15 Things You Didn't Know About WWE Superstar Becky Lynch

If you've heard of the name Rebecca Quin, you may not know who that is. However, when we dig a little deeper, we find out that the face behind that name is a current WWE superstar that has worked nearly her entire life to be on top. She nearly retired before she actually got going, after contemplating if wrestling was actually for her.

When we strip away the name Rebecca Quin or Rebecca Knox, we will find out that what remains is current women's champion, Becky Lynch. After digging into Lynch's past and present, there are a number of incredible facts that say a lot about her, whether it is facets of her character that we don't know about, or which current WWE superstar she managed. Where has she travelled to and where is she going? All we know is that Becky Lynch carries with her interesting life experiences that shaped who she is today. Here are 15 things you didn't know about current Smackdown Live Women's Champion Becky Lynch.

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15 She Was Trained By Finn Balor

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Becky Lynch has risen to the top of the women's division as part of the SmackDown Live brand for a number of reasons. There is her uncanny ability to display an intense set of moves that are believable, and it makes her someone fans can get behind. There is the blood, sweat, and tears she shed to get to where she is today. When Lynch initially got interested in wrestling, another current WWE superstar helped her along the way to achieving her goals.

At the age of 14, she heard that Fergal Devitt had opened a wrestling school in their native country of Ireland. Thus, she began training with Devitt's school in the summer of 2002. For those unaware, Devitt is none other than former WWE Universal and NXT champion, Finn Balor. It is interesting how nearly 14 years later, both are a part of the WWE roster.

14 She Performed Stunts On The Program Vikings

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Lynch is known for her competitive nature and willingness to both give and take a punch. This ability lends itself not only in the ring, but on a very different stage. In 2013, Lynch performed stunts on the program Vikings, a drama based on history, and stories focused on the battles of a particular Viking who raided England and became a King. The program was filmed in Lynch's home of Ireland.

Wrestling fans in North America in both the United States and Canada can watch the program on the History channel. While battling Charlotte may have been a challenge, acting as though you are facing Vikings coming to ravage your home has to have been a whole different role for Lynch.

13 Her Brother Also Wrestled

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As mentioned previously, Lynch pursued wrestling after going to Fergal DeVitt and Paul Tracey's wrestling school in Ireland. However, Lynch's pursuit of becoming a wrestler wasn't done on her own. Behind each person there is someone sharing in their dream, whether that means encouragement or someone that is they're willing to fall down with you in hopes that your dreams come through.

In the case of Lynch, her brother that also pursued wrestling. Competing under the name Gonzo de Mondo, Lynch's brother didn't have the same success that she did, but he went through similar training and even wrestled for a few years. Mondo's career ended in 2006 after a few years, primarily with the promotion Irish Whip Wresting.

12 She Had To Deal With Personal Demons

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By her own admission, Lynch wasn't always the well put together person we see today. In 2005, Lynch took part in an interview where she was asked about what was so special about wrestling, to her. Her response was that it saved her life. She was drinking alcohol as a young teen and experimenting with ‘copious' amounts of drugs such as marijuana. Once wrestling began, she gave up everything that had previously consumed her.

It takes an incredible amount of strength and dedication for someone as young as 15 to go through that and be able to readjust their lives. Lynch changed her diet, began to focus in school, and worked much harder at being the best person she could possibly be. Her strength is certainly something young women can look up to today and want to model themselves after.

11 She Worked As An Actress

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As mentioned earlier, Lynch was able to apply her knowledge of working a wrestling match to taking bumps on the small screen as a stuntwoman on the program Vikings. That wasn't her only time acting outside wrestling. After working hard to improve her marks in school, Lynch earned a degree in acting while she was at the Dublin Institute of Technology. During her time there, and at Columbia College in Chicago, she brought her talents to the stage and acted in several plays over the course of a couple of years.

These experiences only helped shape her vast array of acting skills, and represented an opportunity to perform on a different stage. When we see how well she is able to use this experience in telling a story within the context of a match, it is quite easy to understand why she is as successful as she has been.

10 She Was A Flight Attendant

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For a number of people, in order to get a better perspective, they need to be able to live life. Often when someone makes a mistake they learn from it, and where they travel to or the line of work they have pursued shapes them into the person they become. In the case of Becky Lynch, one of her choices for a line of work was as a flight attendant with the airline Aer Lingus.

Lynch said that it was her mother's persuasive nature and influence in the flight industry that helped get her the job. To be a flight attendant takes an incredible amount of patience and courtesy, in order to ensure those on the plane are reassured and calm. It is a huge responsibility for anyone to have. Lynch should be commended for taking on that role.

9 She Suffered Serious Injuries

Whenever wrestling fans hear the term ‘stinger,' it is frightening. Many of the best wrestlers in the world have suffered them, and it has impacted their career and ability to live a normal life afterwards. In 2006, while Lynch was wrestling a fairly inexperienced wrestler from Finland, she landed on her head awkwardly. In the process, a gash opened on her head and the early diagnosis was that she had suffered brain damage. It was confirmed that the damage was to her cranial nerve.

The effects included issues with Lynch's vision and ongoing headaches for months. This resulted in Lynch walking away from the ring for five years. Her time away from the ring allowed her to consider her future in wrestling, and whether or not the risk was worth the reward. Thankfully, the time away to reflect only strengthened her, and it seems the reward has truly been worth the risk.

