15 Things You Need To Know About WWE's Newest Female Recruits

The Monday Night Raw after Survivor Series this year will always be remembered as the day when former Divas Champion Paige made her return to WWE after more than a year, and she didn't come alone. Paige brought Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose from NXT up to the main roster with her and the three women, then attacked Mickie James, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Alicia Fox. These two women made quite the impression on their first night before three more women followed suit on SmackDown Live. Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan made quite the impact when they attacked Naomi and Becky Lynch backstage before invading the Women's Championship match between Natalya and Charlotte Flair, to send a message to those two women as well.

The past week has been full of rumours as to why these women decided to make an entrance the way that they did and why they decided to follow Paige. There was also speculation that Paige was controlling all five of the women on both brands, even though that is yet to be confirmed. What is known is that these five women have taken the fight to some of the best female wrestlers in the world and there has to be some consequences coming for them in the near future.

These five women are relatively unknown to the WWE Universe after spending differing lengths of time learning their trade at WWE's Performance Centre, so here are 15 facts about the newest additions to the main roster to bring you up to speed.


15 Liv Morgan Was Once In A Relationship With Enzo Amore

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Liv Morgan is perhaps the most well-known female out of all of the five who were promoted to the main roster this past week. This has less to do with her in-ring career on NXT and more to do with the fact that she was in a very public relationship with The Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore up until a few months ago.

Liv and Enzo met when they were both working at Hooters a few years ago and it is reported that it was Enzo who helped Liv secure a try-out that eventually led to her being signed by WWE. The couple continued their relationship in WWE before it was revealed that Amore had cheated on his long-time girlfriend with n exotic dancer a few months ago. Liv responded by tweeting a number of cryptic updates without actually telling the full story, before moving on to date former WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate.

14 Sonya Deville Is A Former MMA Fighter

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It seems that recent WWE signings Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey are not the only women who have come to WWE with a background in mixed martial arts. Sonya Deville had been biding her time on the NXT brand over the past two years, watching the success of Baszler in the Mae Young Classic, just waiting for her chance, which came last week.

Sonya began her MMA training when she was 17 years old before making her debut when she was just 21. Sonya only had three professional matches where she won her first match by Submission, her second by TKO, but her third was her only loss, which was by a points decision. She had her final MMA fight back in March 2015, merely months later. In October that year, it was announced that she had signed a contract with WWE and was then sent to the Performance Centre to learn to wrestle.

13 Ruby Riot Wanted To Become A Teacher

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Ruby Riot is thought to be the leader of the current trio on the SmackDown brand, and it comes as a shock given her rebellious character that Ruby actually could have gone on to become a teacher if she hadn't been such a success in wrestling.

Ruby's mother worked in education whilst she was growing up and it was thought that this is where she first picked up her passion. Ruby wanted to be able to use her creativity in her career, which could be why she decided that this was her best option if wrestling was deemed too much of a risk for a full-time career. Since Ruby has been seen as the leader of this new group, who are yet to be named, it seems that she already has some of the qualities that being a teacher would need, which means that this still could be an option for her when she does decide to hang up her wrestling boots.

12 Sarah Logan Has Appeared On WWE TV Before

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Sarah Logan is the only one of the newly promoted female wrestlers that has actually been on WWE's main roster before. Many of these appearances have been backstage roles where the WWE Universe wouldn't have fully recognized her, as she now looks quite different.

She made her official debut on WWE TV back in 2014 as a makeup artist for The Miz, before later being seen as a concessions manager on the show later that year. The following year she was seen as part of the spoof video "Niagara," which Miz had taken part in, but it turned out to just be a joke of a commercial. Logan was hardly recognized in these roles, but was signed to WWE later that year and made her debut on NXT in April that year. It seems that Sarah has been around WWE longer than many of the other women, since she is about to go into her fourth year with the company.

11 Mandy Rose Was Once A Cast Member On Total Divas

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Mandy Rose was first introduced to the WWE Universe when she was named as one of the female finalists in WWE Tough Enough back in 2015. Even though she didn't win the competition, she was later given a WWE contract and announced as the newest cast member of Total Divas.

