15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan's Relationship

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are considered the most likable couple in wrestling today. Everyone loves Bryan for his long road to the top of WWE. The hard work and genuine passion for the industry made

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are considered the most likable couple in wrestling today. Everyone loves Bryan for his long road to the top of WWE. The hard work and genuine passion for the industry made him the fan’s choice for the top guy. All wrestling fans were saddened when Bryan was forced to retire earlier in 2016 due to his concussion-related head injuries making it dangerous for him to perform again. Brie has been one of the more popular female wrestlers in recent history with the rise of the Bella Twins. She also left WWE earlier this year with the hopes of starting a family.

The endearing couple are frequently in the main stories of E! reality television series Total Divas and Total Bellas. WWE marketed the show around the two stars and fans enjoyed them. Bryan and Brie have a relatable love that brings in viewers from many demographics. They appear to be perfect together and any kind person will be rooting for them to make it in the long run. The couple has a high profile with their lives being filmed for the world to watch. We’ll take an in-depth look at fifteen facts about the relationship of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella.

15 WWE Unintentionally Started the Relationship


The first stages in the relationship between Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella actually started thanks to the WWE writing staff. Bryan was booked to be the love interest of both Brie and Nikki Bella. The Bella Twins made a bet behind Bryan’s back to see who could sleep with him first. WWE’s poor writing saw the reveal be that the Bella Twins thought Bryan was a virgin, confusing it with the word vegan.

14 They Were Friends Before Dating


The relationship to come out of the television storyline was actually a friendship before they became a romantic couple. Daniel Bryan revealed in his autobiography “Yes! My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania” that they started to hang out outside of the television shows as friends. Brie Bella happened to have a lot of similar interests to Bryan that made them an unlikely but sensible couple.

13 Kept Their Relationship Quiet Until Total Divas


Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella started dating during the Bella Twins first stint in WWE. Brie and Nikki parted ways with the company in 2012 hoping to branch out with new opportunities outside of the wrestling business. They still made appearances on the independent wrestling scene but they tried to find a new career path. Brie and Nikki both returned to WWE in 2013 to be the stars of Total Divas as the show was being launched.

12 Bryan Helped Train Brie in Wrestling


The Bella Twins had a terrible reputation during their first stint in WWE as being two of the worst wrestlers on the roster. WWE hired models in that time frame to make up the women’s division with little to no experience in wrestling. Despite learning the basics in developmental, Brie and Nikki clearly weren’t ready for the big time. Their matches were horrible but both managed to improve in recent years in the second stint.

11 Brie Made Bryan Get a Tour Bus

One of the more memorable episodes of Total Divas featured Daniel Bryan getting talked into renting a tour bus. Brie Bella wanted to have a better route to get from town to town and the entire cast of Total Divas joined them. The rules set out by Bryan to the ladies of the reality show and their significant others were a bit odd. Bryan demanded no pooping or sexual activity was allowed on his bus or the talent would be kicked off.

10 Bryan Would Continue Wrestling if Not For Brie


Daniel Bryan tried to fight WWE’s desires for him to retire for many months. The WWE doctors refused to clear Bryan claiming he was not healthy enough to compete in the ring without risking severe injury. Bryan met with multiple doctors that gave him differing opinions and the belief that he could wrestle with his brain being as healthy as the average person. After one of his private doctors agreed with WWE, Bryan officially retired on Raw in his home of Seattle.

9 Brie is Still the Wrestler of the Family


Brie Bella leaving WWE following WrestleMania 32 has left many fans wondering if she is officially retired. The desire to leave coincided with wanting to have a child with Daniel Bryan due to both badly wanting to have children. Brie is currently pregnant with the couple’s first daughter expected in the spring of 2017. The mother to be still works for WWE with the reality show projects and she does ambassador work.

8 Rare Funko Pop Couple


The collectible world continues to grow with new concepts being made every year. One brand to become hugely popular has been the Funko Pop figures. WWE has a line with limited wrestlers having the honor of their likelihood being made into a Funko Pop. Daniel Bryan was in the first line of major top stars having the figures made to sell. Brie Bella joined him later on WWE releasing Bella packs in their Total Divas line of Brie and Nikki.

7 Brie Helped Bryan Deal With Depression


One of the sadder moments on the recent season on Total Bellas featured Daniel Bryan having to deal with depression. We all think of his endearing smile and lovable personality but the retirement from wrestling affected his life negatively. Brie Bella revealed that Bryan was dealing with depression for quite some time but it hit new lows with the cavalcade of sad events happening to him.

6 Bryan Didn't Like the Way Maryse Treated Brie


The sixth season of Total Divas recently started with Maryse becoming the latest member of the cast due to her return to WWE. Maryse and the Bella Twins used to be close friends but it ended when they were all trying to broker deals to be the original stars of the reality show. The accusations of Maryse were that Brie and Nikki both blocked her from getting a good deal so they would be the only two main stars returning.

5 John Cena is Moving Into Their Home


The first season of Total Bellas did well enough for the E! Network to bring the Bella family back for another five-episode season. Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella and the other members of the Bella family moved into John Cena’s mansion to help Nikki Bella recover from her severe neck injury. Next season will focus on Cena and Nikki moving into Bryan and Brie’s much smaller home in Phoenix, Arizona.

4 They're Polar Opposites to Nikki and John Cena


The main reason E! Network finds great content in filming the two wrestling couples of John Cena and Nikki Bella interacting with Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella is due to being polar opposites. Cena and Nikki live in a mansion, wear the most expensive clothes and enjoy living an overall extravagant life. Bryan and Brie own a smaller home, plant their own vegetables and live a modest life.

3 Received Creepy Wedding Gift From Natalya


An underrated perk of getting married is the wedding gifts that come with it. Everyone wants to give a meaningful and worthwhile gift to a happy couple to celebrate their big day. Natalya went above and beyond in the worst way possible following the wedding of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. The talented member of the beloved Hart family painted a portrait of Bryan, Brie and their dog Josie.

2 Their Child May Be Named Branch or Basil

The wrestling world all collectively smiled when the news broke that Brie Bella was pregnant. Daniel Bryan and Brie have wanted to have a child for quite some time and their dream is finally coming true. They are looking forward to their first daughter next spring and are already considering names. Bryan and all of his siblings have names that begin with the letter B and obviously so does Brie making him want their child to share that bond.

1 WWE Didn't Let Brie Celebrate WM 30 Win With Bryan


A surprising moment in the couple’s history came at WrestleMania 30 during the biggest night of Daniel Bryan’s career. The underdog pulled off the historic moment when he won the WWE World Championship on the biggest show of the year. Bryan celebrated with confetti falling in the ring and pyro shooting all over the venue. The sister and niece of Bryan entered the ring to soak in the moment with him. One person missing from the celebration was Brie Bella.

WWE requested Brie remain backstage and not join him in the ring for the public celebration. Bryan stated that is the one thing he wishes could have been different about the moment. Cameras at least caught their embrace backstage when she was the first person he saw behind the curtain. We’ll never know why exactly WWE prevented the couple from soaking in the moment together and it will likely remain an unsolved mystery.

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15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan's Relationship