15Floyd Mayweather Responds Contentiously To Larry Merchant

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Floyd Mayweather and Larry Merchant are kind of like this generation's Muhammad Ali and Howard Cosell. Merchant always asked the tough questions, and Floyd always responded in a contentious manner. But this time, Mayweather's patience with Merchant's interview style wore thin, and he let him know it.

Merchant ended his 35-year commentary and writing career just seven months later.

Floyd Mayweather knocked out Victor Ortiz on September 17, 2011 in a controversial finish to the "Star Power" pay-per-view event. Ortiz illegally head-butted Mayweather, and after being deducted a point, chose to try to hug Mayweather and apologize for his regrettable actions. Mayweather then won the fight by landing a vicious left-right combination that flattened Ortiz. It was acceptable within the rules, but the fans in attendance and watching at home thought it was very unsportsmanlike. We're pretty sure that he channeled the fictional officer, Murtaugh, in the Lethal Weapon films as he walked away and said "I'm too old for this sh*t."

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