affair that pitted Charlotte and Becky Lynch against Naomi and Sasha Banks. From all reports, the match finished a segment too early, and the actual final moments didn’t take place as planned.

The bout finished as Naomi reversed a rollup to pin Charlotte, but this clearly wasn’t meant to happen, and there was a noticeable confusion amongst the talent when the referee counted the 1-2-3.

Deemed a disaster by backstage officials, it was never made clear just who the majority of the blame lay with, but it was certainly an embarrassing moment for all involved, not to mention Ric Flair himself who would’ve been watching at home.

11 Babyface Contender

As with so many superstars of today, when Charlotte debuted in NXT she was largely a generic performer whose character had yet to be fleshed out. During her time in the WWE’s developmental arm, the daughter of the Nature Boy had huge success as she developed a character that was a true standout villain.

So, when the Queen finally got the call-up to the main WWE roster, seeing her quickly positioned as an all-smiling babyface hero just felt, well, wrong. Here you had a fantastic bad guy, a devious villain, a nefarious rogue who was a genuine badass, and she was turned into a run-of-the-mill good guy.

It felt off, it felt wrong, and it massively hurt the Charlotte character. Luckily subsequent months saw Charlotte embrace her bad side and she’s since gone on to become a magnificent heel once more, but those early main roster days likely had poppa Ric shaking his head.

10 The SummerSlam Match


What would have caused concern to Ric Flair during Charlotte’s SummerSlam 2016 match with Sasha Banks was seemingly how careless his daughter was with The Boss at times throughout the match.

Obviously, as the WWE has loved to remind us over the years, this is not ballet, and clearly Charlotte and Sasha have a strong sense of trust with each other. That said, during that SummerSlam bout, there were several moments where Sasha was in legitimate trouble, most notably being dropped on her head at one point, and the finger of blame for Banks being in danger was pointed firmly at Charlotte by backstage officials.

Following the match, various well regarded pro wrestling outlets reported that Charlotte had been chastised by WWE brass for not properly taking care of her opponent – something that wouldn’t sit well with her legendary father.

9 Making It All About Ric

While Ric Flair is no shrinking violet – after all, the Nature Boy is one of the most egotistical, spotlight-hogging performers that the wrestling business has ever seen – it must have surely been embarrassing for Ric when he was told he’d be joined at the hip to Charlotte not long after she’d made it to the main roster.

Flair absolutely lives for the spotlight, but even he would feel bad stealing some of his daughter’s focus and attention. Simply put, when Ric Flair is at ringside, all eyes are on him – and at that time, all eyes really needed to be on Charlotte.

Having Ric endorse his daughter at times? Sure, that’s fine, but having him accompany her to the ring for each and every match, often being the reason for why she was winning matches, just felt like it took a whole lot of the spotlight off Charlotte, which is the last thing Naitch would’ve wanted to do.


8 Marriage #1


When it comes to tying the Nature Boy’s records, it looks like Charlotte could well be on course to top her pops when it comes to failed marriages.

Ric is notorious for his womanizing ways, and he truly did and does live the Nature Boy gimmick every second of every day. And throughout that time, the 16-time World Champion has seen four marriages fall by the wayside.

For Charlotte, by the age of 30, she’d already managed to get halfway to her dear old dad’s number on that front, with her having had two marriages collapsing. The first of which was to Riki Johnson which lasted from 2010 to 2012.

Seeing his daughter following his footsteps in this particular field would likely make Ric wince a tad, especially as he’d have hoped she’d have learned from his own mistakes over the decades.

7 Turning On The Nature Boy

Throughout the history of the wrestling business, very few people have been involved in as many turns and swerves as the legendary Ric Flair – be it Flair turning on someone, or someone turning on the Nature Boy. Despite all of these incidents, the 16-time World Champion was storyline embarrassed by Charlotte when his own daughter turned on him during a May 2016 episode of Raw.

Deciding that she didn’t really need the help of her dear old pops any more, Charlotte verbally berated her old man to the point that he was in tears – which, let’s face it, isn’t exactly a rarity for the sob-happy Nature Boy – before she added a huge exclamation point as she slapped him across the face.

Character-wise, it was a great moment for Charlotte as it meant that the focus could be more on her rather than being lost in her father’s ominous shadow, but storyline-wise it was a huge embarrassment for poor Naitch. Even worse, he'd get yet another slap when he returned to TV a few months later.