Mandy joined the cast of the E! Network show in season five, replacing series regular Naomi for 10 episodes of the show. Mandy was able to fully introduce herself to the WWE Universe on the show and her relationship with her boyfriend Michael was also heavily featured. It seems that she didn't become as popular as WWE had hoped, though, since they decided to replace her in season 6 and she wasn't mentioned on the show again. Mandy was instead sent down to NXT where she began training to be a professional wrestler on the main show.

10 Sonya Deville Is WWE's First Female Gay Wrestler

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Sonya Deville is one of the fiercest competitors that WWE has right now, given her MMA background, but she is also one of the most unique. She is the first-ever openly gay female wrestler that WWE has had on their roster.

Sonya was in a relationship with a fellow MMA fighter for a number of years, but it seems that their relationship came to an end around the same time that Sonya's WWE career picked up. It seems that the travelling schedule and gruelling process that life on the road puts on wrestlers has a bad effect when it comes to their personal lives as well, which could be why so many relationships between superstars and their spouses who are outside of the wrestling business have failed to work out. WWE has never used Deville's s*xuality in a storyline, and as of yet haven't made it public knowledge, but it will be interesting to see if the company decides to now that she's on the main roster.

9 Liv Morgan Has A Pet Micro Pig

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Liv Morgan's Instagram page has become one of the most popular of all of the WWE superstars because she has begun sharing regular updates about her pet micro pig. Morgan brought her new pet earlier this year and called him Piggles and has begun sharing his journey with all of her followers. Piggles is still only a baby pig and Liv's followers have been able to watch him grow over the past few months by keeping an eye on her Instagram page.

Liv isn't the only WWE star to have this kind of pet, as former Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins owns two pet micro pigs of his own called Cupcake and Pugsley. Current Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss also has a pet pig who she called Larry Steve. It seems that pigs have become the favoured pet for many members of WWE's current roster in recent years. Liv is definitely enjoying keeping her fans updated on her latest addition to her family.


8 Sarah Logan Hasn't Been Wrestling For That Long

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Despite becoming a well-known star on the wrestling circuit under the ring name "Crazy" Mary Dobson, it seems that Sarah Logan hasn't actually been wrestling for very long. She made her debut when she was 18 years old and even though she has had quite a large amount of success over the past few years and was chosen by WWE for the Mae Young Classic back in the summer, she is still only 24 years old.

Logan has only been wrestling for six years and she has already found herself on WWE's main roster after a number of appearances as part of their NXT set up. That's good going for even some of the most skilled superstars that WWE has right now, and shows the determination she obviously possesses. It seems that Logan must have had natural talent and personality in her first few years to have been able to make the instant impact that she did.

7 Mandy Rose Has Only Had One Televised NXT Match

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Mandy Rose was a shocking addition to the trio, who is now known as Absolution on the Raw brand, especially since she doesn't have the kind of experience that Sonya and Paige possess. Aside from the matches that she was forced to compete in while part of Tough Enough, Mandy has only had one other televised singles match.

The former Total Diva made her in-ring debut on the NXT brand back in September 2016 and was defeated by current NXT Champion Ember Moon. This turned out to be Mandy's first and only physical appearance as part of the NXT brand. This is the only match that the WWE Universe has seen Mandy compete in over the past year, which is why many fans are nervous that the Tough Enough finalist may not be ready for this kind of push, especially against the talent that WWE has on the main roster.

6  Sonya Deville Is Good Friends With Maria Menounos

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It seems that Sonya Deville is one of the most popular female wrestlers backstage in WWE, despite the fact that she looks as though she could take down most of the male roster. Sonya has managed to make a lot of friends in high places throughout her career.

