15 Things You Didn’t Know About Paige And Alberto Del Rio’s Relationship

The relationship between Alberto Del Rio and Paige has made them the most controversial couple in wrestling today. Most wrestling couples aren’t too surprising when the news comes out considering the

The relationship between Alberto Del Rio and Paige has made them the most controversial couple in wrestling today. Most wrestling couples aren’t too surprising when the news comes out considering the majority of pairs share a lot of similarities. This was not true for Del Rio and Paige. The huge age gap between the two had us wondering if he were being swerved when the news of their relationship broke. Del Rio is 39 years of age and a father. Paige is 24 years of age and has the reputation of still having the mentality of a child. There's absolutely no doubting the fact that the romance has changed the careers of both of them significantly.

Paige and Del Rio have only been public with their relationship for a couple of months at the time of writing this article, but they already have endured a great deal of adversity. Controversy follows them everywhere from WWE to other promotions to their personal lives. The past few months have changed their careers and lives forever. An educated guess would lead us to believe more shocking moments will follow them. Not many people expect it to last in the long run, but the two parties involved are fully committed to it continuing forever. We’ll take an in-depth look at the controversial couple’s life together with fifteen facts you may not know about the relationship of Paige and Alberto Del Rio.

14 Both Were Born Into The Business


Most relationships start when two people realize they have many things in common. The same can be said for Paige and Alberto Del Rio. One shared aspect to their life is the fact that both were born into families of pro wrestling. Paige jokes that she had her first match in the womb. Her mother Sweet Saraya is a respected wrestler in the United Kingdom and apparently wrestled a few matches while still she was pregnant. Paige’s family all are involved in promoting and working shows.

13 Both Are Huge International Draws


WWE once valued both Paige and Alberto Del Rio highly in the upper echelon of the company. Paige was the poster girl of the women’s division for quite some time before the next wave of NXT stars overshadowed her. Del Rio was marketed to the point where WWE now has to replace his face with a silhouette on ring trucks. Aside from their wrestling talent, Paige and Del Rio were both among the most popular international stars.

12 Alberto Also Dated Charlotte


A shocking twist to the romantic story of Alberto Del Rio and Paige is their partners before getting together. Del Rio separated from his wife leading to him finding new partners in the WWE world. Before entering the relationship with Paige, Del Rio apparently dated Charlotte for a short time period. That was equally shocking to the Paige news but Charlotte is a little closer in age range at the age of 30.

11 Paige Dated Alberto Shortly After Dumping A Musician


Alberto Del Rio isn’t the only one with a high profile romantic past before his relationship Paige. She also dated someone of note. The relationship between Paige and Kevin Skaff was a featured story on the E! Network reality series Total Divas. Skaff is known for his role as a musician in the band A Day to Remember. They were an item for almost a year before it ended due to Paige not wanting to get engaged.

10 Their Relationship Went Public At Disney’s Magic Kingdom


The news of Paige and Alberto Del Rio dating shocked the wrestling world. Many of us thought the photos of them at Disney’s Magical Kingdom were edited together to create a silly rumor. Paige and Del Rio were spotted at the theme park holding hands and pushing the stroller of Del Rio’s young child. A few fans snapped photos of them from afar and some actually were able to get selfies with the couple.

9 The relationship Will Be Shown On Total Divas


Alberto Del Rio’s bitter ending with WWE and the company’s overall unhappiness with Paige left us wondering if the couple would be featured in the upcoming season of Total Divas. Paige has been a pivotal member of the reality show cast over the past few years. Aside from Nikki Bella and Brie Bella, you could argue Paige is the most heavily featured woman on the show. It would only make sense her love life is once again a part of the season.

8 Paige Is Helping Alberto With His New Restaurant

Alberto Del Rio choosing to leave WWE is leading into various projects outside of the business. Yes, Del Rio is still planning to wrestle a full schedule for promotions all over the world, but he’s nearing 40 years old. The time is ticking on his wrestling career and he is looking to branch out into other avenues. One of them is the restaurant industry with the upcoming opening of La Cantinita in San Antonio, Texas.