6 Marriage #2


If the first marriage was seemingly doomed, so too was marriage #2.

Just a year after her marriage to Riki Johnson ended, Charlotte shacked up with the future Bram. By this point in time, the pair were both signed up to NXT, with TNA’s Bram then known as Kenneth Cameron and leading the charge of an awesome incarnation of the Ascension.

The two would end up married in 2013, but their divorce would be finalized by just 2015. While Big E may have recently joked on Raw about how Charlotte would soon be tying her father for the amount of championship reigns, this second marriage sees her edging closer to matching her iconic pops when it comes to the failed marriages, too – which is a record we’re sure Ric would rather see his daughter avoid!

5 Bram Gets Arrested

While this wasn’t Charlotte getting arrested, seeing his daughter’s then-partner arrested was something that surely had the Nature Boy with his head in his hands.

Having already been arrested for DUI back in January 2011, Bram, then performing as Kenneth Cameron, got himself into some pretty serious trouble with the law in late 2012. Having been pulled over by the police in St. Petersburg, Florida for driving under the influence once again, the Englishman would take things one step further this time by assaulting the arresting officer.

Officially charged with battery of a law enforcement officer and disorderly intoxication, there was no other choice for the WWE than to let this hugely talented performer go, and thus he was released on November 30th, 2012.

The whole situation was an embarrassment for Charlotte, and thus an embarrassment for her legendary father.

4 The Reid Controversy


While the WWE is a PG-heavy playground these days, one of the few times the company has managed to truly shock audiences with its content in recent years was during a November 2015 edition of Raw.

With Charlotte involved in a feud with Paige, the duo partook in a verbal battle in the ring. It was then, though, that Paige shockingly mocked Charlotte’s deceased brother, Reid, chastising him for not having much fight in him. It was low, it was crass, and it was flat-out disrespectful of the WWE to use such a tragic situation in one of their storylines.

Sure, Charlotte didn’t have any real power to veto that part of the pre-Survivor Series contract signing, but that still didn’t stop the whole mess being an embarrassment to all involved in the real-life tragedy – including Ric Flair.

3 Charlotte Okaying The Reid Segment?

This particular topic is one that’s never really been clarified. All we know is that a Raw segment was written where Paige mocked Charlotte’s dead brother, Reid.

In the aftermath of this shocking, ill-judged moment, the initial word of legendary wrestling reporter Dave Meltzer was he’d spoken to a WWE official who said that the whole segment and use of Reid was the idea of Charlotte. If true, that’s a massive headscratcher, particularly as Ric openly slammed the use of his deceased son after the segment aired.

Meltzer would follow up his initial report by claiming that he’d actually been lied to by the WWE employee in question, which threw up even more confusion around a segment that was hugely distasteful regardless.

2 Daddy vs. Boyfriend


Back in 2008, an incident that ended up with Charlotte being arrested was Ric Flair getting into a fight with his daughter’s then-boyfriend. While initial reports had the boyfriend not named, it’s believed that it was Charlotte’s future husband, Riki Johnson.

At the time, the male in question was 22 years of age, and the fight with then-59-year-old Ric left the Nature Boy with cuts and bruises, including a black eye. Neighbors called the police at 2:30am, but all had settled down by the time the boys in blue arrived. Following a trail of blood, police found Naitch casually chilling out in a back bedroom. With the heated situation having cooled down, Ric didn’t wish to press charges by that point.

The whole incident was embarrassing for all involved, but things only got even more embarrassing for Ric and the Flair family as the situation would blow up once more – as detailed in the next entry.

1 Arrested

It would be majorly remiss to do such an article and not include the infamous mugshot of Charlotte Flair.

This, of course, took place way before Charlotte had begun her WWE adventure, and back then it was simply Ashley Fliehr who got herself in trouble with the law. The arrest came after the previously mentioned fight between Ric and Ashley’s boyfriend of the time.

While Ric had calmed down after the brawl, his daughter didn’t have quite as cool a head when the police turned up at the scene. So much so, she assaulted a North Carolina police officer and had to be taken down with a taser.

Despite being sentenced to 45 days in prison, this future WWE Women’s Champion would end up getting a $200 fine and a probation slap on the wrist. Ashley would later sign with the WWE in 2012, debut as Charlotte in NXT in 2013, and make her main roster bow in 2015.


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