8 She's Dating A UFC Fighter

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Wrestlers personal lives tend to become scrutinized, especially if those they are dating also work within the industry. When it comes to Becky Lynch, have fans wondered who the lucky person would be that would sweep her off her feet? It seems that they don't have to wonder very much. Lynch has been linked with someone that isn't part of the world of sports entertainment, but is an athlete, and part of a promotion that often rivals the WWE.

Current Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter, Luke "Cool Hand" Sanders has been linked to dating the Irish "Lass Kicker." While it isn't a pairing many would have seen coming, it wasn't out of the realm of possibility. They appeared to cosy up with one another at a wrestling show in California as part of the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla promotion.

7 She's Well-Traveled

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In order to earn their opportunity in WWE, the men and women there had to earn their stripes. That is best achieved by competing on the independents and earning acclaim in the process. This was no truer than when discussing early career of Becky Lynch. Before joining WWE's NXT brand, Lynch competed all over the world. Her matches in Ireland, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, along with tours of the United States and Japan helped her become more well-rounded, because the athletes that she was facing brought with them a deep arsenal of moves that she wouldn't have been exposed to prior to competing in these different places.

Lynch's travels make her amongst the most well-traveled wrestlers on the roster. How can we argue with the success of the current SmackDown Live Women's champion?

6 She Almost Retired

As mentioned previously, Lynch's career has seen its share of ups and downs. While we mentioned that she stepped away from the ring for a period of five years, there really weren't any certainties that she would return. She has suffered a serious injury and there is no telling if it could happen again.

She suffered the injury in 2006 and by 2008 still hadn't competed. Once doubt entered her head, it was possible her career would end before it even began. Wrestling fans are grateful that all Lynch needed was time, and that time away from the ring helped allow her to heal and return to the ring.

5 She Is Highly Educated

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After going down the wrong path earlier in her life, wrestling turned it around for Lynch. However, besides the commitment to wrestling, there was an equal commitment to improving in school. As mentioned earlier, she graduated with a degree from the Dublin Institute of Technology, but that isn't her only education. Her involvement in other sports such as basketball, horseback riding and swimming demonstrate a well-rounded commitment to training her body.

While in school, she also studied history, politics, and philosophy, even if they weren't her ultimate focus. This showed that Lynch was willing to dabble in different areas of study to broaden her range of education and knowledge. She had aspirations of returning to college to study health and exercise studies. In the event that she decides to return to school even on a part-time basis, she really should be applauded for that effort as the schedule she now has is quite demanding.

4 She Has A Nerdy side

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For fans of Becky Lynch, the fiery orange-haired lass kicker is amongst the coolest female wrestlers on the WWE roster. Whether it's her strength, her look, or her attitude, there is no question Lynch is the type of women either wanted to be, or want to be friends with. However, what many may not know about Lynch is that while that is what we see, there is a side of her that can connect to a different community.

Lynch has appeared on WWE tag team champion Xavier Woods' YouTube program UpUpDownDown, and demonstrated a keen interest in video games. Gaming is a popular interest and a wonderful stress relief for a number of performers the roster, though her onscreen character may not lend itself to that culture. She is also interested in punk rock culture as well.

3 She Previously Managed A Current WWE Women's Superstar

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During Lynch's down time, she had a lot of time to reflect on what was, important. After a three-year hiatus, Lynch returned to wrestling in a non-wrestling capacity. The wrestling promotion Shimmer has become popular for giving female wrestlers an opportunity to shine. Over the years, the female-only promotion has extended an opportunity to a number of women wrestlers who are now a part of WWE. It is considered a developmental independent promotion, but has continued to grow in popularity.

When Lynch returned to Shimmer, it was a year after she was previously supposed to there, but she returned as a manager. It seemed like an easy enough transition. What is interesting to note is that she managed the mother/daughter duo of Saraya and Brittani Knight. If the names don't sound familiar, you may know Brittani better as former WWE Divas Champion Paige.

2 Has Wrestled Nearly Her Entire Life

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At 29 years of age, turning 30 in January, Lynch has wrestled nearly her entire life. From her early training and development under Fergal Devitt and Paul Tracey in 2002 at the age of 14, to traveling the world by the age of 18, Lynch has demonstrated a commitment to grow. While most teenagers are attempting to find themselves, Lynch was busy travelling the world trying to find her calling.

Despite losing five years of development due to injury, Lynch was able to reflect during that time, and while she wasn't physically involved in the ring it must have still been something that lingered in the back of her mind. Now nearly 16 years later, Lynch's life and career have come full circle. She may be considered a wrestling prodigy or simply incredibly dedicated.

1 Sheamus Had An Influence On Her Early Career

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Inspiration for wrestlers will come in different forms, whether it is who you watched as a child or a wrestler that trained you. For Lynch, her inspiration came from a couple of fairly obvious forms. Fergal Devitt's early training and work with her was of great importance. However, another Irish-born wrestler and former WWE champion was an inspiration to her.

Sheamus capturing the championship and being the first Irish-born champion to achieve that feat really made a profound impact on her. It made her see that it was possible for someone from Dublin to become champion. She had a passion for the wrestling industry, but Sheamus' achievements helped push her further. As it turns out, Sheamus isn't the only Irish champion, as Devitt was the first WWE Universal Champion and Lynch herself is the first Irish Women's Champion.

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