One of her best-known friendships is with actress Maria Menounos, who has made a number of appearances in WWE herself. It seems that Maria and Sonya have been friends for a number of years and the two regularly share images of their outings together on Instagram. If Maria ever did decide to join WWE for another one-off appearance, she would definitely be open to returning now that one of her best friends is on the main roster. Maria and Deville met a number of years ago when they were both working together atf Afterbuzz TV, and obviously still regularly keep in contact.

5 Ruby Riot Wasn't Introduced To Wrestling Until She Was 15 Years Old

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Unlike many wrestlers currently populating WWE's rosters on all three brands, Ruby didn't grow up watching wrestling and dreaming of becoming a wrestler one day. In fact, she wasn't even introduced to the world of suplexes and powerbombs until she was 15 years old. Ruby was dragged to a show by her best friend to support one of the wrestlers that night and a new passion was born.

It took Ruby another four years until she was 19 years old to finally begin the training to become a professional wrestler and it seems that she has never looked back. She made quite a splash on the Independent Circuit before she was signed by WWE under the ring name Heidi Lovelace and has since become known under her current ring name for being one of the most rebellious and unpredictable entities that the female division currently has, which could be a breath of fresh air on the main roster.

4 Liv Morgan Is Basically A Bootleg Carmella

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Ever since Liv Morgan made her debut in NXT a few years back, the WWE Universe have noticed that she is very similar to Carmella. The link here is the fact that Carmella was once the valet for Enzo and Cass and Liv used to be in a relationship with Enzo, but that doesn't explain why the two seem so similar.

Liv used to dress like Carmella while she was on NXT, but luckily The Princess of Staten Island has changed her ring attire and her attitude over the past year that she has been on the SmackDown Roster. Liv made her debut on SmackDown Live, and the two have already exchanged insults on social media about their similarities, so it will be interesting to see what this could lead to in the coming months. Liv could have her first feud against Miss Money in the Bank on the main roster, which would give Carmella something to step into now that James Ellsworth has been released.

3 Sarah Logan Was Rumoured To Be The Perfect Woman For The Sister Abigail Role

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Sarah Logan was part of The Mae Young Classic back in the summer, but she didn't get very far in the competition and will probably be best remembered as her character from the Independent Circuit called "Crazy" Mary Dobson. While she was portraying this character, Logan was the subject of a number of rumours from WWE fans who were hoping that the company would choose her to become "Sister Abigail."

Abigail was Bray Wyatt's older sister who is now presumed to be dead and instead Wyatt recently decided to begin slipping into her character in some strange body morphing kind of way. WWE did sign Logan to the company not long after, and the hope that she would join The Wyatt Family lasted for a while until Bray appeared to be his own sister instead, and Logan was then given a new ring name and debuted as the character she currently is.

2 Ruby Riot Has Some Interesting Tattoos

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Ruby Riot has turned a number of heads throughout her career in NXT, which could be because of the number of tattoos the former Independent star has all over her body, something that WWE doesn't usually allow their female wrestlers to show off.

Lita was perhaps the most successful female wrestler who had tattoos on show, but it seems that Ruby's have some interesting meaning behind them, especially her main hot air balloon tattoo on her thigh. It seems that the balloon leads back to her childhood and the fact that one of her only toys growing up was a jigsaw that depicted Albuquerque, New Mexico, and their hot air balloon festival. It seems that Ruby grew up wanting to see this in real life and has the tattoo as a reminder of where she came from and how hard she has fought to be where she is right now.

1 Mandy Rose And Sonya Deville Are Best Friends

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Let's be honest. There are probably much stranger friendship groups in WWE right now than Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax jump to mind, but it seems that these two have been bonded since the beginning of their WWE career, despite seeming like completely different people.

Mandy and Sonya were both part of Tough Enough when it was rebranded and brought back on the WWE Network for a one-off series in 2015, but even though Sonya didn't make it into the finals like Mandy, she was still signed by WWE. Mandy went on to be the runner-up in the show and was also signed to the company and it seems that the two have been inseparable ever since. Now it makes complete sense as to why WWE would want these two to debut on the main roster together. After all, it seems that they knew each other better than they know themselves.


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