7 Questions Surrounding Alberto Del Rio Getting Stabbed


A recent story broke about Alberto Del Rio missing a show in Mexico due to getting stabbed. Del Rio claims he was stabbed in San Antonio before he could fly out to the show. The story goes a drunken man started cussing out Del Rio and picked a fight with Paige. Del Rio tried to protect her and was hit repeatedly with the knife. The odd thing is no police reports were filed despite Del Rio stating he contacted the police.

6 Questions Surrounding Paige Getting Arrested


One of the first stints with controversy for the couple saw Paige photographed getting restrained by police officers following the WWE PPV Money in the Bank back in June. Alberto Del Rio had a gruelling Money in the Bank Ladder Match that night but it wasn’t the biggest story involving him. Photos were released showing Paige handcuffed and heading into an ambulance. The stories claimed Paige and Del Rio got into a very loud argument outside of the venue.

5 WWE Tried To Keep Them Apart


It’s no secret that WWE does not approve of the relationship between Paige and Alberto Del Rio. We all know that, but they actually went out of their way to try to separate the couple. The WWE brand split saw the roster split in half between Raw and Smackdown. Many of the couples in the company remained on the same show such as John Cena and Nikki Bella. Paige and Del Rio were not afforded that opportunity.

4 Both Were Suspended At The Same Time


The unhappiness from WWE with Alberto Del Rio and Paige definitely meant the company wouldn’t overlook any possible screw-ups. This was proven true when both Del Rio and Paige were suspended by the company for violating the wellness policy. Both were suspended at the time in August around the time of SummerSlam weekend. This led to Del Rio requesting his release from the company and Paige serving her suspension while injured.

3 Paige Shows Up To All Del Rio Appearances


The neck injury of Paige has given her free time away from the WWE. Paige is currently traveling with boyfriend Alberto Del Rio to all of his appearances across the world. Del Rio and Paige were spotted together in New York City at various spots for Del Rio’s promotional appearances. Paige went to all of his interviews but was not allowed to appear on air due to her contractual status with WWE. They even went to Broadway shows to enjoy the city together.


Paige made more headlines for the controversial couple when she proposed in the most unique of ways. Alberto Del Rio wrestled a match in Puerto Rico for an independent wrestling promotion. As mentioned before, Paige travels with him to most appearances. Following Del Rio’s match, Paige made her way into the ring with fans surrounding it and proposed to her love interest. Del Rio said yes and the two apparently plan to eventually get married.

2 Alberto Called Out WWE On Behalf Of Paige

Alberto Del Rio quitting WWE but Paige still working there makes it an awkward transition for their new life together. Paige claimed her second suspension was for a prescription drug her doctors advised her to take. WWE fired back by saying this wasn’t true and the drug wasn’t one prescribed. One of the biggest issues between WWE and Paige is her potential neck surgery.

1 Paige Has Tattoos For Alberto


One of the unwritten rules in the early stages of a relationship is to never get a tattoo with the name or implication of your love interest. Relationships can easily turn ugly at any time, especially within the first year of dating. Paige clearly doesn’t believe in that rule as she now has two tattoos dedicated to Alberto Del Rio. The first tattoo is on her finger and is of the word “papi.” Paige claims she got the tattoo because it made her laugh but most believe otherwise.

The other ink is of the name “Alberto” on her lower body and was definitely more visible. Paige received overwhelmingly negative reaction to her posting the photograph on Instagram and quickly deleted it. If she returns to a WWE ring, Alberto’s name will likely appear during every match. The crazy thing is his real name is actually Jose Rodriguez, not Alberto. The drastic show of support by getting tattoos has us all wondering just what the controversial couple will do next to shock us.

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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Paige And Alberto Del Rio’s Relationship